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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: man-pages: updated to 4.1300:02
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abenzI didn't know the opensource drivers were this good03:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: deluge: [#3079] Fix config parsing for json objects, [#3064|WebUI] Fix server not sending TLS intermediate certs08:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.1.3 -> 1.1.408:20
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SiFuhryu0: why ?16:37
SiFuhmy home is full of these fsckers.. Infact my bedroom has one..16:38
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ryu0SiFuh: they've been expensive for years here.17:28
SiFuhryu0: my brother paid about 6 or 7 AUD17:29
SiFuh$4.80 to $5.60 USD17:30
SiFuhHe bought 'em years ago...  They suck in my opinion. The colour is shit, the spread is minimal, and the clarity is useless when working on small electronics.17:30
SiFuhBut they last a long time, and they cheap on the bill.17:31
joacimi have one  from ikea17:41
joacimworks well enough i think17:42
ryu0Random trivia.17:43
ryu0ASCII's base 10 digits use the lowest 4 bits to hold the base 2 representation of its character digit.17:44
SiFuhryu0: Base 10 (decimal) or base 16 (hexadecimal) ?17:46
SiFuhComputers uses binary system in their internal operations, as they are built from binary digital electronic components. However, writing or reading a long sequence of binary bits is cumbersome and error-prone. Hexadecimal system is used as a compact form or shorthand for binary bits. Each hex digit is equivalent to 4 binary bits, i.e., shorthand for 4 bits.17:47
ryu0SiFuh: the values ASCII reserves for characters 0 to 9 have values in their lowest 4 bits that are equal to the base 2 representation of that digit as an integral.17:48
ryu0{ for( int c = '0' ; c <= '9' ; ++c ) { printf("%d\n", c & 0xf); } }17:49
ryu0SiFuh: i know the difference.17:50
SiFuhme too17:51
SiFuh127 7F 177 &#127; DEL17:51
ryu0ACTION watches #crux get deleted.17:52
SiFuhhow about 0 00 000 NUL17:52
ryu0uh, the null byte used in C to terminate strings.17:53
ryu0value 0 or '\0' or '\x00'17:53
SiFuhok 025 in Octal ?17:53
ryu0NAK. no idea what it's used for.17:54
SiFuhNegative Acknolwedgment17:54
SiFuhI should learn to spell17:54
ryu0ASCII control codes.17:55
joacimSiFuh: http://sourcemage.org17:55
ryu0all values below the space character.17:55
ryu0and the last ASCII value too.17:55
SiFuhYeah, some shit I had to learn when writing the first Thai Keyboard Charsets...17:55
ryu0because it had to be ASCII compatible?17:55
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SiFuhIt basically was ASCII17:56
SiFuhthe characters were bound to certain ASCII numbers17:56
ryu0some charsets extended ASCII by using the upper bits.17:56
SiFuhThen along came UTF817:56
SiFuhI remember hen I wanted to introduce a phoentic system like Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Russian can do  but the Thais wanted to be unique and have their own keyboard layout based on the typewriter17:58
ryu0so you had to map the hardware keys to certain bit patterns as well as writing an OS mapping?17:59
SiFuhSo basically every ASCII key was assigned to some stupid charater and what made it worse was Thai characters have stacking.   Vowels can be above, below, infront, behind or multiples of that around a consonant. Then you had tonal markers, that had to be above them as well.... It was a huge mess18:00
ryu0how many unique characters do you even have?18:00
ryu0English doesn't have that many on its own.18:00
ryu0unicode solved a lot of the missing stuff like math symbols though.18:01
SiFuh44 consonants, 28 vowels  to begin with...18:01
SiFuh4 tones to add18:02
SiFuh15 symbols18:02
ryu0wow. our alphabet only has 26 basics, but has 52 when you conside both cases.18:02
SiFuhthese are the vowels  '-'  is where the consonant is.18:03
SiFuhthese are consonants18:04
ryu0looks related to Greek.18:04
SiFuhdown the bottom of the vowel page is 4 tones18:04
SiFuhmore related to sanskrit18:05
ryu0Some of them look like funny English letters.18:05
ryu0Like W.18:05
SiFuhI can read/write and speak that18:05
SiFuhLaos too  which is similar18:05
SiFuhTook 20 hours to learn to read it...18:08
SiFuhtook 2 years, to understand what I was reading..18:08
SiFuhExample of a person going into a shop.18:09
SiFuhHello, may I help you?  No, just looking.18:09
SiFuhHello, want what?  No have what.18:10
SiFuhExample of someone wanting to buy 2 fish.18:10
SiFuhHello how may I help you? I would like to buy some fish. How many would you like? Just 2 thanks and how much is that? It is 2 Dollars. Thank you, Thank you..18:11
SiFuhHello, want what? Want fish. How many? 2 bodies and how many? 2 dollars. Thank you. Thank you..18:12
SiFuhMany of the Asian ways are quite strange. In Australia when we point to ourselves we point to our chest. In Asia they point to their face. In Australia, pointing to your face is kind of strange, like you are a crazy person. They also speak about themselves by name. Not often saying 'I' but their actual name (In the third person). Which again is considered crazy in most western countries.    "SiFuh, hungry,18:16
SiFuhSiFuh want to eat. Do you have food for SiFuh?"18:16
SiFuhSuper fun ;-)18:17
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vstevewhat do you fine people install to get libGL.a ?21:36
vsteveI have and similar, but no static library21:37
vstevedisregard, I think it's mesa3d21:53
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