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ryu0makes me wonder if you could use it to harm VPS hosts.00:28
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just_funI remember that one fix was to slowdown the cpu.06:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mksh: update to R56b07:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: tint2: 0.14.6 -> 15.013:44
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SiFuh1TB SATA3 M.2 SSD are still quite expensive :-(16:35
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joacimi have a friend that said he refuse to buy another HDD because SSDs are going to get cheap soon16:51
joacimi think he said that 7-8 years ago16:52
SiFuhI have been waiting for a while now, prices have not changed in more than a year16:52
SiFuhI was thinking even about ordering a shipload from alibaba. Sell 998 of them and only keep 2 ;-)16:53
joacimthe prices on the 256GB ones that I tend to buy havent changed much over the years16:53
SiFuhBefore I go back to Asia, I will probably buy 2 x M.2 1TB and 2 x SATA 2TB16:54
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joacimRAM have gotten more expensive, but even the cheap ram from last year, was about the same price as it was years ago before the hynix fire16:54
joacimwant to upgrade my server to 16GB, but 8GB modules are pretty expensive16:55
joacimcompared to 4GB ones16:56
SiFuhMy notebook has 64GB16:58
SiFuh64GB DDR4 2400MHZ (4 x 16GB)16:58
SiFuhIt was ridiculous the price, but I saved for 1 year to buy it. Should have bought a car.16:58
joacimI could've bought a Saab for the money I spent on my RAM16:59
joacimonly 32GB16:59
SiFuhI could have bought 1/10th of a volvo Eaton 4000 hahaha17:01
SiFuhEaton 4000? That was weird...  I mean an XC6017:03
SiFuhAnyone here used 1TB Crucial MX300 Serial ATA III M.2 2280 Solid State Drive ?17:04
abenz_laptop with 64GB ram?17:11
abenz_is it for chrome?17:11
SiFuhDo I have chrome? hmm let me check17:16
SiFuhOh wow, I do... wtf17:16
SiFuhOk, I fixed that..17:17
SiFuhabenz_: I am a fan of X-Plane 10/11 so I am happy to run a notebook that can handle it17:20
joacimit is that demanding?17:20
SiFuhOh hell yeah17:20
joacimthink the most ive seen one game use on my system is conan exiles at 12-13GB17:20
SiFuhI do more things at the same time than a single game17:21
SiFuhjoacim: sifuh@machupo:~$ pmap -x 10031 | tail -n 117:32
SiFuhtotal kB         8112696 4771604 470232417:32
SiFuh8GB haha17:33
joacimgot 32GB in my new system ebcause i thought i wanted to run virtual machines17:35
joacimbut so far i havent done much about it17:35
SiFuhI have run a few VM's for hacking Phones and things17:36
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marakugot 32 in my new laptop as well22:57
marakui basically put everything volatile in a tmpfs at this point, especially chroot testing and building packages22:57
marakui still haven't managed to go over 16G, but I do hit close when running a windows VM22:58
marakuSiFuh, do you have an intel in there? (5th, 6th, or 7th)22:58
SiFuhIntel 540S 1TB SATA3 M.2 SSD23:37
SiFuhIntel Core i7-6820HK Processor (8M Cache up to 3.60 GHz)23:37
SiFuhIntel 8260 AC Dual Band WIFI/BT23:38
SiFuhmaraku: 3 hiding under the bonnet(hood)23:38
jaegerI started watching Travelers after seeing people talking about it here... reminds me a bit of Continuum or The 440023:53

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