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j_vi've been testing nspr-4.16 and nss-3.32 for the last three days01:33
j_vno issues so far01:34
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SiFuhpedja: did you watch the series Preacher?03:56
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piecesofquietreinstalled last night after being away for a few months, any tips on improving font rendering?06:33
frinnstpiecesofquiet: there are lots of configuration tips out there. unfortunately what looks good on one computer looks terrible on another07:08
frinnstbut play whit the shipped configurations: /etc/fonts/conf.avail/*.conf - symlink or copy to /etc/fonts/conf.d/ to enable07:11
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piecesofquietfrinnst: thanks, i'll give it a go09:03
frinnstthis is my ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf:
frinnstlooks good on my screens09:13
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piecesofquietah excellent, i'll give it a go when i get home09:20
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pedjaSiFuh, I watched a couple of episodes of S1, I'll pick it up again at some point11:15
pedjait is an excellent show, but I need the subtitles for one of the characters :)11:16
pedjahe has a rather thick, I think Scottish, accent11:17
pedjapiecesofquiet, the best advice I can give you is to use a quality font :)11:20
pedjaI use SourcePro/Sans, but there are others11:21
pedjaI also patch freetype to enable subpixel rendering, but that's more of a habit11:23
frinnstdo you still really need that?11:40
pedjaprobably not, but I am yet to try if I can see the difference without it.11:48
pedjait's low on my TODO list :)11:48
frinnst2.7 enabled it by default iirc11:54
pedjabut, iirc, fonts in Xfce on my netbook running Tumbleweed do look a bit fuzzier11:54
frinnstfonts are a pita11:55
pedjait enabled hinting, subpixel rendering is still covered with MS patents11:56
pedjauntil 2019/2020, something like that11:56
pedjasome say there is a prior art, so that patents are invalid, but who has pockets deep enough to take MS to court :)11:58
frinnsti think its not trivial to prove that either11:58
frinnstdo you have a freetype port handy? Would be cool to test side by side11:59
frinnstor actually, forget it11:59
frinnstlast time i messed with fonts i only made stuff worse and couldnt get it back to how I like it :D11:59
pedjaI set them once a while back and don't sucking touch them anymore :)12:00
joacimright now it looks fine on my current crux setups12:01
joacimand i dare not touch anything in fear of ruining it12:01
joacimfonts are black magic as far as i'm conserned12:01
joacim"If I had to live with children, and I couldn't hit them"12:06
pedjaI streamlined my fonts.conf, now it contains only 'replace Helvetica with Source Pro', that kind of stuff12:06
joacimgood thing level1techs isn't in charge of raising children =)12:06
pedjaah, you are watching that, too?12:07
joacimdont like the "WOW BUILDING ANOTHER LGA1151 BUILD NOW!" guys12:08
pedjaI'll watch Wendell's IOMMU/virtualisation on TR video later tonight12:08
pedjait's almost 3 hours :)12:08
joacimtried doign that on my ryzen system12:09
joacimbut the performance was horrible12:09
pedjagpu passthrough?12:09
joacimstuff like gta5 was not as playable as it was without passthrough12:09
joacimi assume i did something wrong somewhere12:09
pedjaits fiddly12:10
joacimi just booted my old windows 7 install12:10
pedjaif it is on the separate ssd, you can boot that directly, iirc12:11
joacimi dont want to dualboot12:11
joacimi might just go back to the old setup of using two computers12:11
joacimones just a games console with steam12:11
pedjano, use physical disk instead of virtual12:12
joacimoh right12:12
joacimyeah thats what i did12:12
pedjathere is a video about it on Level1Linux, but I guess you watched it :)12:12
joacimim not able to take much information from videos tbh12:13
joacimbeen reading articles about it tho12:13
joacimincluding theirs12:13
pedjafrinnst once said that the added benefit of dual booting is that he can ignore our sorry asses while he is in Windows :)12:16
joacimwe are worse than windows?12:16
joacimway rude12:17
joacimeven worse than clippy12:18
pedjaClippy is still a thing?12:19
pedjahaven't used MS Office in years12:19
joacimi think he is background art it the banner of a certain program12:20
joacimi dont remember where it is12:20
pedjareplaced by Cortana(?) in Win10. yay progress12:21
joacimfrinnst: which one is literally clippy12:54
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abenzhi frinnst13:50
abenzsorry to say the segfault issue seems to be hardware13:51
abenzAMD replaced CPUs that were RMA'd13:51
abenzthreadripper and epyc cpus are not affected13:51
abenzryzen batches later than a specific date are not affected either13:51
