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marakuhas anybody setup selinux on his/her crux boxes?02:18
jaegerNot I02:25
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nwegood morning05:12
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nwehoware you abenz ?07:01
abenzgood nwe and you? looking forward to the weekend? :)07:06
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nweIm fine thanks a little bit tired but.. yeah will be nice..07:10
nweare you work now or?07:15
nweyeah writing some ansible code07:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: ngrep: update to 1.4709:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gvim: update to 8.0.107109:15
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libxml2-python-32: -> 2.9.511:26
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libxml2-32: -> 2.9.511:26
frinnstfucking dhl wanted to pickup my cpu when I was out to lunch11:51
joacimdid you expect them to tell you when they'd be there in advance?12:02
frinnstnah but why even bother going to a place of business at 12:30 on a friday?12:03
joacimthe dhl guy usually call me12:05
frinnstthis one did too12:05
joacimstill pretty shitty tho. they call 5 minutes before theyre there12:05
frinnst"im outside but theres nobody here"12:05
frinnsttold him I could be there in 5-10 minutes but he couldnt wait12:06
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jaegerjust sent AMD my results from testing the CPU at a bunch of different vcore settings...13:49
frinnstoh you bothered with that? I just spent last saturday playing titanfall 2 and told them I had spent the saturday testing vcore settings13:52
frinnstgood man13:52
frinnstI just managed to fuck up a hyperv host by trying to shutdown a linux vm13:53
frinnstseems like an issue in 2016 too, lovely13:53
frinnstrebooting the host didnt work either. it gets stuck at "Shutting down service: Cluster Service."13:53
jaegerI had time to test it so figured why not13:57
jaegerew, that's lame13:58
frinnstyeah im currently abusing it before we take it into prod13:59
frinnstfound 2 major issues today.. the issue above and the fact that migrating a pfsense fw to another host kills networking completely14:00
frinnstit resumes once the vm is migrated back14:00
jaegerwow, that's also very lame14:01
frinnstshutting down, moving the vm and starting it works - so we havent fucked up vlan configs or anything like that14:01
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frinnst2lets see when I get disconnected..14:02
frinnstdrop damn you14:06
jaegerNow it won't, just to be contrary14:08
frinnstyeah, after I rebooted one of the two hosts14:08
frinnsti'd love to stick with vmware but they dont want our business. atleast thats what their pricing suggests14:09
jaegeryeah. I love vmware stuff but they're proud of it14:10
jaegerWe have too much time and money inbvested in it at work to switch14:11
frinnstyeah and they know it14:11
frinnstbut we are small and flexible14:11
jaegerI will give them credit, our support has been excellent when we've needed it14:12
frinnsthuh, shutdown worked this time, didnt hang14:23
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SiFuhLegion was awesome :-)14:46
pedja'to weed out clueless vendors, put 'must/should be compliant with RFC6214/RFC2549' into the RFI/RFP'15:01
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu: updated to 1.4.015:28
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to 7.10.015:28
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pedjarespect for RH, they open sourced Ansible Tower GUI upstream,AWX, as they promised17:19
SiFuhfscking hell, you little sh17heads and your stupid acronymns.17:39
SiFuhThanks pedja for being a total retard. I googled it and found it.17:39
SiFuhI did not know. :-P   It is a shame you had to use acronyms. I did a course a few months back. I after I passed all modules with the exception of one. I told them stick their course up their arse because I am not learning a new language for people who can't spell. I have 2 weeks left to apologize or I fail. :-)17:41
SiFuhOn my last day I am going to write the entire email in Acronyms and send them a photo of my middle finger17:42
SiFuhI will then reverse the charges and inform the ACCC they are fraudulent and I will retract my funds.17:43
pedjabusiness idea: LMGTFYaaS17:46
SiFuhfsck off man17:47
SiFuhI have no idea what you are replying17:47
jaegerpedja: you'll be RICH17:47
SiFuhit is insane guys17:47
jaeger(note: RICH as in drowning in money, not an acronym)17:47
SiFuhhow on earth are we suppose to keep track of the hip ways of speaking letters?17:48
pedjajaeger, looks like a sound business plan, right :) ?17:48
jaegersound or not, there's sure as hell a market for it17:48
jaegerSome people can't find their own ass with both hands AND a search engine17:48
jaegerAFK for food17:48
ryu0jaeger: AND a colorized map.17:48
