IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-09-04

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marakunice, you got a quad core SiFuh!03:35
marakuhave you tried intel's gvt with that machine?03:36
marakui have a kabylake (dual) on mine, that's not fully supported yet: so gvt doesn't work in vm's yet03:36
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pedjaIs there some issue with Let's Encrypt certs that I don't know about?10:18
pedjaI am wondering why would a company pay 150$ for commercial DV cert, instead of using LE10:19
frinnstnot having to worry about a cert for 3 years is often worth the cost10:57
frinnstor 2, or whatever10:57
frinnstalso lots of stuff doesnt support LE renewals10:57
frinnstappliances and other stuff10:57
pedjathat makes sense11:22
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pedjathey are, basically, real estate yellow pages11:26
pedjaand their hosting provider just wants to make its life a bit easier, which I understand :)11:27
pedjabtw, frinnst, how is your RMA going? did you jump thru all the AMD hoops yet?11:35
pedjaapparently, some things never change
SiFuhpedja: i am finding The Expanse very boring12:10
pedjawhich season?12:11
SiFuheI am season 1 and now episode 512:11
SiFuhit is so bleeing boring12:11
pedjaS1 is world building, so12:12
SiFuhstill fscking boring man12:12
pedjadon't watch it, then :)12:13
SiFuhI will power on like a snail stuck in hot bitchuthene12:13
pedjano need to punish yourself12:13
SiFuhi am watching that comedy series   ""house of parliment"12:13
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: file: update to 5.3214:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: coreutils: update to 8.2814:54
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marakuis active? i sent an email a month ago submitting my ports21:15
j_vcould there still be issues with the mailing lists? haven't seen any ml stuff in my inbox for quite some time. maybe that is effecting maraku's ports submission?21:36
jaegercontrib-admin is just an alias, not an ML itself21:36
j_vok, just a thought... still wonder about ml's...21:39
marakulooking back at irc logs & the ML, it looks like the update to curl didn't [notify] on the 9th21:41
marakubut cruxbot did21:41
marakulast notify for the ML was on the 7th with sshfs-fuse21:42
j_vyeah, i that too... crux-commits and crux list show last activity on August 7, crux-contrib on July 18, crux-devel looks weird with possibly old posts that mention 2.1? crux-reports on Aug 622:26
j_vi checked and i can still log in to edit my ml subscription settings, so it does not appear that member data is missing (or at least not mine)22:28
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jaegerIt looks like someone took mailman out of the services that start automatically.... I have NO idea why22:36
pedjajaeger, did you notice any issues with vdpau and latest nvidia? I haven't updated to 384.69 yet, but I see reports on Nvidia forum22:51
pedjaapparently, people get just the black screen with vdpau, and .69 broke some QT/KDE apps, too22:52
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jaegerI haven't yet but I haven't used it heavily22:57
pedja384.x branch builds on 4.13 kernel without issues, so I guess that's a plus for it :)23:02
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j_vjust received some commit mails23:04
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jaegeryeah, I reenabled it, should be ok now23:39

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