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brian|lfswow such a relf just $1391 a month for my crazy PC00:01
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xckoI've been trying to use mailx with msmtp nixers New Posts  |  Today's Posts  |  Activities  |  Search  |  User CP  |  Log Out00:18
xckoSorry, but no results were returned using the query information you provided. Please redefine your search terms and try again.00:18
xckouhh whoops00:18
xckonixers New Posts  |  Today's Posts  |  Activities  |  Search  |  User CP  |  Log Out00:18
xckoSorry, but no results were returned using the query information you provided. Please redefine your search terms and try again.00:18
xckosorry new wm and I was pressing the wrong mouse combo to resize the window00:18
xckoI had a question about msmtp and mailx, when I try to send a message I get: ** Message: Remote error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not00:19
xckoprovided by any .service files00:19
xckoI've used this setup before and not had issues, was a there a new dependency on linux-pam or something?00:20
jaegerno idea here, sorry00:44
brian|lfswhat do you mean send a message to another computer like a broadcast?01:04
xckoah it is libsecret, msmtp will pull it in as a dependency if it is installed and then this warning appears. when removed or configured out, it goes away01:51
marakuSiFuh, do you have a port for ossec?01:54
brian|lfsI'm sorry thats a bad processor where they have to incldue a special tool just to install the thing02:22
marakumpup is missing02:34
marakuprobably went missing during the server downtime02:35
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pedjayeah, 16c for ~1000$, really bad processor04:47
pedjabrian|lfs, you are referring to TR/Epyc torque thingie, I guess?04:50
pedjano one stopping you to use a regular screwdriver.04:52
pedjaguy in the MSI(?) video does just that04:53
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henesy_xcko, .service sounds suspiciously like systemd05:53
frinnst2true but i'd say it just a dep missing providing the org.freedesktop.secrets namespace06:35
frinnst2i think systemd defines that in its service-files06:35
frinnstwrong term D;06:36
tilmanyou like the irc so much you have two clients going in parallel?06:38
frinnstfuck yeah06:40
frinnstnah, its to monitor a hyperv cluster :-)06:40
joacimgood for keeping multiple conversation threads06:40
frinnstless annoying than getting an email that something is down while testing and breaking stuff06:41
frinnst2I agree06:41
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tilmanfrinnst2: we're using jabber/xmpp at work. so i wanted to rig it so that i get a message whenever a build fails on our build server/CI thingy. that failed because we didnt have a spare mail address to use for another xmpp account06:45
tilman#2 messing up my nick autocompletion :[06:45
tilmangotta run to work ._.06:46
pedjayou could take a bus06:47
pedjasorry, lame 'joke'06:50
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SiFuhWhat does this acronymn mean? 'SMH!'07:09
SiFuhIt is in the comments for this page
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henesyshake my head07:36
SiFuhhenesy: Oh, thanks.07:37
frinnst2I dont know any of these new acronyms07:40
frinnst2nothing past 200307:40
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henesyi'm hip and young i'll answer all the acronym questions07:41
SiFuhyou can't be hip and young, because you can spell and put together a sentence.07:42
henesy20 m us07:43
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henesyanyone tried running crux on an x1 carbon? looking to return to crux and scrap ubuntu on my laptop07:43
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SiFuhmaraku: No sorry, I installed OCCE on Slackware.07:47
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joacimhenesy: got crux on my x220. works ok, but getting stuff like hibernate and such to work is a bit fiddly07:50
joacimstill havent bothered with making a script for hibernating when the battery is critical either07:51
SiFuhI never use hibernate or suspend on notebooks. I always disable it.07:51
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henesyi walk a lot and don't usually want to re-open everything so i'd like to script suspend07:54
henesyi know a friend with a T series thinkpad who threw together some suspend/hibernate scripts, i might steal his copies for reference07:54
xckohenesy: you could write a script that polls the battery every minute and if it's below a certain level and not on AC, then suspend. That's how I've done it in the past.07:57
