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abenzjaeger: ping05:39
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abenz_anyone setup bridge for qemu (using kernel bridge) ?10:04
abenz_that is to allow guest to pull an IP from local LAN just as if it was a real machine (and allow all LAN clients to access guest VM)10:04
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pedjaI use openvswitch for that. overkill, but it works10:32
pedjanot with qemu directly, thou10:33
dbrookeabenz_: this is how I bring up the bridge on the host
dbrookeinstead of /etc/rc.d/net10:34
pedjafrinnst, has your Ryzen arrived yet?10:35
dbrookeI use virsh / KVM for the guest with e.g.
abenz_dbrooke: many thanks, reading your links10:58
abenzpedja: yea I think thats a bit overkill11:01
abenzdbrooke: do you have qemu-all installed? (for the qemu-bridge-helper binary) ?11:02
abenzactually if you can share your qemu startup script that'd be helpful :)11:03
frinnstnot yet. expected today11:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] qpdf: update to 7.0.013:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unbound: update to 1.6.613:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] ruby: update to 2.4.213:25
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: ca-certificates: update to 2017091813:36
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frinnstpedja: NOW!13:43
frinnstua 1733sus13:43
pedjagood luck :)13:44
pedjaweek 33? that's middle of August. pretty fresh13:51
jaegerfrinnst: my CPU just arrived. I've never gotten a package delivery before 0900 in the past, heh13:52
jaegerusually I'm on the end of the route13:52
jaegerabenz: was asleep when you pinged, what's up?13:53
jaegerMy replacement is week 33 as well13:53
pedjajaeger, frinnst and you got the X variants, without the wraith cooler?14:03
pedjaI mean originally14:03
pedjasomeone on r/AMD returned their 1950x, they couldn't wait for issues with GPU pass-through to be resolved14:06
pedjayeah, Intel works OOTB, but where's the fun in that?14:08
jaegeryeah, 1700x here14:08
frinnsthey joacim.. you like old'ish hardware right14:11
frinnst - what would you give me for it?14:12
SiFuhfrinnst: I have aused post-it if you are interested in a trade :-)14:18
SiFuh*a used14:18
SiFuhI have one of these
SiFuhI need to get rid of14:21
pedjaI may have an old Matrox G400 somewhere still. what a beast that was :)14:30
SiFuhI miss Voodoo laptops and the Sparcbooks.. Oh and I really miss Alpha :-(14:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python: update to 2.7.1415:35
jaegertime to see if the new processor segfaults, woo16:25
frinnstsame here16:50
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frinnstgod damn silly motherboard17:43
frinnsthad to reseat my nvme m2. again17:43
frinnstalso lost all grub efi entries17:43
jaegerI had to re-add the grub efi entry but didn't have any nvme issues17:44
frinnstyeah my motherboard is very picky. I returned the first m2 i got.. could not get it to work at all17:45
frinnstthis one works.. as long as I dont move anything17:45
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/ryzen$ ./killryzen.sh17:48
frinnsttaking all bets!17:49
jaegerMine's been running for about an hour and 20 minutes so far, no problems yet (tm)17:50
j_vjue: new qpdf needs new dep: libjpeg-turbo17:51
pedjaI wonder how much more work would AMD customer support department have if more Windows users ran kill-ryzen-win :)18:08
pedjabut with the first step being 'Install Visual Studio', not many will, I guess18:09
frinnstthats sooo bullshit18:35
frinnstevery generation $now get picked on18:35
frinnstmine was the lazy gen iirc18:36
SiFuhpedja reminds me of Google Robot. He can find anything online!18:37
pedjaevery generation is lazy to generation-1 :)18:38
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SiFuhgood thing I ain't a generation18:39
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pedjafrinnst, so you think that your generation was as self-centered and narcissistic at that age as the current one, but social networks make them more visible?18:44
SiFuhWhen I was a kid Davy Crockett was my hero18:47
pedjaolder generations forgot how it is to be young and stupid :)18:49
SiFuhI will watch how Howdy Doody kicks your arse!18:50
pedja'we never did that' yeah, right18:50
SiFuhdid what?18:51
SiFuhI did not like any of the Pirates of Caribbean but this last episode, was appauling.18:52
pedjainteresting project
SiFuhpedja: Engineers Notebook18:54
SiFuhThey are primative but complete with everything... Awesome books18:55
pedjathat model is ~1000$18:58
SiFuhI am not going to buy one19:01
SiFuhit is ok19:01
joacimfrinnst: not sure. already have comparable stuff19:06
juej_v: thanks19:27
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dbrookeabenz: I don't have qemu-all installed, I have to modprobe tun and echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/bridge/bridge-nf-call-iptables and then I use libvirt/virsh to start the guest19:54
jaegerfrinnst: made it through a full round of kill-ryzen so far20:09
frinnstI got bored after 40 minutes and played some titanfall. resuming it now20:12
jaegerI've been letting it go while I work20:13
frinnstI found a wonderful youtube chan. "retromancave"20:13
jaegersounds entertaining20:13
frinnstVAXStation Restoration20:13
jaegerwill check it out20:14
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joacimwas it much effort to rma that stuff?20:43
joacimi should juist do it i guess20:46
joacimbut when i come home from work, i just want ot play video games20:47
joacimnot mess around with the computer20:47
joacimbuild once, use it for years20:47
ryu0more like, "build once, (re-)install windows N times, use for years"20:49
joacimusing the same windows 7 install since their RTM days20:50
joacimi dont remember if this was an upgrade from vista tho20:52
joacimor a reinstall20:52
frinnstjoacim: not really. I had to remove the cpu to get the serial number and obviously being without the cpu for ~10 days20:54
frinnstyou can prepare by doing all that before you contact them. jaeger did and it saved him a few days20:55
frinnstthe will want pictures of your cooling solution and pictures of your bios settings20:56
joacimstill recovering from when i had to file a ticket with ubisoft20:57
frinnstthis wasnt bad at all20:57
joacimafter two weeks, it ended with them telling me to restart the campaign20:57
frinnstfriendly attitude and no bollox20:57
joacimnow a few days ago, i find on the steam community, a post by a developer saying that it is an issue with the game20:57
joacimor rather the drm20:58
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jaegerjoacim: as frinnst says it wasn't too bad. They were friendly and it was an easy process, just a lot of info exchanged21:54
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abenzdbrooke: I figured I will just forward that one port from my guest to host..23:09
abenznot doing bridging..23:10
abenzjaeger: I wanted to ask about bridge with qemu, but now decided to just forward the needed port..23:10

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