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saptechserver not found, ''01:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: thin-provisioning-tools: 0.6.3 -> 0.7.404:57
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frinnstsaptech: where did you find that url?08:54 is no more08:55
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saptechfrinnst, I found it here.
saptech#5 prt-utils11:48
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j_vsaptech: that obmenu-generator you pasted earlier has a newer version at
j_valso, the dependencies that it requires are listed in
saptechj_v, I think thsat's the one I have13:37
saptechI have it working except the dynamic flags is not adding the icons13:38
frinnsthey people moaning about crux and compile times:13:39
frinnstrun windows update on a fresh windows machine13:39
frinnst180 updates - 2.5gb to download and hours upon hours to install13:40
crash_haha that is true :)13:45
j_v"Please wait while Windows reboots/restarts in order to install updates"... damn, i miss that like a kick to the fork13:45
saptechyes windows updates take forever13:53
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joacimfrinnst: i think it took me 4 hours to update Windows 8.1 fully earlier today14:20
joacim2 of those was spent " checking for updates"14:21
john_cephalopodaHuh, it's faster to update most packages from source than updating Windows14:56
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SiFuhIt's one of many reasons I don't repair Windows PC's anymore.15:24
joacimupdating windows 10 isnt that bad. they no longer serve you 180 updates15:25
joacimor 18... making you think its just 18 updates =)15:25
joacimdone that before. saw 18... in windows update, and thought it was just going to be 18 updates15:26
SiFuhnever installed anything above windows 715:26
john_cephalopodaThey just reversed the data flow. Instead of microsoft sending you 180 updates, they only send you a few, but your computer sends a ton of data to microsoft ;þ15:29
joacimim ok with that. i even volunteer telemetry data for crux15:30
john_cephalopodajoacim: Yeah, but you _chose_ to send telemetry data to crux, while in Windows it's a "send us your data or don't use windows" choice.15:31
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dlcusaDealing with a switch that can only be demonically possed?  Pull out The Intimidator:
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john_cephalopodadlcusa: Is that a Power over Ethernet cable?17:07
john_cephalopodaPoE does 71W nominally, 100W max. It could easily drive my laptop O_O17:09
dlcusajohn_cephalopda, that depends upon the victim.  It might propagate, but who would deploy it with any other sockets populated?  Plus it will likely fry its own wires in very short order.17:23
j_v71-100W would likely burn up the cable pretty quick17:23
dlcusaj_v, it is clearly a MAD deterrent.17:24
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j_vthere will be smoke17:30
j_vsnap, crackle, pop17:31
dlcusaIt also tests circuit breakers.17:31
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dlcusaNo self-respecting BOFH should be without one.17:48
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john_cephalopoda802.3bt Type 4 can do the 100W.17:53
dlcusaThe Intimidator includes no rectifier.17:55
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j_vjohn_cepholopoda: that cord is 120VAC so likely power consumption upto 2kW+ or more if short circuit current then much higher18:16
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john_cephalopodaj_v: Does your IRC client have no tab completition?18:54
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_sfiguserhello all, what are advantages in using crux ?19:08
_sfiguseri mean would you suggest it for my development laptop  ?19:08
jaegerIf you like a hobbyist/tinkerer's distro and have plenty of time for compiling, feel free to check it out19:09
jaegerIt's a source-based distro, so if you don't like waiting for compiles, not the best choice19:10
_sfiguserjaeger, what is instead a good hobbyist tinkerer distro without having plenty of time compiling  ?19:11
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jaegerhrmm, not sure, maybe arch? I'll be honest I don't use much besides crux these days (or centos for work), so I'm not as familiar with others19:12
joacimslackware or arch maybe, but i guess those too will be timesinks19:13
jaegerslackware might be a good choice, too19:13
jaegerI'd recommend trying them in virtual machines, see which you like19:13
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_sfiguserok thanks19:15
_sfiguserwell jaeger what do you like most about crux '19:15
jaegerI just enjoy tinkering. If something goes wrong I don't mind spending time to figure it out and fix it, or compiling packages. I've certainly learned more using source-based distros over the years than I would have otherwise, I feel19:16
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_sfiguserokok thanks jaeger19:29
john_cephalopodaArch has a pretty good package variety.19:31
jaegerI definitely think the best way to decide is to try a few for a while and see what you like best. :)19:32
john_cephalopodaThe *buntus have the advantage of being the most common variety of distros, so what is developed on those usually works for nearly everybody.19:32
john_cephalopodaTrying out is probably the best way.19:33
pedja I have yet to try Debian.19:38
pedjaor Gentoo or Arch19:39
jaegerI used gentoo for years before crux. I think I've tried arch twice maybe19:43
john_cephalopodaI used Arch for years before crux.19:43
john_cephalopodaThe thing I miss the most from there is the amount of available packages. Especially the AUR.19:44
john_cephalopodaBut the available packages on crux are usually enough.19:44
pedjaCrux, Leap, Tumbleweed and FreeBSD cover all my interests/use cases so far19:44
_sfiguserpedja, it's years i use debian... and satisfied with it...19:45
_sfiguserLeap ? Tumbleweed ?19:45
pedjaopenSUSE variants19:45
jaegerAnd it's easy to make your own ports for crux when necessary19:46
pedjawhen the upstream lists nicely what the dependencies are :)19:47
john_cephalopodapedja: pkgmk until it stops complaining ;þ19:48
pedjasome apps need their deps to be built in a special way, or be specific version, or...19:50
pedjapackaging is...tedious, sometimes, but it is, mostly, a one time effort19:51
pedjauntil they change from autotools to cmake to meson :)19:51
pedjago applications are sometimes hardest to get right19:53
john_cephalopodapedja: Well, often more like a number-of-people-who-run-repos-divided-by-two time effort :þ19:53
john_cephalopodaThere are at least 8 versions of the i3 window manager.19:54
pedjawell, the reason is that different people have different requirements when building a package19:54
joacimcant people just use ratpoison? =)19:54
pedjasome want the minimal, some all bells and whistles, get the idea19:54
pedjaI use it, for rats in the basement19:55
john_cephalopodapedja: Except for minimal changes (e.g. deleting the docs/ dir), and one case where all dependencies are built inside of that package, instead of being singled out into separate packages, it's the same packages.19:56
john_cephalopodajoacim: It's nowhere in the ports list.19:57
_sfiguserjohn_cephalopoda, 8 versions of i3 ? ??20:37
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john_cephalopodaThose are 7 different packages without big differences, plus my own i3 package, which isn't in the list.21:24
_sfiguserahh okok but the program is always i321:28
_sfiguseri mean just the scripts change21:28
john_cephalopodaYeah, just different people packaging it with slight difference in the package.21:29
john_cephalopodaIt's no problem in normal crux use, but I am complaining about everything and anything :þ21:29
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frinnstACTION deploys a 6.0 appliance22:48
tsaop"Currently, there is no resolution."22:53
saptechfrinnst, did you fix that link for prt-utils?22:53
frinnstI dont know where you fond that link22:53
frinnstso no22:53
frinnstyou replied with the url22:54
frinnsti'll fix it up22:54
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