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frinnstextra awesome01:10
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elderKfrinnst: Nope, that wasn't me. I tinkered and found a solution that worked for myself.01:37
elderKBTW, guys, any news on any possible wpa_supplicant updates?01:38
elderKGiven the new KRAK attack?01:38
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NecrosporusHow is it possible that building a package fails when I have no -d option and succeeds when I have it, even though I did download the source and pkgmk does not try to download it again?04:50
NecrosporusFail happens somewhere in the middle of make04:51
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j_vNecrosporus: do you have logs for the builds?05:15
NecrosporusI did add -d and get it built successfully05:18
j_voutput at point of failure would aid in troubleshooting... what port were you building?05:19
NecrosporusGNU bc05:19
NecrosporusIt was 1.06 in installed system, but I got it segfault with my program, so I looked up and seen that 1.07 came out05:20
Necrosporusj_v, modified Pkgbuild from /usr/ports/core/bc/05:23
NecrosporusWorks with pkgmk -im -d but doesn't work without -d05:23
elderKWhy not run pkgmk -d first,, then pkgmk -um after?05:25
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Necrosporus log of failed build05:29
NecrosporuselderK, I did solve my problem. I just think it might be a bug in pkgmk05:30
elderKNecrosporus: Why did you comment out the patches?05:30
Necrosporusbecause they are for 1.0605:30
elderKI mean it does say compile fixes.05:30
elderKPerhaps the patches are still required?05:30
NecrosporusContent of patches does not look like it was related to this error05:30
j_vno, those patches are not in current bc port05:31
elderKCan  you remove work?05:31
elderKMaybe it is a permissions issue?05:31
NecrosporusI did build from root05:31
elderKI would imagine that -im means ignore md5. In which case, maybe it is expecting there to be a signature to validate against?05:31
elderKBecause it's failing because of the header file.05:31
elderKEr, deps.05:32
elderKIs it failing on make install or the previous make?05:32
elderKYou might want to use rm -rf for getting rid of $PKG/usr/share/info too05:33
elderKrmdir will fail if it's not empty05:33
j_vtry running dos2unix on that Pkgfile... it has dos line endings in it05:34
elderKAlso, check you have sufficient disk space.05:35
Necrosporusj_v, I think it's because of pastebin.com05:35
elderKSince the stat is failing.05:35
elderKNecrosporus: Yeah, that's what j_v is saying: Normalize the file to use UNIX line endings.05:35
Necrosporusmy local file has \n lineendings05:35
NecrosporusIt has nothing to do with erorr05:35
Necrosporuserror happens in the middle of make05:36
j_vthen need paste of error05:36
j_vonly issue i saw was that rmdir fails because $PKG/usr/share/info is not empty05:37
Necrosporusj_v, here. I did link it already05:38
j_vsorry if i missed it05:38
elderKj_v: Weird issue with warranty tpo05:38
elderKNecrosporus: Do you have enough disk space?05:38
Necrosporusgcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..  -I. -I./../h  -O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -Wall -funsigned-char -O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -Wall -funsigned-char -MT warranty.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/warranty.Tpo -c -o warranty.o warranty.c05:40
j_vis weird how the compile line for warranty.c is duplicated05:40
NecrosporusThe most weird thing here is that it depends on -d options05:40
NecrosporusWhich means it's probably a bug in pkgmk05:40
j_vlooks more like a parallel build issue, just looking at it05:41
Necrosporusj_v, and why does it only happen when pkgmk was started without -d??05:42
elderKThat's a good point, j_v.05:42
elderKNecrosporus: What is your MAKEOPTs?05:42
j_vnot sure. i have trouble believing that's the real issue05:43
Necrosporusexport MAKEFLAGS="-j3"05:43
j_vtry -j105:43
elderKIt's funny - quite a lot of makefiles can't handl eparallel builds.05:44
j_vi tried with -j3 and build fails for me too05:45
j_vso perhaps bc port needs explicit -j1 flag on make lines in Pkgfile05:46
j_vchanging the lines with make to make -j1 fixes it, even with MAKEFLAGS environment variable set05:48
j_vat least here, it does05:48
NecrosporusWhy did -d option affect it?05:49
NecrosporusAlso all wariable substitutions like $PKG/stuff should be enclosed in quotes05:49
Necrosporusespecially if there's a space in $PKG variable05:49
j_vif there was a space, I agree that would have an effect05:51
j_vi don't see how the -d option could effect the make process either way05:54
elderKI'm not sure I buy that -d was the heart of it. Or cause.05:58
elderKUnless for some reason, when -d is present, it doesn't inject MAKEFLAGS or whatever.05:59
j_vi've read the pkgmk script many times, but just reviewed it again, looking for some way it could have and effect06:00
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j_vi couldn't find anything that points directly to such, but i will have to do a thorough perusal of make(1) docs to verify that we aren't using some variable in pkgmk or build script that could have any effects on makefile execution06:02
WorksterelderK, core/bc is at version 1.07.106:05
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Worksterbuilds for me fine, but i do see arch use make -j1 on bc06:05
elderKWorkster: Any news regarding wpa_supplicant?06:05
Worksterbut i haven't seen a fail with a few rebuilds at j24 so shrugs06:06
Worksterjue maintains that port, but if no one has bumped it and no jue to be found i'll do it when i get home06:06
Worksterwhich will be in about 50 minutes time06:07
NecrosporusWorkster, 1.07.1 works for me fine too. The problem was in 1.0706:08
