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jaegerpedja: coincidentally I just updated my pulseaudio to 11.1 :)00:16
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SiFuhpedja:  8c/64Gb of RAM :-)03:42
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frinnstsounds so wrong06:57
SiFuhfrinnst: yeah I thought that too07:06
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SiFuhCyberPower 2200v Schematic would be quite good, so I can find out what components were originally on the board before the storm hit.08:54
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SiFuhHaha, I got the CyberPower Back-UPS 2200 working ;-) See if she survives the next storm..09:23
joacimdont be silly. UPS' don't have genders09:24
SiFuhneither do mountains, buildings, vessels, or vehicles09:36
SiFuhyet we give them genders09:36
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Romsterso what blew up SiFuh ?09:52
SiFuha single ceramic capicitor it even ripped up the copper tracks it was connected to09:53
SiFuhIt appears to be part of a circuit that is not in use. So I am wondering, if it was a surge or something else that.09:57
SiFuhmaybe an animal or mildew ?09:58
Romsterno idea10:02
Romsterprobably a power surge hit those tracks10:03
Romsterthey can only handle a certain current10:03
SiFuhIt looks like this board can support 2 sets of paired batteries.10:05
SiFuhI will buy a new a second new battery tomorrow or Wednesday.   I only bought one just incase I couldn't get the CyberPower running. Then I will just get the APC UPS 650 up instead.10:06
Romstermmm mine just takes 2 x 12 volt 9 amp hour in series10:07
Romsteri wondered what would happen if i added extra sets of batteries to it. it would skew the run time though and might over heat.10:07
SiFuhThat is interesting because mine has 2 x 12v  but it doesn't say the amps..10:07
Romsterthey work out the duty cycle for the length of the batteries capacity10:08
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SiFuhRomster: Done it before on the APC. It just doesn't bother charging the batteeries.10:08
Romsteroh origional batteries are like 7 amp an hour but you can get them upto 9 amp an hour now.10:08
Romsterin the same form factor.10:08
Romstersomething about better plates for more surface area/capacity10:09
SiFuhHR9-12 (12V,36WPC/15min/1.30VPC/25c)10:09
Romsteryeah that's it10:10
SiFuhCool 9ah10:10
SiFuh$45 from Jaycar10:10
Romstermake sure they are AGM and not gell cells10:11
SiFuhRomster: is yours rackmount or standalone?10:11
Romsterstand alone10:11
SiFuhI bought this one
Romsterjust be sure they have the wide terminals. as the narrow ones are gell cells for security systems and wont handle the heavy currents of a UPS10:15
Romsteri thought about jsut getting some whopping huge 12 volt batteries like 100 amp an hour.10:16
Romsterand then i have plenty of time to get to the generator than to rush out there.10:17
SiFuhHaha yeah I pasted a link yesterday10:17
Romsteri saw that10:19
SiFuhI don't have a server anymore. So my UPS's only power notebooks, LCD screens and a router.10:20
Romstergot my cdsl 2 switches 2 machines out there on 2 different ups's and my main ups on my desktop10:21
SiFuhAfter I get a new battery, I may power only the router on the APC 650 ;-)10:21
Romsterthe only thing i hate is the scare i get when i get a brownout and thud hummmmm, beep beep beep makes me jump everytime.10:21
SiFuhHahaha I removed the speaker10:21
Romsterthat would last a week or something lol.10:22
Romsteryou can turn it off in software10:22
SiFuhYes, but if completely flat you lose those settings10:22
Romsteractually there is a linux version of the cyberpower software i never bothered to package that. i probbly should10:22
SiFuhon a CyberPower you just hold the display button until a speaker icon with a cross turns up..10:23
SiFuhbut I was tired of having to do that after every blackout  (here big problem with dirty power)   So I just desoldered the speaker from the board.. Problem solved10:24
SiFuhAPC was better. I can disable the beep with software and it stays off  even after batteries flat10:24
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Romsterlol i didn't even think to tread the manual for that10:24
Romstercyberpower isn't a APC but they are sure cheap for the power rating you get10:25
