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joacimpedja: yeah i know it inst sg1 =)01:49
joacimjaeger: i ended up with an early ryzen too. i havent checked the week yet, but the label from the store was printed in march01:51
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jaegerIt was easy for me to check since I took pictures during the build. Didn't need to take the box apart02:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: Revert "poppler-qt5: update to 0.58.0"09:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: Revert "poppler-glib: update to 0.58.0"09:52
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joacimthis ssd has seen better days11:03
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joacimapparently apple added trimforce to os x11:26
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ryu0joacim: might be time to do a reset of the cells. lol12:17
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joacimi see a lot of load after i enabled trim, so i guess something is happening12:41
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joacimmuch better. but still pretty inconsistent13:39
nweargh to start with gpg it´s a mess, how has ppl done? do you guys using master-key and than subkeys or just one gpg-key for everything?13:44
][_R_][One gpg key13:52
nweso you dont use I master-key and then subkeys, feels like it´s safer to use subkeys, but more complicated..13:55
][_R_][(Bear in mind, my use-case is emailing with people I know)13:56
][_R_][(+ occasionally encrypting archives)13:56
nweI will use mine with yubikey13:59
frinnstI use different keys for different stuff. I keep one on my nitro-key for email, another for other stuff etc14:01
nwefrinnst: okey, it´s more that I haven't use gpg so much :P so I first create one gpg-key.. and than running gpg --edit-key ? or?14:03
nweat the moment I looking on this one..
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dbrookenwe: if you want to use a yubikey then this is what I followed
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dbrookeso the yubikey just has the sub-keys on it and the master is stored safely elsewhere15:02
dbrookecoincidentally I'm currently sat in a pub with the author of that and several other people15:03
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nwedbrooke: oh thanks, I will take a look17:07
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][_R_][ <-- FYI, this issue was also bugging me for a while on my phone17:22
joacimseen those preloaded on certain cheaper huawei phones17:24
joacimand you cant simply remove the application either17:24
][_R_][Apparently came with many Samsungs17:25
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][_R_][(Mine was a Samsung Note 3)17:25
][_R_][(Well, is)17:25
][_R_][Yeah, can only downgrade and disable it17:25
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frinnstremove all permissions?18:13
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][_R_][Disabling it prevents it from running18:36
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jaegersadly I left my galaxy tab s2 on a plane yesterday. hopefully the airline will get it back to me but I'm not going to hold my breath19:08
just_funDid anyone used a rowhammer tester with some form of "success"? Bit flip with non-ECC and no bit flip with ECC?19:55
just_funThe "Be careful not to run this test on machines that contain important data" warning from makes me ask before testing...19:56
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