SiFuhThis one course had 744 acronymns. It was a safety course... You fail if you don't know the acronymns..17:48
SiFuhOh shit, man, you going to die, because I need to remember the first characters of this bandaid before septisim kicks in.17:49
SiFuhAFK is an old one.17:49
SiFuhpedja: ryu0 and jaeger    can't you see how insane this world is becoming?17:51
ryu0SiFuh: yes? at some point you won't be able to speak to anyone without talking to your lawyer first.17:52
SiFuhI think you guys are like the most sane people I have ever met.17:52
SiFuhand I wonder, how the hell does this world go 'round with people like you guys. You are all limited editions. Skill sets that require no degree or school certificate and yet can outsmart any fscker in most subjects.17:54
ryu0SiFuh: probably because our areas require people that actually care about the topic to be above average.17:56
ryu0in order to*17:56
SiFuhPossibly so...17:57
ryu0and that's something no degree can enstill.17:57
SiFuhpedja: I am not insulting you. I am insulting the use of acronymns :-)17:57
SiFuhlike instill :-)17:57
ryu0maybe you can start throwing your own acronyms at people.17:58
ryu0PEBKAC. ID10T error.17:58
SiFuhI do17:58
ryu0What do you do anyway?17:58
SiFuhI even blocked my father on MSN messenger for using LOL all the time.17:58
SiFuhHe is in his 60's17:58
SiFuhryu0: now? I drive a Taxi17:59
SiFuhI promise my mother I will stay in Australia till March 201817:59
SiFuhand I don't want a contract here because I hate this shit-hole country... So Taxi driving is the easiest solution. Aparently I am good at it. Asian respect and Asian driving ;-)18:00
SiFuhI do CSEE :-)  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) in South East, North and Central Asia.18:01
SiFuhIncluding the previous, I am pretty useless.18:06
ryu0SiFuh: CS, eh? what languages?18:08
SiFuhCSEE :-)  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)18:08
SiFuhSee that smiley face? That was sarcasm18:08
frinnstgod damn building is slow on ryzen318:09
SiFuhIn Thailand CSE is what they say18:09
SiFuhI wondered what happened to the other E   was Engineering or Electrical the missing E?18:09
joacimwonder how that stacks up against my i518:13
frinnstwow thats low18:14
SiFuhryu0: Per and I use to dispute a lot. We had our differences. jaeger was there when Per and I argue about the init/linux and system crash. Funny, because it still exists18:14
SiFuhgo to init 1 and back to init 3 and Crux suicides :-)18:14
SiFuhI even provided the solution and Per refused to patch it18:15
SiFuhBut that is life.18:15
jaegerheh, I didn't remember that, it's been a long time18:16
SiFuhIf i remember correctly  if not 200318:16
jaegerin 2001 I was probably too new to crux to be contributing anything much18:16
joacimi wasnt even shaving yet in 200118:16
joacimin 2003 i kinda should have18:16
joacimbut i didnt so i looked like a dork18:16
SiFuhYour beard must have been good joacim18:16
joacimi have a beard now18:17
joacimstopped shaving in the beginning of july18:17
SiFuhjoacim: I prefer the beard, but I don't have to trim and beautify it.. So razor it is18:17
jaegerMost of my team is remote and since we have a bunch of video calls I decided to grow a beard so I wouldn't be the only one who looks like he's 1218:18
joacimstill trying to figure out the trimming bits18:18
SiFuhMine lasts two weeks before the apocolapyse happens18:18
joacimi used to shave once a month18:18
joacimmaybe once every other month18:18
jaegerI keep it short but it's there18:18
joacimbut i gave up now. just going to let it grow for a bit18:18
SiFuhjaeger: :-P that was the best joke I have heard in a long time.. I just woke up my parents laughing... :-P18:19
joacimgot maybe an inch now18:19
SiFuhThey are probably going to tell me to fsck off to Asia soon18:19
SiFuhMy parents asked me why I laughed the other18:20
jaegerSo I've had it for maybe a year and a half now18:20
SiFuhI told them someone from Slackware I think told me a joke "What is difference between North Korea and South Korea?"18:20
SiFuhjaeger: year and half?  3 to 4 inches?18:21
jaegerI trim it, I just mean that I've had some form of beard for that long now18:22
SiFuhi like the look but i am not going to manage it18:22
joacimits good for fidget stuff i think18:23
joacimi always twirl the end of my stash when watching movies18:23
SiFuherrr forget that18:24
joacimmaybe not literally. I tend to play around with things with my hands while watching movies18:24
SiFuhjoacim: i always think, this is horrible, got to shave... I put it off for about amamximum of two weeks and go... "Fsck this, it is gone!"18:24
ryu0SiFuh: I think I did.18:25
SiFuhryu0: did what?18:25
ryu0< SiFuh> I told them someone from Slackware I think told me a joke "What is difference between North Korea and South Korea?"18:25
SiFuhcouple of topics wrapped in one18:25
SiFuhyou told me that joke?18:26
ryu0From my logs...18:26
ryu009:46 < ryu0> What's the difference between North and South Korea?18:26
