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brian|lfshey Romster was it you that also had a discord package besides me02:10
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marakui have a discord package brian|lfs as well02:15
marakudon't know about le romster02:15
marakufrinnst, trash is a freedesktop thing, it's nice with trash-cli
marakucommand line recycle bin which doesn't hurt to use (too much)02:16
brian|lfsoh ok maraku02:17
brian|lfs0.0.2 I just get a blank screen on02:18
marakuoh right, that damn thing02:18
brian|lfsany ideas I see no errors to troubleshoot with02:18
marakuso it needs
marakuand of course that's not revealed by ldd, because that'd be too easy02:19
marakuinstead of creating a port (like a good human would do), i got lazy and stole it from the arch binary02:19
marakuand then i just popped it in /opt/discord (or wherever you have it)02:19
brian|lfsahh ok02:21
brian|lfswhat arch port did you steal it from theif02:22
marakumight have been a debian package02:23
marakuyeah, turns out arch only has an aur package02:23
marakui'll probably make a package for it eventually (tm)02:24
brian|lfsok for now I'll leave it alone and assume you used strace to figure out you need
brian|lfsor something like that02:25
marakuactually google :), some reddit people figured it out02:25
brian|lfswekll that pacage on arch says it needs libc++ which crux don't ahve02:26
brian|lfsso I'm thinking that is probably part of libc++02:26
marakuif enough people use it, we could probably make a contrib port02:26
brian|lfsI saw a few weeks ago discord was outdated just didn't look into it until tonight02:27
marakulots of downloads to build libc++ :(02:30
marakuthat store by hash feature Romster was talking about would be useful02:30
brian|lfsI know I'm looking at it giving me a headache02:31
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marakujeez, llvm-4.0.1.src.tar.xz is used by clang & llvm, and for me/us libc++02:42
marakunot bad at 21M tho02:42
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brian|lfsmaraku, you have public ports02:48
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marakuis that a ?question?02:49
brian|lfsyes its a qeustion02:50
maraku:D yes,
marakusorry for being an asshole02:50
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marakudoes anybody have hardening flags (fedora/gentoo defaults) enabled and working with crux?06:05
marakulike FORTIFY_SOURCE, fstack, PIE, ...06:07
just_funbased on the commit history, from Jul 19 I build updates with these flags06:12
marakuah nice06:15
marakui was commenting out and building packages manually06:16
marakualthough glibc 2.6 should build with these flags06:17
just_funthanks. I'll remove that from the blacklist06:18
marakujust_fun: we don't have glibc 2.6 yet!06:18
marakui was just noting for the future06:19
just_funthere is also the fallback-for-distfilez-by-hash patch there, downloading from romster hash/distfiles06:19
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marakuyou've got some cool stuff in that repo06:20
marakui'll have to take a closer look tmo06:20
marakuis there a reason why you enable parallel comp for only some packages? i have it enabled globally on my comp. the maintainers do a pretty good job of testing multicore support for diferent packages and adjusting -n06:21
just_funprobably because I'm afraid :)06:22
just_funI have a slow machine, and don't want to test other packages :)06:22
marakubut the port is more afraid of you, than you are of it :)06:25
just_funOne of the reason not to use MAKEFLAGS much is because it is used for "make install" too, which may brake more port builds.06:30
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Romsteri am using make -j24 if there is a issue i'll find it.08:48
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frinnstmaraku: the toolchain for 3.4 will support it09:12
frinnstas it looks now, atleast09:13
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frinnsthahah my ryzen rma to the retailer was rejected09:50
frinnstbecause there is no linux support for ryzen :D09:50
SiFuhin the 90's it was like that in Australi10:06
SiFuhalways had to lie about windows  and then wait for the technician to arrive and explain the reality to him10:06
frinnstcontacting amd directly10:06
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Romsterfrinnst, what happend to it?10:11
frinnstnothing new, just the stability issues10:16
frinnstand apparantly amd has started to accept rma. its fixed in newer batches10:17
Romsterso microcode wont fix it and you need a newer stepping CPU?10:17
pedjaif anyone wondered how AES works
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frinnsthmm, loading the sonicwall http-ui takes like 2 minutes. wonder if that's normal :)10:33
frinnstyeah pretty crazy10:35
pedjaminers really like new AMD cards :)10:36
frinnstwhat are the vega called? rx-something?10:37
frinnstGigabyte Radeon RX 580 4GB Aorus10:37
frinnstDu f�r k�pa max 1st av denna produkt!10:37
