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frinnstjaeger: found out why I had networking problems when migrating a hyperv-vm. turns out I only tested ipv6 and the machine didnt have a specific default route set07:17
frinnstso it picked it up via ndp. and for some reason that ipv6 addr didnt respond on the other host07:18
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frinnstra, not ndp obviously07:38
SiFuhyeah, finally got ossec running and it found some broken links for packages I had already removed07:40
frinnstwe use it on a few hosts at work07:41
SiFuhI have never used it. I always had tripwire07:42
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SiFuhp4cman: How did you go with the conky script? I forgot to mention that I am using a HDPI screen08:21
p4cmani did not, yet.08:21
p4cmanstill installing on my new laptop08:21
SiFuhConky has some pretty themes if you are willing to go the extra mile and even have multiple instances of conky running with several scripts08:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.59.010:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.59.010:55
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jaegerfrinnst: ah, sounds annoying13:41
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dbrookeI'm getting libtool warnings and errors and an ld error building mesa3d-32 and I've rebuilt the 64 bit version OK, checked dependencies, revdep and so on. Any suggestions? Log at
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nimmmy timezone is wrong like 1 hour behind and one day infront16:57
nimmi set my timezone in rc.conf at install16:58
nimmi deleted and remake localtime to16:58
nimmstill same16:58
nimmwhat else can i do?16:58
SiFuhyou need to cehck the bios time16:58
SiFuhor use ntpd16:58
SiFuhntpd will allow your system to adjust time automatically based on your time zone from the internet.. using ntp pools16:59
SiFuhor you can set your clock in bios to hardware  UTC or actual and an configure your system/timezone to your bisoo16:59
SiFuhI recommend ntpd17:00
nimmSiFuh ill check bios first17:00
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nimmnever happend this before but this time i installed dualboot windows 1017:00
SiFuhwatch your language !17:01
SiFuhnimm: i highly recommend you use ntpd17:01
joacimi think therei s a network time thinger installed from core17:02
dbrookebios should be set to UTC for *nix, windows used to set it to local, which might explain your issue if it still does that17:02
joacimcan just uncomment a line in one of the cron.d files17:02
brian|lfsany reason why kodi seems to be in UTC but my clock is correct17:03
SiFuhbrian|lfs: configure it17:03
brian|lfsoh kind of what I was thinking17:04
brian|lfsI'll check it latter need to go rob a bank first17:04
SiFuhNeed a profesional driver?17:05
SiFuhHire me, I will be your driver17:05
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pedjadbrooke, try to remove old mesa3d-32 and then build it.17:17
dbrookeOK ...17:18
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frinnstbrian|lfs: the hardware clock should always be UTC. and then you set your timezone in your OS (just a time offset)17:24
frinnstso utc is 17:24 right now. if you run date -u it should print that17:24
dbrookepedja: thanks - prt-get: installing mesa3d-32 17.1.9-117:25
pedjagood :)17:25
pedjait's a weird libtool bug, only on 32bit17:26
dbrookethat approach must have seemed too much like a M$ solution for my brain to think of it 8-)17:26
dbrookebut now I'm happy to have my system fully up to date17:27
pedjawell, turning it off and on works for Linux, too :)17:27
dbrookebut rarely necessary; apart from my workstation system which is shut down overnight it's pretty much only kernel updates which require reboot17:30
pedjanever played with it, thou17:35
dbrookenice idea but I guess support is lacking, except maybe on commercial ditros17:36
pedjayes, kSplice on RH, kGraft on SUSE, iirc17:37
pedjaSUSE one should land in mainline at some point17:38
dbrookeon another note, I emailed contrib-admin a while back about getting my key listed on the portdb but it hasn't appeared. Is there something else I should do?17:40
pedjaping one of the developers in #crux-devel17:41
pedjarebuilding qt5 is fun...17:43
dbrookeah, another channel I'm not (yet) in 8-)17:44
pedjamaybe its time I switch my potatoputer to a binary distro17:44
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henesyglad to see this project is still alive17:55
henesyhaven't used crux since 2012 or so, will be coming back most likely :)17:56
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brian|lfshenesy, CRUX is good these days18:18
SiFuhSo is beer. But I don't hear people asking how to open, or pour it ;-)18:27
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pedjayay, city-wide power outage18:48
SiFuhYou in Cuba or FLorida?18:49
SiFuhoh oh   North Korea?18:49
SiFuhno let me guess18:49
SiFuhPolar region!18:49
SiFuhwait, Bouvette Island ?18:49
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henesybrian|lfs, good to hear!19:15
joacimdont have those often here19:18
joacimi notice them only when i come home from work or whatever and i find that my server is down19:19
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jaegerfrinnst: when running both windows and linux on the same host, hardware clock in UTC confuses windows19:49
jaegerShould run localtime in linux if you want them to sync up19:49
frinnstyou can turn that off in windows, i usually do19:52
frinnstbut sure, windows is wierd :-)19:52
henesyhappened to me on my primary machine and i couldn't figure it out for the longest time19:53
henesysilly windows :)19:54
SiFuhBill Gates, a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer are in a car together. The car breaks down. The mechanical engineer says no problem and he dismantles the car and re-assembles it. The car still doesn't start.19:54
SiFuhThe Electrical engineer says no problem and pulls out all the eletrics and re-configures it.. Still nothing19:55
SiFuhBill Gates says "No problem, lets just close and open the windows"19:55
jaegerhrmm, never tried using UTC in windows, just assumed it wasn't an option :P19:55
SiFuhnever tried using windows, just assumed it wasn't an option19:56
SiFuhjaeger: sorry, but I had too..19:58
brian|lfsI don't use windows I'm sensitive to light20:14
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joacimfrinnst: there is that one led on the back of this board that i always forget to disable22:12
joacimit's driving me nuts22:12
frinnsthaha the pulsating crap?22:14
frinnstyeah annoying22:14
frinnstteenager-bling crap22:14
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pedjathere's a blue LED in the fan at the back of the case I always forget to rip out22:34
pedjaanother giveaway by Level1Techs, this time with the graphics card actually included :)22:40
pedjaRX570/Ryzen 1600x22:41
brian|lfsanyone get an I9?23:01
jaegerNot I23:28
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