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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: meson: 0.42.0 -> 0.42.100:24
lulzso for dwb I get error 'no gtk2-libs or gtk3-libs' or something along those lines, on my laptop. try installing webkit-gtk2 and 3, both compile for hours and fail, and my laptop seems like it's going to melt the whole time.00:30
lulzI get webkitgtk to compile without error but dwb install still gives same error. should my laptop be heating up so much? i3 and htop shows all 4 threads 100% the entire time.00:31
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mpg123-32: 1.25.6 -> 1.25.700:31
ryu0lulz: yes, especially if you're using parallel builds.00:31
lulzparallel builds as in -j 4?00:32
Worksteri need to look at webkit again00:33
Worksteri keep built packages at built in a clean docker container00:34
ryu0lulz: yes.00:34
ryu0lulz: compile jobs are cpu intensive, so it doesn't surprise me. expect a lot of CPU load for larger packages.00:34
lulzyea that's what I thought ryu0 , Workster those are the binaries of those packages?00:38
Worksterbuilt yes01:07
Worksterwith default cflags and dependences as in prt-get deptree foo01:07
lulzso use pkgadd ./file ?01:14
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Worksterjust pkgadd file#1.2.3...01:23
Worksterno need todo ./01:24
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druid_droid<3 Crux02:25
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j_vjust a heads up: sourceforge is basically down... "in static offline mode"04:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hunspell: updated source url04:42
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frinnstwatching "The Curse of Monkey Island LongPlay" on youtube at work \o/06:58
frinnstI need to replay that game06:58
just_funI get this strange footprint mismatch with meson:
just_funWhy is the egg-info a directory instead of a file?07:32
frinnstwhat does the new files contain?07:39
just_fungood question07:40
just_funfor the 0.42.0 version, they have some metadata07:41
frinnst~27mb ms sql-db and a 70gb logfile07:42
frinnstI guess you have something else on your system that causes those files to be generated. I did a quick sysup on my box before I left for work today and it did not generate a footprint error on meson for what it's worth07:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xfsprogs: update to 4.13.107:54
just_funLooking into my /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages, some egg-info are files and some directories (including six).07:54
frinnstim not too familiar what those metadata files are used for07:54
frinnstif its just crap we should delete them from the ports and treat it like all other docs and info-files07:55
just_funI like your way of thinking, frinnst :)08:06
RomsterVersion: 0.42.0 in that file to just_fun08:57
Romsterthat is odd08:57
Romsteryou sure you didn't install meson before with pip?08:58
just_funyes, but I did uninstalled it before installing with pkgmk08:58
Romsteri build everything in a clean docker image08:58
just_funI use pip as user to install in /home08:59
Romsterthere is also pip3 for python3.608:59
just_funpip3, sure09:00
Romsterhave a look at romster/pkg-not09:01
Romsterand do pkg-not /usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages09:01
Romsterit'll list any files not tracked by pkgutils09:01
just_funit lists nothing here09:02
just_funI'm clean :D09:03
Romsterokay then is all the packages up to date i pushed a fuckton the past few days09:03
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Romstermost notably make sure you have python3-setuptools and all it's dependencies09:04
Romsterit wouldn 't hurt to force rebuild all them09:08
Romsteri had something like that happen in the past09:08
just_funAll is up to date. I get the same mismatch in a container too. But, I use a lot of repos, and sometimes the repos's order is messed up :D09:08
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Romsteri am only using core opt xorg compat-32 and contrib in my build09:10
just_funIs not a big deal, I'm just curious why is .egg-info a file for some build and directory for other09:10
Romsterthat i don't know but i am curious why your egg-info is the old version listed09:11
Romsterwhat other python ports do you have installed?09:11
just_funThat was when I had the 42.0 installed09:12
just_funbefore upgrading to 0.42.109:12
Romsterthat i didn't do i did a fresh install of 0.42.109:13
Romsterwell then it's done the same to me.09:15
just_funyou've got a mismatch?09:15
Romsteryes on my system but not in docker09:16
Romsterrunning install_egg_info09:17
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Romsterhmm having python3-setuptools installed does this.09:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] meson: fix footprint issues by depending on python3-setuptools10:10
Romstersorted just_fun10:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cmake: updated to 3.9.311:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus: updated to 1.10.2417:27
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crash_evening :)17:55
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dlcusaThe Positive Technologies folks are planning to present this in December:
dlcusaIf we can't detect such exploits, we really can't trust newer Intel mobos anymore, it would seem.19:27
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john_cephalopodaEFI isn't much different from that20:41
john_cephalopodaThere's too little open hardware.20:46
john_cephalopodaCPU designs are usually secret.20:46
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frinnstwow firefox 57 is almost useless20:58
frinnstmissing lots of critical extensions20:58
pedjacheck the state of your favorite ones here
pedjaalmost all that I use are either ported or the port is in the works21:00
frinnstyeah but once you actually run it you notice how useless firefox is now21:02
pedjaI am still at 56b1221:10
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dlcusajohn_cephalopoda, this is all about the PCH on the mobo that supplied the ME, not the CPU.  These guys have found documentation and broken Huffman codes to get at most of the source.21:57
lulzi feel like I have an extra chromosome, does anyone know of a good up-to-date font tutorial, installing, configureing for use?21:59
john_cephalopodadlcusa: I just mean, that the Intel Management engine isn't the only case of a hardware that might have a backdoor.22:07
john_cephalopodaThere is only little or no documentation about the inner workings of a lot of devices. Firmware blobs could contain anything.22:08
pedjalulz, Arch Wiki ?22:09
pedjathe most important part of the font configuration is using quality fonts, imho.22:10
pedjafreetype works fine OOTB these days, even though I patch it to enable subpixel rendering, out of habit22:14
john_cephalopodaI am using the Hack font.22:18
john_cephalopoda <- Here's a Pkgfile.22:19
pedjadlcusa, the briefing for that BH talk doesn't mention that they got the ME source, 'just' found a way to run unsigned code on it22:20
john_cephalopodaFor anything using xresources, the font can then be set with the two lines "*faceName:   Hack" and "*faceSize:   11" in .xresources. Other applications usually have a menu for font selection.22:21
pedjawhich is, if true, terrifying22:21
just_funthanks, Romster. But maybe leaving python3 as dep and "rm -r .../*egg-info" would have been simpler in case of meson :D22:23
pedjabut it is more correct, python3 doesn't depend on or install setuptools, iirc22:27
just_fun"but" maybe python3 was enough :)22:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 61.0.3163.91 -> 61.0.3163.10022:53

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