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druid_droidhello, I don't know if is asking to much, but, can I haz crux book wiki source ?01:13
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jaegerdo you mean the handbook?01:27
jaegerYou should be able to see it directly from the wiki, I think... if you click edit01:41
jaegerI can't seem  to login to check that, heh01:42
druid_droid:) there is no problem at all, after all I end up doing my crux documentation01:43
druid_droiddon't know if there is anything of use to crux wiki01:43
druid_droiddocumentation is at
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prologicjaeger: as this is effectively qmail I'm not sure what the equivalent settings are but I can certainly poke around inside the container/image02:51
prologicbtw any good inexpensive recommendations on getting SSL certs?03:19
prologiccan't use acme in this case (process doesn't work)03:19
jaegerlets encrypt03:21
jaegeris my preference03:22
druid_droidyep mine to03:24
druid_droidI need to search free (as free/offer beer) shared host with lets encrypt03:25
jaegerlet's encrypt can work in a few different ways so you have some options03:26
druid_droidprologic: I have some problems but I solved, check my ports they have packages necessary03:27
prologicwait you can buy from letsencrypt?03:27
prologicyou mean just scquire some certs manually?03:27
druid_droidI use free certs from lets encrypt03:28
jaegerI use them on with a cron job that auto-renews, works great03:29
druid_droidI need to document the installation of the packages03:30
prologicjaeger: hmm03:32
prologicjaeger: care to share your script?03:32
prologicusing the standard autocert cli?03:33
jaegersure, give me a sec03:35
jaegeruses certbot-auto which is part of LE03:35
jaegersent in privmsg. I don't think there's anything really secret in it but just in case someone comes up with a path-based LE exploit :P03:37
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prologicmight save me a bit of time coming up with my own solution :)03:40
ryu0prologic: you need help getting lets encrypt to work?03:43
prologicnah just doing some custom shit with it :)03:43
ryu0prologic: you want to discuss it in PM?03:43
prologicjust want a cert for IMAPS/SMTPS/POP3S basically03:44
ryu0Oh. Do you run a HTTP server on the same domain?03:44
prologicbut can't automate that because my instance of is already behind a LB with SSL termination (that uses ACME)03:44
prologicso it kinda makes the wrong assumptions :)03:44
prologicyeah it isn't the only thing :)03:44
prologiccommon problem I guess03:45
ryu0Hm. does your DNS provide an automated way to modify records?03:45
ryu0the two main methods require either DNS or HTTP challenges.03:45
prologicyou mean digitalocean?03:45
ryu0whoever hosts your domain records.03:45
prologicsure but doesn't have a clue how to do that :)03:45
prologicit assumes identifty over http :/03:46
prologicthat's all the choices I have -- so I have to do it manually I guess?03:46
ryu0Oh. you're stuck without shell access?03:46
prologicnah I can do some magical sysadmin'ing :)03:46
ryu0i've found i like the getssl client. it's a bash script.03:46
prologicI suppose filging a feature request to do DNS based identify for certbot would be useful to file upstream?03:46
ryu0if you're used to using shell to solve problems, it's rather easy to figure out.03:47
ryu0i've only used it successfully for HTTP though.03:47
ryu0prologic: wait a minute... what's your web server?03:48
ryu0... for that matter what's LB even?03:48
ryu0Load balancer?03:48
ryu0Hm. That would pose a problem.03:49
ryu0I think HTTP challenge was designed with direct HTTP in mind.03:49
ryu0prologic: alternatively, you can pay $25 a year for RapidSSL. it's a cheapest paid SSL i've seen to date.03:53
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prologicthat's my point :)04:07
prologicmost HTTP based challanges asume direct HTTP04:08
prologicI use traefik as my LB of choice04:08
prologicit already does SSL via ACME :)04:08
prologicI would have to temporarily expose things directly bypassing the LB I guess04:08
prologicseems silly to have to do that :)04:08
jaegeryou can do an HTTP resource or a DNS entry04:12
jaegernm, ryu0 already said that04:13
jaegerI've been AFK04:13
ryu0prologic: either go for a long term paid cert... or find a way to do it via DNS?04:23
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prologicryu0: yeah04:57
prologicsounds like a plan04:57
prologicor jaeger's cron script or a variant f04:58
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j_vRomster: protobuf port is at 2.6.1, current release is at 3.4.1. I have a port for the current release. I've build-tested the few ports that depend on it (clementine, protobuf-c, purple-hangouts, my nsjail port). Would you concider updating? It takes more that just a version bump, but here's my Pkgfile: I can also submit a FS task if you'd prefer and upload it as patch.07:24
