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pedja'Cairo 1.15.8 Released With Support For Colored Emoji'. yay?12:36
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pedjawith that, The Year Of The Linux Desktop is imminent, I guess12:39
pedjathis is turning into Patch Thursday...13:52
pedjaso many CVE's to patch for13:52
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SiFuhpedja: Wonder when Marvel's The Punisher will be released :-)14:55
pedjathere was a trailer for it at the end of one of the The Defenders episodes, so I guess soon-ish :)14:56
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SiFuhYeah, I ahve already added it to Sonarr14:58
SiFuhI didn't know the Defenders were released until I heard you guys talking about it. I just started to watch it.14:59
pedjathe latest rumors say The Punisher will premiere in the second half of November15:00
pedjaso, couple of weeks after Stranger Things S215:03
SiFuhInhumans, Runaways, The Gifted haven't been released yet either15:11
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pedjathe new season of 'The Great British Bake Off' is pretty good :)15:44
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pedjaI had my doubts about Noel Fielding as a host, but he is surprisingly charming15:46
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SiFuhWTF? haha I don't like cooking shows16:01
SiFuhbecause I can't taste or smell.... so eating for me is like a chore16:02
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nullspoonWow. This is late, but apparently I never noticed this client disconnected. What happened? Looks like all the users in #crux (or more) got k-lined august 17th.16:16
nullspoonAh, there it is. Spambot attack.16:17
SiFuhYeah, that was a few days back16:18
nullspoonLooks like chromium-pepperflash doesn't work.16:19
nullspoonDownload endpoint returns 404. It's trying to download 131 right now, but 151 is latest (and 131 isn't available anymore)16:19
frinnsti think is pretty broken16:21
SiFuhSo why are some people against pulseaudio ?16:23
nullspoonfrinnst: I'm working on getting it back again. Looks like files are missing from the archive or are renamed now. I'll let Thomas know when I've got it working.16:24
nullspoonfrinnst: But I agree. Flash is very definitely broken, by design no less. :)16:24
nullspoonI so badly wish I didn't need this thing.16:31
SiFuhyeah, we'd all be running OpenBSD ;-)16:32
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SiFuhpedja: embarrsingly stupid. She types into a computer mosocw, beijing and .... nothing happens..17:55
SiFuhThen she proceeds to tell them what she is doing, and reports the results... Yet computer did nothing17:56
pedjasorry, I was afk, doing tech support. What series is that?18:21
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SiFuhThat Marvel's The Defenders18:38
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pedjawell, it's no Mr.Robot, The Defenders, but I don't really care18:47
pedjahax0r girl in MacGyver is hot af, so I don't really listen to her technobabble, either :)18:51
pedjaI am pretty sure that her 'I like when the man knows the difference between Ubuntu and Mint' line is just the writers of the show trolling nerds18:54
SitriSiFuh: Personally?  Because Pottering's software has had game-breaking bugs everytime I've encountered them, so there's no point in trusting that he's fixed his shit.  It's like expecting MS to release an OS you actually /want/ to pay for.18:54
pedjaare you talking about Pulseaudio?18:55
SitriI've had issues with PA and network-manager, and issues with patches to udev submitted by the systemd team.18:56
pedjain a 6, or so, months, I've been using it, it just works[tm]. on my system, anyway18:56
SitriBridge has been burned18:57
pedjabut my usage is pretty basic, no bluetooth headphones or something like that :)18:57
joacimcan PA use the hardware mixer in my sound card?18:58
SitriSo is mine, which is why ALSA works perfectly.18:58
joacimossv4 worked ok too i thought. used that for a while, but i grew tired of maintaining it and dealing with module breakage after kernel upgrades18:59
pedjaI could never get FF to work right with ALSA. probably luser error, but there you go18:59
SitriFF 52+ have no ALSA support by default19:00
joacimworks for me (tm), but the sound is noisy when i leave the volume too high19:00
joacimworks great on my laptop tho19:00
SitriYeah, I don't think I've ever had issues with FF sound.19:01
pedjaMozilla disabled ALSA in official binaries a while back, yes19:01
pedjathe issue was, if I start anything that's using the sound card before FF, FF would just sit there, silent, iirc19:03
pedjathe weird part is that it would work fine with one, and not work with another FF version :)19:04
pedjaeven point releases19:04
pedjaso, one day I had enough, installed PA, rebuilt alsa-lib, and voila, sound19:05
SitriACTION had the opposite happen19:08
SitriPA broke hard, no sound on anything19:09
SitriTried for months to fix it.19:09
pedjaon Crux or?19:09
SitriSpent a week getting ALSA working, sound again.19:09
joacimmust've been 10 years since i last had issues with sound19:09
joacimused to have some stuttering, and using software that output to oss would hog the audio device19:09
SitriI mean, I could've had sound again, if I just started GNOME19:09
SitriBut I don't use GNOME day-to-day19:10
pedjaI only see Gnome in Level1Linux videos, when Wendell is using Fedora19:11
pedjaXfce on the desktop, E21 (I think) on the netbook19:14
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