abenzjust in case you didn't know.. bug doesn't seem to be reproducible on windows! So just a specific group who do heavy compiles (mostly gentoo users on AMD forums) are affected13:53
abenzjaeger ^13:53
frinnstoh really13:56
frinnstyeah I didnt know13:56
frinnstgot any docs on that? Doubt my retailer I bought it from are aware13:56
abenzwalls upon walls, go to last pages, you'll see users reporting on their RMAs13:58
abenzcontact AMD they seem to be responsive13:59
frinnstthats not how we do it in sweden - i'll talk to the shop i bought it from first :-)13:59
frinnstDo you have any references for earliest fixed batch etc?14:00
abenzthe batch is printed on the CPU itself only14:03
joacimtypically when you contact the manufacturer in norway, you're told to contact the retailer14:04
joacimi assume sweden is the same14:04
abenzmost reliable if you need to present "proof", is the AMD forum, where amd employees interact with affected customers..14:04
joacimkind regards. clippy14:04
abenz"Performance Marginality Performance" issue, is what AMD calls the bug14:05
abenzI meant "Ryzen Marg...."14:05
joacimi've had some crashes on mine14:11
joacimbut ill check the build date before i start any RMA process14:11
frinnstmine hasnt been *that* unstable.. i can do a system rebuild and maybe need to manually retry 2-3 packages14:18
frinnstjaegers seems a lot worse than mine14:19
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joacimmines rebooted a couple of times14:34
joacimon idea what that was about14:35
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frinnstload average: 49.73, 36.70, 20.0916:57
frinnst40-50 gcc processes running :-)16:57
frinnst24gig ram used - still havent crossed 50% usage there16:58
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pedjaI wonder how long would it take for poky to build on that machine17:18
frinnstwohoo, 32gb used - 50%!17:18
pedjawhat are you building? chromium?17:19
frinnst2 versions of firefox and rust17:22
abenzare you trying to trigger the segfault? there's a script that can do it17:26
frinnstno, just trying to get shit done (tm)17:28
SiFuhpedja the Irish Vampire?17:29
pedjaSiFuh, yup :)17:29
SiFuhhis accent isn't that thick17:30
SiFuhbut yeah i understand17:30
pedjaI understand maybe 1/3 of what he says17:30
SiFuhhaha I should start writing subtitles then17:30
SiFuhMy favorite comedian is Rhod Gilbert. Many of my friends don't understand his English either17:31
pedjahe is Welsh, right?17:31
SiFuhAnd I never knew about the Marvels The Defenders Series17:32
pedjaI watched him host NMTB a few times.17:32
SiFuhWIll watch soon17:33
pedjaI have, by far, most problems understanding John Bishop :)17:36
SiFuhHmm  i didn't think him to be funny17:37
SiFuhtypical australia/british twat whom tinks he is funny17:37
pedjahe was quite good a few times I watched him on Graham Norton show17:38
SiFuhoh ?17:38
SiFuhwait, I will look17:38
SiFuhhaha he looks like Mr Ed17:40
SiFuhdont like it. i closed it17:40
SiFuhdo you have any funny female comedians ?17:41
SiFuhI have never found a single female funny17:42
pedjawait till the end17:43
SiFuhi was laughing at his comment17:44
SiFuh" they always laghing at mine "17:44
frinnstanyone using the bfq block scheduler?17:44
pedjaI do17:45
SiFuhpedja: the part where once you get the started they don't shut up?17:45
frinnstthought i'd give it a go, but for some reason I cant select it as the default scheduler17:45
pedjafrinnst, the developer removed that option :)17:46
pedjaI use the udev rule to set it up17:46
pedjamq-deadline is default if you don't set any17:47
pedjathe logic behind removal is that kernel will, at some point, automagically set the 'appropriate' scheduler for the device, iirc17:48
pedja'none' for SSD, kyber for spinning rust17:49
pedjaSiFuh, yes. Jack D is brilliant17:51
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pedjawhen you watch MtW, you can see that most of the female comedians struggle to keep up17:52
pedjaSandi Toksvig is good as QI host, in part because she lets the guests actually say something :)17:55
pedjaFry was too...pompous, imho17:55
pedjaAlan Davies made it watchable17:57
SiFuhpedja Jack D?17:59
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pedjasorry, Jack Dee :)18:00
SiFuhI wisjh I could shoot everyone who uses acronyms :18:00
SiFuhpedja: I googled Jack D.. He is proud to murder in a shit song...18:02
SiFuhwho is this Jack D you are referring to?18:02
pedjahe says the 'once you get them started, they don't shut up' line18:03
SiFuhthat british guy from V for Vendetta?18:03
SiFuhJack Dee!!!18:04
pedjaare you having a stroke?18:05
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SiFuhI am a typical fsck head that expects you to understand my acronymns18:05
SiFuhNo offence pedja I just sent my 4th abbusive email to my idiot boss!18:06
SiFuhbut the stroke joke was kind a funny :-P18:07
SiFuhthanks man18:07
SiFuhhaha   big smile for that one18:07
brian|lfsI just migrated to kernel 4.12.9 from 4.11.718:07
