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brian|lfsjaeger, just fixed skype finally02:49
brian|lfsit needs v4l-utils02:49
brian|lfsnot sure why archlinux don't list it anywhere I guess they assume its on every archlinux system02:49
brian|lfsya kind scratching my head that v4l-utils would block logging on02:56
jaegerthat is pretty odd02:56
brian|lfsshould be good fixed my skype port and added v4l-utils to my repo romsters was way out of date wouldjn't compile02:57
jaegerone of your ports was missing a dep, trying to remember which02:57
jaegermaybe gconf was missing libidl?02:58
brian|lfsmaybe lol02:59
brian|lfsnot sure hard to diagnose it was installed on my system already03:00
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jaegerbrian|lfs: it was orbit that needs libidl05:04
brian|lfsah ok cool05:33
brian|lfswhat did I need orbit for lol05:33
brian|lfsI'm pulling my hair trying to get audio to work on skype05:34
brian|lfseven updated pulseaudio to 11.105:34
jaegerorbit's required by gconf05:35
brian|lfsah ok05:36
brian|lfsjust fixed orbit thanks05:36
brian|lfsserious audio issues with skype preview05:36
brian|lfsdon't get it sound comes in and out05:37
brian|lfsyou will hear it then do a test call and it cuts out05:37
brian|lfsand never see a mic for capture05:37
brian|lfskind of wondering if it would work better without pulse05:39
Worksterisn't skype 32bit only?06:01
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jaegerbrian|lfs: skypeforlinux also needs cups as a dep06:18
jaegerWorkster: this preview version or whatever it is is 64-bit06:19
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brian|lfsgood point needs  cups06:49
brian|lfsnot sure when that got deleted from my deps06:49
brian|lfswell good night all let me know if you have better luck with the audio jaeger06:51
brian|lfsI gues leave me a private message got work in the morning06:51
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frinnstwonderful start to the day07:49
frinnstbuy breakfast -> walk out to car07:50
frinnstflat tyre07:50
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jaegerbrian|lfs: I don't actually use it for anything, just tested the startup13:39
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pedjathis is cool
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SiFuhj_v: This Puscifer guy has some quite interesting music..15:41
j_vSiFuh: no doubt... he also is the front man for Tool and Perfect Circle... definitely some amazing diversity and talent15:44
SiFuhI was just listening to Perfect Circle and I didn't not like the hidden meaning of the lyrics.15:47
SiFuhdidn't not... hahaha  *didn't15:47
SiFuhAmazing to see a guy in 3 seperate bands15:48
SiFuh"How cool it is that the Grand Canyon gets to say "I'm in a Puscifer music video?" - Ribslectics15:50
j_vhe's definitely a different sort... he also owns a vinyard in Arizona that he has cultivated from scratch; don't know how good the wine is because wine isn't really my thing15:51
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jaegerA friend of mine says the wine is good but he also owns all of the guy's albums and goes to every concert18:04
SiFuhI don't like wine18:04
jaegerNor do I so I can't really say18:05
SiFuhBeer and Vodka  nothing else18:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: atk: updated to 2.26.119:37
frinnstthat was one useless update :-)19:45
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pedjamore projects switching to meson, i see19:59
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frinnstyeah the freedesktop ones20:17
frinnstbut we dont build atk with meson so its pointless for us :)20:18
pedjanew libpinut requires it :)20:29
pedjamesa will completely switch to it in a few releases, iirc20:30
pedjait would be interesting to see how big of a difference it makes with build times20:34
pedjaparticularly if llvm makes a switch to it, that one really takes a while to build20:36
pedjaon my potatoputer, anyway :)20:36
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