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saptechfrinnst, I found another bad link00:27
saptechHow to build gnome link takes you to a sign in page00:30
marakuanybody having problems connecting to
saptechno problem here00:47
saptechI'm in the States00:47
marakuhuh, might be a local thing then00:51
marakucurl fails with a "No route to host", and ping gives a "Time to live exceeded"00:52
ryu0maraku: suggests routing failure00:58
brian|lfscan soemone please humer and see if they can log into skype with my port01:17
brian|lfsI'm scrastching my head I just get an ahh ops erros and it never logs me in01:17
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Phonesterok who broke i can ping it but the web service is either down or firewalled or routed wrong. just times out.02:14
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frinnstworks fine here02:58
saptechfine here also03:00
frinnst5 am and impossible to sleep03:00
frinnstim giving up03:00
saptechwhere is my .bashrc file located? When I type ls -la in home directory, no dotfiles are listed03:01
frinnstthe gnome link is dead because the page doesnt exist. It redirects you to a login page so you can create it! :-)03:01
frinnstunless you have created a .bashrc you wont find it. It should be in your homedir if you use one03:02
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Worksterwhat ever the issue was connecting to has resolved itself04:19
brian|lfsWorkster, can you try my skype build I don't see why I can't logon with the new version04:22
brian|lfsI've look at the arch PKGBUILD mission times04:22
brian|lfsdon't see anything obvious I'm missing04:22
brian|lfsunless gnome-keyring is too old or something04:23
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jaegerWorkster: was some kind of routing issue, was fine here04:29
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jaegerbrian|lfs: doesn't work here either04:43
brian|lfsoh so its not my system06:02
brian|lfsI don't get whats different on archlinux that makes it work06:03
brian|lfsI see I didn't have libgnome-keyring installed on my ssytem06:08
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SiFuhMr Robot is using LinuxMint 17.3  hahaha08:57
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joacimfrinnst: i thought we were apu2-brothers09:30
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pedjaapparently, AMD is using Apache/PHP5/XMPP to build a NVME RAID GUI. errr11:18
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joacimoutsourced to an intern11:53
SiFuhany US/CA people here?11:55
SiFuhI noticed Andy Griffith named the cloth on a head rest a 'Doily' yet it is technically called an 'Antimacassar'.11:56
j_vAndy Griffith? as in Opie'12:38
j_vs dad12:38
j_vwow, could you find an older reference to quote? i mean, when did he say that? the 1960's?12:40
j_vof 'The Andy Griffith Show'?12:41
SiFuh10th of April 196112:42
SiFuhYes 'The Andy Griffith Show'12:43
j_vok, what's your point? he was playing a back country hick in a town full of barely literate fools. your not insulted by fifty year old pulp tv shows are you?12:45
SiFuhNope, learning the links where language diverged. Why the British chose changes, and the Americans did not. And why the Americans respelled many words, and modified uses of older words.12:46
SiFuhExample...  Rummage sale. Most western speaking countries spoke like this. They changed to garage sales.12:47
SiFuhI was asking if in US and CA do they still call it a doily or was that just a 1960's thing on TV as you say 'back country hick in a town full of barely literate fools'12:48
SiFuhHonestly they speak better English in their backwards hilly-billy villages than most western kids today in their modern healthy societies.12:49
j_vahhh, i see what you mean... from my understanding, a doily belongs on a table, and an antimacassar is something i get yelled at for knocking off from a chair or what ever12:50
SiFuhthanks, you answered my question :-)12:51
j_vwe still have rummage sales, though usually they are done by churches, while garage and yard sales are more or less private things12:52
j_vthough all that is pretty informal, and more my observation than rule12:52
SiFuhhere an antimacassar is called a head-rest or an arm-rest..  If I mention the word antimacassar people will look at me weird.12:53
j_vah, well, it's a word that is pretty dusty for me, tbh12:54
j_vthinking of that word makes me think of the old Woody Guthrie song 'Alice's Restaurant'12:55
SiFuhArlo Guthrie12:55
j_vok, crikie, right... woody was his dad12:55
SiFuhI am a huge Arlo Guthrie fan ;-)12:56
j_vi don't own any his stuff, but always enjoy hearing him12:56
SiFuhI have him on LP12:56
SiFuhand computer ;-)12:57
