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brian|lfsok then the preview must be broken06:52
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SiFuhpedja: episode 4 of The Orville was quite good13:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nvme-cli: initial commit16:46
jaeger21/60 chromium builds done, chromium takes forever :P17:08
pedjathat's quite a torture test :)17:12
jaegeryeah. It's going to be really painful on the 24-core system as well, 2.4GHz17:14
jaeger120 builds there17:14
pedjawork stuff or your own?17:15
jaegerIt's for the build time plots17:16
jaeger5 builds for each core count17:16
tilman"for science!"17:16
jaeger16*5, 24*5, 8*5, etc.17:16
jaegerindeed. :)17:16
jaegerfor building the graphs like this:
tilmanyou were asked this before but i didn't catch the answer: what tool do you use for those plots?17:17
tilmanlooks a little (much) too fancy for gnuplot17:18
jaegeryes, gnuplot with some styling that improves the standard look17:18
tilmanimpressive :D17:19
jaegerthanks :)17:20
jaeger <-- this is sorta what the template looks like (this was with 2 hosts rather than 3 but you can imagine the last line)17:20
jaegerIt's a template so things like TITLE get replaced before plotting17:21
tilmanthat font alone + the colors do wonders17:21
pedjanice font choice, Source Code/Sans are awesome :)17:21
jaegerAgreed :) The default styling is really lacking17:21
jaegerThanks, it's one of my favorites17:22
pedjamine too17:22
pedjaiirc, the latest Source Code has powerline symbols, no need for patched one17:23
jaegerI need to replot the green data, I reran the tests after switching from HDD to SSD and the curve was smoother17:23
jaegerNice, that's convenient17:23
pedjaI use it with vim-airline17:24
jaegerI'll check it out... vim-airline is why I have any patched fonts installed17:24
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pedjaI use base16-monokai theme with it17:34
pedjaI am a big fan of base16 themes, it's nice to have a visual reminder when I ssh into another box :)17:37
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jaegerI mostly use zenburn17:44
brian|lfs2 xeons looks the best by far17:58
jaegerlots of cores but quite a bit slower18:00
brian|lfsThat's true18:02
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brian|lfs\President tweets that Tillerson is 'wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man'18:03
just_funjaeger, are you testing with nvme or with a regular ssd?18:03
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jaegerThe ryzen box has an NVMe disk, the rest are SATA18:04
jaegerthe xeon box had a spinner in it when I did those runs, though, so need to update the graph as mentioned18:06
pekka10is there a meta-package to install Xorg?18:07
just_funprt-get depinst /usr/ports/xorg/*  :D18:09
jaegerpekka10: "xorg"18:09
pekka10Ive installed xorg, but no startx18:12
jaegerit's part of xorg-xinit which is included in the xorg deps18:13
jaegeryou did a 'prt-get depinst xorg' rather than a 'prt-get install xorg', right?18:13
pekka10I did the depinst18:13
jaegerdoes /usr/bin/startx exist?18:14
pekka10no, it didnt get pulled in18:14
jaegerAre you 100% *sure* you did depinst? :D18:15
pekka10I see18:15
jaegeryou can check 'prt-get depends xorg' to see what's missing18:15
pekka10I've to try again..18:15
pekka10looks like I messed up somewhere..18:16
pekka10are Crux going to add wayland soon?18:18
jaegerNot likely as a default, until wayland becomes the upstream default18:20
pekka10I wanted to give it a try18:22
jaegerI played with it a tiny bit several years ago18:28
jaegerWas neat but I didn't try to use it daily18:28
pekka10I have one of these Chromebook 2, and I have a feeling Wayland will make sense on this gadget18:30
frinnstyou need pam tho18:53
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pedjapam is the requirement for display manager?19:25
pedjaI couldn't make Gnome/Wayland work in openSUSE Tumbleweed VM, it requires compositing/3d acceleration, afaict19:29
pedja'legacy' Gnome doesn't work, either, same problem19:31
brian|lfsnot sure the last time I ran Suse19:45
john_cephalopodaxscreensaver just warned me, that it is very outdated.20:54
john_cephalopodaVersion installed is 5.35, latest is 5.37.20:54
john_cephalopoda@ Romster20:55
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pekka10so, what take most time to compile? Xorg or QT5?21:03
john_cephalopodapekka10: I am pretty sure it's qt5.21:41
frinnstxorg isnt that bad22:18
frinnstlots of small packages tho22:18
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pedjawas it tilman that did the initial split when xorg went from monolithic to modular?22:24
pedjadamn, I am old. xfree86-->xorg-->(eventually) wayland22:26
pedjait's nice to see that xorg merged most of the patches for glvnd. I might dust off my glvnd repo after the next version.22:29
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frinnstyeah tilman used to maintain it all by himself23:17
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