SiFuhMe too... pity Virtual Box hasn't18:08
brian|lfsvirtual box is slow to adopt18:09
SiFuhYeah made by some retards who took over and erased Solaris...18:10
pedjawhich vbox?5.1.26?18:13
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pedjaI see that modules for it are limited to kernels < 4.13 in Arch packages18:14
SiFuhpedja: you insulted me about my kernel being a dinosaur18:14
SiFuhyou really think my VirtualBox is any newer?18:14
pedjano wonder it doesn't work, then. kernel devs are hard to keep up :)18:17
SiFuhYou know I know haw to shoot a few type of guns18:18
pedjathey why I stopped using VBox or Vmware Workstation, got tired of patching their kernel modules18:18
SiFuhyou know i put them back in the gun safe ;-)18:19
SiFuhvbox shits me18:19
pedjaSiFuh, Serbia is 2nd in the world in guns per capita :)18:20
SiFuhmy house is pretty close18:21
SiFuhi should become your next door neighbour18:22
pedjasince he is the world class shithead, I could use the change :)18:24
SiFuhi think we should all move to Russia18:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.43.618:24
SiFuhthanks cruxbot :-) you just destroyed my comment18:25
pedjano, thank you, I already have Putin-wannabe as a president.18:26
SiFuhPutin is great18:26
pedja(for any FSB agents out there) yes, yes he is...18:27
SiFuhand the Serbian Presidnet looks like a Bill Gates on Estrogen.18:28
pedjawell, some of his opponents do call him 'Pussy Lips'18:29
SiFuhpedja: I live in the former Soviet Contries... I read the Soviet Laws that many of the former Soviet countries hold in place..  It is incredible..18:29
SiFuhPussy Lips? hahaha18:29
SiFuhhahahaha yes I see it18:29
SiFuhhahahahaha   Thanks18:30
SiFuhHi! My name is President Pussy lips of Serbia.18:31
SiFuhI am Vladamir Putin, Yes, your lips do look a pussy whipped shit18:31
pedjahe is supposed to meet Trump by the end of the year.That should be fun.18:32
SiFuhdid he do any good for Serbia?18:32
pedjahe didn't start a war with Albania/Kosovo yet.18:33
SiFuhKosovo is it a country yet?18:34
pedjadepends who you ask18:34
SiFuhok Serbia looks like a hardened stool18:35
pedjafor 190+ UN countries, it's a country. for Serbia, nope18:35
SiFuhSyrai like a sunflower seed18:35
SiFuhBosnia like a ducks foot18:35
SiFuhkosovo isn't recognized18:35
pedjaSerbia has its issues, sure, but it's still the best I got18:36
SiFuhoh kosovo is recognized by 111 states18:36
SiFuhyes pedja: you still my brother18:36
pedjamost of the issues here stem from the fact that the government is exploiting mercifully the notion of the 'good old days'18:40
pedjathey are doing just fine, richer than they ever hoped to be.18:41
pedjameanwhile, most of the regular folks are struggling, some more than others18:42
SiFuhsounds like USA and Australia18:43
pedjaI talked to many people that left, to EU or USA.18:44
pedjamost of them say it's not (just) about the money, they just want to live in a country that is somewhat stable18:46
pedjarule of law, that kind of things18:47
pedjaas one put it, 'where the illusion of democracy is stronger' :)18:48
SiFuhit is? or is?18:48
pedjaboth work18:49
SiFuhnot in English bro18:49
SiFuhwhat are you exaclty trying to say?18:49
pedjathe country that looks like it takes care of its citizens18:50
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pedjaor at least not robbing them blind :)18:53
pedjabut enough with the off-topic stuff, this is a technical channel, not therapy session18:56
pedjait's hilarious that mono, made by Microsoft, has saner build system then Rust, made by Mozilla, open source champions19:37
onoderarust is *absolutly* terrible19:47
onoderaI can't get cargo to build on crux, since cargo depends on rustc and rustc on cargo, and they don't have a nice bootstrap or something19:48
pedjaRomster has rust and cargo ports19:59
just_funfrinnst too20:00
onoderaah nice, I didn't know20:00
pedjago is slightly saner :)20:02
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frinnstthe rust/cargo build system is so stupid its not even funny20:16
frinnstwho the fuck thought ~/.local/share/Trash was a good idea?20:19
frinnstTrash$ du -sh20:19
frinnstjust by luck that I found it20:19
frinnstnah, some qt app that you might use to download large amounts of data :-)20:23
pedjaTrash is freedesktop thing, I think20:23
just_funWhy wasn't /dev/nulldir/ invented yet?20:26
pedjafrinnst, if you have Java installed, try
frinnstyeah its a gtk app even20:26
frinnst Unable to create trash dir /home/fredrik/.local/share/Trash: Not a directory20:27
frinnstgood enough20:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gnupg: 2.1.23 -> 2.2.0, closes FS#146421:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libgcrypt: 1.8.0 -> 1.8.121:42
j_vfrinnst: about rust #43545 bug... i ran into that last night22:47
j_vi rewrote my rust port to handle it:
j_vafter a couple of minor fixes:
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