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xcko_=======> ERROR: Source file '0001-librustc_llvm-build-Force-link-against-libffi.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).03:55
xcko_for ports in romster03:55
xcko_for rust I mean03:55
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pedjasurprisingly understated for a 'gaming' m/b
frinnstwhy the fuck would you use threadripper for "gaming"?07:51
frinnstI can imagine some rich prick buying that to play games on07:52
frinnstand then using wifi07:52
frinnst10gbit AND wifi. WOW07:52
SiFuh10Gbit? full on cancerous07:54
frinnstshame there are no real desktop 10gbit switches around08:01
pedjafrinnst, to paraphrase Wendel, 'the box is too small to say 'kick ass virtualisation platform'' :)08:01
frinnstwhats the ecc status of those motherboards?08:02
pedjasupport it just fine, afaict08:03
frinnst1gbit is a real bottleneck these days08:07
frinnstatleast on my lan :-)08:07
pedjaI see 2.5/5gbit as a step to 10gbit. explain how that works :)08:07
frinnstyou can use older cables with that08:08
frinnstcat5e and cat608:08
frinnstiirc 10gbit requires cat708:08
frinnstDont remember who created the study, might have been cisco08:09
frinnstbut they calculated how many laps around the earth that would save in copper cabling :-)08:09
pedjacat6a for 10gbit. but, at that point, fiber seems more appropriate, imho08:13
pedjaisn't the bulk of cost of 10gbit lan the active equipment (switches and such), and not the cabling?08:20
Romsterxcko_, oh did i miss that patch in git.08:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: qtwebengine: 5.9.1 -> 5.9.208:24
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pompiI have a problem with firefox: GraphicsCriticalError: [C0][GFX1-]: Failed 2 buffer. When starting ff from sudo no these problem.09:45
frinnstpompi: umount /dev/shm && mount /dev/shm10:07
frinnstYour sysup included glibc right?=10:08
frinnstor you could reboot10:10
joacimfrinnst: thats why you get 2x 1Gbps NICs =)10:10
joacimadd another 4 port NIC in one of the PCIe slots10:10
frinnstwould require a fat switch and lots of nics10:15
frinnstbut yeah, trunking is neat10:15
pompifrinnst: glibc installed. reboot not solve my problem. :(10:20
joacimthey sell more by printing gaming on the box?10:26
joacimseems pretty lame. no reason to print gaming on very low end apu/pentium parts, and very high end TR/Xeon parts10:27
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frinnstpompi: is /dev/shm mounted?10:50
frinnstwrong permissions perhaps?10:51
frinnstif you say it works as root then that suggests the permissions are wrong10:51
pedjawell, the m/b *is* named 'fatal1ty'10:52
frinnstpedja: sure, hardware is most expensive. but imagine you run a big campus with old'ish cabling. its a biiiiig cost to rewire everything10:53
pompifrinnst: Thanks! Uncomment shm and reboot solve my problem! :D10:55
frinnstI should add that to firefox's readme10:56
Romsternot a bad idea same deal for chromium10:56
pedjasomeone actually reads them?10:56
RomsterACTION shrugs10:59
Romsterif someone says the one i maintain don't work i just go prt-get readme foo and wait for them to go "oh i should of read that before asking"11:00
pedjasurprisingly, 'RTFR; never quite caught on :)11:01
Romsteryeah hasn't got the same ring to it as RTFM11:01
pedjaso, frinnst, since your lan is bottleneck-ed with 1gbit, you must be looking forward to 2.5/5gbit standard?11:04
frinnstno, 10gbit11:06
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pedjastill cheaper then cocaine habit11:08
pedjaI would guess11:08
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Romsteri wasn't paying attention so 2.5Ghz over standared cat5e/cat6a ?11:11
Romsteroh i mean 2.5gbit11:11
Romsterneat would be nice11:11
frinnstI have yet to see any networking gear that supports it11:11
Romsterbut all the switches that need replacing11:12
Romster10gbit is so expensive11:12
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pedjaAsrock has some mb/b with Aquantia chips11:14
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frinnstthats all fibre, right?11:19
frinnstlots of odd speeds exists for fibre already :-)11:19
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frinnstnevermind, im blind11:22
pedja10gbit nic on that TR m/b earlier supports it. nice11:25
pedja'1 x 10 Gigabit LAN 100/1000/2500/5000/10000 Mb/s (AQUANTIA® AQC107)'11:27
pedjai like asrock more every day, tbh11:28
pedjathey might replace Gigabyte as my preferred m/b vendor, if they keep doing this11:30
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frinnstisnt asrock just a brand for asus?13:05
frinnstguess not. not sure where I got that from13:06
frinnstnope, im right: Spun-off from ASUSTek Computer13:06
frinnstAdditionally, in early 2012 ASRock enlisted the help of HWBOT world overclocking champion, Nick Shih.13:07
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pedjahe is a designer there13:11
pedja'OC master' :)13:11
pedja'BTG (bitcoin Gold) [...] based on Equihash, so it can be mined on consumer GPUs.' well, shit13:16
pedjano GPU price drop any time soon, I guess13:17
pedjaand RAM sure as hell won't get any cheaper, either13:18
pedjafrinnst, you got 4x16Gb, right?13:20
