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jaegerok. Well, CONFIG_SATA_NV and CONFIG_PATA_AMD are both in the default config, so I don't know what to tell you00:00
jaegerfor reference, you can boot your installed system with the installation media using root=/dev/sda1 on the boot command line to skip reinstalling or chrooting00:02
paulox Good, I'll do the following. I will print the handbook here to go through the step by step again00:05
paulox I want crux! laughs00:06
paulox do not stop until you install00:06
pauloxuntil install*00:06
jaegerok, good luck :)00:07
paulox doubt!00:08
paulox in kernel compilation I always use arch / x86_64 / ~~~00:08
pauloxhowever in the handbook it asks to be: arch / x8600:08
jaegerthey are the same now00:08
jaegerdon't worry about that one00:09
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JoHNybeGOd when compiling the kernel in crux in the installation can I use (make localmodconfig) to be according to my machine?01:44
jaegergive it a try. it's not crux-specific01:49
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PauloX Look me here back.03:18
PauloX since that time, I tried 4 more times and always the kernel panic03:19
PauloX the error that appears in the kernel panic is: append a correct "root =" boot option, kernel panic03:19
emmett1PauloX, are u using lilo?03:20
emmett1why dont u try using grub03:23
emmett1maybe it will works03:23
PauloX I've never used grub! : X03:27
jaegertry changing your 'root=/dev/sda1' line in lilo.conf to 'append="root=/dev/sda1"'03:27
PauloX I do not know to configure03:27
PauloXjaegar,  Yes! I made it!03:27
emmett1PauloX, ok, i never use lilo :)03:28
PauloX I think it's a problem to support my machine maybe03:28
PauloX I'm disappointed in myself!03:29
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abenzPauloX: I use lilo03:38
PauloXpast your lilo.conf?03:39
PauloXfor i look03:39
abenzcan u paste it somewhere?03:39
abenzok wait03:39
abenzremember after modifying lilo.conf, you need to run "lilo" as root03:41
abenzI have some settings there for my virtualization03:42
abenzdont mind that03:42
abenzjust modify boot and root03:42
abenzand run lilo after saving the file03:42
abenzyes that should boot03:44
abenzdont forget to run lilo (you will see something like: Added CRUX)03:44
PauloX yes ... but this is the setting I always left! since 3 o'clock in the afternoon trying to install03:46
abenzwhen you run lilo do you see any error msgs?03:47
jaeger <-- an example from a VM I have around that uses lilo03:47
abenzdid you skip any steps (in handbook) when installing ?03:47
jaegernote the append=root vs root=03:47
jaegerNot sure it's required at all but this does boot03:48
abenzmine doesn't have root under append, and it boots03:48
abenzPauloX: try it as jaeger said03:48
jaegerok. Wasn't sure, I only use lilo now and then and don't keep up with its changes03:48
PauloXabenz: ok03:52
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SiFuhMy UPS was destroyed in a storm.. :(04:27
ryu0ACTION arranges a funeral for SiFuh's UPS.04:44
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abenzSiFuh: lighening?04:55
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joacimignore that10:30
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frinnst2will do10:46
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pedjais 'type your root password in the wrong window' Day already?10:58
frinnstI think it was yesterday actually11:02
pedjathat is...awesome11:02
pedjafrinnst, how many times did developers send you their public and their private ssh key :) ?11:03
frinnstjust the once11:04
frinnstbut its a 50% hitrate11:04
pedjathis might be interesting to you
joacimI don't use that password11:07
pedjanot any more :)11:07
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joacimfrinnst: would be really nice if firmware updates didnt reset my settings11:32
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joacimat least let me keep innocent settings like fan curves and suhc11:32
frinnstheh yeah its annoying12:01
frinnstthose fucking blinking leds are reenabled eveery time12:01
joacimoh. i forgot that again12:01
joacimi always forget those12:02
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frinnsthah cool. thepiratebay are running a bc miner in javascript on visitors browsers12:52
pedjathey are still around?12:55
pedjasciencehub is their level of thorn in the side of the publishing industry12:58
pedjathe court decided that they have to pay a couple of million $ in damages to elsevier and others. admins response? 'bite me'13:01
pedjaits insanity. papers and research funded by the public is behind the paywall, because fuck you public good, that's why.13:03
frinnstoh yeah. they are alive and well13:06
pedjahow do Swedes feel about it? proud or don't care?13:09
frinnstdont care13:11
pedjahow widespread is piracy in .se, anyway?13:11
pedjafat net pipes and all13:12
frinnstI dont think its that common these days. everyone uses spotify and we have hbo nordic, netflix, viaplay and other streaming services13:12
pedjaeveryone and their dog opened a Netflix acc when it started here.13:13