SiFuhRomster: I found it by accident, I was trying to reset the machine and see if it goes into a test phase.. I always press different combinations to see what will happen.10:25
SiFuhRomster: APC supply schematics ;-)  Cyberpower doesn't :'(10:26
SiFuhBut for the price and the power   Cyberpower are pretty cool. Even like the LCD screen that shows input and output power..  My APC doesn't10:27
Romsteryeah i am happy enough with mine but i was alarmed when it was super hot trying to charge batteries that would not get to the float voltage and the cyberpwer never beeped at me to tell me a fault or anything.10:28
SiFuh I may put one of these into my APC10:28
Romsterbatteries only lasted 3-4 years from new10:28
SiFuhlet me check10:29
Romstercustom programed PIC10:29
Romsterthere is dedicated volt meters out there.10:29
Romsteri do have a programmer but you'd need the source to load into that PIC for that schematic.10:30
SiFuhIt was example.  I would like something with Input/Output Volt/Amp and Battery Volt/Amp10:30
SiFuhI have a PIC prorgammer I made a few years back10:31
Romsterthat would require a shunt for current measurement10:31
SiFuhRomster: could always take the Cheaper option10:32
Romsteri had an idea to get a heap of 16650 li-ion cells and et rid of the dc-dc stage and just use the dc-ac inverter for a self built unit. but the balance circuit for that many series connected batteries10:33
Romsterlol long url is long10:33
Romsteri know they exist10:33
Romsterwork on dc?10:33
SiFuhI wanted it for the AC side10:34
SiFuhDoubt it will work with DC10:34
Romsteryeah i was talking about DC, ac transformers for current are so easy, call effect sensors for DC are a thing but magnetism makes them less accurate.10:35
Romsteri've used some really big shuts that drop 75 millivolts per a 100 amps for some solar battery storage.10:36
SiFuhDC just one of those volt meters is fine10:36
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SiFuhIt is a shame that CyberPower don't have a seperate board that does it all for the LCD  then I could just connect it to the APC.10:37
Romsterbut they do that so you can't use it for something else10:45
SiFuhYeah, when I was taking it apart I saw a label that says "Qualified Service technician only. No user serviceable parts inside"  I laughed...10:46
SiFuhSorry that was the APC10:47
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Romsteri never listen to them stickers10:50
Romsterbut then we are smart and have soldering irons and years of experience.10:51
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SiFuhI read them all. You never if those Chinese will plant a suprise inside...10:53
Romsterwell i fixed one apc by a single electrolytic capacitor and a new battery10:54
Romsterit was user serviceable by me.10:54
SiFuhhaha, Yeah, I did 2 UPS in one day. ;-) Resurrected the APC from 5 years ago10:55
Romsterelectrolytic capacitors and bad soldering are the two biggest issues in circuits.10:55
SiFuhCyberPower new Battery 5 years old.. Battery 2 is still working, it is in the APC now.10:55
SiFuhYeah, and 3 is the fuse10:56
Romsteri use the old batteries on led lighting strips as a backup light if the power goes out. plus they are softer than a big light.10:56
Romsteroh yes fuses stress out. i had a plasma tv i fixed with new capactors no surprise there.10:57
Romsterbut then i measured all the fuses in the thing all were ok...10:57
Romsterturn it on trace what voltage rails i can, something is missing turn it off check all fuses again all ok....10:57
SiFuhHah, you are a genius, you gave me an idea10:58
Romsterafter the 3rd go the fuse finally decided to stay open then i found it. it kept going open when under load.10:58
Romsterit was small round 1 amp ceramic type fuse. soldered onthe board. and there were like 10 of those.10:59
SiFuhFisher and Paykel also. Had an SD4 Motor Control Board kick the bucket, Found a series of tiny circular components on the board. F written underneath. All fuses..11:05
SiFuhHere is an acronymn for all of you. FUSE "fscking useless sh17 equipment"11:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-streamlink: 0.7.0 -> 0.8.111:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-pycryptodome: 3.4.6 -> 3.4.711:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: update to