frinnst"you may only buy one of this product"10:37
pedjahow much is it?10:37
frinnstso divide that by 10 for rough $10:38
pedja284 euros10:38
frinnst$1=7.91SEK currently10:39
pedjais it true that .se will switch to euro by 2020?10:39
frinnstwe voted it down way back when10:40
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pedja"intentionally avoiding the fulfilment of the adoption requirements"10:41
pedjasmooth, Sweden10:41
frinnstwe replaced all our coins and bills during the past 2 years.. costing a *lot*10:42
frinnst20 days ago there were 1.6billion SEK still in circulation thats now invalid but may still be exchanged by banks10:43
pedjawhy were they replaced?10:44
frinnstsecurity stuff I guess10:44
frinnstand we got a 2SEK coin, 200SEK bill10:45
pedjafor context, how much is, say, coffee, at a regular, non-hipster infested place?10:47
frinnst15-20sek maybe? at your average seveneleven etc10:47
frinnstlice? eew.. itchy :)10:53
pedja'lice' is 'face' :)10:53
pedjathis was fun
frinnstphilosophers and cultural figures are much nicer on currency than kings and other cunts10:56
frinnsthaaha yeah I bet10:56
pedjayou could buy a loaf of bread and milk for that one, if you could find it10:57
pedjadark times for many, but 99% of business 'elite' made their fortune back then10:59
frinnstyeah that appears to be what happens everywhere when theres chaos10:59
pedjain other news, why is there such a big difference in price for 2133 and 2400 ECC RAM?11:03
pedja2400 is ~3x the price, according to pcpartpicker11:04
frinnstno clue11:05
pedjaI wonder how much ECC vs. no-ECC RAM makes a difference for Threadripper, since, if I understand correctly, Infinity Fabric works faster with faster RAM11:06
pedjaI like when reviewer says 'it's a very nice m/b'. Well, it's 600$, it better be :)11:08
abenz2400 is much more expensive because ECC, obviously11:10
abenzwith threadripper, you have a quad-channel CPU that can drive a lot of RAM, I'd most certainly favor ECC 2400 vs 3200 non-ECC11:12
abenzfrom what I read, threadripper supports max 128GB ram11:14
abenzalso exotics like rdimms, lrdimms, etc are not supported, those can only be driven by epyc11:14
pedjaSupermicro Epyc m/b list 3DS and NVDIMM as supported, too11:20
abenzyup, epyc being the keyword there11:20
abenzpersonally (if I had the money) I'd still prefer threadripper over epyc due to higher frequencies11:21
abenzless, faster cores (TR) is more relevant to a desktop user than a gazillion slow cores (epyc)11:21
pedjathat would be a nice upgrade :)11:23
abenzyour build?11:23
pedjaI wish :)11:24
pedjaonly if I win the lottery11:24
abenzwell, my bulldozer is still chugging along11:24
pedjamy Core2Duo too11:25
abenzluckly, when you grow up interest in games dwindles and you aspire to real life "achievements" rather than virtual ones.. I won't be upgrading for a long time methinks11:25
abenzfaster compiles would be nice though ;)11:25
pedjaor the ability to run more than 1 VM at a time11:26
abenzbulldozer can do that, not that bad at all actually11:26
pedja4G of RAM is more limiting than the CPU11:28
abenzis this a laptop? or desktop?11:28
abenz4G ram how many sticks?11:28
pedjano matter how many times I buy thermal paste, I can never find it the next time I need it11:34
frinnst4gb is more or less max on that mb/cpu, right?11:39
frinnsti ran 4gb on my core2 too.. dont think you could get much more11:39
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frinnstyeah but 2gb sticks were crazy expensive back then12:00
pedjathey were twice the price of ddr3 for a while here12:03
pedjanow, 10-15 euros/stick12:04
pedja2G, 800Mhz12:05
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joacimI think the typical C2D machines max out at 8GB13:26
joacimwhen they have 4 slots13:26
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pedjayup, 8Gb is max14:03
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abenzpedja: quite tolerant of you to be on a source based distro without much horsepower14:30
abenztbh I run binary based distros on all but my bulldozer build which is crux14:31
pedjaabenz, I avoid the big builds, if I can help it :)14:35
pedjabuilding qt5 from time to time is OK, but I use upstream FF binary14:36
pedjawhile the build runs, I watch YT or read something to pass the time14:38
frinnstI only avoid building stuff that requires me to add a shitton of deps14:38
SiFuhI am laughing :-)14:39
pedjait depends on the application. libivrt has a ton of deps, but it's worth it :)14:39
SiFuhi remember a conversation about hardware and kernels14:41
SiFuhos[Linux 4.12.8 - ] up[ 4 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes] cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HK CPU @ 2.70GHz SMP (8 processors), 799.914 MHz (43417.46 bogomips)] mem[ 59019.33/64274.82 MB (91.8%)] video[NVIDIA Corporation Device 1be1 (rev a1) at 5280x2160 (32 bits)]14:41
SiFuhIt is also a laptop :-)14:42
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pedjaanyone using the latest nvidia hit by this?
