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frinnstpedja: ubuntu server is useful because LTS and newer software versions than debian07:18
frinnstI love ripes ipv6 training materials08:10
frinnstAn efficient IPv6 addressing plan may "waste" a lot of IPv6 addresses. Not a problem! It is more important to aggregate the prefixes and to keep your mental health. There is more than enough IPv6 space available for this reason.08:10
frinnstMake assignments on the 4-bit boundary. It helps to keep your mental health!08:10
pedja4-bit boundary between subnets?08:35
pedja(I barely ipv4. ipv6 is dark magic)08:36
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SiFuhI want to see the movie " Circle of Atonement " and yet there are no shops in this sh17 place that sell it...09:33
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SiFuhI will get it form South Korea... fsck it09:41
frinnstoh cool. you can do whois lookups on objects too. never thought to try09:56
frinnstFR8279-RIPE look ma! im on the internet!09:57
SiFuhsifuh@machupo:/media/sifuh/VirtualBoxVMs/Operating Systems/Linux$ whois frinnst\'s toothbrush10:03
SiFuhNo whois server is known for this kind of object.10:03
SiFuhoh wow10:05
SiFuhfrinnst: is right10:05
SiFuhsifuh@machupo:~$ whois 'using frinsts soap'10:05
SiFuhperson:         Fredrik Rinnestam10:05
SiFuhI'd be careful with your toothbrush man10:06
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tilmanwhat do i do if i opened a phishing mail, but firefox blocked the site that then opened?10:16
tilmannuke ~/.firefox? :o10:17
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tilmannuke my firefox profile?10:17
frinnstwhy nuke anyting if firefox blocked it10:17
frinnstalso why are you opening phishing mails? :D10:17
tilmanbecause i don't know whatever the fuck happened in the background10:17
frinnstwhat url was it?10:17
SiFuhi want the actual link10:18
tilmanthe mail was claiming to be from netflix10:18
frinnstI dont think there is any point in just removing your profile. ~./mozilla contains nothing more than your profile (usually)10:18
tilmanfrinnst: my credit card expires this month, and "netflix" was asking me to update my payment info10:19
SiFuhtilman: give me the fscking link10:19
tilmanalso i'm sick and relying on netflix today :D10:19
tilmanSiFuh: i thought you didn't like using 'fsck' instead of 'fuck'10:19
tilmanSiFuh: hang on10:19
SiFuhtilman: i hate acronymns.. if youread my previous comments fsck was fine10:20
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tilmanfrinnst: my sick brain is stupid... the fact that they did not put my full real name in the greeting should have tipped me off :(10:20
frinnstcurl suggests its just a wordpress 404?10:21
tilmanOR that they were sending mailto the wrong shitty mail address10:21
tilmanfrinnst: wget too. maybe it's checking for additional headers that only  browsers use?10:22
frinnsthonestly I dont think you have anything to worry about10:22
SiFuhtilman: when did you click this link?10:22
tilman10 minutes ago10:22
frinnstbut if you have a recent backup of your ~/.mozilla then sure, replace it with the backup10:22
SiFuhdid firefox come up with red warnings?10:23
tilmanor rather, i made mutt open the text/html part, which started firefox10:23
tilmanyes SiFuh10:23
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SiFuhdid you click ignore?10:23
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tilmanthink i closed the tab, then firefox ;)10:23
SiFuhYou are fine10:23
tilmanin any case, i didnt type in my new credit card info10:23
SiFuhit's an expired site.  If you clicked ignore.. then I'd be curious10:23
tilmanand at that time, netflix had my old info only10:24
SiFuhtilman: how could you, it didn't provide you with a website to update CC infor10:24
tilmanjsut wasnt sure what the general precautions are because this never happened to me before :]10:24
tilmanyes yes10:24
SiFuhYou are fine10:24
tilmanSiFuh: what country are you in, currently?10:25
tilmanif you dont mind the q10:26
SiFuhIf you are curious  just copy the link and use   lynx -dump > thisfckingfile.txt10:26
SiFuhand you can inspect code10:26
SiFuhI am in Hell10:26
SiFuhsome shit fscking place called Australia10:26
tilmandon't you call that home?10:27
joacimthought you were just a few km north of my city10:27
SiFuhhell no10:27