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: monit: update to 5.24.012:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] python3-streamlink: added missing dependencies python3-websocket-client and python3-pysocks12:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] python3-websocket-client: initial import for python3-streamlink12:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] python3-pysocks: initial import for python3-streamlink12:57
RomsterSiFuh, yeah those are fuses...13:12
Romsteroh cruxbot is alive again13:13
frinnstyeah its odd13:18
frinnstthe timeline updates a bit randomly too13:19
SiFuhmaybe cruxbot has trouble keeping up with bills13:20
SiFuh...or just finished watch the Legion series :-P13:23
Romsteryou watch... "i just updated my system and streamlink now does not work..." :P13:31
jaegerI just updated my sys...13:34
jaegerACTION ducks13:34
SiFuh /var 100% full hmm13:39
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pedjacan someone using the latest nvidia binary driver confirm if dev/nvidia-uvm is created?14:05
SiFuhfor CRUX? or any distro?14:06
SiFuhI compiled mine by source on slackware and it was created14:07
pedjaon Crux14:07
joacimpkginfo: could not open /var/lib/pkg/db: Permission denied14:10
joacimwhat is it that decides file permissions for that file?14:10
joacimcant read it as a non-root user on this system, but i can on others14:11
pedjait has 0444 permissions here14:12
joacimdo you have a umask line in your /etc/profile?14:13
pedja022, the default14:13
joacimshould be 077 for my own user, but i dont know why root inherits that14:20
joacimok figured it out. my shell doesnt respect /etc/profile.14:25
SiFuhA disrespecting shell! Who would have fingured.14:26
frinnstonly bash reads profile14:26
joacimyeah. a lot of other shells too, like dash14:26
frinnstdidnt know that :-)14:27
joacimseems like it, when considering the messed up $PS114:27
joacimmksh respects ~/.profile and /etc/profile too14:35
pedja :)15:11
SiFuhThat URL is pretty funny15:15
darfoI just saw that ware on HN but didn't read the article. Now I can't unsee their logo when I see jaeger on here :)15:27
SiFuhdarfo: it's just a head without a body and some footprints. Muahaha15:33
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darfoSiFuh: but those teeth and that expression!16:11
SiFuhBetter he use a mutant honey badger?16:13
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SiFuhAsk The Leyland Brothers17:43
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jaegerI think it's meant to be the gopher from go18:03
jaegerexcept angry18:03
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john_cephalopodaRomster: contrib/inkscape doesn't seem to get along with the new version of poppler20:39
SitriHas poppler fixed that bug where it takes a year and a day to render a page?21:12
Sitri(protip: mupdf is much, much faster)21:14
john_cephalopodaI am actually using mupdf to view pdf files.21:16
john_cephalopodaHmm, maybe inkscape can compile without poppler. Got to check the flags.21:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wireshark: 2.2.7 -> 2.4.121:43
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Romsteri thought poppler got reverted22:20
abenzSitri: I use firefox for pdf viewing22:23
abenzI dont see the need for a viewer any longer (unless you have no browser)22:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: inkscape: patch for popper version 0.5822:47
frinnstfirefox's pdf-viewer is pretty shit23:03
frinnstbut true, does its job good enough for most people23:03
SitriI use it only because I can't get zathura working again :/23:19
SitriFirefox's PDF viewer that is23:19
frinnstmupdf or qpdfview ftw23:29
SitriOf course qt has a built-in pdf renderer23:38
john_cephalopodaabenz: Opening firefox while writing something in TeX only leads to distraction.23:44
john_cephalopodaPrinting pdfs also doesn't go well with firefox, it usually breaks completely. Downloading and using lpr works though.23:46
abenzjohn_cephalopoda: haha, good point23:50
john_cephalopodaReminds me, I don't think I have seen some good TeX editor with built-in rendering yet.23:51
john_cephalopodaI used gummi once, back when I used arch, but I never got it to run on CRUX.23:52
john_cephalopodaThen there's something called "TeXStudio" or "LaTeXStudio" or similar. I only got that as binary package, iirc packaging it was not viable.23:53
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