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druid_droidone of the things I think should go with install media is the ports,00:13
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ryu0"now CRUX is not considered a sourcebased distro is it?"02:44
ryu0CRUX for all effective purposes is a source based distro, since it requires you to compile packages to install anything.02:45
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xeirrrRomster: Hello, are your around? Can you add python3 binding for boost? Unfornately I forgot my bug id and password for our bug report, so I can only ask for maintainer directly.06:20
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frinnstGuest92590: that looks like a new port, no?06:37
frinnstor boost.mpi?06:38
Guest92590I don't think so. Python APIs are already included in boost, currently we have python2 binding in contrib, no python3 ones. Some projects, like openimageio are trying to find boost_py3libs, probably that means, not boost.mpi.06:49
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pedjalooks like, in order to build both py2 and py3 bindings, boost build has to be run twice, once for each12:21
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pedjadoes it make sense to put py3 bindings in the separate port, then?12:23
pedjaopenimageio builds fine without boost py3 bindings, the question is what app that requires it needs that?12:24
pedjablender, I guess12:24
pedjaboost python3 lib can be built on its own, but it needs few tweaks to python3 port13:01
pedjasymlinks from usr/include/python3.6m to python3.6 and python313:02
pedjabecause it looks for includes at usr/include/python{python version}13:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: tdb: update to 1.3.1517:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nano: update to 2.8.717:58
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frinnstso now what, wait to 2019 for more game of thrones?18:30
SiFuhi prefer game of thrones die18:33
SiFuhshit series18:33
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fnordsthere's a md5sum mismatch in the bluez port18:53
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joacimhow many from the first season are still alive? =)19:13
tilmanno spoilers please19:27
joacimsean bean dies19:36
joacimin this show too19:36
joacimhe dies in every show and movie19:36
tilmani meant no spoilers for the 2017 season (6?)19:37
pedjaseason 719:39
pedja2 more to go before it ends19:40
SiFuhSeen it, the villagers come stampeding in and kill the royal family.19:41
SiFuhlast seen is the princess dragging her bloody corpse towards a curtain19:41
pedjawhich one? they are all 'royal'19:42
pedjaI don't care about GoT since S319:42
SiFuhI bet you guys love Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, and dance to the Macarena with your latest iPhones...19:43
pedjayour pop references are a bit dated :)19:44
SiFuhI can narrow Game of Thrones to one Game... Chess.. Get over it19:44
SiFuhpedja: I am old man :-)19:44
pedjame too, but I have young relatives :)19:44
SiFuhactually I have never even seen a single episode. I saw the trailer and noticed it was just hardcore p0rns19:45
SiFuhso I had no interest in it19:45
pedjablood, swords and b00bs19:45
pedjaand dragons, eventually19:46
SiFuhI can download Mia and Juliana and watch them on repeat ;-)19:46
pedjawithout last names it's hard to google them, you know, for science19:47
SiFuhNo one click that link..19:48
SiFuhBy clicking that link, you agree to ignore everything SiFuh says and cannot hold SiFuh responsible for your curiosity whether or not it offends you.19:49
frinnstdont hoard good porn19:51
frinnstits just one more season afik19:52
frinnsts08 should be the last one19:52
SiFuh8 Seasons!!!19:52
SiFuhthe greatest series ever ended at 5 seasons and the 5th season was shit...19:53
frinnstwhat one was that?19:53
SiFuhnot one19:53
SiFuhtry 100 episodes19:54
frinnstwow your standards are low19:54
frinnstgranted I only watched the first half of s01 :-)19:54
SiFuhsorry I will return to watching Rocko's Modern Life :-P19:54
SiFuhfrinnst: just the first half? you never saw everything erased?19:55
SiFuhor the parallel universe?19:56
SiFuhor the  creation of a new universe?19:56
frinnstI dont remember much from it19:57
SiFuhI am going to cause destruction and hide from the cops... oh yeah, I can hide in a parellel universe.19:57
SiFuhhahaha ;-)  who are they?  time means nothing to them!19:58
SiFuhthe end of season 5 was good but the majority of season 5 was quite plane19:58
joacimthought you were talking about babylon 519:59
joacimand i quite enjoyed the last season19:59
SiFuhBabylon 5 is awesome19:59
pedja'Fringe' has the same problem as 'Alias', another j.j.abrams series. after a few seasons, they start making it up as they go.20:11
pedjabut at least 'Alias' had  Jeniffer Garner, so I wasn't bothered :)20:12
pedjaand Mia Maestro, in later series. eye-candy abound20:13
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pedjaI wish they made S2 of Jessica Jones rather then The defenders, tbh20:32
pedjaDavid Tenant is awesome20:33
pedjabest Dr.Who after Tom Baker, imhp20:33
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j_vliking Jessica Jones, i'm on episode 11 or 12, will finish it tonight or tomorrow20:49
frinnstdefenders was depressing to watch20:51
j_vi'm going to give defenders a try anyways, after i watch the Luke Cage series, but i'm expecting much20:53
j_vs/i'm expecting/i'm not expecting/20:53
pedjaj_v, I fast-forwarded all non-JJ parts of The defenders until episode 4 :)21:01
pedjait gets better after that21:02
pedjait's worth watching for banter between JJ and Daredevil alone21:04
pedjaIron Fist was miscast. what a whiny little brat.21:05
pedjaor was that the point, I am not familiar with the comics21:07
j_vpedja, thanks for heads up on defenders JJ/DD stuff, that should be cool21:07
pedjayeah, their chemistry is incredible :)21:08
j_vi got bored with iron fist, though i finished the series21:08
j_vjust finished Stranger Things last week, looking forward to S2 this autumn21:09
pedjaoh, yes. Halloween21:10
pedjatrouble with Stranger Things is that I don't know should I binge watch it, or take my time with it.21:12
j_vwe binged it, but taking time might have been better21:13
pedjaI might rewatch S1 before S2 lands21:14
j_vgood idea, i might do that too, probably early-mid October21:17
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