pedjacare to share the price for them? arm, leg, kidney, firstborn?13:24
pedja~700 € now13:25
pedja4x16gb g.skill 3000 sticks13:27
SiFuhMe too 4x1613:28
pedjaoops. ddr4-3200 ripjaws V13:28
SiFuhDDR4 2400 MHz Kingston 16384 MB13:29
pedjasince Infinity Fabric likes faster RAM, I wonder how much, if any, is difference in performance with ECC vs non-ECC memory13:36
pedjaand how do you actually measure RAM performance. using something like fio, perhaps13:39
joacimasrock used to make some funky stuff13:40
joacimi got the 3200 MHz Flare-X sets13:41
ryu0Cue the 1970s music.13:41
ryu0"It's time to get funky!"13:41
joacimfeels a bit wrong to have ram that was nearly as expensive as the cpu+motherboard13:42
pedjathe solution to that is to buy a more expensive cpu :)13:46
joacimthats my plan13:47
joacimwouldnt mind a 1920x13:47
joacimalready got 4 sticks, so i wont have to pay extra to get quad channel working13:47
pedjaGloFo announced 10-15% IPC increase with their new process, so Zen+ should be pretty interesting13:52
joacimfeels like something in my head is trying to claw itself out when i hear someone say "higher ipc" when they're comparing against a cpu clocked lower13:58
frinnstdont remember.. ~250EUR14:03
frinnstsomething like that14:03
joacimthought dual intel nics w ould be standard on all TR4 motherboards14:07
pedjain a IPC article, WP says 'clock speed is not the only factor relevant to computer performance', and I agree with that14:19
pedjaas always, it depends14:19
pedjaI don't understand all this OC obsession.14:22
joacimi dont care for the effort. not enough gain, too much effort14:25
jaegeras a counterpoint, it's usually very little effort these days15:02
jaegerUnless you're going ridiculously high15:02
joacimi think i would care more about overclocking the graphics card15:03
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pedjajaeger, it's easier with water loop, I guess?15:17
pedjaOC, I mean15:17
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pedjaor is it about the same with a quality fan/cooler? Noctua holds up pretty well for TR15:19
pedjaagainst AIO, thou15:20
pedja2C difference, iirc15:21
frinnstmy ryzen runs around ~25-45C15:23
pedjayou have that massive cooler, iirc? thermal-something?15:24
frinnstthermalright, yeah15:24
pedjawhat's the upper bound for Ryzen? 75-80C?15:26
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joacimthis one seems neat15:28
joacimcompatibility with some motherboards might be an issue tho15:29
pedjacan't read German, but the charts are self-explaining :)15:29
joacimsince asrocked cramped everything into an ATX form factor15:29
frinnstI used to have one of those water loop thingies. the pump started to scream like a 2 year old15:29
joacimother board manufacturers use E-ATX, so there is more room around the socket15:29
frinnstreplaced it with my current cooler - i can always just change the fan15:29
pedjaI've heard that NH-U12s works just fine with TR15:30
pedjaand it's a bit less massive15:31
joacimgot a u12s on mine. it works well enough15:33
joacimbut it is annoying that one of the slots is blocked when using this cooler15:34
joacimthe fan overhangs a little bit15:34
joacimnot as bad as the bigger 14-15cm coolers that also blocks the top pci-e slot15:34
joacimthe nh-u9 seems a bit on the loud side15:45
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joacimi have the similar d9s, and i think that works great for my old i515:45
joacimwant to get the mounting kit for it, so i can use it on my 1700x too15:45
jaegerDepends on your cooler but I feel like either air or water cooling will do fine for any reasonable overclocking16:06
jaegerObviously the larger coolers do a better job than smaller16:06
jaegerAnd the larger ones are generally quieter16:07
jaegerNeither water nor air cooling will cool your CPU below ambient, of course16:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: runc: updated to version 3f2f8b816:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: containerd: updated to version 06b9cb316:15
jaegerI predict it won't be much longer before docker is too annoying to bother packaging anymore16:21
joacimnice version numbers16:22
jaegerThey're the appropriate git commit hashes16:23
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jaegerjust for grins, I've still got a picture of a build with a Noctua NH-D14 in it:
jaegerBeing able to see your RAM is overrated16:26
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joacimwho needs ram anyways =)17:27
joacimwhy's finding 6-32 threaded standoffs so hard17:29
tilmanpedja: with so many (even professional) developers who cant be assed to properly document their shit, i cannot even laugh about this website :(17:36
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pedjatilman, do you think they read, and said 'nah, doesn't apply to me' :) ?20:17
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pedjanot writing down how and why bit me in the behind enough times that I now at least try to do it20:21
pedjaat the bottom of DevOps page on wikipedia is 'See also: list of buzzwords'20:26
ryu0reminds me of this:20:48
ryu0"scams", seriously?20:48
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