j_vI'll be AFK for a while, so I will look for reply when I get back. If you would rather I just submit a FS task for similar issues in the future, I'm fine with that.07:40
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Romsterjust got done cooking my dinner07:59
Romsteri'll look at it shortly j_v07:59
Romsterwith how busy i am it's easier with flyspray07:59
Romsteror email me08:00
pekka_10so, I've compiled qupzilla, and its asking for fonts: sans08:09
pekka_10which package contain do I need to install?08:10
Romsterprt-get search sans08:23
Romsteri do have romster/xorg-font-sourcesanspro but i would look at the xorg-font-* stuff in xorg first08:25
j_vRomster, you can ignore the paste if you want and i can submit to flyspray when i get up (going to sleep after i write this). it's no problem and it's good habit for me to get into08:26
frinnstpekka_10: "Sans" and "Serif" are generic fonts08:52
frinnstfontconfig specifies what actual font is used for those08:53
frinnstSans, Serif, Fixed, monospace are all generics08:53
frinnst.. unless I'm completely wrong :D08:53
pekka_10well, I installed an app called qt5ct, which is Qt5 Configuration Tool, and it show fonts are installed08:56
pekka_10I will try with an other QT-app and see if I get the same issue08:57
frinnstholy shit. does anybody here use google g suite and *like* it?09:12
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frinnstits fucking horrible09:12
Romsteri pushed it j_v09:36
RomsterACTION pokes cruxbot 09:36
Romsterwhy you no workie09:36
Romstersome businesses use it frinnst and i think it's ugly09:42
frinnstits fucking terrible09:49
frinnsteverything takes 10x longer to do09:49
Romsterand now cruxbot is still borked did someone remove the post-receive hook to cruxbot ?09:58
Romsteryeah and try and find the setting for less secure apps so outlook can fucking work, when the client has NFI what the administrator account or password is. only there own email.09:58
Romsterwhich has no rights to change that setting.09:58
Romsternot does microsoft fix outlook so it doesn't need to be less secure by google's standards.09:59
Romsteravoid g suite like the plague10:00
frinnstoffice365 is sooooo much nicer10:18
Romsteris it really? i had hell wehn i had to deal with office365 supplied by a telstra online store, where the customer purchesed it then had to make mcrosoft acocunts for the new clients at that business and all the crap of waiting for the details and the administrator account had to approve each new clients details.10:20
Romsteri could of just grabbed a few office business 2016's and had the stuff done in less than an hour than the 2 days i spent on and off getting that sorted.10:21
Romsteralas at a higher cost to the business.10:21
frinnstim trying to find out why a email bounced due to spam for a customer10:21
Romsterbut less of my time being wasted.10:21
frinnstcounting 2 hrs now (on and off)10:22
Romsteroh i hate email issues.10:22
frinnstTo address this issue: * Contact the owner of the group, who can choose to enable message moderation instead of bouncing these emails.10:22
Romsterwas it set to exchange server?10:22
frinnstas a reseller admin I cant do this. I have to login as the customer10:22
frinnstfucking silly10:22
frinnstnah. some random server to gmail10:23
frinnstspf records looks OK but it still got flagged as spam10:23
Romsterah hence the g suite ^10:23
Romsterbasicly you need the administrator login for that g suite then you can change the settings, but i haven't had to do anything with the spam filter, if it's even configurable.10:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: clementine: make sure we do not have ccache masquerade directory in PATH as cmake calls ccache directly10:27
Romsternow it works...10:27
Romstermaybe cruxbot does not like my "->"10:27
Romsterbut it's been fine in the past10:30
frinnstwohoo. finally found it. Im gonna document the shit out of this10:39
Romsterand send me a copy i am keen to see this to frinnst10:48
frinnstIts in swedish :-)10:49
Romsterwell i can use a translator10:52
frinnstits nothing special. just to login as the customer admin and navigate to apps > g suite > settings for gmail > advanced10:55
frinnstthere you can add whitelists, do stuff with quarantines etc10:56
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onoderahi, what's this new JOBS thing in pkgmk.conf and why is it added?11:33
onoderaover MAKEFLAGS=-j4 I mean11:33
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jueonodera: to simplify ports which don't use make but cmake or meson instead, see the fuse3 port for example12:02
onoderaalright, thanks12:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mkvtoolnix: 9.3.1 -> 16.0.012:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libmatroska: 1.4.5 -> 1.4.812:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libebml: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.512:07
juenp, here's the ticket ->
Romsterit was added?12:08
Romsterand i just pushed a port that had the extraction of jobs -_-12:09