SiFuhi have this album on LP12:57
SiFuheven have his movie12:57
j_vvery cool12:58
j_vthanks for the link12:58
SiFuhI love the hairy eyeball scene ;-)12:58
SiFuhGroup W bench12:58
j_vyeah, it's tradition round here that the radio stations play it every thanksgiving12:58
SiFuhhaha American Humour ?12:59
j_vyeah, we have some once in a while, just don't hold your breath waiting for it12:59
SiFuhi have 32GB of country music theat I take to work. At the begining of the USB Stick is Arlo Guthrie ;-)13:00
j_vcool, i'm thinking your idea of country music is better than what i hear play on local country music radio...13:01
j_vbut, then, i listen to everything from James Taylor to Tool then back to Pink Floyd13:02
j_vwith all kinds of varying stuff in between13:02
SiFuhI have everything Pink FLoyd13:02
j_vMeddle is my favorite LP13:03
SiFuhAll their albums, released, unreleased, radio fuck-ups, practices, and so on13:03
SiFuhWhen I work, I want country.. So I have all kinds, Old style, new, rock, rap, blues jazz... All country...13:03
j_vgreat stuff, they were totally fried much of the early days... can barely see anything but black in their irises in the early days13:04
SiFuhMostly I listen Coltd Ford (country rap), Blake Shelton, and Josh Thompson (country rock) Luke Bryan, Mearle haggard, Hank Jr... and blah blah blah13:04
j_vcool, you are probably more well rounded in your tastes than me... my wife says i'm a prude...13:04
j_vexcept when i listen to something she likes13:05
SiFuhI grew up in a family of beatle fans and bee gees13:05
SiFuhhate their music13:05
SiFuhPink Floyd is awesome and always will be13:06
j_vthey were talented, but i'd rather that stuff keep away from me13:06
SiFuhi am a huge fan of Roger Miller13:06
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j_vi don't know much about him, but i'm looking him up now13:08
SiFuhwhat insteresting is most of my family likes, I dislike and what I like they dislike..13:08
j_vnot that unusual to my way of thinking13:08
SiFuhRoger Miller was a musical comedic genius whom died young..13:08
j_vi always tend to dislike stuff i feel forced to listen to13:08
SiFuhi hate pop13:09
j_vnot my thing either... wife says i like angry music13:09
SiFuhmegadeth insomnia ?13:09
j_vnah, she says that when i'm listening to tool or korn or rage, etc13:10
SiFuhj_v: I bet I can find a song that would make her cry13:10
SiFuhrage against the machine is great!13:10
SiFuhnot relaxing13:10
j_vyeah, that's true13:10
SiFuhIf no man/woman cries to this, then they have a problem13:11
j_vok, but we're both still listening to arlo's AR13:12
j_vi've queued it...there's only 4 or so minutes left13:13
SiFuhme too haha13:13
j_vsorry, blake shelton has a great voice his band is really good, but it's just not my thing... maybe she's right about me being a prude13:17
SiFuhso did you listen to the entire song or closed it fast?13:19
j_vit's just paused for the moment13:19
j_vi'll try to finish13:19
SiFuhHe wrote the song for his mother, when she passed13:21
SiFuhWish I could write and sing something like that for my mum13:22
j_vi'll admit, it's definitely better than i'm used to from a lot of modern country artists13:23
SiFuhsame song I pasted13:27
j_vdamn, sel musta cleared13:27
j_vthat's the one i intended13:27
j_vi can't alway wrap my head around all of maynard's stuff, especially puscifer, but he does some interesting stuff13:31
SiFuhthat was cool but  what happened?13:31
j_vhe doesn't always make sense... but he tends to be original, that's for sure13:32
SiFuhlight kills13:32
SiFuhfrom darkness a dude who sees wings/cross gets ready to attack the oncoming light?13:32
SiFuhthat was weird13:33
j_vlike i said... should check out 'Rosetta Stoned'... now that is some crazy lyrics13:33
j_vthat's by Tool, off the 10,000 Days LP13:34
SiFuhi am going to send it to colombia when my bro wakes up13:34
j_vrosetta stoned:
j_vthough if you don't like, it's no insult to me13:35
SiFuhi am listening13:36
j_vif i still smoked weed, this what i would listen when13:36
SiFuhreminds me of rage against the machine13:36
SiFuhfsck weed13:36
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: Woah, that song got sad in the end.13:36
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: it's the point13:37
j_vi can't smoke it anymore anyways... i'd never be able to work in my trade13:37
john_cephalopodaHere is a more happy song:
SiFuhhe wrote a song for his mother, whom he never was there for in the end :-(13:37
SiFuhj_v: I don't smoke it because it is shit..13:38
j_vit's no good for brains cells, i can attest to that...13:39
SiFuhI tell my friends "Idiots smoke it". My friends always try to prove that I am bad and they are good.13:40