henesylooking for lid triggering suspend more than anything07:58
joacimi do this with acpid07:59
SiFuhhenesy: does it suspend, sleep, hibernate well in Ubuntu?07:59
joacimused acpi-listen to find all the triggers, and bound those to sleep and suspend07:59
xckorun acpi_listen, see what events come up for lid open and close, then write an action07:59
xckoah damn I was too slow07:59
henesySiFuh, yeah it does08:00
henesyjoacim, xcko thanks, i'll take notes, appreciate it08:00
xckonp. happy to help08:00
SiFuhhenesy: So you are a step closer. Chances are, if it works in Ubuntu, you will find a way for it to work in other Linux Distros08:01
henesySiFuh, yeah that was my logic and why i ran ubuntu on it first08:01
henesysince laptops are finicky08:01
SiFuhMy laptop stays on all the time pretty much. I use manual screen blanking. fn+F2 turns off the screen. If I move my laptop, I just powerdown.08:02
xckoI do sudo pm-suspend right now. kinda nice to have my screen closed but the laptop on sometimes08:05
joacimhibernate is more convenient to me. dont like starting over with a new session, and dont like using session managers08:05
joacimcould probably script that too. make the action look for a state file when you close the lid, if the file is there, dont put the laptop to sleep08:06
SiFuhJust write a script. So as soon as you boot up you can run the script and everything opens :-P08:06
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xckoa session manager? I don't use anything beyond startx and the getty. a state file is an interesting idea...08:08
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SiFuhVirtualBox is like a virus. Everywhere I go, I find VirtualBox pieces laying around08:13
xckowhy not use qemu?08:15
SiFuhbecause the last time I used qemu it was a pile of sh17 that didn't work properly.08:17
SiFuhHowever, I will look into it since more than a decade has past since I last used qemu08:18
henesylast time i used qemu i just wanted to get networking to work and apparently it was too much to ask08:20
xckoyeah networking is difficult in qemu08:21
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xckodo you use ck4up for keeping ports up to date or write your own setup?08:26
SiFuhxcko: I use slackpkg08:30
xckoare you running slack or crux?08:32
xckohow do they compare in your opinion?08:32
SiFuhcrux was in my virtual machine that I can no longer access because I removed VirtualBox08:32
SiFuhCRUX will always have a place because I was one of the first generation CRUX users. I admire the simiplicity and the bsd style08:33
SiFuhSlackware, is very simple like CRUX. Slackware does everything I want.08:34
xckoIt seems like slack is a more complicated version of crux, without the easy port writing tools. but I've never used it08:35
SiFuhThe only disadvantages with CRUX is the lack of ports in comparisson to Slackware. So in the end I had keep making ports, for programs I wanted.08:35
SiFuhSlackware doesn't remove the rubbish and other useless documents and info files that take up space..08:37
xckoyeah, I find I end up compiling software on every distro I use. None of them have everything I want.08:37
SiFuhThe 3 most common ways of installing programs in Slackware are  1)  sh ./foobar.Slack 2) sboinstall foobar 3) slackpkg install foobar. This depends on which ports you have or want.08:38
SiFuhxcko Debian has pretty much anything you want..08:39
frinnst2is slapt-get still a thing?08:39
frinnst2or slaptget08:39
SiFuhfrinnst2: yes..08:39
SiFuhbut who need to use it when you can just download the entire repository. Same as you do in CRUX08:39
SiFuhxcko: here is the example.    sifuh@machupo:~$ locate qemu |grep Slack08:40
SiFuhsifuh@machupo:~$ sudo sboinstall qemu08:40
frinnstthat was pretty much the only way to update stuff when I used slackware08:40
xckoI've used debian in the past, and run it on a home server. same issue08:40
SiFuhsudo slackpkg update    sudo sbocheck08:41
xckoso pretty typical then. any use for the other init levels in slack?08:42
SiFuhxcko: I use debian for hacking, since all the tools I use and the SDR tools, and GNURadio  all work together well without conflicts.08:42
SiFuhxcko: yeah..  it will boot to getty08:43
SiFuhif you want Xorg  you modify inittab  it runlevel 408:43
xckoooo how is using an sdr? what have you done with it?08:43
SiFuhor you can manually type init 4 at a console08:44
xckoI appreciate crux removing all the other levels, never found them useful.08:44
xckoexcept single user mode08:44
SiFuhxcko: download from Satellites, Watch aircrafts fly, Listen to music and other bands, hack into smart meters08:45
