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brian|lfsjust_fun, I'm trying the firefox 53 right now06:38
brian|lfsI'm guessing it probably won't work thats why we went to ESR06:38
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frinnst53 is very exploitable08:14
frinnstahh the 1st.. the day where all mailman lists spams you your passwords08:26
abenzexploitable ?08:58
frinnstall old browsers are09:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 17.1.809:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.2.1309:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.1309:21
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frinnstgod damn amd.. they want me to test with different voltages12:09
frinnstI would like your help to perform a stability test using custom VCORE and SOC voltages (NOTE: SOC might not be available for certain BIOS - If SOC is not available, just apply VCORE suggestion).12:09
frinnstBefore changing the VCORE and SOC values, first power down the system then disconnect all USB peripherals, network/power cables and remove the motherboard battery.  Leave the system in this state for a minimum of 5 minutes to ensure the CMOS is cleared.12:09
frinnstthey KNOW they have an issue yet they want to fuck around..12:12
ryu0frinnst: "did you try rebooting?"12:26
pedjabudget 8c TR is $550.12:37
frinnst it takes about 5-6 business days to arrive, so you will have system downtime.12:38
frinnstSo I'm on step 3 i guess12:38
pedjalooks like price delta between 8c TR and Ryzen is ~250$12:41
pedja1700X Pro is locked? what's the reasoning behind that, I wonder12:42
pedjamaybe AMD shipped more working CPUs to their Europe HQ, so you won't have to wait that long12:45
pedjait would make sense, since Ryzen sold like hot cakes in Europe, too12:46
pedja'I only get 100-120FPS at 1440p with Vega64. what's wrong with my machine?' *sigh*12:56
ryu0isn't it good enough to have FPS in excess of what most screens can drive?12:57
pedjamore FPS = 'smoother', 'less lag', according to gamers, apparently13:28
pedjaI wonder how many of them have v-sync on when they complain about performance13:29
joacimvsync off is pretty painful in my experience13:35
joacimdue to all the tearing13:35
pedjabut it's MOAR FPS!13:36
joacimcant say i measured a difference =)13:36
joacimvsync off and vsync off is more or less the same in my experience.13:36
joacimexcept i dont get tearing with it on. i hear the latency is higher with vsync on, but i dont really notice that kind of stuff13:37
pedjado AMD/Nvidia Linux drivers support their 'adaptive v-sync' thingie?13:37
joacimon linux? no idea13:38
pedjaI guess they forgot to include that in the nvidia-settings GUI :)13:43
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pedjano PR at the Github repo to add it, either. Oh, well13:50
SiFuhbeer time!14:20
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SiFuhpedja: you liked Stranger Things?16:31
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pedjayes I did16:51
SiFuhpedja: I would like to know, what you thought was good about it.16:52
SiFuhI also liked it... But I am curious if the reasons that my friends and I thought it was good are the same as yours.16:53
tilmanpedja: the expanse s02 will be in germany's netflix in one week \o/16:54
pedjatilman, enjoy it, it's quite a ride :)16:54
SiFuhtilman: You just like erased me from existance.17:00
tilmanif you mean what i think you might mean: that's pedja's fault17:02
SiFuhpedja: You just like erased me from existance.17:04
SiFuhtilman: I shall obtain this series you are talking about as it appears quite rivetting17:05
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joacimdidnt like season two17:27
joacimdrapers branch was nice tho17:27
pedjaSiFuh, wrt Stranger Things: 80's vibe, (most of) the kids are awesome, and I always had a soft spot for Winona Ryder :)17:28
SiFuhWhat is a 'drapers branch'?17:28
SiFuhpedja: thanks, we all had the same results ;-)17:28
joacimthe branch of the story with draper in it17:29
SiFuhOmar: (American convert Muslim moved to Kyrgyzstan) said all that my friends and you said... But he said "The town is full of assholes, everyone is an asshole except those kids"17:30
SiFuhI agreed with him also17:30
SiFuhjoacim: Have not watch yet ;-)17:31
tilmanjoacim: that's bobby draper, the martian marine, iirc?17:31
pedjathe teenagers 'love triangle' was...meh17:31
joacimyeah the martian marine17:32
SiFuhThat was a love triangle?17:32
SiFuhYou obviously haven't spent time in Asia then ;-) haha17:32
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tilmanthat's why he put it in 'quotes'17:32
SiFuhUsually love triangles involve 3 suicides.17:32
pedjathat whole storyline was a waste of time, better spent on kids or sheriff17:34
pedjayou know, actually interesting characters :)17:36
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pedjaI still loved the show, despite that17:37
pedjajoacim, Bobbi is an interesting character, watching her grow was one of the best parts17:39
pedja(no spoilers until tilman watches it)17:40
joacimthere is an mlp crossover episode17:40
pedja'my little pony'?17:41
SiFuh'Care bears'17:42
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pedjaI've heard that 'Voltron: Legendary Defender' is pretty good17:44
pedjaNetflix cartoon17:46
SiFuhI don't see17:47
SiFuhI prefer Samurai Pizza Cats :-P17:47
SiFuhThe only serious cartoons I ever liked were the Ninja Turtles 200317:48
pedjaSamurai Jack ftw17:48
SiFuhI feel Cartoons must be comedy17:48
SiFuhEven Japanese Anime has humour it17:48
pedja'humour in it' is different than 'comedy'17:49
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pedjasome the best cartoons I watched were made by this God amongst men:
SiFuhRocko's Modern Life was some of the best humour I have ever seen.. Especially scenes like when Heffer learns he is adopted..17:52
SiFuhFor those who do not know. Heffer is a big fat cow that eats a lot of food. He was found as a calf by a pack of wolves. The wolves were fattening him up for eating. They didn't have the heart to eat him in the end, so they adopted him. Heffer never knew this. Rocko (Heffers friend a wallaby) was invited to dinner and said at the dinner table "Heffer, I didn't know you were adopted".17:55
SiFuhHeffer sudennely realised he is a cow and the family are all wolves....17:55
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joacimapparently theres a new series for stargate22:23
joacimfirst episode is supposed to be out soon enough. more excited about that than any mr robot or expanse22:24
crash_i hope star trek discovery is gonna be decent though, beacuse i like the older shows22:37
jaegersubmitted a request to see if I can get my Ryzen CPU exchanged via RMA, will see what AMD says22:41
jaegerI have a week 5 1700X, apparently22:41
pedjafrinnst has started the RMA process, and he is not happy :)22:45
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pedjacrash_, I wouldn't hold my breath wrt Star Trek, they are re-shooting some footage, and it has a new showrunner, iirc22:49
pedjabut it's Star Trek, so I will watch it regardless22:49
pedjajoacim, you do know it picks up where the film ended, not the TV show (SG-1)?22:50
pedja'soft reboot'22:51
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pedjaI am looking forward to S2 of the 'Travelers'22:53
pedjait's a proof that you don't need special effects CGI crap to tell a good story22:54
pedjaand it's an interesting twist on time travel22:55
crash_pedja: travelers seems a bit corny i saw 2-3 episodes and stopped watching, maybe it got better later on :)23:16
pedjaafter episode 3 :)23:16
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