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ryu0\o/ My Alpha Centurion shipped.02:53
brian|lfslooks like a notebook?02:59
ryu0brian|lfs: yes.03:00
brian|lfswhat distro does it come loaded with03:00
ryu0brian|lfs: Alpha OS, a derivative of Elementary OS. They had to rebrand it. I plan on putting something else on it though.03:01
jaegerdoes it run templeos?03:01
ryu0ACTION snickers.03:01
jaegerwhat's the deal with the alpha centurion?03:06
ryu0jaeger: meaning?03:06
jaegeror maybe a better question is "what's interesting about it?"03:06
jaegerI've never heard of it, just curious03:07
ryu0jaeger: oh. Alpha is a company that started operations around March of this year with their first product, the Litebook. One thing setting them apart is they don't sell exclusively $700+ units.03:07
ryu0I don't see many Linux hardware sellers do that.03:08
jaegerah, cool03:09
ryu0i mean the Litebook isn't all that powerful but it's certainly capable for certain workloads.03:09
jaegercheap options are great03:09
jaegerI have one of the pinebooks, that's a really cheap option :) It's not at all impressive but for the price, it delivers what was expected03:10
ryu0Ah. Litebook starts at $250 with a celeron N3150.03:10
ryu0i've used one for the last few months.03:10
jaegernot bad03:11
ryu0Though it had some mistakes for their first run. They're trying to do a hardware revision to fix what they can.03:12
ryu0Trackpad... doesn't do proper scrolling with Linux it seems.03:13
ryu0it's usable as a basic mouse but that's about it.03:13
ryu0and the HDMI port fails to perform auto-detection for some reason. they did manage to find that it does work if you manually hack in an external display.03:14
jaegeron the hardware topic, I changed out the power button on my NCASE M1 for a led-ringed vandal switch, kinda neat look03:14
ryu0still, not something you should have to do in this day and age.03:14
ryu0it's not the 90s or whenever it was normal to manually define X11 outputs.03:14
ryu0Huh. Is that a Lian Li case? reminds me of some of them.03:15
jaegerI still have to do some config on my older macbook pro running linux to get the trackpad to work sanely but other than that, yeah, not bad to configure xorg these days03:15
jaegerSort of... it was a kickstarter thing but lian li made the parts03:15
ryu0jaeger: funny thing is i can't remember the last time I actually had to manually edit X11 configuration.03:15
ryu0safe to try out different driver options sometimes.03:16
jaegerThat macbook pro trackpad is the only thing I have that requires manual config03:16
ryu0they've done a lot to make X11 more automated.03:16
jaegerother systems are fine03:16
jaegerespecially with libinput03:16
jaegerevdev was a great start, libinput seems even better03:16
ryu0evdev is still around. it's the kernel level API.03:17
ryu0libinput is something newer? i think it's an abstraction.03:17
jaegeryeah, I just mean in terms of innovations over time03:17
ryu0it seems to me the need for those keyboard and mouse input drivers is largely gone.03:17
ryu0as it seems that libinput can handle it w/o them being installed anymore.03:18
ryu0jaeger: ya wanna know a funny case-related problem I had some years back?03:19
ryu0i had either a power or reset button that was malfunctioning.03:19
ryu0turned out, somehow a piece of tape had gotten in the way and was causing it not to work correctly.03:20
ryu0removing it fixed the problems.03:20
jaegeroops, heh03:23
ryu0yea... sometimes i hate troubleshooting electronics.03:24
ryu0it's largely a game of trial and error.03:24
jaegercan be, yeah03:25
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jaegersomeone ordered one of those purism librem laptops, right?03:45
ryu0not me.03:57
jaegerwatching a review of the litebook, it looks a lot like the pinebook chassis04:01
ryu0jaeger: Egee's review?04:11
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Romstercruxbot, is still broken and timeline is missing commits05:42
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ryu0Romster: who even controls cruxbot?06:01
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Romsterit runs on so who ever has access to that06:01
ryu0O.O06:02 has no IPv6 DNS records.06:02
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RomsterJ_V you about? poking around your ports.08:26
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SiFuhthey made a movie about their ordeal
SiFuh"Escape from Amazon" - "I shouldn't be alive" series15:43
SiFuhhahaha not that Amazon!15:46
