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joacimrackmounted stuff?00:02
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jaegeryeah. I bought some used servers from ebay. 3x Dell R610s00:38
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brian|lfshey sup tsaop06:56
tsaopsup brian|lfs06:58
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brian|lfsnot much just a lot of balls and fruit loops07:04
brian|lfsisn't Plasma 5.11 close to release from KDE07:04
brian|lfsjust curious I know your a busy person and appreciate your work07:04
tsaopbrian|lfs: I believe it's going to be released this month07:06
tsaopwill upgrade as soon as I see the news in the website07:06
tsaopwhat worries me is the situation with wayland07:06
tsaopprobably systemd will be mandatory07:06
tsaopor we will need something like elogind07:07
tsaopwhich seems to also need PAM07:07
brian|lfsyuck man that su cks07:10
brian|lfsnot your fault07:10
brian|lfsI just ordered a crazy computer man there going to call this week to discuss the water cooling07:10
brian|lfsbut here is the rig07:10
brian|lfsthere you go was looking for the link07:12
tsaop12.000 USD?07:12
brian|lfsbut crazy specs07:13
tsaopyou might want to monitor how much power it uses07:13
brian|lfsThat would be interesting to monitor07:14
brian|lfsI agree07:14
brian|lfsit should be some nice overclock07:17
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pedjabrian|lfs, we expect a *lot* of pictures of that machine once you get it, you know that, right :) ?12:46
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pedjarig with the similar specs (AIO water cooling instead of custom loop) is ~9500$ on pcpartpicker. I guess integration and QC are worth the extra money13:14
SiFuhbrian|lfs: That 3x more expensive than my Laptop.13:20
SiFuhthis is awesome!13:20
SiFuhbrian|lfs: how much are the charging for the 1TB Samsung 960 PRO M.2 SSD13:21
SiFuhDon't worry I found out $678.9513:25
john_cephalopodaFor that, you can get 24 HDDs with 4TB each13:26
pedja4tb hdd for 30$? I'll take 3, please13:27
john_cephalopoda24 HDDs with 1TB each13:27
john_cephalopodaYou can get 4 TB for ~$10013:27
SiFuhI was talking to a few of the Tech guys and CSIRO and they those portable USB 3.0 4TB 2.5 are unstable and fail very easily.13:29
SiFuh*they say those*13:29
SiFuhI found they are shit with NTFS.13:33
SiFuhBut very stable with ext413:34
john_cephalopodaI just haven't got enough things to store. I have no need for big HDDs.13:38
SiFuhI store everything13:43
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SiFuhI store everything.. here is an example13:47
SiFuhThat was very early 2000's13:48
SiFuhNot my code, but vheikkil's and it was kind of cool13:48
pedjaas reddit communities go, that one is pretty cool and helpful13:59
pedjathey go thru a *lot* of hard disks, so there is always someone who knows how bad or good particular model works in 'production' :)14:02
frinnsti've seen a LOT of shitty suggestions on that subreddit tho14:17
frinnstjust a little warning14:17
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john_cephalopodaSiFuh: That tune is amazing :D14:23
SiFuhThe concept was quite cool14:24
pedjafrinnst, can you remember any of them? they are fun to read14:25
pedjafiltering the signal out of the noise is one of the problems with most social networks14:29
pedjaor Web, in general14:29
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SiFuhI would like to design a zone around a specific border that provides distance and time so I can create an outer zone that is 10/15/20/25 minutes driving around that zone.15:49
SiFuhso one road from the area border is 60kph and another road is 110kph so the 110kph will have a larger distance from that border than the 60kph because of the time to get there.. Any ideas?15:51
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: There are googlehos and there are duckduckghos :þ15:57
SiFuhi was hoping googleho had a link haha15:58
john_cephalopoda"DuckDuckGo - because Google is so 1984" :D15:59
SiFuh1984 would be great in my idea16:00
SiFuhI need to cover every road, lane, alley, dirt track, goat track, highway, freeway, expressway16:01
SiFuhI also need to have an adaptive system that changes to road inccidents such as accidents or time of day rush hour16:01
john_cephalopodaExpressways in Italy are Espressoways.16:01
john_cephalopodaHm, blender doesn't like libxml for some reason.16:02
tilmanSiFuh: i have no idea what you're talking about :)16:02
SiFuhToday a 37 minute journey became 1hour and 43 minutes because some bitch on drugs had an accident16:02
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Do you know the book "Nineteen Eighty Four"?16:03