ryu009:46 < ryu0> North Korea's got no Seoul. =p18:26
SiFuhyeah that was you18:26
SiFuhi told a DPRK fan this he laughed so much18:26
SiFuhHe and I are fans of DPRK18:26
SiFuhI was called a F*cking C*ck Sucker because it mentioned to an uneducated fool that DPRK has not attacked anyone in 60 years or threatened another nation without provaction...18:28
SiFuhhe proceeded to tell me that DPRK has never signed a peace treaty so techinically they are still at war.   I replied, If I don't use toilet paper I prefer to walk with a dirty arse... He agreed. I replied "Not all countries use toilet paper, some even use water.....   This guy exploded with anger because the TV is right!18:30
ryu0SiFuh: uh, yea. they just signed a ceasefire.18:31
SiFuhhe then started shouting how I am a Kim Jong Il lover, even though Kim Jong Il is dead....18:31
SiFuhceasefire means no fighting, a sign of peace18:31
SiFuhnot like USA who signs a cease fire and still bombs the fsck out everyone..18:31
ryu0we went to liberate people's oil :P18:32
SiFuhUSA has bombed more countries than any country in history.. Sorry fellow Americans. It is true. We are the most war mongering nation on the planet. We are always right though and the world is wrong..18:33
SiFuhNah ryu0, we went to establish a central bank :-(18:33
SiFuhI am an American ryu0 :-(18:33
SiFuhLove my country, but what business do we have in other coutnries... Some so much older than us. How dare us the todler kick our great grandparents arse?18:34
pedjawell, Montenegro and Japan signed a peace treaty 102 years after the war ended, so18:34
joacimdont denmark and sweden still hold the world record for having fought the most wars?18:35
joacimagainst eachother that is18:35
joacimwatching TV about anything is a bit annoying. reporters ask question, but they already know the answer they want to hear18:36
SiFuhIsrael (Isis, Amen Ra and Elohim) This group of people have had the most wars in History18:37
pedjaF-16 flying above on its way to the target, interrupting my afternoon coffee? not a pleasant experience :)18:39
SiFuhI find the F16's engine soothing for my sleep18:39
SiFuhWhat do you want? Mating cats?18:39
SiFuhWHo owns the F16 pedja ?18:40
SiFuhAre they going to Syria?18:40
pedjayears ago, NATO bombing18:40
SiFuhfsck NATO18:41
SiFuhI remmber this war, it was in 90's18:41
SiFuhI had to write a paper on it.. I told my 9th grade teacher to go to hell! I said, I am not being graded on a war where many people today are dying..18:42
SiFuhHe said "write a document about why they should not die" So I wrote a document about an insect in South American that sucks the blood around the soft parts of the neck/eyes (Chigoes) and I failed...18:43
SiFuhThis is the Bosnia Serbian War18:45
SiFuhNot long after they talk about Sudam Husein Gassing the Kurds...18:48
SiFuhReminded me of WW2   just repitition18:48
SiFuhAnd yet, USA comes to the coast of Australia an all our communications fsck up18:48
SiFuhTHey lie and say, it is the suns solar flares... Funny how US military always arrives on a solar flare18:49
SiFuhpedja: yeah, this was front page news18:49
SiFuhthe movie sniper  I think number 218:50
SiFuhwas based on this story18:50
pedjashitty times, the '90s18:50
SiFuhI am sorry for this18:51
pedjawhy? you, or anyone else living in that countries, had nothing to do with it18:52
SiFuhI can't understand why people don't see this... The US and other Western countries have killed more people in the name of peace than any other country....18:52
SiFuhpedja: my blood caused it. I can't accept it..18:53
SiFuhI am 100% on DPRK side.. I know how the Korean war started, I know the history of WW1 WW2 and the conspiracies... I meet people who know nothing, and they think their opinion matters.  I will never listen to them... We did this. We murdered so many in the name of Democracy .... (Central banks)18:54
pedjaI base the opinion on any country on its best, not its worst.18:59
pedjapeople, not government19:01
SiFuhI had a dispute with a fscker19:06
pedjahm, GDAL build just dies. no error message, no nothing, just 'failed'19:06
SiFuhHe thinks DPRK wants war19:06
SiFuhI tol dhim that since 1953 DPRK has had 0 wars19:06
SiFuhHe said but they ahve Nuclear weapons so they are bad19:07
ryu0so does India, China, ...19:07
SiFuhI said since 1943 USA has attacked 24 countries (32 Distinct wars) and they have nuclear weapons.19:07
pedjaand Trump has nuclear codes :)19:08
SiFuhHe said to me I am a fscking dickhead and shouted to the public I am a supporter of Kim Jon Il. I replied Kim Jong Il is dead and Kim Jong Eun is the new leader. He told me to shut the fsck up..19:08
SiFuhpedja: no19:09
SiFuhPersident doesn't have codes19:09
SiFuhJoint Chiefs of staff have them...19:09
SiFuhWho'd give the Presidet codes? That's just insanity..19:10
SiFuhgood night guys19:11
SiFuhsee you all later19:11
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pedjasomeone really wants my IRC nick19:30