j_vsmoked it almost every day from 14 to 19... no changing it now. i don't hardly even drink much anymore.13:40
SiFuhI even insulted my friends wife by saying smoking it and not having enough money for her 7 children to eat is stupid.. Her bf tried to rip me to shreds...13:41
saptechfree the herb13:41
SiFuhfsck the drugs13:41
saptechweed is not drugs13:42
saptechmother nature's own13:42
john_cephalopodasaptech: Tobacco is also just a plant.13:42
SiFuhsame like Morphine right?13:42
saptechI thought drugs is when you add chemicals to it13:43
john_cephalopodasaptech: When you let certain fruit lie for too long, they become alcohoholic.13:43
saptechI don't eat rotten food13:44
SiFuhj_v: this is quite a cool song..13:44
john_cephalopodaYou drink rotten (fermented) potatoes or apples or grapes though.13:44
john_cephalopodaOr rotten grain.13:44
SiFuhnot rotten13:44
SiFuhit is called curing13:45
j_vi like it, there's some really cool lyrics around 8:0013:45
SiFuhi am at 07:5513:45
john_cephalopodaIf a fruit is fermenting naturally or because you want it to doesn't make a difference.13:45
SiFuhno 10:6613:45
j_v'but i forgot my pen'13:45
SiFuhfermenting naturally is curing..13:45
SiFuhrotting is distruction13:46
saptechwhen man start messing with it, it's bad13:46
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: I was just using the terminology of saptech.13:46
SiFuhj_v: that was actually different and i did not mind it13:47
saptechalcohol and tobbaco are legal and more dangerous then most other stuff13:47
saptechyet legal13:47
SiFuhthey are not lega13:47
john_cephalopodasaptech: I'd say it's healthier to eat nicotine dragees than pulling smoke of dried leaves into your lungs.13:47
SiFuhcoffee is legal13:48
SiFuhalcohol and tobacco is not!13:48
j_vcool, i think that blake shelton song way really quite amazing... i usually can't make it all the way thru a lot of modern country stuff13:48
j_vdamn, i wish i'd never made the reference to weed13:49
saptechfree the herb13:49
saptechand I don't smoke anymore13:49
j_vsorry, SiFuh, my foot is never very far from my mouth it seems13:50
john_cephalopodaWhen you give caffeine to a spider, it builds crazy nets. Those nets don't make any sense any more. They are all over the place.13:50
john_cephalopodaOther drugs have less serious effects on spiders :þ13:50
SiFuhj_v: i have people want to kill me, cut me, beat me, yell at me, and other dicks on the road who want to overtake me, drive slowly and be a constant hazzard without any knowledge of future events.. I need my country music13:51
SiFuh <-- music lik this keeps me sane!13:51
SiFuhanyone whom wishes to release weed onto a nation of children needs to sit back and think of what they have just done!13:52
j_vfor me, even if i wanted to still smoke weed (i don't), i would have trouble keeping a job, since most test for it often enough anyways, so drugs just doesn't make sense for me one way or another (though i do drink my coffee every morning)13:52
john_cephalopodaHeh, I only drink hot chocolate. Sugar is my drug of choice :þ13:53
j_vi like hot chocolate13:53
john_cephalopodaAlso nice song, SiFuh13:53
j_vwell, i like chocolate13:53
j_va lot13:53
saptechthe sad part is you can drink booze & smoke cigs and jobs are okay with that, heh13:54
j_vi mean, A LOT13:54
saptechmaybe not while at work13:54
saptechin fact, it's getting to the point you can buy cigs but can't smoke anyplace13:54
j_vseen people who do it, even though they'd get fired if get caught13:55
SiFuhwhen I was young I smoked it because I was a rebel, it was cool to defy. Then I started growing and selling, then I figured it was better others grow and I sell. I sold it accross 11 borders South East Asia. Then I saw what it did to people. I don't care of your sciences, or studies. A 12 year old smoking pot, becomes so stupid you just look at him and think wow, how?...13:55
j_v$10 a pack for cigs here13:55
john_cephalopodasaptech: Cigarettes don't have much adverse effects on productivity on the job. Also alcohol tests are done. You can't drive to work when you drink. And alcohol at the workplace is a no-go in many institutions.13:55
saptechjohn_cephalopoda, that's why I said "not at work"13:56
abenzSiFuh: I remember reading about some experiements where they subjected rats to those and then let them smell cheese, they loose motivation even after the smoke is gone13:57
saptech$10 a pack...that should make you quit13:57
j_vSiFuh, I think you have the right way of looking at it, it definitely never did me any good13:58
SiFuhabenz: I don't know about this, but what I do know. Is the younger they start, the most docile and dumb they become13:58
j_vsaptech... yeah, should, but i roll my own at about $2-3 a pack cost13:58