j_vWorkster: did you see Necrosporus comment about effect of spaces in unquoted variables? is it something that has been discussed before? seems like a good point.06:14
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RomsterNecrosporus, j_v, $PKG points to $PWD/work/pkg/ and PWD is always /usr/ports/<collection>/<port>/10:16
Romsterand none of those have ever had spaces ever.10:16
NecrosporusNevertheless, other special chars are dangerous as well10:18
NecrosporusEven if currently there are none and everything works10:18
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NecrosporusRomster, rename "/usr/ports" to "/usr/ ports" and installing any port will destroy your system... Even if it doesn't happen in pratice10:22
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RomsterNecrosporus, open a bug report for it10:36
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saptechhi all12:49
saptechon the wiki for 4. How do I build either KDE or GNOME? When I click Gnome, it takes me to a sign in page. ''12:50
saptechKDE work as should12:51
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saptechfrinnst ^^^12:53
saptechIs there a lxqt wiki ports page? Does anyone use lxqt? If so, how is it?12:55
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pedjathere is a lxqt repo, maintained by timcowchip13:14
pedjahow well it works I don't know13:15
saptechok, I thought I searched it. I must have overlooked it13:15
saptechI didn't really want to full install but core components of it, to add to Openbox13:16
saptechI guess it may be similar to lxde for what I want13:17
pedjaif you know which components you need, make a lxqt-desktop-minimal port, and list just them in Depends line13:21
pedjaso you can install them with just 'prt-get depinst lxqt-desktop-minimal'13:22
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pedjaor just add them one by one13:24
saptechok, sounds good. that is what I did with lxde components13:34
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jaegersaptech: nobody has maintained gnome ports in years, as far as I know13:55
jaegerkde and lxqt were already mentioned, there's also MATE13:55
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saptechjaeger, ok. I just thought it was a bad link14:09
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abenzsomething broke wpa_supplicant for me after update14:29
abenzmy existing script was overwritten (different dev interface)14:29
abenzand readme says /etc/wpa.conf while the script checks wpa_supplicant.conf14:30
abenznot a big deal, but just to avoid confusion for new users..14:30
jaeger might be kinda handy in general14:32
jaegernot related to your issue14:32
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pedjamaybe add rc.d/wlan to pkgadd.conf?15:00
pedjalan is already there15:00
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de11brian|lfs: hey ,just Inspiron 5767 i5 7th gen with radeon R7 M445 works ok15:17
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.43.717:53
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joacimthanks for ruining my fun by patching KRACK19:03
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joacimi guess routers wont ever be patched tho =)19:04
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ryu0joacim: mine already was.19:31
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joacimabsolutely none for my 10 year old router19:44
joacimif apple will patch this, it'll take ages19:45
ryu0joacim: oh. i use LEDE stuff.19:47
ryu0joacim: what model?19:47
joacimdont know the exact model. 2008 model airport extreme i think19:47
ryu0Doesn't appear any Apple models are supported. Go figure.19:48
ryu0joacim: if you're using 802.11r, disable that. it appears that's the most common vector this is exploited by on APs.19:49
john_cephalopodaThe router maker I use said, that their routers aren't affected, since their routers don't support 802.11r.19:50
joacimi wouldnt know if mine did. the config tool have lost features over the years19:51
john_cephalopodaI just looked at their website, they issued a statement.19:51
ryu0joacim: what country you in? best upgrade plan if you replace it is to buy something that can run LEDE.19:52
joacimi just use it as an access point19:54
joacimmy primary router runs OPNsense19:55
joacimmight replace this router with a pure AP eventually19:56
joacimits not my priority tho =)19:56
ryu0This is what  I'm using.19:57
joacimonly two external antennas?19:58
joacimyou need at least 8 =)19:58
joacimthis maybe20:00
joacimi see it on sale often20:00
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john_cephalopodaMy issue is, that I got copper phone cables in the walls. I can't just take a network cable from the wall. And there is only a limited number of devices with built-in router.20:15
john_cephalopoda*router -> modem20:15
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pedjajoacim, on what are you running OPNsense? one of the Alix boards?20:31
pedjaah. that one frinnst use to use but can't really now because it can't keep up with his gigabit net :)20:33
pedjazeroth world problem, that20:35
joacimi dont mind slower wifi20:42
joacimim ok with 802.11n tbh20:42
joacimi dont think i own anything thats ac capable20:43
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frinnstit would keep up if I ran 1:123:28
frinnstbut I have a bunch of vlans23:28
pedjaso what do you use? xeon machine you mentioned, iirc?23:30
pedjayou talked about ipsec performance difference a while back23:32
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pedjabtw, this might be useful to some of you
frinnstno a simple edgerouter-x23:36
frinnstI dont run any ipsec tunnels from home23:36
frinnstit has hardware offloading. without it it tops out around 500mbit23:38
frinnstjust like my apu23:39

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