joacimit means something?19:36
pedjamy nickname IRL :)19:37
joacimnever been any contention about mine. probably because this spelling is fairly uncommon19:37
pedjaI got a few 'failed login' messages19:39
pedjaIP belongs to one of the biggest cable providers here19:40
ryu0"oh wait, that's me."19:40
pedjathere really is a XKCD for everything :)19:42
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crash_true :)21:00
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crash_frinnst,jaeger: did you get your cpu's to RMA? and got a later batch?21:20
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jaegerI'm still in the middle of the process21:45
frinnstcrash_: Im sending mine out on monday21:49
crash_nice to hear a update :) thanks21:50
frinnstdo you have one?21:53
frinnstThank you for getting back to me with your return shipment tracking number.21:54
frinnstI will get back to you with replacement shipment tracking detail as soon as that available to me from the warehouse.21:54
frinnstI really appreciate your patience and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.21:54
frinnstthey are very nice and apologetic21:54
crash_frinnst: nope not yet, i'm not that fast to order new stuff i usally wait beacuse of problems like these hehe21:55
frinnstif you were to order one today you would not have this problem21:56
crash_so all the new batches are fixed?21:56
frinnstI got a cheap ryzen 3 to use while I wait for the replacement and it has no issues21:57
crash_ryzen 3 around 1149kr is very cheap until you got your 1800x back21:58
frinnstyeah its worth it for one weeks of usage21:58
crash_4 cores and no SMT?21:59
frinnstpain to build stuff on but atleast it works :-)21:59
crash_haha true :) no errors or hangs21:59
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frinnstmy cpu was quite stable atleast. jaegers seemed much worse. But you couldnt start a build, leave and expect it to be ready when you got back22:00
pedjaACTION kicks FF22:02
crash_frinnst: did you get a later one? or you just had better luck?22:02
ryu0ACTION watches Firefox turn feral and bite pedja.22:02
pedjawth, search bar? where the fsck you keep disappearing?22:03
frinnstthe ryzen3? yeah I got it on wednesday22:03
pedja'customize', it's there. 'exit customise', poof, it's gone.22:04
crash_frinnst: i mean the ryzen7 one :)22:04
frinnstah. nah dont think so. guess it was luck22:05
frinnstmy r7 was "week 7"22:05
frinnstthe earliest i've seen was made week 622:06
jaegerMine's week 522:06
jaegerso maybe it's some of both22:06
frinnstoh really? cool22:06
crash_i see22:06
pedjaweek 25+ are 'safe' :)22:07
crash_that is what i have read yeah22:07
pedjathe joys of being an early adopter22:07
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jaegerSomehow I got a week 5 even after waiting for a long time for an AM4 mITX board22:08
crash_but who know that ryzen would have these problems, when you ordered it22:08
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pedjaACTION offers a bowl of blueberries as a token of truce 22:20
pedjato FF22:20
jaeger <-- pretend that cave johnson is firefox22:21
pedjafscking user survey extension in 56beta hid the search bar22:21
pedja'how do you search the Web? -without search bar, I don't'22:22
crash_hmm why hide the search bar, that seems stupid22:24
pedjathere is that 'search from the address bar' thingie, which I switched off because its annoying22:25
pedjaso when they hid the search bar, I guess to see if people use that, hilarity ensued, as you can imagine :)22:26
crash_yeah :)22:29
joacimbrowsers treating my lan hostnames like searches is nice22:29
pedjaidk, that behaviour always annoys me when I use Chrome22:31
joacimi think a lot of software have been getting worse over the years22:33
joacimgained unimportant features that do nothing but get in the way of the way i use my computer22:33
pedjaor i am getting grumpier with age :)22:33
joacimyoure not getting grumpy =)22:34
joacimits everyone else earning their place in hell22:34
pedjaI have no problem going to Hell, as long as I can choose the company in the fire pit22:35
pedjastuck with vegan Apple hipsters for all eternity? now, *that* would be hell22:36
joacimdepends on the apple vegan hipster22:41
joacimi wouldnt mind hanging around the apple vegan hipster from before the iphone launch22:41
joacimif it is the developer type22:43
joacimthe "freelancer" type riding a crowd sourced fixie can burn22:43
joacimdrown in cement rather. i'm sure they'd smell like burnt tofu when on fire22:44
jaegerI turned off the thing that turns lan hostnames into other shit, that was annoying as hell22:53
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pedja'Smart bar' is FF Clippy, as far as I am concerned23:14
pedja(should be killed with fire. twice)23:15
pedjawhy some Fedora patches have CRLF LF line endings is anyone's guess23:18

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