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marakubrian|lfs, i've just pushed libc++ to my repo, discord now works properly!03:32
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SiFuhmaraku: no I haven't tried intel's gvt04:47
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frinnstblueness: around?09:12
frinnstseems to be some problems with keyboards and pointers with the latest release09:12
bluenessfrinnst: yes, can you test
bluenessthat should fix it09:15
bluenessyou don't need to actually rebuild, just edit the rule and reboot09:15
bluenessfrinnst: let me know and i'll push another release out today09:16
frinnstI havent tried it yet, jue and jaeger hit it though09:21
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bluenessfrinnst: i got a report from a gentoo user, was able to reproduce it, and found that restoring that line fixes the problems09:37
frinnstyeah jue mentioned it and linked to that commit yesterday09:37
frinnstthe original (that introduced the problem, that is)09:38
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bluenessi should have looked at the rules more carefully that i imported :(09:42
frinnstno worries - we always test core stuff before pushing (well, usually :-))09:43
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SiFuhpedja: The Expanse, they will use a nuclear bomb on an entity that feeds off energy?12:32
frinnstare you watching it now?12:32
SiFuhI am up to season 212:32
SiFuhEpisode 512:32
frinnstgood times12:32
SiFuhas I said the other day, it is bleeding boring ;-)12:33
frinnstnaaah.. low pace, sure12:33
frinnstbut that fits the series12:33
SiFuhfrinnst: I am a fan of babylon 5 ;-) is that low pace enough?12:33
frinnstnever watched it12:34
SiFuhvery political series12:34
frinnsti loved ds912:34
SiFuhThey stole it of Babylon 512:34
frinnstiirc they tried to sell b5 to the startrek franchise? but they turned it down and created ds9 instead12:34
frinnstare there ferengi in b5? if not i wont bother watching it :-)12:35
SiFuhNo, there was no mention of that in the court case.12:36
SiFuhStraczynski brought Babylon 5 script to Paramount. They turned him down. Then later appears Deep Space 9 which was his script, modified and part of Star Trek Franchise.12:37
SiFuhfrinnst: I like this scene
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pedjaDoes B5 pick up after S1? I watched a couple of episodes,'s boring AF12:46
pedjato me, anyway12:47
SiFuh[22 33 30]� frinnst> naaah.. low pace, sure12:47
SiFuh[22 33 51]� SiFuh> frinnst: I am a fan of babylon 5 ;-) is that low pace enough?12:47
SiFuhpedja: It is very slow, and it does pick up. THen slows down again, then picks up again. When the war between Centuri and the Narns starts..12:48
SiFuhI remember as a kid, waiting for about two season for the Shadow War.. and it was damned exciting when it happened then, it was not. :-)12:49
pedjaso, GoT on a smaller budget, basically :) ?12:50
SiFuhI don't watch porn12:50
SiFuhThe original uncut version of Game of thrones is just an porn movie12:50
pedja'come for the pr0n, stay for the dragons'12:50
SiFuhWest World, I felt was similar.. Just an excuse for naked actors/actresses12:51
pedjanakedness in West World has a point, tho, it's not just fan service12:52
SiFuh27th September Lethal Weapon Season 212:53
pedjayay, that one is awesome12:54
SiFuhAnd Blacklist Season 5 on the 28th... Thought that series died. hmm12:54
pedjaRedemption did12:55
pedja(the spin-off)12:55
SiFuhGotham Season 4 on the 22nd12:55
SiFuhAnd Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory on the 26th... Still going as well??12:56
SiFuhpedja: What I thought killed the series was Elizabeth. Even worse was they killed her and brought her back12:58
pedjait will go as long as Spader is not bored with it :)12:59
SiFuhHe must have had a hard life ;-)13:01
pedjabut I'll gladly trade Blacklist for the chance of Spader going head to head with Sutherland in 'Designated Survivor'13:01
pedjaas a spidery, multiple season villain13:02
SiFuhChris Pratt as Indiana Jones13:03
pedjawell, he did train velociraptors in Jurassic Park13:04
pedjaone of the bigger wtf moments in that movie13:05
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druid_droidmy crux box just finish to have a chat :) you all welcome
druid_droidI need to update git repositories, lot of work to do :)18:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.520:05
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brian|lfshey maraku I see you have libc++ now I'm comping it to see if it fixes my discord22:05
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bluenessfrinnst: i'm about to push eudev-3.2.4 anything to add before i do?22:22
bluenessfrinnst: okay eudev-3.2.4 tagged and pushed to github22:39
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