SiFuhI have friends who smoke. Some of the most intelligent I know. They definately did not start young.. But this is not a reason to say the older the less it affects yoy.13:59
saptechIn Missouri you can buy them between, $3-5+13:59
j_vSiFuh, is pretty interesting that RATM and Tool started within a year or two of each other14:00
saptechI smoked weed from around 16 up until my early 30s, only reason I stopped because jobs started drug testing14:00
saptechI guess crack was one reason14:01
SiFuhj_v: reminds me of the telephone.  There was always more than 1 person who came up with an idea.14:01
john_cephalopodaFolk and Country are cool. I can play piano and sing, I should attempt to make music. Hard to do without a guitar though, those are super-hard to emulate on a keyboard.14:01
SiFuhsaptech: I myself stopped because i realized how stupid I'd become. I was scared of police, even when no police was around.14:02
j_vyep... i think they may have influenced each other, since i think they both played similar venues it seems (looking at history of the two bands)14:02
SiFuhj_v: or they just evolved at the same time when the world needed it?14:02
j_vi like that way of looking at it14:02
saptechSiFuh, I had friends who quit because it was making them paranoid14:09
saptechI was just a rebel rouser, coming up during the 1960s/70s14:10
SiFuhyour friends are semi-wise14:10
SiFuhif you are 70 years old  go for it14:11
SiFuhI dont care14:11
SiFuhbut young as 12 years and smoking... your going to cause damage14:11
saptechlike cigs14:12
SiFuhi also don't understand how a person can be born a muslim14:12
SiFuhbut cant smoke or drink till 1814:12
SiFuhi think 18 is young14:12
saptechwhen I was around 12 yrs old or so, you could buy cigs until they raised the age to 18, in my state14:13
SiFuhabout 21 to 25 then do what YOU want.14:13
SiFuhi can still a kid at 6 years to buy beer and cigs14:13
saptechduring the Vietnam war, they lowered the drinking age for beer & wine to 1814:14
saptechsince you could be drafted at 1814:14
SiFuhsaptech: thanks ;-)14:14
SiFuhwhat was the age before drafting?14:14
SiFuhso because of war and the need for young flesh14:15
SiFuh21 became 18 ?14:15
saptechcorrect, we protested14:15
saptechwe=my generation14:15
SiFuhi still think 21 is the limit for most things14:15
j_vit's back to 21 for most things in this state, though i think tobacco might be at 1814:16
SiFuhi loved tobacco14:17
SiFuhgave that up too14:17
saptechit's all a racket14:17
saptechnow days14:17
SiFuhyou should see the laws here14:18
SiFuhcannot smoke near any building. kids in your car, at your home, in public areas, 5 meters from taxi ranks, near any public transport...14:18
SiFuhnow if you read all that, it actually means you can't smoke anywhere...14:19
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saptechbut you can continually to buy it14:20
saptechyou can't smoke in bars but you can drink booze14:20
SiFuhillegal to own legal to buy14:20
saptechright part of the racket now days14:21
SiFuhsaptech: exactly as Sunny says  above14:22
saptechlook like to me drinking will impair you quicker then second hand smoke will14:22
saptechTaken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day.14:25
saptechEverything is a Rich Man's Trick14:25
j_vSiFuh: now that was different... he's not afraid of crossing style boundaries; pretty cool14:25
saptechthat is a cool video14:27
SiFuhit was fun14:27
SiFuhWhat we lived, and what we are living now, is just so different14:29
j_vIf that's what i'm missing, i need to check out more different country, cause Sonny is one i could listen to. 'Place to Stay' is another good one.14:30
SiFuhAccessories port..   It's a fscking cigarette lighter!14:30
SiFuhI remember cars having ash trays...14:31
SiFuhit's been raped from us14:31
saptechheh, and cig lighters14:33
saptechgas cost around 25 cents during my days14:34
saptechnow they used the lighter port for USB devices etc14:34
SiFuhI can't sitting at a Taxi rank in a Bus zone. That cigarette smoke causes me health problems...... Yep, so does the exhaust fumes of busses and aTaxi'z and cars...14:34
SiFuhit is such a childish game14:35
saptechyou would think we would be using electric vehicles or something else14:35
saptechi'm still waiting on the flying cars14:36
SiFuhyou got done smoking for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, when 270 vehicles passed by14:36
j_vproblem for electric cars is the whole infrastructure in the states is not up to the load of charging all those cars... i wish it weren't true14:41
j_vnow, hybrids are another story, and i wish i had the cash flow to afford one of them14:42
j_vwell, maybe i should rethink that... the prius starting price is cheaper than a pickup truck now days14:44
