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JerryMACAnybody on? I'm just looking into installing CRUX. Are there any real advantages to it?00:25
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newbiethe package system is quite neat02:00
jaegersadly he left right after he asked the question02:00
newbieyeah, I was going to write "you can have a look at the project's wiki for documentation" but when tab:ing his nick it didnt exist anymore. :(02:01
abenzdo you gents reckon this is related to newer generations "ADHD"02:14
jaegernot necessarily. People have always been lacking in patience, I suspect... everything's just more visible now02:14
abenzvery rarely do I see people reading books02:15
abenzactual books, not materials like harry potter and co02:15
abenztbh its been a while since I read one02:17
abenzI blame google02:17
abenzin other news:
jaegerI still read a lot... technical books, fantasy, sci-fi, some non-fiction02:27
jaegersome of them are even physical books :P02:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: chatty: 0.8.6 -> 0.8.702:56
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slackjeffI'm Slackware user for 8 years and I want to know new paths!04:41
slackjeffWhat are the peculiarities of Crux?04:41
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abenzslackjeff: its makes you a real power user!05:08
abenzand it rewards patience! as you will see if you stick around for a while and see the nice replies here!05:08
slackjeffI liked the philosophy he follows! simplicity and I have the total control on the system as well as slackware!05:10
abenzyou need to do a few things manually, but once you set up your system the way you like it you will appreciate the flexibility05:46
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j_vjue: hpcups depends on libjpeg-turbo08:42
j_valso, though not necessarily a problem, the homepage for hplip redirects to
j_vrewrite of previous sed: s/\(homepage for \)hplip/\1hpcups/08:51
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juej_v: fixed, thanks for the report09:11
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Romsterok i pushed to compat-32 no cruxbot09:40
frinnstACTION slaps teK__ 09:47
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crash_friday slaping? :P12:47
rmullACTION slaps crash_ 13:08
frinnsthappy slapping13:15
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slackjeffhave in ports XFCE?15:03
jaegerI believe the xfce maintainer has been MIA for a while, though I think others might be maintaining some ports as well. Not sure15:05
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jaegerIf you hang around for a while, perhaps someone else will know15:06
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slackjeffjaeger, thks15:39
j_vjue: no problem, thanks for fixing15:41
slackjeffa beast question!16:02
slackjeffHow many packages are in the repository?16:02
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SitriThat's not a hugely useful question IMO16:12
SitriSince comparatively Debian and Redhat based distros are guaranteed to have more, since every single package is split into 5-20 subpackages there.16:13
SitriEven Arch will split things that CRUX doesn't16:14
slackjeffSorry, I'm new to crux!16:42
slackjeffanother doubt, if it is to uninstall a package the dependencies of it stays, correct?16:42
slackjeffwill I have to manually remove one by one?16:42
slackjefffrinnst, thks16:42
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 384.9017:16
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 384.9017:16
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SitriMost package managers don't autoprune orphans.17:39
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j_vautoprune would be complicated and tricky, and prone to ugly bugs17:55
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joacimyum does that when i uninstall groups19:18
joacimmaybe im just doing it wrong, but it is very annoying when things that mate or xfce depends on gets removed when i remove the gnome group19:19
SitriAuto-prune might work if you kept a refcount of how many things depend on something.19:21
SitriWould avoid the above issue19:22
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joacimi think gentoo did an ok job with that kind of stuff19:23
joacimbeen a while since i've used gentoo, so i dont remember how emerge and portage managed orphans19:25
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jaegerpart of the pkgutils stuff I've messed with is keeping track of which packages were explicitly requested or installed as dependencies, as well as dependency ref counts20:22
jaegerhaven't put a lot of work/time into it yet, though20:25
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joacimhmm new agesa update22:32
joacimand it is out for my board22:32
joacimofc the changelog sucks22:34
