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Romsterromster/firefox-rust updated to 56.0.1 cargo is now not needed, romster/rust providers this, opt/llvm needs a change for romster/rust to build prt-get readme rust, or use my built packages.08:26
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onoderacan anyone tell me what the rc.d/dbus does?16:44
onoderabecasue it seems like the dbus daemon starts automatically without16:44
frinnstthere are cases where you need to start it manually iirc16:46
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jaegerGenerally if you're running a desktop environment, part of the autostart process will start the user session... you still need to use the rc script to start the system session17:12
onoderajaeger: Thanks. I'm running in a problem, it doesn't seem DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS gets exported17:13
onoderawell it does in 30-dbus.launch.sh17:13
onoderabut when I echo $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS it returns nothing17:13
jaegerhave you tried doing it manually?17:14
jaegermaybe that would point out some error message that is otherwise hidden17:14
onoderayeah I did17:16
onoderaIt seems xinitrc.d might not get sourced17:16
jaegerThe files there would be called by /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc if they exist17:18
jaegerMaybe that's not used if you have your own .xinitrc, not sure17:18
jaegerbecause it also starts twm, xclock, etc.17:18
onoderayeah I think that's the case17:18
jaegerPerhaps it's called by the session manager of whatever DE you use... If you don't use one, maybe calling it manually in .xinitrc would work17:21
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brian|lfswell I'm a week over due lol18:40
brian|lfswhat city is that in18:47
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brian|lfsde11, whats up what kind of dell you using18:51
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brian|lfswho deleted my account from the pulse group19:07
brian|lfsthat was mean19:07
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Romsterbrian|lfs, you probably ran rejmerge and just updated than merge that file23:45
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Romsterquiet weekend23:58

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