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saptechduring the 1970s there was an oil crisis. Long lines to buy gasoline, rationalizing would think the infrastructure would be in place now14:55
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saptechj_v, did you see that youtube link I put on here14:59
saptechEverything is a rich man's trick14:59
saptechfrom the world wars, to the assassanations during the 1960s through 9/1114:59
saptechwhen Trump got in office, you know everything is a trick15:00
j_vah, yeah, it matches how i view the world... i'm still in shock that trump is in office... i'm not democratic, not republican, just hate most politicians, and all that that entails15:02
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j_vif i'm afraid of anything, i think i'm afraid of anyone who desires Power... i remember my old man telling me about getting visits first from the mob, then the fbi, back when he demonstrated against war in vietnam. it was weird to hear about, especially knowing i was actually alive then, but unaware because i was so young15:08
j_vhe was dean of students at the local college then. i remember him telling me about the day the Kent State Demonstrations (killings) happened, and he said it was rough trying to help keep things from unravelling15:12
saptechNeil Young's Ohio song15:13
j_vright, exactly15:13
saptechTin soldiers and Nixon coming, 4 dead in Ohio15:13
saptechthat was the jam back then15:13
j_vi remember it somewhat, i mean it was tense all over... you were older than me back then i think so you probably remember it better15:14
saptechyes, during the late 60s I was middle school age, so I seen it but didn't quite understand it until I hit high school age15:15
saptecha lot was going on15:15
saptechsadly, things are going backwards now15:15
j_vyeah, like we never learned anything15:15
saptechcan you ask someone to package a program?15:16
j_vwhat one is it?15:16
saptechI've been trying to do DreamChess game but keep having errors15:17
j_vgive a link, i'll give a go15:17
saptechI keep getting to this point, "configure: error: Cannot find Mini-XML library."15:18
j_vwhich version? 0.2.0? or 0.2.1-RC?15:18
saptechI was doing 0.2.015:18
j_vok, give me a moment to get started15:18
saptechI have mxml installed15:18
saptechok thanks15:19
saptechmaybe weed is having an effect on my brain or older age, memory slipping15:20
saptechI had this show right before the configure error message15:23
saptechchecking for mxmlLoadFile in -lmxml... no15:23
j_vare you using df's mxml port or 6c37's?15:25
j_vhmmm, just a guess, but i bet that the configure script looks for a pkg-config file that it's not find or isn't right version or some such... not there yet, but i've seens that lots15:27
j_vsorry, spelling just hit rock bottom on that one, didn't it15:28
j_vgrammar too15:28
frinnstwe will never forgive you15:28
j_vi knew it... i will have to pout the rest of the day15:29
j_vor maybe just look cross15:29
saptechthis the internet, we type in l33t15:30
j_vis that what the owl sounds like when it's gotten sick?15:32
j_vl33t, l33t.... l33t, l33t15:32
j_vsorry, that's my usual fail at humor15:32
frinnstit will soon be 13:37 somewhere in the world15:33
j_v2 more hours for me15:34
j_vsaptech, what's this kallistios depend... have you made a port of it? does dreamchess actually need it? i see it listed in the README15:35
saptechNo idea what it is. No15:38
j_vok, gonna try and leave that out, see how it proceeds15:39
saptechj_v, a pro-grade development system for consoles15:39
saptecha search show15:40
saptechI don't have a game console15:40
*** parlos has quit IRC15:41
saptechthat neil young song is in my head now15:43
saptechgotta find the video15:43
*** parlos has joined #crux15:43
j_vlooks to me like the problem with finding libmxml is an issue with the configure script, but it takes me a while to go over those, because reading those scripts make my eyes cross and water15:56
j_vso give me a little time here15:56
saptechtake your time. I appreciate it15:59
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j_vsaptech: found fix... just need a few more to generate the patch16:56
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j_vsaptech: i was getting a little bit silly by making that a patch instead of a shell archive or something less likely to overwrite anything existing...20:19
j_vi was thinking that a safe way to unpack that would be: tmpdir=$(mktemp -d -t dreamchess.XXXXXX) && patch -d $tmpdir -p1 < patchfile20:21
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saptechj_v, so it's done and I need to run what you gave in the link?22:21
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