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pedjanew kernel releases for both stable and LTS? something is up11:04
pedjayay, new pulseaudio release11:14
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tsaopoh boy, 4.13.1 is already out11:29
ryu0what would we do without pulseaudio!?11:32
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pedjahave no spund in FF :)11:46
ryu0for many users ALSA was enough. pulseaudio only really provides an advantage for hotplug audio.11:47
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pedjaALSA dmix never worked right for me with FF. it's probably luser error11:48
ryu0but, it used to be worse when there were multiple competing sound servers.11:48
ryu0ARTS, ESD, ...11:48
pedjasome say its easier for developers, too, having 'saner API' to program against11:49
ryu0it does offer some practical advantages, but at what cost?11:50
pedjacost that most users pay gladly because their sound works OOTB, I guess11:52
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pedjathere is always a cost11:52
ryu0i would imagine using ALSA has lower latency but it doesn't seem to matter.11:53
pedjaPA is using ALSA11:53
ryu0pedja: I know. But you have to go through another layer to get to it.11:54
ryu0each layer addes some latency.11:54
pedjathere is always JACK :)11:54
ryu0Every abstraction adds overhead. But in this case it doesn't seem to be enough to matter.11:54
joacimwhy dont you guys just use OSSv4?11:57
joacimused that in the past, no idea if OSSv4 is maintained anymore11:57
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ryu0doesn't really work with suspend.12:01
joacimim mostly just joking tho. but yeah. ossv4 could use some development12:04
pedjaits still developed12:05
pedjaby 4Front12:06
pedjaBSDs, Illumos, Solaris use some variant of it, iirc12:07
joacimdeveloped, slowly12:10
joacimthe changelog points to http://mercurial.opensound.com12:10
joacimbut that doesnt respond12:11
pedjawell, if they didn't close source it, and then open sourced it again, the story might be different12:11
joacimwhat's worse is that people a ctually like black liquorice PSU ribbon cables12:13
joacimthey look horrible, gets way bulky when bundled together, and smell bad12:13
pedjamacOS has its own thing, naturally, and it works for both desktop and serious sound work, which is pretty amazing12:14
joacimcompletely hides the colour coding too12:14
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pedjawhy is that the problem?12:18
joacimeasier to see which lead carries the 5V12:19
joacimeasier to see which lead is the green one if you just want to power on the PSU12:19
joacimolder colour coded wires looks better than the black ribbon cables12:20
joacimwhat looks nice is subjective ofc. but the current trends are very inconvenient12:23
pedjaRGB LED extravaganza is much more annoying trend, imho12:24
joacimcan usually disable those tho12:25
pedjathat's not the point12:26
joacimi do like that darkened glass panels replaced side panel windows12:27
joacimand that side panel fan mounts are going away12:27
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pedjaPhanteks Enthoo tempered glass cases are pretty nice12:30
pedjaWendell used one of those for his TR build, I think12:34
joacimwish they had convenient features like sata backplanes =)12:35
pedjaI like Fractal Design's Meshify C12:38
pedjait's ~100€12:40
pedjabut, good case, similar to a  good PSU, can last a while, so12:41
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pedjaan interesting read 'Shattered Trust: When Replacement Smartphone Components Attack'
ryu0pedja: could just as easily say: "Man behind the curtain unveiled"13:14
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frinnstfailed to run: /tmp/rust-1.20.0-1-work/src/rustc-1.20.0-src/build/bootstrap/debug/bootstrap doc13:59
frinnstfuck rust13:59
pedjafrinnst, what is worse: trying to navigate HPE site or deal with rust :) ?14:13
frinnsthpe, hands down14:13
pedjaHP proper site isn't much better, either14:14
pedjathe last time I looked for laptop drivers there, anyway14:16
jaegerOne doesn't simply "look for things" on their website14:17
pedjait's an adventure!14:17
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pedjamazes and monsters lurking around. so, it's RPG, basically14:19
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pedjaor MUD14:24
pedjamuch more readable than I thought it would be
joacimhp deletes your saves when you die14:34
pedjadon't believers in $deity get backup to the cloud as part of the deal?14:34
SiFuhYeah saw that on Russia Today.14:48
SiFuhPeople are stupid14:48
pedja'guns don't kill hurricanes. people...err...'14:49
pedjalots of potential Darwin Award winners14:50
SiFuhI don't get that  Award Winners?   Darwin Award Winners means death? How is it an Award?14:51
pedjalike that one surfing on a, what looks like, a fscking tsunami wave14:51
tilmanSiFuh: as in "survival of the fittest"14:53
tilmanresp. non-survival of the dumbest ;>14:53
pedjaWikipedia explains the 'rules' much better than I ever could :)
SiFuhThe Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.14:55
SiFuhThat makes clear, and perfect sense now. Thanks pedja14:55
pedjaglad I could help without using acronyms :)14:55
SiFuhtilman: I understood survival of the fittest. Just couldn't understand why death by stupidty was considered award winning, when survival was the goal.14:56
SiFuhpedja: you are quite welcome to use  Unix acronymns like  'fsck'.14:56
pedjathat's not an acronym, it's polite spell of 'fuck' :)14:57
SiFuhWhat really sh1ts me is these acronymns to sound cool, fashionable or professional, and then even worse, the acronym becoming a word.14:58
pedjait's a part of pretty any professional jargon14:59
