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frinnstblueness: awesome, cheers01:32
frinnsttesting now01:32
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: eudev: updated url03:39
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: eudev: updated to 3.2.403:39
brian|lfseudev has a bad signature03:42
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: eudev: update signature03:44
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frinnstoh how I love byggy menuconfig sometimes08:56
just_funnconfig then?08:56
frinnsti'd bet the same problem is there too08:56
frinnstwhen options dont appear08:56
frinnstand you probably need to select something else for it to appear but you have no idea what08:57
just_funACTION denies bet08:57
frinnstmoved one of my servers from vmware to hyperv08:58
frinnstand microsoft doesnt really present a nic as a pci device08:58
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frinnstunless you use legacy networking and then you get to enjoy a dec fast ethernet device08:59
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nwedoes someone know if you can add so you alwasy seeing sigend commits with git.. ?09:17
nweI know that I can run : git log --show-signature09:18
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frinnst~/.gitconfig maybe?09:22
nweyeah but I cant find how that stuff should look :P09:22
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frinnstor an alias?09:46
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frinnst2its aliiive09:52
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SiFuhpedja: did you watch Legion yet?12:10
pedjafirst 2 episodes, I think12:11
frinnstits fucking awesome12:12
SiFuhIt's Noah Hallway's work12:13
pedjaI'll binge watch that and Preacher at some point12:14
SiFuhNoah Hawling  sorry12:14
pedjaand the rest of Mr.Robot S2 before S3 starts in november12:15
SiFuhI did not like Mr Robot S212:16
SiFuhI hope 3 is better12:16
frinnstphew finally. got my ryzen rma approved12:16
SiFuhpedja: and The Expanse, I wouldn't recommend to anyone.12:16
frinnstI ordered a ryzen 3 yesterday as a remp replacement. the packaging from it should do nicely12:17
SiFuhAlthough Frankie Adams is kind of cool ;-)12:17
jaegerfrinnst: did AMD ask you a ton of questions about your bios settings, case layout, temps, etc.?13:24
ryu0frinnst: let me guess. their excuse-o-matic finally broke?13:25
frinnstjaeger: yep13:30
frinnstI had to send in a bunch of pictures etc13:30
frinnstthey have a script to follow :-)13:30
frinnstI posted a reddit thread (i think) about someone who had RMA:d his cpu.. the steps exacly match the ones I had to take13:31
joacimafter working with support13:39
joacimi have great respect for the script13:39
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wikrohello :)13:48
frinnstyeah its not too bad14:07
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pedjajaeger, enjoy :)14:26
jaegerI'll check it out, thanks14:26
pedjanp. with a bit of luck, they'll send you one of those Ryzen Pro CPU as a replacement14:31
pedjabetter binned, but no overclock, thou14:32
jaegerI'm currently providing the litany of info the support rep requested and then some14:33
SiFuhjaeger: sounds like they should be using your handle ;-)14:36
jaegeryeah, maybe so14:37
pedjaah, the old and proved 'drown them in the information' tactic. nice14:37
SiFuhpedja: Australian magistrates do that. Every couple of months ask you how you plead 'Guilty or not guilty?". After some time, they see that you won't budge, then you will have your shit session in their corporate court.14:38
pedjaI tried that with Cisco Packetracer support. Didn't end well.14:39
pedjaSiFuh, you've lived at a lot of places. Any of them that you actually liked :) ?14:40
SiFuhThere are 6 countries I'd like to live. Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Bolivia, Colombia and North Korea.14:43
pedjaNorth Korea? Really?14:44
ryu0pedja: maybe he likes their no non-sense approach to discipline. :P14:45
SiFuhIgnore the news, and actually study it. There is lots of good and bad.14:45
SiFuhI still can't beleive the amount of people who try to say "They are starving, eating dogs and babies"14:45
ryu0here's a joke...14:45
ryu0What's the difference between North and South Korea?14:46
SiFuhRegurgitating media bullshit...14:46
pedjaone dictator per lifetime, tyvm...14:46
ryu0North Korea's got no Seoul. =p14:46
joacimi imagine if i tried to RMA through the store, i'll just end up with another early ryzen14:47