SiFuhI sat in the car watching people walking past me16:03
SiFuhyes john_cephalopoda hence my reply "I need 1984"16:03
john_cephalopodaWhat does trafffic have to do with that book?16:03
SiFuhI saw something very funny. The men driving the cars, were changing seats with the women/wives/gf's etc... So they could sit in the passenger seat and drink beer while the women drive.16:04
SiFuh1984 controls all aspects of life and knows what you are doing   they are watching you16:04
SiFuhI need a system that adapts to all aspects of road use, distance, time, and knows when the change the rules.16:04
SiFuhtilman we have an area 100km by 100km that is serviced by 118 Taxi's  most Taxi's focus around the busy areas. The smarter drives stay in the quiet errors but cover more distance. Higher paying jobs.  We must pick up in 10 minutes, but must also travel up to 40km away. wWe have many areas. Each Area has a distanced zone around it but those zones are not so good.16:07
SiFuhThey don't take into consideration time and distance, and cut off many closer drivers..16:08
tilmani see16:10
SiFuhSo what I would like is some kind of map that I can put in the areas, tell it the different zones around and times based on KPH and have it auto calculator the new zones..16:11
SiFuhOr I can just drive every fscking road and time it and create GPS location markers16:12
pedjaSiFuh, maybe something like ?16:13
SiFuhLet's see   thanks pedja16:15
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frinnstpedja: not really. i just filed /r/datahoarder as unreliable in my mind :-)17:16
frinnsti do remember someone saying that a zfs snapshot was a reliable backup solution17:16
frinnsthell, even sending a snapshot to another storage array is not a reliable "backup" solution. HA - sure17:19
frinnstthere were some news a few years ago about a hitachi storage array replicating garbage and then failing17:19
SiFuhfrinnst: I use lto5 tapes17:20
frinnstdont remember what company / gov. agency that got affected but it was huuuge in sweden at the time17:20
frinnstthey didnt do any other backups it seems. or their RTO was so high they might as well not have. dont remember17:21
john_cephalopodatar - tape archiver :þ17:22
frinnsttape is underrated17:23
SiFuhyes john_cephalopoda17:23
frinnst wow17:24
frinnstmozilla are assholes17:24
pedjaCliqz? I know that sounded familiar
tilman"provider of privacy tools"17:30
pedja'Human Web is a methodology and system developed by Cliqz to collect data from users while protecting their privacy and anonymity.' hmmm17:31
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pedjawhat is 'Landesdatenschutzbeauftragten'?17:42
tilmansecretary of data protection of the federal state17:44
tilmanthat's why the guy is referring to 16 of them17:44
tilmanone for each state in germany17:45
SiFuhsorry pedja this software doesn't cover any part of what I try to accomplish   it is cool though17:45
pedjatilman, if they get involved, how fscked up are Cliqz and Mozilla?17:47
tilmanwith the bad press this has already gotten i guess mozilla will have to make this shit opt-in17:47
pedja'Verschlimmbesserungen (a supposed improvement that just makes things worse)'18:35
pedjanote to self: never play Scrabble with a German18:36
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joacimdon't seem too complicated to me =)18:48
joacimcompounded words are fairly common in norwegian18:48
pedjaI'll pay (a couple of euro cents) to watch the Scrabble battle between Germans and Norwegians18:49
joacimgerman has grammatical cases. norwegian does too, but they're not really taught in school18:50
joacimso i think the norwegian would lose18:50
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pedjahow do you mean, 'not taught in school'?18:51
joacimplaying against someone from finland wouldn't be fair. he would win18:51
joacimthey're something that linger from norse18:52
joacimi think we know and understand the cases, but the usage of them is more based on how right they feel18:59
joacimat least thats the impression i get19:00
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frinnstyep but21:23
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joacimi've been sitting here waiting for more after that "uh" =)21:35
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jaegerin the words of the philosopher busta rhymes, "gimme some more"? :)21:54
joacima bit like a season of SG1 that ends in a cliffhanger22:01
pedjai was a bit disappointed that the movie Cliffhanger didn't end with one, tbh22:11
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frinnsthah I think i started to type in another window, then switched over and pressed enter23:37
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