SiFuhpedja: a polite word for fuck would be coitus14:59
SiFuhfsck = file system consistency check14:59
SiFuhso fsck off ;-)14:59
pedjaI will, to have some lunch15:00
SiFuhwhen was the last time you heard someone shout "Freeze fuhbi!"  (fbi)15:00
SiFuhand if anyone wants to watch the entire thing
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SiFuh"general purpose event"15:56
ryu0SiFuh: could just as easily be "file system checker"16:04
SiFuhhang on    trying to find out what gpe6F is and why it is chewing up my CPU16:06
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ryu0SiFuh: maybe it's hungry?16:30
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j_vSiFuh: might be related ->
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SiFuhj_v: thanks j_v I already did that long time ago. What I was looking at was what gpe6F was. But alas, not much info about it out there.17:42
SiFuhI looked in the kernel to see if there was anything worth manipulating. The driver/firmware/kernel mod is evgpe.c17:43
SiFuhAnyways, in the end I just did a dirty filthy mod where I disabled as that site you posted the gpe6F17:48
SiFuhThen I got distracted by pedja's Designated Survivor17:49
j_vyeah, that is what i would do, too... tried looking up 'acpi gpef6' with various other stuff, but all i see is general description not specifics about what the interrupt is actually handling17:49
SiFuhThe closest I found was skylake17:50
j_vseems that it is probably board/bios, which makes sense... basically, from what i've read, it is acpi table bug... i've one on this board that i have to work around in order to enable both ioapics and the hpet17:57
j_vit's an ivrs table snafu that asus won't fix because they 'don't support linux'TM17:58
SiFuhYeah, read that too.. But I am not conviced about it being a hardware issue, since the hardware I am using is reletively new. So I am unsure whether ot not it is hardware or just software.17:59
SiFuhTime will tell, and I guessing this laptop will be long dead before the question is finally answered18:00
j_vpretty nice18:08
SiFuhyeah it is, but being an OpenBSD user, it is kind of useless.18:11
SiFuhLinux, at the least gives me some opportunities.18:11
j_vI've not messed with OpenBSD much, mostly NetBSD18:12
SiFuhEverything else is out of the question... Windows/Darwin BSD/OSX they are all 100% banned here. I don't want virus' installed on my tech18:12
tsaopIs OpenBSD good on laptops?18:12
SiFuhOpenBSD is awesome on laptops. Just it doesn't support NON-Free Hardware18:13
SiFuhSo say goodbye to Nvidia18:13
SiFuhAlthough I wish that some one my hardware can work on OpenBSD. I am happy they chose not to install blobs or non-opensource firmware..18:14
j_vThat was why i tried NetBSD... they are porting Nouveau (fwiw), which isn't perfect, but progressing18:14
SiFuhj_v: I actually have never had a successful netbsd install since 200118:14
SiFuhMaybe I will try it this week18:15
SiFuhpedja: by the way KDE still sucks18:15
j_vi was glad i played around with it installing to qemu vm's, so that i could avoid fubaring a system18:15
pedjaSiFuh, and I should care because?18:16
SiFuhWe were talking about a week ago18:16
SiFuhor I have mistaken your handsome looks for another handsome geek?18:16
pedjaabout KDE or QT?18:17
SiFuhKDE    and I said I haven't used it since KDE2 when Konqueror was the file manager/web browser. Before that was KFM18:17
SiFuhSo I promised to test KDE4 (plasma)18:18
SiFuhsee if it will sway my opinion18:18
p4cmantry kde5 instead18:18
pedjaXfce ftw18:19
SiFuhj_v: I have a spare partition, qemu won't work for testing hardware18:19
SiFuhwhat is ftw?18:19
p4cmanfor the weak18:20
SiFuhIs that what the fsck in reverse?18:20
SiFuhI use fluxbox18:20
j_vSiFuh: true, but beware of gpt partitions and NetBSD install is fairly weird18:20
SiFuhj_v: thanks... no gpt here :-)18:20
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j_vok, probably pretty safe, though i don't guarantee it18:21
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SiFuhj_v: i have monthly backups to begin with, will always backup before any risky things18:22
j_vi trashed a handful of vm images before i managed to install NetBSD with gpt parts along side linux installs as dual boot18:23
j_vSiFuh: smart18:23
SiFuhj_v: I still backup on tape..  These days I have moved from DAT to LTO18:24
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j_vi've used fluxbox, when i was looking for openbox replacement... mostly happy with bspwm for now, but might be trying xmonad in near future18:27
SiFuhI have used fluxbox since Enlightenment went from 16 to 1718:27
j_vi avoid DE's... they are too irratating for me18:28
SiFuhWhat's a DE?18:28
SiFuhDesktop Environment?18:28
SiFuhI guessed one! woohoo18:29
p4cmanmind sharing the conkyrc18:31
j_vyou are slacker :) ran slack for long time, was my first linux install back in mid/late 90's18:31
SiFuhp4cman: sure18:32
SiFuhj_v: mine was caldera18:32
p4cmanalso the font you're using with conky18:34
SiFuhit's written in the config18:35
SiFuhp4cman: CONKY
SiFuhWelcome, happy to share shit I wrote years ago ;-)18:41
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SiFuhFeel kind of proud ;-)18:41
SiFuhanyone want a monthly cron backup script whilst I am feeling generous?18:42
SiFuhYou need a second drive/partition for that one18:44
SiFuhIt will be mounted, data backed up and unmounted.18:45
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joacimit would be really nice if asus could provide more detailed changelogs21:52
joacimat least the current ones are better than the bios changelogs from earlier this year21:52
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frinnstImprove System stability22:26
frinnstvery informative22:27
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