Romsteroh well12:09
juehmm, our cruxbot works for contrib but not for opt12:11
Romsterin my case instead of nproc i use12:11
Romsterdistcc -j12:11
Romsterit didn't work for some of my commits in contrib either.12:11
Romsteri am not sure why.12:12
Romsteri'll go over my ports later and fix up the JOBS12:21
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Romsterand cruxbot missed them commits12:48
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Romsterdamn it with other peoples patches i keep finding more things... plus i am tired and forgotto add the patches for libsndfile-32 good sign i should goto bed.12:57
Romsterif anyone finds any bugs i am sure i'll read about it in the morning13:06
Romstershouldn't be anything major13:06
SiFuhMr Robot S03E01 is available13:32
SiFuhHavent watched it yet14:04
SiFuhI thought Season 2 sucked14:05
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darfowas there something on the channel about poppler breaking texlive? I can't find it in the IRC logs.15:30
SiFuhdarfo how recent?15:44
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SiFuhI find nothing in the 2017 logs at all15:49
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darfolast 30 days. i looked in the logs too.15:53
SiFuhI have my own logs, and nothing was mentioned, and I checked the online logs also nothing..15:55
darfook, thanks15:58
darfoI am getting a texlive compile error that seems related to the poppler headers. I'll try falling back the poppler version.16:00
SiFuhWhy not pastebin the error?16:05
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darfoI'm a pastebin noob16:14
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j_vRomster: thanks for protobuf and xmlto updates16:21
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j_vdarfo: both archlinux and fedora have patches that should fix poppler/texlive issue. i'm testing the archlinux patch:
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j_vthe patch seems to be ok, so i probably should have submitted a flyspray on it, but i haven't had much chance verify that it doesn't break anything... my texlive usage is pretty light16:26
j_vif you verify that is works for you as well, i can submit the flyspray for it16:28
darfomy usage is light too. have a lyx port in the df repo that uses it but I don't use lyx very often.16:28
darfoonly caught it during a revdep after the poppler upgrade and then texlive wouldn't rebuild16:29
darfoI'll give the patch a test16:29
j_vhmmm, maybe i'll test drive your lyx port so i can give the texlive patch better testing16:30
j_vthe xmlto port needs updated signature16:35
darfothat's odd. it works for me.16:39
darfosomeone else had a problem with my signatures and it turned out to be their copy of in /etc/ports16:39
j_vdarfo: not your xmlto port... the contrib one... i submitted a flyspray that patched it based on your xmlto port, but i can't update official signatures, so was unable to include that in the patch16:41
darfoah, good16:42
j_vRomster pushed the patch, but i should have mentioned in the flyspray about the need to also update the signature, but must have forgotten16:42
darfoi've been stumbling on the signatures...old dog, new tricks, slow learner16:43
j_vby the way, nice touch on those sed patches for adjusting the dtd in your xmlto port16:43
jaegerI updated the signatures just now16:43
j_vjaeger, thanks... i should remember to mention that when ever i submit a patch in flyspray16:44
jaegerno problem16:44
darfothanks, but I think I borrowed those from jaeger16:44
j_vdarfo: if forced myself to start using signatures in my own ports so that i could get a better understanding about them... wasn't as hard to get used to as i expected16:47
j_vthe trick is that anytime you modify the Pkgfile, footprint or source, the signature needs to be updated... the footprint doesn't track the md5sums file16:48
j_vteK's wiki page on signatures helped me set it up:
darfothat's what I've been doing with my repo. It is just developing the new habits took a while.16:50
j_vs/the footprint doesn't/the signature doesn't/16:51
j_vah, yeah, catches me time to time16:51
darfoj_v: texlive compiled fine with those patches in a clean VM. I'll have to try it against my regular system and test out lyx later...I'm being called away for other work.16:59
j_vdarfo: no hurry. i'll be afk for quite some time also (i have to leave for work in an hour). i'm building lyx now, but has to build qt first, so that will be a going for a long time anyways.17:13
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j_vdarfo: your lyx port uses '--mandir=/usr/man', would be cool if it were updated to use /usr/share/man17:48
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tsaopplasma updated to 5.11.018:09
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darfol_v: the patches for texlive work with lyx. thx for pointing out the lyx man pages, I put them in the new place.22:21
darfoj_v ^22:21
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