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brian|lfshow do I block packages from trying to update I forget01:06
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brian|lfsWorkster, drawing a blank how do I block packages from updating01:19
Worksterprt-get lock <packagename>01:19
Worksterprt-get help01:19
brian|lfsah I looked under help didn't see it01:20
brian|lfsits a blind thing01:20
Worksteryou had a mans look01:26
Worksterso what are you locking?01:27
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brian|lfsjust virtualbox02:35
brian|lfsthe one on the repos isn't current and odn't seem to compile with kernel 4.12x02:36
brian|lfsI'm getting a hard on looking at the new I9s that were announced today02:36
abenzthe ones with the colgate for TIM? lols03:21
abenzsorry I couldn't help it03:21
brian|lfs38 threads that would help with compiling03:22
brian|lfscompile Chromium in like 10 minutes03:23
abenzbut for 2k you can get an entire threadripper build.. with more PCIE lanes, properly soldered CPU03:24
abenzif intel was priced eg 1300 it would be worth considering03:25
abenzbut double? sorry thats insane03:25
jaegerbrian|lfs: you'd see diminishing returns way before 38 threads, though, sadly03:54
jaeger <-- something similar to that03:54
jaegerMaybe I should run those tests with chromium03:55
brian|lfs2k for a chip is insane I agree03:57
brian|lfsjust happened to notice the new i9s came out03:57
jaegerIf any of you do buy a threadripper or i9 system, please run the buildplots stuff for me and report the numbers, I'll add them to the graphs :P04:02
abenz2k by itself is insane indeed04:03
abenznow add to it, NO ECC support, literally two PCBs glued on top of each other (see pic), and colgate toothpaste for TIM. This is not insane, its daylight theft04:04
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nwejaeger: which program did you use to make this graph ?05:16
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SiFuhModified the APC UPS and put a digital voltmeter and switch on the side.07:55
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Romsteri'm back with all the minor annoyances getting my servers back up08:36
Romster8 hour power outarip goes my 90 day uptime08:37
frinnsthigh uptime just means an unpatched server :-)08:37
Romsteryeah i know08:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpg123: update to 1.25.709:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sshfs-fuse: update to 3.3.009:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] fuse3: update to 3.2.009:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sshfs-fuse: add missing man-page10:15
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abenzpython3 footprint mismatch11:17
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jaegernwe: gnuplot11:57
nweah thank for info :)12:03
jaegerwelcome. It's just styled a bit better than the defaults12:07
pedjanew Star Trek is visually glorious. and that's about it.12:11
pedjaI very much prefer Orville :)12:12
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crash_orville, should tone down the bad jokes though12:15
SiFuhHmm, I see12:18
SiFuhThis is a Star Trek movie..12:20
pedja"There's little justification for the price tag. Buy a Threadripper 1950X instead." --Ars isn't impressed with i9-7960x12:21
SiFuhsorry it is a series..12:22
pedja'one of the recommended rigs for professional streamers'13:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.13.116:24
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e11eveni know it's not related to crux but if anyone using Slackware from experience is it good to use current for daily use or better stable18:04
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tsaopit is good if you install all of the sets18:41
tsaopwhen I tried -current, I found no problems18:41
tsaopno stability issues18:41
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john_cephalopodaHeh, back when I used ardour a log, I used the git version, since it was WAY more stable than the "stable release" one :D19:29
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onoderaI'm going to try porting this and musl to crux21:36
onoderaas a glibc replacement21:36
ryu0As a separate port? I don't expect they'd want to replace glibc in mainline.21:37
onoderano as an actual replacement port21:38
ryu0and the main reason to keep glibc is binary blob packages.21:38