pedja384.69 also breaks KDE/QT5, apparently15:02
SiFuhI am using 375.66 and I hate everything KDE15:03
SiFuhUnfortunately some of my programs require QT and I hate them for it15:05
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joacimwhen i used my c2d laptop16:02
joacimi used distcc16:02
joacimsped up compiles by a lot when paired with the pentium (LGA1150, not socket 5/7) in my server16:02
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joacimpedja: are you using any specificv port for libvirt? or just the one from the portdb?16:34
pedjaI maintain my own16:35
joacimcare to share?16:36
pedjasure :)
joacimthanks =)16:38
pedjait works for me[tm], but feel free to yell at me either here or via e-mail if something is broken :)16:38
pedjait's a WIP, so16:41
pedjaqemu port from there is different than opt/qemu (I added ARM arch, too). and it has pulseaudio enabled as audio driver :)16:46
joacimnot much different other than that?16:47
joacimI don't need the other archs that much16:47
joacimand i dont use PA16:47
pedjaarm, pa, and sdl2 instead of sdl are the main differences16:49
pedjait should, in theory, work fine with opt/qemu16:51
pedjaseparate qemu-arm port is on my TODO list :)16:55
pedjaand trimming some dependencies, and...16:57
joacimi dont even use sound with qemu16:57
joacimi just pass through the hdmi audio from my graphcis card =)16:57
pedjaI have a few Windows VMs, which I didn't use for a while, but I'd like to see how hard would it be to make PA work with them at some point17:00
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joacimpedja: your spice-gtk port reports a missing package.17:50
joacimmissing "six"17:50
joacimdoes it need python-six from opt?17:50
pedjajoacim, would you please paste the output of 'prt-get deptree spice-gtk'?17:55
pedjayes, it should be python-six18:00
pedjabut I can't find what references it18:01
joacimthe source files for ovmf-bin and aavmf-bin appears to be gone too18:04
joacimthe host is up, but they seems to have removed or moved the files18:04
pedjagrr, you are right. kraxel used to keep previous versions around a bit.18:06
joacimnot a big deal to me since im not going to use the uefi stuff18:09
joacimyour pygobject3 has file conflicts with opt/pygobject-gtk318:11
joacimpygobject3 logs:
joacimsimilar ports it seems18:16
joacimlibvirt also fails with a footprint mismatch18:21
joacimpedja: spice-gtk is missing spice-protocol as a dependency18:28
joacimwait. thats not your port18:28
joacimteK_: that was for you18:29
SiFuhwow yours actually compiled18:29
SiFuhmine errors out18:29
joacimspice-protocol should have its deps updated too. pyparsing have been renamed18:30
pedjayeah, I pinged teK_ in #crux-devel about that18:30
SiFuhi wanted to compile it to shouw the time of compilation it need a few apackage, but in the end errored out.18:31
SiFuhI hate my fingers right now ;-)18:31
pedjathanks, joacim, unbreaking this will keep me busy for a while :)18:31
joacimI'm not done yet =)18:31
joacimmight be soon tho18:32
joacimstuff is compiling fine now that i've sorted out the spice issues18:32
pedjapygobject-3 has gobject-introspection as a dep, I think virt-manager needs that, that's why the duplicate port18:34
pedjaand libvirt, when it picks up ZFS/Wireshark, builds the plugins, hence the footprint mismatch. I'll have to workaround that somehow18:35
SiFuhIt is called a dependency18:35
pedjasoft dependency, builds fine without it18:36
joacimim just using pygobject-gtk3 for now18:36
joacimi'll have to deal with configuring libvirt and virt-manager later18:39
pedjaand I have to figure out how to mirror kraxel's ovmf repo18:43
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