SiFuhxcko: does it still crash when you type init 1 and then type init 3 ?08:45
SiFuhI remember in 2002 writing a patch for it and sending it to Per. He just binned it. :-P08:46
xckoidk, I never call a specific init manually - maybe someone else knows08:47
xckoSiFuh: that's awesome. sounds like a lot of fun08:48
SiFuhit is, I have rtl dongle for that..08:48
SiFuhI also have a USRP as well but i have to repair it.. Seems to have an electrical fault of some sought.08:49 cool you recommend it?08:50
SiFuhDepends how far you want to go08:51
SiFuhthis alone is pretty good fun if you want to dabble a little. You can do a heck-of-a-lot with just this08:53
SiFuhRTL2832U's are pretty cheap as well.. and there is a lot of software that can be used with it..08:53
SiFuhatpdec-1.7 dump1090 gqrx linrad-04.01 rtl-sdr rtl-sdr-linrad4 multimode08:54
SiFuhjust to name a couple08:54
xckothat is so cool. I'm definitely getting one of these. plus it's cheap! thanks for bringing that up08:57
SiFuhWell, I wouldn't ask you to go out and spend a couple of thousand dollars in one hit on a USRP N210. I08:58
SiFuhI used mine for about a day, and left it connected overnight, only to return to a malfunctioning unit. I was not impressed.08:58
xckoyikes for a grand? I'd be pretty upset08:59
SiFuhit was actually about $3,000  because it has a second board for hacking GSM.08:59
SiFuhI didn't pay for it. The Malaysian government did.09:00
SiFuhIt never got repaired either. So I took it back to Australia with me. I plan on fixing it some time in the near future.09:00
xckowhy did the Malaysian government buy that for you?09:01
SiFuhI worked for them for a while.09:02
xckomilitary pentesting or something? seems like an interesting job09:02
SiFuhsomething like that09:03
SiFuhremove the military from that sentence though09:03
xckogovernment pentesting then. I take it you're pretty skilled09:04
SiFuhxcko: that job is the reason I ended up on Debian for a while. I was always using OpenBSD.09:06
SiFuhYou can even do cool stuff like this
SiFuhHahaha, no way. I was hired because I didn't ask for a super-high salary.09:09
xckodo airplanes broadcast that information all the time or is some of it inferred by the signal source moving?09:11
SiFuhall the time09:12
xckoand it's unencrypted? that's remarkable. I'm also reading this article on dead satalites coming back to life, so much I did not know09:13
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SiFuhSo basically you will tune to 1090MHz on the rtl-sdr and receive the raw data. The software will convert the raw data into something human readable. Then you can forward it to another program and have the planes appear on a map.09:18
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SiFuhso in real time you can watch all flights even unknown flights above you.09:18
SiFuhSatellites are much different. For instance, if you want to access weather, you need to wait for the window of opportunity. When it is almost overhead, you start to receive the signal, you save it as a audio file. After you send the audio file into another program which converts it into an image.09:20
SiFuhYou should also make your own antenna for Satellite reception. So it pays to look into the designs needed for that particular satelite.09:21
xckothis ads-b article mentions ads-b in for sending information to pilots, can the rtl function as a transmitter as well as reciever? or is it too weak for that?09:21
xckonot that I would send info to pilots - just made me curious09:22
onoderahi, does anyone have experience with php here?09:23
xckoI've learned a lot thanks SiFuh. I'm out for the night though, got work in the morning09:24
onoderaI just installed the php port, and it ships with two ini files; php.ini-development and php.ini-production. Am I supposed to copy one to php.ini?09:24
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SiFuheither php.ini-production or make your own09:26
SiFuhThere is plenty of information on php.ini09:26
onoderaSiFuh: yeah just figured that out heheh09:27
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SiFuhhenesy: fml  (f** my life) ?10:59
SiFuhA common phrase used by many unfortunate people. This phrase gained popularity from the epic movie Superbad (fat mexican who hates life). It is a common phrase used by 4 members of the 3rd Floor Whores RB, SC, AB, and FA. It is used when a person is under heavy stress or pressure, or just walked out of a brutal exam/test or just did something really retarded and regrets it.11:25
SiFuhNow I have 4 other acronyms to research...11:25
SiFuhoh they are names for the 4 whores11:26
