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SiFuhHow many times, must I tell the ISP that I will not be switching to NBN!04:26
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jaegerZOMG, 2 acronyms in a SiFuh sentence!04:28
SiFuhWhen I was a kid we use to laugh at the word Repososakyoku which was the Japanese word for the an FBI equivalent. Always wondered if the Japanese had an acronym for it, or whether they had to shout the entire word out each time.04:31
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jaegerheh, nice04:59
jaegerunrelated, woot, got approval for my ryzen RMA04:59
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jaegerRMA form filled, woo05:38
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.1.8 -> 17.1.906:34
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xckoI'm getting build fails for audio plugins from vico's ports or romster's so I'm guessing I got something misconfigured06:36
xckoi think these are my errors06:38
xcko/usr/bin/ld: util/libblo.a(libblo_a-blo.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.rodata.str1.1' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC06:38
xcko/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output06:38
xckocollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status06:38
xckomake[2]: *** [Makefile:892:] Error 106:38
xckothis is for swh-plugins06:42
xckocaps fails too - should I just be submitting bug reports?06:44
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xckooh wow on vico's site at it's stated they're for crux-2.7.106:54
j_vxcko: what ports are you looking for?06:57
xckoI'm messing around with ardour, so I was looking for any plugins07:02
j_vi see that teatime's port looks to be pretty recent, maybe look at that:
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xckoYeah I got ardour installed perfectly from teatime's port. I'm now trying to add additional plugins to it07:08
j_vsorry, i've never messed with ardour... looks like i'm not going to be much help07:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libmpd: add missing dependency glib and build patches07:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hexchat: add missing dependency gtk07:10
xckono worries thanks anyway. Is there a reason why vico's ports are still including in the portdb if they are so out of date?07:12
Romsterxcko, email me or tell me which ports exactly and i'll look at them.07:15
xckowell swh-plugins has a new version, 0.4.17 but the releases have moved to github. there's a note on the url page in the Pkgfile07:16
xcko0.4.17 builds on my system but not 0.4.15 - I'm not sure why07:17
xckocaps fails as well07:20
Romsteri'll bump swh-plugins after wine is done07:21
xckoyeah /usr/ports/romster/caps . there's a minor version update too 0.9.23 to 0.9.2407:22
xckobut it's build fails as well - same reason :07:23 In member function 'void AutoFilter::cycle(uint)':07:23 error: call of overloaded 'div(uint&, uint&)' is ambiguous07:23
xcko  div_t qr = div (frames, blocksize);07:24
xckonot sure what to make of it except a bug in the code07:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cairo-dock-plug-ins: fix source name08:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: cairo-dock: fix source name, add missing dependencies08:29
xckoI updated many of the plugins from vico's ports. Once I clean up the rest of my ports I'll submit them to the portdb. night, thanks for your help.08:54
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Romsterromster/swh-plugins updated08:55
Romsterthe other one keeps breakingon compile needs more work and i'm gonna take a break08:55
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pedjaGoogle gets a E grade here
pedjaand, with an F, is in the Hall of Shame. oops11:35
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frinnsthah what a bullshit test11:49
pedjafrinnst, HyperV template is virtual disk image and some metadata json/xml file?11:51
pedjaI am looking at packer, which has HyperV as a builder. pretty cool tool.11:52
frinnstno clue, havent looked at that part yet11:53
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pedjaI guess its similar to Vmware/Vbox in that regard11:54
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pedjanote to self: ldd works for shared libraries, too.13:59
pedjawell, that could've saved me from an hour of debugging. oh, well14:00
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j_vRomster: patch for caps-0.9.24:
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brian|lfsz3bra, your repo is brokena gain16:57
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just_funDoes anyone use this "case"?
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j_vjust_fun: was not aware that such thing existed... i might try a build with something like that eventually, unfortunately dinero is too tight right now for new builds17:18
joacimjust_fun: seems pretty bulky17:19
just_funjoacim, how about this?
joacimmight get dusty =)17:31
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SiFuhAnyone able to verify something for me about IP addresses?17:47
SiFuhwait, I will post17:48
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SiFuhI have used Whois and checked the IP range and traceroute17:48
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SiFuhAny real way of checking this domain by it's real age?17:49
SiFuhI keep getting 1 month and 7 or 9 days old and I am curious how long it has realy been active for17:49
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joacimis that wood?18:27
jaegerSiFuh: no idea18:27
joacimthe case seems very expensive tho, compared to how much a microserver costs18:27
jaegerjoacim: I suspect it's fake wood18:27
SiFuhjaeger: better I ask the leader himself.. I will do this on Monday.18:28
SiFuhThanks for being the only whom had replied :-P18:29
jaegerfor what it was worth, hehe18:29
SiFuhIf the Supreme Leader of the DPRK replies I will make sure, I email you a copy.18:30
SiFuhBut for now, waiting on a close friend, to reply. I said I will email Kim Jong Eun, and if you have anything you wish to say, we can email together...18:30
joacimdoes he have any old computers that i can have?18:31
SiFuhNow the real question is, can I actually send and email out by Monday? This is something you don't send lightly.18:32
SiFuhjoacim: Old yes, have no...18:32
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pedjasome of these are gorgeous
joacimreminds me of digital blasphemy21:13
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pedjaah, yes21:19
joacimsaw an interview with the digital blasphemy guy21:20
joacimseems like an interesting guy21:20
joacimseems very chill21:20
j_vall three artists are very talented21:21
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joacimit sucks when websites have infinite scrolling, but at the same time place information at the very bottom of the site21:52
joaciminfinite scrolling sucks no matter what tho21:52
abenzyes! very annoying22:12
abenzPgEnd (moar)22:12
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