SiFuhMy brother laughed and said that was lame. I thought it was good14:47
ryu0Eh? Brother?14:47
pedjaif news are to be believed, neither will South Korea14:47
SiFuhryu0: Yeah I have a brother14:47
ryu0ok. lol14:47
SiFuhWindows geek14:48
pedjaWindows has some cool tech. well, the server side of it, anyway14:50
pedjaHyperV is pretty nice14:50
SiFuhI don't know, because I avoided that side of the computer world14:50
SiFuhI think the closest understanding of Windows I have is that OSX uses Darwin BSD Kernel14:51
pedjaWindows used BSD TCP/IP stack14:52
SiFuhI don't know14:52
pedjaNT era, iirc14:52
SiFuhI still don't know14:52
SiFuhpedja: no matter what words you throw at me, the only way I will know, is if you throw at me the entire manual for me to read14:53
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SiFuhpedja: don't throw me the manual because I won't read it. ;-)14:54
pedjaspeaking of manuals, NASA's Systems Engineering Handbook is a pretty fascinating read14:59
pedja(if you are interested in that kind of stuff)14:59
pedjayes, that one15:04
pedjaor, if you are really bored
SiFuhOh wow15:11
pedja1600 pages for one of the most complicated machines ever15:12
SiFuhthat looks like a simplified version an Einstein-Rosen Bridge15:12
SiFuhpedja: A book about women?15:12
pedjaEinsten-Rosen Bridge is basically a wormhole, right?15:13
SiFuhyeah, or a stargate15:14
pedjaStargate is a frontend interface for wormhole :)15:15
SiFuhBut in simple terms all forms of wormholes are ERB's thanks to that foolish twit.15:15
SiFuhpedja: yeah15:15
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pedjathey have a door with the 'Stargate Program' sign at the Cheyenne Mountain15:18
SiFuhAnd nasa15:18
SiFuhinfact there are quite a lot around the world15:19
pedjaat the CM, they lead to the cleaning closet, full of brooms and cleaning fluid15:22
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pedjait would be interesting to see what would ESA/NASA do if they had, say, 10 times the budget15:24
SiFuhSimple, higher more staff to photoshop their shit photos15:25
SiFuhIt would be interesting to see what would ESA/NASA do if they had, say, 10 times the budget and spent it on tech evolution and space travel.15:26
pedjaare you suggesting they now spend their budget on cocaine and escort services?15:28
SiFuhHow the fsck did you get that out of my comment?15:29
pedja'[...] and spent it on tech evolution and space travel.' implies that they are spending their budget on something else. or I misunderstood you? If so, apologies.15:32
SiFuh'Simple, hire more staff to photoshop their shit photos'15:34
SiFuhthat one pedja ?15:51
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abenzdo we have easy-rsa in any repo?21:05
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john_cephalopodaDoesn't look like it.21:16
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dghshHi, i'm on a fresh crux install (via bollix-livecd) .everything very nice ... for standard i wanted to use blender 2.79 from says :X11 glXQueryVersion() failed, verify working openGL system!:glxinfo says :Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig. normal use of mpv ok ,intel vga(thinkpad x200) any thoughts? thanks22:00
abenzdghsh: someone will always answer if you wait long enough :)22:13
dghsh@abenz: thanks for the wink, my connection is quite bad, wasnt sure if lag is to big :)22:16
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jaegerdghsh: do you have mesa-demos installed? If so, try running glxinfo, see if it reports direct rendering is enabled23:02
jaegerWouldn't surprise me too much if the gl setup weren't complete on a livecd23:02
dghsh@jaeger: thanks, but ithink pakgs are standard ,as mentioned above glxinfo(of mesademos)says:":~/blender-2.79-718af8e8b35-linux-glibc219-x86_64$ glxinfo:name of display: :Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig"23:06
jaegerAh, glxinfo also has that error? Not sure on that23:06
jaegerMight be worth asking the author23:07
dghshon the web some people have the problem with nvidia chips , mine is standard simple i915.23:10
dghshglxgearsError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual23:10
jaegerIn general i915 works fine, I assume it's something specific to the livecd setup23:11
dghshi get the hunch som symlink would help to compensate a version difference , ala libmesagl , just there is no sep package ...23:13
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