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jaegerabenz: ah, ok. I just used qemu-bridge-helper or whatever it was, for reference02:08
jaegerfrinnst: my new CPU started round a couple hours back, the original one never made it through 2 rounds02:12
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abenzhow many rounds till its declared good?02:27
jaegerI'm going to let it finish one more but it's already fine, I think02:27
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abenzyou have the dual socket xeon right?02:36
jaegerNot sure which one you mean in particular but I have 3 systems with dual Xeons in them running a VMware cluster02:36
jaegerand a 2009 mac pro with dual xeons02:36
jaegerwhich is currently running buildplot tests with firefox now that it has a second SSD02:37
abenzI see02:37
abenzXen VMs no good?02:37
jaegerthey're probably fine. I like VMware, though02:38
abenzI'm trying to find the best VM solution for use as a "VM host"02:38
abenznot sure about terminology02:38
abenzVM OS, where it hosts all the VMs02:38
abenzhypervisor micokernel02:38
jaegerwell, you could always try a few options and see what you like best02:39
jaegerVMware's hypervisor (ESXi) is free with limited features, hyper-v comes with windows these days, or use xen or qemu on linux, etc.02:40
abenzI saw some vids of people messing about in a GUI and getting a VM up and running in under a minute02:41
abenzcompared to qemu-img, adjusting scripts for startup and all that02:41
abenzit just seemed way more convenient for a production environment (and easier to manage)02:41
jaegermaybe libvirt/virsh/virt-manager or similar?02:41
abenzI will give ESXi a shot02:43
abenzwell its a box dedicated to VMs02:43
abenzso I guess a hypervisor OS makes more sense?02:43
jaegerWhatever does the job for you makes sense. :) a bare-metal hypervisor might in theory have less overhead than something running on an OS, but it probably doesn't really matter for many home lab workloads02:44
jaegerI use VMware at work also so having a home lab is nice for testing thing before doing them at work... plus I just really enjoy having it around. It's very handy in general02:45
jaegerAll of my crux work like ISOs, docker image, etc. happens on this VMware cluster02:46
jaegerer, looking back now I meant to say my CPU "started round 3"02:47
abenzI see02:47
jaegerso the "never made it through 2 rounds" makes more sense02:47
jaegerfingers have betrayed me!02:47
abenzI will check it out, along with xen (being all open and free)02:47
jaegeryeah, I'd recommend giving them both a shot, see which you prefer02:47
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j_vjue: no problem, thanks for taking care of it03:57
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frinnstjaeger: wow still going, eh?07:18
frinnstI gave it a rest after 3hrs07:18
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pedjaabenz, check out Proxmox as virtualization platform, it's pretty cool13:48
pedjaI'll probably run something like it if I had a dedicated machine13:51
pedjafor my needs/available horsepower, virt-manager and virsh are more than enough13:54
pedjaLXC/KVM combo on Proxmox is pretty neat13:57
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I let it run through 3 full build loops. I had plenty of other stuff to do. :)14:30
jaegerNow it's all reassembled14:30
joacimbought a wifi card for my thinkpad, that i thought was the "authorised" kind14:58
joacimit wasnt...14:58
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jaegercan you flash it to think the wifi card is whitelisted? I remember reading something about that15:29
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ryu0jaeger: depends on the model and how much you trust those unofficial BIOS.15:38
ryu0joacim: what model?15:38
joacimx220. got a 625015:39
jaegerI never tried it when I had my x22015:39
joacimi could just modfify the card tho, or flash the x220 with a modified bios15:40
joacimthe 6250 should be one of the cards supported by the x220 tho. but i guess lenovo flashed their cards with a different id or something15:40
ryu0One possibility:
ryu0joacim: best solution is to replace the BIOS with one that has no whitelist.15:43
joacimthen id be able to use my atheros cards too15:44
ryu0coreboot might work for this model, but i don't know how to get it working.15:44
ryu0i do know you'll probably have to manually flash the BIOS via a programmer.15:44
ryu0since it can't be done the first time from software.15:45
ryu0libreboot makes this easier, but your model isn't supported.15:45
ryu0joacim: if you go for coreboot, you'll find it can do stuff like booting grub as its payload.15:46
joacimwasnt it the x230 that had to be flashed externally?15:46
joacimthought it was possible t o flash from software on the x22015:46
joacimwhen you just want to flash a modified bios that is15:47
ryu0"Vendor firmware locks the flash and so you need to flash externally (unless until someone figures out a way around it)."15:47
joacimthats what coreboot says, yeah15:47
joacimi was talking about something like a modified bios15:47
ryu0You'd want to flash the last official first, since it can upgrade stuff like the eC.15:48
ryu0 ?15:49
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ryu0i did this once for an older HP.15:50
ryu0digital life is the only website i know of that has them.15:50
ryu0but, i in no way guarantee this will work or is even safe.15:50
ryu0at your own risk, blah blah blah.15:50
ryu0if you screw it up, you'll need a hardware flasher to fix it.15:51
joacimguess i can use my rpi for that15:51
ryu0yea. it should work. i think it has SPI.15:51
ryu0you can also give coreboot a try later.15:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mailx: update to 14.9.419:01
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jaegernifty... I can run android-x86 7.1 on my surface 3... can't install it to usb but the live boot works20:06
jaegerkinda cool20:06
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abenzpedja: thanks! I think I found what I'm looking for23:24

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