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SiFuhAOL Messenger will no longer function after 15th of December03:39
brian|lfsok who would use it lol04:43
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pedjahe is an engineer at RH, does he not understand what 'early adopter pain' is :) ?15:07
jaegerHe probably does but the chance to be angry on the internet is more important15:15
jaegerAs a side note, I wonder how many pre-week-25 ryzen CPUs AMD has replaced at this point15:16
jaegerthe chromium build tests crashed 3 times out of 80 builds on mine, though I've not yet applied the latest BIOS update15:18
jaegerI can only imagine how terrible that would have been on the original CPU15:18
SiFuhBring back Alpha15:24
pekka10anyone here getting cencored by google referring to the DMCA act?15:29
john_cephalopoda70% of that article are about random hardware not working, the rest is about Ryzen.15:31
john_cephalopodapekka10: Hhow do you mean that?15:32
pekka10I search using "keyloads adding map 7 "violates explicit keymaps line" which is the error-message I get15:33
pekka10and on page 3 and 4, I get this message:15:34
pekka10Som følge av en klage vi har mottatt i forbindelse med den amerikanske DMCA-loven (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), har vi fjernet 1 resultater fra denne siden. Hvis du ønsker mer informasjon, kan du se den DMCA-relaterte klagen som ligger til grunn for fjerningen, på
john_cephalopoda"DMCA-loven" :D15:34
pekka10and if you look closely, its written in Norwegian..15:34
john_cephalopodaMy first guess was Swedish.15:35
pekka10meaning: Due to a complaint we received in connection with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Act, we have removed 1 results from this page. For more information, see the DMCA-related complaint that is the basis for the removal, at
SiFuhpekka10: oh yeah, we get that in Australia and Malaysia and Thailand too15:35
pekka10I've left gmail, and now Im leaving Google search too15:36
john_cephalopodapekka10: Happens. If somebody uploads e.g. copyrighted images, videos or similar, the owner can file a complaint with google and the page is blocked in the google search results.15:36
SiFuhIn response to a complaint that we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at
pekka10US laws does not apply here in Norway15:36
john_cephalopodapekka10: Try duckduckgo. I've been using it for ages. Good results, no tracking.15:36
pekka10yea, I will change searchengine from today15:37
john_cephalopodapekka10: But google is a US company.15:37
pedjaI remember seeing that, but it was or something15:37
pekka10yea, but Im living in Norway..15:37
frinnstthats not swedish15:37
SiFuhI just googled 'Star trek torrent'  and clicked paged 2 and it shows that15:37
john_cephalopodaThe owner can file a DMCA claim with google. Google will take it offline globally, in most cases.15:38
pekka10we had a trial here, some years ago when DVD-Jon was taken to court for making some code that violated the DMCA-law15:38
pekka10It went all the way to High Court15:38
pekka10and DVD-Jon won the case, thus bolstering the fact: DMCA does not apply here in Norway... ;)15:39
SiFuhSo the US had him setup on rape charges ..15:39
john_cephalopodaGoogle can still block it.15:40
pekka10The Sweedish sided with the Evil15:40
john_cephalopodaAnd has to in the USA.15:40
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pedjaif you look at 'infringing sites' at, you'll see how broken DMCA is15:44
SiFuhpekka10: Australia "In 1987, over half[1] Australian households had a VCR, but it only became legal to record TV shows at home in 2006. By then, 83 per cent of us had DVD players, and Apple had already been selling movies and TV shows on iTunes for a year."15:45
john_cephalopodaThe whole copyright system is broken.15:49
pekka10pedja: yea, Im looking, and I see a word-freq-list is infringing DMCA15:51
john_cephalopodaLol, the lumendatabase. If somebody wants to get an illegal mp3, they can just enter the song title and will get a list of sites where the song is available :D15:52
pedjayeah :) the news about Zika virus in Puerto Rico too15:52
