IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2017-10-22

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frinnstglibc updates were just pushed. if you have glib installed you need to rebuild it afterwards14:51
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crash_thanks for the headsup :)16:03
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joacimnice time to upgrade the kernel at the same time too i guess16:34
saptechhello all16:36
saptechwhat does this command do, exactly? "prt-get update -fr `revdep`"16:36
j_vrevdep checks for broken reverse dependencies, so it feeds it's output to prt-get update -fr, the -fr switch with prt-get causes all packages listed to be rebuilt16:39
j_vthe prt-get manual "man prt-get" or calling "prt-get help" will give more information16:40
john_cephalopodasaptech: You might want to run "revdep" seperately. libreoffice and syslinux, for example, will always complain that they have missing dependencies and would be automatically rebuilt although they don't have to.16:43
saptechthanks for the info16:46
saptechI've already ran the command  :s16:46
saptechj_v, I got the dreamchess files16:46
saptechbut I haven't installed it yet16:47
saptechthanks for the help16:47
j_vsaptech: ok, no problem... be sure to read the README, there's an important note about dependencies in there16:48
j_v is only showing official ports plus kde4, jaeger, and pitillo16:50
john_cephalopodaj_v: It is showing ports by way more people than only those.16:50
john_cephalopoda6c37 is also listed in portdb, for example.16:50
j_vright now? are you sure?16:51
john_cephalopodaj_v: Oh, it did a few days ago but apparently not any more. What happened to portdb?16:51
j_vthat's why i mention it... maybe someone who has access the the server can eventually look in to it, thanks for verifying it16:56
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frinnstbumped the glib release to force a rebuild17:20
j_vfrinnst: nice work finding that incompatibility for glib17:31
frinnstyeah you can see my very scientific process for finding it in the #crux-devel backlog :D17:34
frinnstits a work of horror17:34
j_vfor some reason, the crux-devel archives page only shows up to July 201717:35
frinnst looks ok here17:36
j_voh, i thought you meant the ML17:36
j_vfrinnst: well, looks not so bad to me. i don't know how else that kind of stuff can be caught.17:46
j_vspecifically, if revdep doesn't catch it, what other tools are at our disposal to look for library incompatibility17:50
brian|lfsglibc and glibc-32 seem broken18:17
brian|lfsfor me at least they won't compile18:17
j_vwhat are the errors?18:20
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brian|lfsAnyone have good copies of the new glibc and glibc-3219:58
frinnstwhats wrong?20:10
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joacimbrian|lfs: should be on the crux iso23:38

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