ryu0there's this trend in some channels, namely #learnprogramming.15:47
ryu0a subset of web chat users will pick bizarre names like...15:48
ryu0or that seem like a statement about them.15:49
SiFuh#IJustRealizedILeftMyKnife2KMBackAndIdecidedNotToGoBackForIt     like that?15:49
ryu0Sorta, but no #.15:50
ryu0One of the bigger trolls we banned was ComputerKidd.15:50
SiFuhBecause he can't spell kid?15:50
ryu0ACTION shrugs.15:52
SiFuhDo you work for Amazon?15:53
ryu0I just found that site today.15:53
ryu0But high turn-over rate is usually a bad sign.15:54
SiFuhLooks like the movie is not following the episode of I shouldn't be alive.15:59
ryu0SiFuh: a movie that isn't an accurate portrayal of what it's based on!? say it ain't so!16:01
SiFuhAlien was very accurate ;-)16:02
SiFuhahh it's a part that was missed out in the original documentary16:05
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john_cephalopodaThe whole trailer long, my only thought was "Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel Radcliffe" :þ16:20
SiFuhWho is Daniel Radcliffe?16:21
SiFuhahh a stupid actor16:22
john_cephalopodaHarry Potter16:24
SiFuhNever seen it16:24
ryu0SiFuh: good. you got to see him fight his worst enemy, puberty. :D16:25
SiFuhryu0: same as Eminem16:25
john_cephalopodaApparently he's trying to get away from the HP franchise and do other movies.16:25
ryu0No idea. I never paid any serious attention to people like that.16:26
john_cephalopodaSwiss Army Man was pretty cool :D16:26
SiFuhHewlett Packard did movies?16:26
SiFuhI have never watched Hairy Pothead and I never will16:27
ryu0That must be the Chinese rip-off starring Cheech and Chong.16:28
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SiFuhCheech and Chong is awesome16:28
john_cephalopodaThe Harry Potter movies are quite good.16:33
john_cephalopodaI also enjoyed the new "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" movie, which plays in the same world (but in the time of the prohibition).16:34
SiFuhCool he just pulled a worm out of his head16:34
SiFuhI can't understand how these guys even survived. I spent almost 12 months in a jungle. We always took care of feet. These guys have just rotting mash after a few days.16:39
john_cephalopodaWorms? Sounds like bad drinking water. Better cook everything in the jungle :þ16:41
SiFuhalways cook everything in the jungle16:44
SiFuhplants can be washed well if you have clean water, but in general, boiling water is the best solution16:45
ryu0"Welcome to the jungle, where everything wants to kill you."16:45
SiFuhNothing wrong with getting wet or sweaty in the jungle. Just don't move very far. Friction on moist skin causes damage.   We actually slept in the day and moved through the night.16:45
ryu0SiFuh: sounds like the advice desert travellers use.16:46
SiFuhjungles and deserts are stinking hot.16:46
SiFuhI don't know deserts even though where I live is about 90 stone and desert.16:47
SiFuhI have always been fascinated by the desert, but the Jungle is always my love.16:47
SiFuhIt realy all is just common sence.16:48
john_cephalopodaIn the jungle, there is at least some food and stuff one could drink.16:54
john_cephalopodaNot everything is edible16:55
SiFuhThe Jungle is the world's largest restaurant, pharmacy, clothes shop and construction equipment.16:55
SiFuhEverything the human needs is there16:56
john_cephalopodaBut also a lot of things that humans don't need.16:56
john_cephalopodaMosquitos, snakes, parasites etc.16:57
SiFuhI was born in Australia. 1 out of every 8 species of animals will kill you16:57
SiFuhTake care yourself, stay clean, don't over do anything, relax, stay calm, think smart... It will take care of you16:57
SiFuhGetting stuck in quicksand wasn't in the documentary17:01
SiFuhMust be a harry potter addition17:03
ryu0SiFuh: shouldn't it be called sticky sand then? :D17:08
SiFuhi dont get it17:08
ryu0SiFuh: getting stuck, it "stuck" to them. =p17:09
SiFuhStuck in traffic... Sticky traffic?17:09
SiFuhI got stuck with question 20 on the exam.... it was a sticky question?17:10
ryu0ugh. you're overthinking it.17:10
ryu0one definition of sticky:17:11
ryu03 :tending to stick17:11
SiFuhwell if you know how quicksand works you will know there is nothing sticky about it, it is just physics17:11
ryu0"to hold to something firmly by or as if by adhesion" (stick)17:13
ryu0other forms of stick: "stuck"17:13
ryu0it was a joke on the many definitions.17:13
SiFuhEnglish is the prostute of all language17:14
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