frinnstme too, but they are useless13:15
pedjafew series people hoped to watch on netflix are not in the catalogue, because local tv station bought the rights for it. people were pissed :)13:19
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pedjamost of them switched to kodi box after the trial period on nextlfix ended13:20
pedjakodi or retroPi are the most common use case for rPi here, afaict13:24
pedjaspeaking of retro, I am in the mood for some Rocks'n'Diamonds13:28
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pekka10so, how many packages depend on dbus in the CRUX ecosystem?14:32
pekka10I just unistalled dbus in an unnamed distro, and I wasnt able to open mousepad..14:33
just_funprt-get dependent dbus --all | wc -l14:34
just_funmousepad is one of them14:35
pekka10Im still learning new 1-liners tied to prt-get..14:46
pekka10prt-get dependent --all --recursive dbus | wc -l   give me 6414:48
just_funthat number will depend on how many ports you have (besides the ones from core, opt, xorg and compat)14:49
just_funI get 902 with --recursive14:49
just_funAnd there is dbus-32 too14:50
just_funBut, you may not be interested in --all14:51
pekka10dbus-32 gave me only 1 app14:51
just_funI have 714:51
just_funsteam, skype, firestorm, ...14:52
pekka10well, to compare with an "unnamed distro" when I tried to unistall dbus, it insisted on ripping off 138 packages, and freeing up 1838MB of space..14:53
pekka10and this is a non-systemd distro14:54
just_fun"prt-get dependent dbus --recursive | wc -l" shows 11 here15:01
pekka10what happened? without the --all you get only installed apps?15:03
just_funI mean, I guess ...15:04
pekka10I just dont understand why an app like mousepad need dbus..15:04
pekka10try with polkit, see how many apps you get15:05
joacimi guess mousepad depends on something that depends on dbus15:05
joacimor dbus was picked up as a dependency during configure15:06
pekka10dependicy hell15:06
pekka10prt-get dependent  --all --recursive polkit15:06
pekka10give me 2 applications15:06
pekka10consolekit and networkmanager15:07
just_funI see the pedja's mousepad port has --disable-dbus15:08
just_funWhile baguette's mousepad has dbus in "Depends on"15:09
pekka10then, try open mousepad without dbus installed..15:09
just_funI don't have mousepad installed15:10
frinnstwtf is mousepad?15:11
pekka10its the XCFE version of Leafpad15:11
frinnstwhat a silly name :-)15:12
pedjadbus is 'strongly suggested' for mousepad :)15:12
pekka10I think both "leaf" and "mouse" play on the methaphor of bein "small"15:12
just_funprt-get dependent --tree --recursive dbus15:14
pedjaonce the kdbus gets merged, dbus is muerte (hopes the freedesktop crew)15:16
pekka10well, I just set up my SSD, leaving space for CRUX and FreeBSD..15:17
pedjasmart OS choices :)15:18
pekka10I've been using Slackware until now15:18
pekka10but Slack has poor support for ARM..15:18
pekka10I guess I have to tite in the bitter apple15:19
pekka10dbus here I come15:19
pekka10I see even LO need dbus15:20
just_funLO is a "binary" port15:20
pekka10I see its dependent upon dbus-glib15:21
pedjauntil someone donates a few Thredripper build machines to the project :)15:21
pekka10so you can build your own binary?15:22
pekka10home grown binary15:22
just_funThe official LibreOffice port unpack a rpm from what I remember15:23
pekka10What about Chromium? Is it a repack too?15:23
just_funyou may found both types for Chromium15:23
pekka10II find only the browser and the pepperflash15:26
pekka10well, the decision is made, and it seems like dbus is here to stay15:30
pekka10I see CRUX has avoided policykit which usually is bundled with dbus15:30
pedjait's there if you need it15:39
pekka10well, it may make sense in a multiseat corp environment15:40
pedjaI run Xfce with it15:40
pekka10but on my desktop, well, just overkill15:40
pedjait will be mandatory for Xfce-2.14, whenever that comes out15:42
pekka10so then we all prepare, start reading up on perl and XML15:48
pedjapekka10, perl and XML?15:52
pekka10polkit use them both15:52
pedjamuch worse than that, it uses javascript :)15:55
pekka10ok, then they changed language15:55
pekka10last I had a look, whe it was called PolicyKit, it did use perl15:55
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SiFuhabenz_: yes   lightening killed it and one of the batteries. I have an old APC650 which has no battery. I am testing it now, seems to be working now with one of the batteries from the other UPS (Cyber Power 2200)17:16
SiFuhI did enjoy the faithfulness of the Cyber Power 2200 and it protected my gear from the storm..17:17
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chinarulezzzteK__, current wireshark port need update. 2.2.9 is current old stable release. Maybe we should update to 2.4.1 (current stable release).21:57
chinarulezzz2.2.7 (in ports) have multiple CVE's.21:57
chinarulezzzSorry, I can't login into bug tracker and create the ticket. I forgot my password :-D and system doesn't sent me a links to change my password.22:00
just_funI'm wondering if the bug tracker has bugs (CVE or not) to make it send passwords :))22:08
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