pekka10I'm crazy, I just downloaded the word-list..15:52
pekka10Im a criminal15:52
pekka10lets see how long time before SWAT is here..15:52
pedjaany black helicopters closing in, pekka10 ?15:53
pedjaor do they use drones these days?15:54
SiFuhpedja: he has not responded, I guess he is gone....15:55
pekka10Im living close to the NATO Joint Warfare Center, I expect full metal jacket..15:55
pedjafew years back, the government used DMCA to get rid of some satire YT videos15:56
pedjaneedless to say, the Streisand effect kicked in, full force :)15:58
pedjait was glorious15:58
pekka10you know, if they have added a list of word to this list, I guess its generated by a seach-algorithm15:59
pekka10Streisand effect?15:59
SiFuhWhen Barbara makes you deaf16:00
pekka10yea, I see why this illegal wordlist is cencored, it contain both Rico and  Sanchez16:06
pekka10I guess Rico Sanchez really want his 15 min of fame..16:07
SiFuhRico should change his name to Dirty16:11
john_cephalopodaOooooo oooooo ooo Barbara Streisand!16:30
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SiFuhSomeone said the German movie  "Funny Games" is the most scariest movie ever16:43
brian|lfsI think its going to be too slow17:01
john_cephalopodaThe worst movie of all times in IMDB is German, too.17:18
SiFuhI thought Plan 9 from Outerspace was suppose to be the worst17:18
SiFuhI actaully like ti17:18
ryu0People have different definitions of worst!? It's almost as if it's an entirely arbitrary classification and subject to varying interpretations!17:25
SiFuhit is a system of measurment17:25
SiFuhimperial or metric17:25
SiFuhjust an example17:25
john_cephalopodaOh, it lost its last position.
john_cephalopodaIt is the 20th worst now.17:32
john_cephalopodaOh, but there's another German movie at #417:33
SiFuhmine was from 1950s17:34
john_cephalopodaThere's an error in the list. "The Last Airbender (2010)" does not exist. :þ17:37
SiFuhThis movie is not scary. It is evil.17:41
pedjais there a list of most overrated movies of all times, and how many of Christopher Nolan's films are on it, I wonder17:42
pedjathank you, SiFuh :)17:44
SiFuhCheck out number 50 ;-)17:45
SiFuheven number 4917:45
pedjayeah, I ctrl+f'd Nolan as soon as the list loaded17:47
SiFuhMy favorite movie is Alien17:50
pedjaas the great American philosophers collective Public Enemy said years ago, don't believe the hype17:51
pedjayes, Alien is one of those rare 'whenever its on TV, I'll watch it' movies17:52
SiFuhWeird.... I have never seen it on cable or free to air TV17:52
SiFuhIn fact I think it has never been shown.17:53
pedjaI've seen all 4 shown maybe a dozen times across different channels this year17:54
SiFuhI saw number 4 on Astro in Malaysia17:54
SiFuhbeing Malaysia they sensor out impolite words17:55
SiFuhthe entire movie had only 15 minutes of talking. We laughed so much17:55
pedjabtw, SiFuh, I started watching Inhumans. only to feast my eyes on the goddess that is Serinda Swan, tho17:58
SiFuhhold on17:59
SiFuhoh how bullshit is that?17:59
SiFuhthey just ruined the movie17:59
SiFuhThey have killed the neighbour and her son. Near the end, they ask her to pray, and she grabs the gun and kills his(the killers) brother. He then says shouts stop, and grabs the remote control for the TV and rewinds everything to before he was shot. Replays and takes the gun from her... WTF?18:01
SiFuhYou have a movie where everyone is being killed, and suddenly the killers brother dies and they whip a remote control out of no-where and rewind the errors. Near the end of the movie!!!! How fscked is that shit!18:02
SiFuhIt is like, Sigourney Weaver in Alien just before the end of the movie, pulls a magic wand from her arse and teleports to earth.18:04
tilmanthis fucking list of overrated movies is making my blood boil18:04
SiFuhI still can't beleive in a horror movie towards the end, the killer picks up a tv remote and rewinds the movie and changes the ending..18:06
joacimi dont think bad movies are that bad18:09
joacimworst ones are the ones that seem pretty ok up until the end, where everyone goes down the drain with some bullshit twist18:09