SiFuhmy home is Malaysia/Thailand10:27
joacimHell, Norway10:27
joacimjust north of Trondheim10:27
tilmani was in trondheim two years ago, didn't see Hell. fuck me!10:27
tilmanSiFuh: there's a village in bavaria called "Fucking" ;)10:28
joacimwhat did you do in trondheim?10:28
joacimfucking and hell should be sister towns10:28
SiFuhtilman: there is also one in Germany10:28
tilmanbavaria is a part of germany10:28
tilmanwe're probably thinking of the same place ;)10:29
SiFuhtilman: bavaria also makes really shit beer10:30
tilmani'm not sure if that's really austria10:31
tilmanlooks like it's near the border, but on the german side10:31
SiFuhWhen it comes to beer, I know good beer..10:33
tilmanpff, i was sure it was in germany :(10:33
SiFuhBrok (poland) weihenstephaner (germany)10:33
tilmani'm not much of a beer guy10:34
SiFuhtilman: 5km as the crow flies from Germany... is it a problem?10:34
tilmanno, it's fine10:34
SiFuhSo what was the importance of my current location?10:37
tilmannvm ;p10:38
SiFuhHow about this "I am in the greatest, luckiest, richest and most educated country on the earth. I am proud to not be in the slimy filty cesspool wastelands of other countries"  hahaha10:40
SiFuhSeems that it is the mentality here and everywhere else. They get offended when I tell them that sh17 still stinks :-P10:40
joacim you can actually polish a turd10:42
SiFuhhere we go again10:42
joacimnot sure what you mean by that10:43
SiFuhi remember a conversation a few weeks back about turn polishing10:44
joacimoh yes10:49
joacimwas mostly a joke about polish workers10:49
joacimand i think it was months10:50
SiFuhnah about 3 or less weeks ago10:50
SiFuhremember it, wondering how poo polishing came up10:50
SiFuhPity the Polish didn't polish him Edward Rydz-Smigly10:51
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frinnstThank you for your email. Your replacement part has been shipped through Fedex to our AMD EU warehouse in Netherlands. Once they are in receipt of your shipment, they will redirect it to your final destination. I believe you should receive your replacement processor in next couple of days.13:06
frinnsttaking bets: before or after weekend?13:06
SiFuhI received my life sized blow up porn doll of Howard the duck in only 4 days ;-) it came from USA13:08
SiFuhholy shit, I am laughing too much :-P13:08
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frinnstScheduled delivery:13:15
frinnstThu 9/14/2017 by 6:00 pm13:15
frinnstso thats in the .nl13:15
frinnstno way I'll have it before the weekend13:15
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joacimit will arrive and sit at your local exchange before the weekend13:50
joacimbut you wont get it until monday13:50
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jaegerI've been surprised by AMD's service on the CPU RMA... everything's been a 1-2 business day response time, much better than some previous RMA experiences13:58
SiFuhyeah but they are posting to NL and from NL they will forward to him13:59
SiFuhjoacim: is correct...    will sit at the local exchange over the weekend14:00
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SiFuhI still use IRC17:16
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nullspoonSo, troubleshooting question that is completely off topic. I've got a server, traceroute is 3 hops. First and second hops top out at about 15 ms max. Third hop (the server), maxes out at about 16 seconds.21:39
nullspoonAny suggestions? I've looked at iostat, vmstat, open file descriptors, storage rates (which is abysmal actually).21:40
nullspoonStorage is really slow, but io isn't high. cpu isn't high, file descriptors are well within expected ranges, files aren't fragmented too much, etc. It looks like it's definitely a networking issue, but why would a traceroute take so long on the last hop unless perhaps it was the network stack on the box itself?21:44
jaegerno idea off the top21:45
nullspoondang. Guess I'll just keep on trying. I've got a couple of ideas more. Let's see how a localhost traceroute goes...21:46
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darfonullspoon: check the interface on the last hop for dropped packets, RX or TX errors23:56
darfosounds hardware-ish23:57
darfolike a bad NIC23:57
darfoor a bad cable23:57

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