frinnstyou have prime x370-pro right, same as me?22:38
frinnstare you RMA:ing?22:40
joacimif i get the crashes after this update22:40
joacimi guess ill have to make sure they're actual segfaults too22:40
frinnstyeah if you get random lockups and other crap you have some other issue22:47
joacimim running my memory at a slightly lower speed now, and i havent seen any random lockups since then22:47
joacimtho i also updated the uefi at the same time22:48
pedjamaybe you are lucky and your CPU is made after the dreaded Week 25 :)23:04
joacimit isnt =)23:06
joacimone of the first batches23:06
pedjareally? you ran the  kill-ryzen script to test it?23:07
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joacimfailed pretty early23:11
joacimi havent checked the serial yet, but the inventory sticker from the store says march23:11
pedjawhy aren't you RMAing it, then? looks like its pretty painless23:12
joacimi dont feel like doing much othe rhtan playing video games when i come home23:12
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pedjaso that machine isn't running Crux, so no compiling on it?23:14
joacimit was the plan to run crux23:15
joacimit is installed on the ssd, but i'm not doing much with it23:16
pedjahm. since 2 consolekit versions segfault, and backtraces are almost identical, the logic suggests that the issue is somewhere else.23:16
pedjaaddr2line decodes that they segfault at g_free line, which is a glib thing, I think, but that isn't much help23:19
joacimmy lga775 system used to crash every night at 030023:22
joacimbugs like that is fun =)23:22
joacimturned out it was bad ram that was triggered by ntpdate23:22
pedjayeah, like my 'DNS stops working every two weeks' problem :)23:23
pedjaas it turns out, when the logs fill up the root fs, almost no application can resolve23:24
pedjawhy is that is a mystery to me23:24
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pauloxneed help!23:26
pedjaI did learn that verbose switch passed as an argument to daemon overrides log level set in the conf file23:26
joacimnever had log files that big before23:26
pedjathey are not that big, root fs is rather small23:27
joacimmy /var/log i 5.1 MB right now23:27
jaegerpaulox: ask your question and hang around, someone will answer if they can23:27
joacimpaulox: with what?23:27
paulox I am an intermediate user, I use linux for 7 years! I already tried installing Crux following the handbook 6 times and always the kernel panic. I've been trying to install it since 3pm!23:27
jaegerunable to mount root vfs?23:27
pauloxYes Yes! everything works out!23:28
paulox I'm a gentoo user!23:28
joacim17 MB on the never reinstalled server. been running that since 2.4 or 2.523:28
paulox But I tried every way and it's not working.23:28
jaeger99% of the time that message indicates that you're missing one of 2 things in your kernel config: either your drive's controller or the filesystem you're using23:28
jaegeror, I suppose, that the wrong partition is selected during boot :)23:29
joacimmake sure theyre built into your kernel, and not as a module (M)23:29
pauloxand in / boot is right vmlinuz and System.map23:31
jaegercan you pastebin your kernel configuration file and output of 'lspci'?23:31
pauloxlogin in chroot23:32
paulox ah one thing, it's being installed directly on my hd!23:32
pauloxdoes AMD ASROCK card support?23:33
jaegersorry, I don't know what that means23:37
pauloxjaegar,  in every installation I have not modified the kernel! I left it by default! or be full! Will it be that if I change all the modules and leave everything enabled by default it will work?23:41
joacimyou should look through the device driver and filesystem sections and enable the parts most relevant to your system23:44
jaegermany controllers and filesystems are enabled in the default kernel but you should check that yours are23:44
joacimi think many are enabled only as an optional module too23:45
joacimi think ext4 is23:45
paulox Good, I'll try, if I can not today, tomorrow or Sunday will work!23:46
jaegerif you still can't get it working, share your 'lspci' output23:48
jaegeroh, wow, I haven't seen those in a long time23:49
jaegerCONFIG_SATA_NV should handle the MCP61 nforce stuff23:50
jaegercan you also paste 'fdisk -l' output?23:50
jaegerok. Just wanted to make sure you didn't have swap on sda123:52
jaegeroh, question - does your BIOS have a switch to toggle between IDE or SATA/AHCI mode for disks?23:53
jaegeranother thing that's useful: 'lspci -k' will tell you which kernel driver the device uses23:53
jaegerso you can look for "in use: whatever" under those IDE/SATA devices in the 'lspci -k' output23:54
paulox just do not understand, even leaving me default kernel panic.23:55
paulox I did not understand why23:55
jaegerWhat does 'lspci -k' say about the IDE/SATA devices?23:57

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