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SiFuhpedja: 'Designated Survivor' I find it interesting that these people can use any OS like it is normal everyday life. I wonder. Do they have a training course for all the different OS's in military training?12:32
rmullRomster: FYI I think the poppler update may have broken contrib/inkscape13:12
rmullHere's the log:
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jaegerfrinnst: got my return shipping label for the CPU today13:58
frinnstMine was picked up yesterday. dhl was supposed to collect it this past friday but they arrived at 12:45 when we were all out to lunch14:35
frinnst"why is nobody here"14:35
SiFuhBecause, they were waiting for the time you were out14:37
frinnstoh, it actually arrived today14:42
frinnst13 Delivered - Signed for by : WASBERG ROZENBURG14:42
SiFuhhenesy: what does DHL mean ?14:46
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henesySiFuh, Delivered Here Late :)15:26
henesyand yes fml is f*ck my life15:27
SiFuhDelivered Here Late hahaha15:32
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pedjaprice diff between rx550 and rx560 here is ~20-25€.16:07
pedjaVega 64 is ~700-750 € :)16:08
pedjamissing in the shops are rx570 and Vega 56. I wonder why16:09
pedjaI've read recently on local reddit sub that someone bought a shitload of rx480s, and came to ask about this cryptocoin thing, how does that work :)16:12
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henesywhere would one go to report ports that don't build?17:46
jaegeremail the maintainer of the port or submit a bug at
jaegersome maintainers are here as well but the former options are more consistent17:48
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ryu0awhile back i wrote a BASH plugin to enable dumping shell variables to JSON. anyone have a use for it here? i envisioned it being useful for programatically extracting information from Pkgfiles.19:00
ryu0i was trying to dream up some safeties to throw in later.19:01
ryu0main thing i had in mind was using seccomp to limit the system calls that the random shell scripts could use.19:02
just_funNice to see another use of builtin/BASH code, ryu0. Mine looks like a toy, just calls getrusage() the see what was the peak memory.19:21
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ryu0just_fun: i got the idea from talking to Romster. he has some ideas and the ability to extract information is vital to some of them.19:47
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pedjadamn, 'The Mick' is awesome20:44
pedjain a unrelated note, fuck you, Google, for not pushing the vendors for security updates for all, and not just the high-end devices21:09
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frinnstEvent: 'disk space threshold: 818.9% used (-1.7GB free)'22:29
joacimtry cleaning out temp files22:35
frinnstnah, some random ubuntus servers /boot22:42
frinnstfekk it, nothing critical that cant wait until tomorrow22:43
pedja'Ubuntu Server' always looked liked a contradiction in terms to me22:49
pedjaDebian, Centos, openSUSE? OK. But Ubuntu? just sounds...wrong...somehow22:51
pedjaa friend swears by it, so I might be biased with my horrid dist-upgrade experience.22:53
jaeger$job-1 used all ubuntu server, it was fine22:53
jaeger$job uses all centos, pretty much. also fine22:53
pedjajaeger, so I am wrong? good to know :)22:54
jaegerwell, of course it's all preference22:55
jaegerwhat I mean by "it was fine" is that I never had trouble using it or getting it to do what I wanted for work stuff22:55
jaegersmall differences out of the box, sure, but in the end you get the job done22:55
pedjawell, you are good at your job, that involves beating OS into submission, I guess :)22:56
jaegerI didn't ever really feel like I had to beat things22:56
jaegerwanted to beat a coworker now and then...22:57
pedjafirst thing one of mine oldest friends reaches for when dealing with computers is a hammer22:57
joacimi always want to beat up coworkers22:59
joacimtho i work in retail22:59
pedjaso you deal with customers, too?22:59
pedjaany desire to apply LART on them so far?23:00
ryu0frinnst: say what? you can have greater than 100% utilization?23:03
joacimdunno what LART is23:04
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joacimi always dream about throwing people into the trash compactor behind the building23:04
jaegerIf I recall correctly, Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool23:07
jaegerAKA 2x423:07
pedjacorrect :) clue-stick23:07
ryu0glad to see the BOFHs still live.23:09
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