joacimmaking you feel like you've just wasted 2 hours on absolutely nothing18:09
SiFuhjoacim: yeah, I just watched a killer movie, the out of nowhere hunts the TV remote to erase the end and change it... I wasted my time on it18:11
SiFuhi am so disgusted!18:11
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frinnstim surprised ryzen support in k10temp isnt in 4.14-rc20:47
frinnstpatch works great btw20:48
frinnst (for reference)20:48
pedjaif Linus had one, it would probably be there much earlier20:49
pedjahe never talked about his build machines20:51
frinnstseems it just landed in hwmon-next 6 days ago. might be included in the next rc then20:52
frinnstbut probably not20:52
frinnstnext merge window should include it20:52
pedjamerge window is closed for 4.14, so20:52
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pedjaI am surprised AMD Vega code didn't make it in 4.1420:54
pedjawhat are distros using it as a LTS kernel going to do? backport it?20:55
frinnstnot sure how they usually handle it20:55
pedjait's massive amount of code20:55
pedjaUbuntu has 'hardware enablement' thingie, iirc20:56
pedjabasically, a service pack20:56
pedjaSUSE too20:57
ryu0pedja: it might make it into the kernel ubuntu ends up using for its new LTS next year. hard to tell.20:59
ryu0they don't always use a LTS kernel.20:59
frinnstthey have maintained their on lts kernel before21:03
frinnstgkh doesnt maintain all of them21:03
pedjait's 6 years now21:05
pedjafor LTS kernels21:05
ryu0pedja: that's beneficial for more than just the android cess pool.21:06
pedjanext ubuntu lts should land in april 2018, 2 months after 4.15. hm21:07
ryu0regular x86 LTS releases would also benefit.21:07
ryu0Mainly Debian / Ubuntu. To a lesser extent, CentOS.21:07
frinnstrhel 6 still uses 2.6.32 iirc21:08
pedjax86? as in 32-bit? isn't ubuntu getting rid of that?21:08
ryu0pedja: no, both 32/64 bit x86.21:08
ryu0i speak generally of the architecture.21:08
pedjaah, OK21:08
pedjaryu0, what do you mean by 'regular x86 LTS releases'?21:09
pedjagoogle is, iirc, pushing for decoupling the hw vendor specific and system parts21:12
pedjaso you can update the underlying system without waiting for vendor, or something21:13
pedjaI am not really sure how would that work. or even if I understood it correctly :)21:14
pedjaevery device a special snowflake21:16
pedjahow is that managed in the kernel? device trees?21:17
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pedjaso, libvirt in this, and qemu in next, release  (will) support EPYC as a vCPU.21:29
pedjaAMD doesn't segment CPU's by feature flags, like Intel, correct?21:30
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pedjaany of you Ryzen/(Threadripper?) owners care to paste the lscpu output? I am curious21:38
pedjathanks, jaeger21:55
pedjacpu flags look pretty similar to EPYC ones
pedjahuge respect for AMD for keeping it simple22:00
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joacimtempted to sell my ryzen 7 and get a threadripper system22:25
joacimprobably wont be worth it for me tho22:25
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jaegerI don't feel like I need one... might build one just for fun at some point but definitely don't need23:33
joacimi think any random mid tier computer from about 2011-2012 would be ok for my needs23:36
joacimbut my want is strong, especially when i can afford it23:36
joacimdont know what i would use it for23:37
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jaegerI do a fair amount of video conversion and run some VMs so the extra cores between my i7 and my ryzen are nice... but I'd be hard-pressed to use twice as many23:40
jaegerIf I didn't have the home lab servers, maybe that wouldn't be true23:45
joacimno idea what id do with a homelab23:55
joacimgot access to a bunch of different windows server licenses, so i guess i could do something23:55
jaegerI use it to play with new stuff, test things for work outside of the work environment, do all my crux building, etc.23:55

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