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Romsterpedja, xfce xarchiver- is 40412:13
Romsterkf5 is 40412:13
Romster=======> Entering directory '/usr/ports/6c37/qupzilla/'.12:14
Romster=======> ERROR: Source file '' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).12:14
Romsterj_v, openjdk6/openjdk-6-src-b41-04_jan_2017.tar.xz 503 Service Unavailable been like that for a while now.12:16
pedjathanks, Romster :)12:30
pedjarespect for EFF
joacimhtml5 is a bit bittersweet like that12:45
joacimlots of sweet stuff that removes the need for flash and java12:45
joacimbut, still has stuff like drm12:46
Romsterand yes i know i got a ton of missing files and have yet to get to flyspray.12:51
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frinnstwindows is awesome13:06
abenznext crux iso built with ryzen CPU? or need more time to test :)13:18
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Romsterwow windows13:29
abenzfor a missing description?13:33
pedjaWindows was always a black box with a few user serviceable parts inside13:41
pedjaI imagine macOS is pretty much the same13:42
pedjaApple made billions providing appliances that kind of look like computers to people, so there is clearly a market for it13:43
pedjatinkerers are a dying breed, imho13:45
pedjapeople don't care how their washing machine works. the same thing is happening to computers.13:50
pedjawhen it breaks, call the wizard to fix it :)13:50
Romsterit's sad13:50
pedjayes, it is13:51
Romsteri like to tinker13:51
Romsterand learn how things work13:51
pedjawe all do, otherwise we wouldn't be here :)13:51
Romsterwell that is true13:51
pedjabut we are a minority13:51
pedjasomeone opposed teaching kids to code with 'teach them to think logically, instead'13:53
Romsterhow does stuff work? pulls apart everything13:54
pedjaputs it back together, with a few spare parts13:54
Romsteryeah uh don't need that part...13:56
pedjaI like to read iFixit teardowns14:03
pedjathe only reason I still haven't tore my HP Mini apart is that I keep forgetting to buy proper tools :)14:05
jaegerI have one  of the ifixit 54-piece kits, it's fantastic14:08
Romstersomeone needs to make a hammer that has istuffedit as it's name14:12
Romsteryeah i got a few ifixit tools14:12
pedjaPro Tech Toolkit?14:16
pedjanice. not too expensive, too.14:21
pedjait's 64bit driver kit now :)14:22
pedjaI wonder if they ship to these neck of the woods14:23
jaegermight be a reseller somewhere nearby14:24
pedjajaeger, you are a genius. they have a EU store14:38
pedjasurprise, surprise. they don't ship to Serbia :)14:40
pedjaif they did, 64 bit set would be around 50€ with VAT and customs14:42
j_vRomster: thanks for heads up. will fix shortly14:46
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j_vRomster: thanks again. just pushed fix.15:02
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nullspoonAppDynamics makes me want to tear my hair out.21:11
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