onoderafor the adventurous21:38
onoderanot as official replacement of course21:38
onoderajust for people who feel like recompiling their entire system, lol21:39
ryu0i imagine it could work onodera, but i'd only consider it viable for servers.21:39
ryu0i rely on too much proprietary software locally.21:40
onoderayeah that's where comes into play21:40
pedjawhy don't you make a separate Crux fork, musl/libressl?21:40
onoderaanyways the only proprietary softwate I use myself is nvidia21:40
ryu0i use sublime text.21:40
ryu0i paid for it like 2 years ago.21:40
onoderapedja: ehh that would be too much maintenance21:40
ryu0onodera: i might give it a spin later. lol21:42
pedjadon't you have to patch most software to build with musl, anyway?21:42
ryu0it'd be december probably.21:42
ryu0yea, last i checked.21:42
onoderapedja: oh shit totally forgot about that21:42
onoderaok glibc it is :/21:42
ryu0not all software.21:42
ryu0but in general, yea.21:43
onoderatoo much software to maintain myself probably21:43
ryu0also need special kernel headers.21:43
pedjaif you want musl, alpine :)21:43
ryu0alpine... i considered using it but they make it hard to install dev packaging. :/21:43
onoderaalpine is quite nice21:44
onoderaor void linux ofc21:44
onoderaor sabotage if you're really into minimalism21:44
pedjanever tried that one21:44
onoderapedja: binary distro with both a glibc and musl version21:45
onoderaaimed at desktop use21:45
ryu0alpine is optimized for small footprints.21:45
onoderayeah alpine is really cool21:45
onoderait uses the busybox coreutils21:45
ryu0it could be viable for specialized environments.21:46
pedjais Sabotage named after 'Sabotage' by Beastie Boys :) ?21:46
onoderaalthough I'm sure sabotage is even smaller. uses git for package version control. uses a bash packagme manager mayve even smaller than the CRUX one21:46
ryu0i just find it too cumbersome for personal stuff because it's hard to make usable for a general setup.21:46
ryu0not to mention less conveniences like PPAs.21:46
onoderamusl of course, some suckless coreutils I think, dynamically linked, uses gettext-tiny, the only distro that uses the netbsd curses (which is many times smaller than ncurses, they ported it themselves)21:47
ryu0but if you know you'll never need any obscure packages, go for it.21:47
onoderaI think PPAs aren't convenient at all imo21:47
ryu0onodera: really. why not? they're just a few commands to get setup.21:48
onoderahmm probably because I don't know what it does under the the hood21:49
onoderaI like the way CRUX and Gentoo do it, the ability to add repos (or overlays in gentoos case)21:50
ryu0PPAs are ultimately APT repos that have convenient ways to setup.21:50
onoderaby just ading an url to a config file21:50
ryu0you can get the same effect by adding repo definitions to an apt config file and their signing key.21:50
onoderaI've only used ubuntu very very briefly so I can't reallyjudge21:50
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ryu0so, it's just an expeditted version of the crux setup.21:51
ryu0except, it serves up binary packages instead of source ports.21:51
ryu0onodera: afaik, the apt-add-repository magic just uses launchpad to find the repo URL and public key to setup the same in a local APT config file and then register the public key.21:52
ryu0it's nothing you couldn't do manually with some digging.21:52
pedja'zypper ar' on openSUSE :)21:53
ryu0pedja: your fly is open.21:54
ryu0yea, i dunno why debian thought it was such a great idea to use AR for packaging.21:54
ryu0it was meant for object files.21:54
pedjaI never really used long any of the .deb distributions21:56
pedjaand, as I said before, I'll take .spec file over whatever the Debian and friends are using for packaging, any day of the week.21:59
ryu0isn't .spec RPM?22:52
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jaegerthere was a musl crux in the past if I remember right... maintained by sip22:57
jaegercalled ucrux22:57
ryu0my main reason to not use other libcs is because it's hard to determine what will or won't work with them.23:09
ryu0some software, even FOSS ones, are too dependent on glibc.23:09
ryu0it's usually not C/C++ software though.23:10
ryu0like... last I checked D language's runtime wouldn't really work with non-glibc. they don't support stuff like MUSL last I checked.23:11
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