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saptechhello all05:37
saptechtrying to update mesa3d but keep getting this error msg, "CWD (1) /pub/mesa/12.0.6 ... No such directory 'pub/mesa/12.0.6'". Download fails05:38
saptechthis coming from the xorg collection05:40
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frinnstupdate your ports06:34
frinnstrather, what version of crux are you running?06:35
saptechI did update ports06:36
saptechnot sure which ver of crux I'm running. how can I tell?06:36
saptechit was 3.206:37
frinnstyou should upgrade to 3.306:37
frinnstwe dont support 3.2 at all any more (not enough manpower)06:37
saptechhow do I upgrade it to 3.3?06:38
frinnstdownload the ISO, boot it, mount your filesystem to /mnt and run setup06:39
saptechit will update the current version doing it?06:41
saptechor will it be a fresh install?06:43
j_vsaptech: and especially
saptechok, thanks06:47
Romsterselect the upgrade option after typing "setup"06:55
Romsterdon't forget revdep and rejmerge after as well06:55
saptechthanks again06:57
Romsterand double check /etc/ports/{contrib,compat-32}.rsync are actually on 3.3 and not 3.2 after. rejmerge should take care of those but sometimes it seems to miss.06:59
saptechok, I'm saving this info07:00
ryu0Romster sighting!07:00
Romsteri'm eating my dinner07:01
saptechI thought this cmd would update to latest ver, 'prt-get sysup'07:01
ryu0nope, not for upgrading between majors.07:01
saptechhmmm, ok07:02
Romsterthat only updates to the lateist ports on the crux branch your on which is currently 3.207:02
saptechwhat I'm using now is a restore backup about 6 months old07:03
saptechif I knew it I could have done a fresh install with 3.307:03
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Romsterhow long have you been using crux for saptech ?07:06
saptechover a year off and on07:07
Romsterso you started on crux 3.2 i presume07:07
saptechI like the challenge and I have it on a 30gb partition07:08
saptechbut sometimes I back up the partition and install something else on it07:08
Romsterwell yeah there is a upgrade path and a new setup path from every crux version07:09
saptechthanks, I didn't pay attention to that07:09
saptechin fact I had installed Nutyx on crux partition but it's not for me07:11
Romsternever tried that07:12
Romsteroh and there be some changes if you use setuptools07:12
saptechit's based on LFS, which I tried it but never got past chapter 5 or such07:13
Romsteri renamed packages for python-setuptools and python3-setuptools07:13
Romsterand there dependencies07:13
Romsteryou'll need to manually remove the older ones and depinst python-setuptools07:13
Romsterif you use those.07:13
saptechI'll give it a shot and see how it turns out07:14
Romsteralso glibc update needs glib rebuilt so it resolves sites again for browsers07:15
Romsterbe sure to read the prt-get readme xorg-server07:16
Romsterif any issues we'll be around07:16
saptechgreat, I appreciate it07:17
saptechI'll probably do it later this week07:17
saptechRomster, is crux the only distro you use?07:22
saptechif only I could get my Brother MFC printer to work with crux07:24
ryu0saptech: does it work with any other distributions?07:30
saptecheverything is setup, when I go into the cups web page, It's listed07:31
saptechonly problem, when I print, no paper comes out07:31
brian|lfsglib rebuild doesn't help glibc07:32
j_vsaptech: don't bite my head off for asking this, but you did make sure there is paper in the printer?07:33
j_vi ask, because i've done that before07:34
saptechbyting j_v head off07:34
brian|lfsI kind of guessed that07:34
saptechyes it have paper & ink07:34
brian|lfsanyone have good builds of the new glibc07:35
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j_vsaptech: what model is it?07:42
saptechoops, 5440cn07:44
saptechthere are debs & rpm drivers for it07:44
saptechbut I followed a slackware document on getting it to work for crux07:45
j_vhmmm, shouldn't be to far off, i'd think07:46
saptechwell getting it setup on crux07:46
saptechyep, maybe something is missing that I can't figure out07:47
saptechwhen I print something, while looking at the cups webpage, it change from Idle to processing and back to Idle but no output07:48
saptechI had it happen with another distro also07:51
j_vdamn, the cups wrapper for your model is written in csh07:51
saptechit say to use tsch instead07:51
j_vyeah, that would work... i'm just surprised, i don't see too many scripts in csh07:52
saptechthat wouldn't make a difference for crux?07:52
j_vshouldn't, as long as you have csh or tcsh installed07:53
saptechbut it worked with arch & slackware07:53
j_vi'm looking in the script now to see if it references anything that is elsewhere on crux07:54
saptechnon deb/rpm distros07:54
saptechone reason I use mageia as my main distro, I need the printer for the family07:56
j_vone problem i see right off is /etc/init.d used instead /etc/rc.d that we have07:56
saptechright, someone told me something to do but this was awhile back07:57
saptechsomeone using crux07:57
saptechit still didn't work at the time07:58
SiFuhj_v: ls *.csh |wc -l. I get 21 scripts in /etc/profile.d  just to start with ;-)07:59
j_vSiFuh: i have not /etc/profile.d08:00
SiFuhj_v: I am in slackware08:00
saptechI have had it working with slackware before08:00
saptechSiFuh, doesn't slack have, '/etc/init.d'?08:02
Romstersaptech, mostly other than some other live distro sometimes08:02
SiFuhsaptech: we have /etc/init.d but it is unused. We actually use /etc/rc.d/08:03
SiFuhhead -n 4 /etc/init.d/README.functions08:04
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SiFuhIf you're reading this in /etc/init.d/, Slackware's real init directory is /etc/rc.d/.  Maybe you already knew this, but it never hurts to say.  :-)08:04
saptechit seems the printer works with '/etc/init.d' and not those with '/etc/rc.d'08:04
Romsterbrian|lfs, i am in the process of building packages and uploading them08:04
SiFuhsaptech: init.d -> rc.d/init.d    in slackware08:05
saptechSiFuh, I haven't used slack in a good while08:05
saptechthis printer may be 7 or so yrs old08:06
brian|lfsthanks Romster I need some sleep ttyl08:06
saptechI need sleep also, 3am08:06
brian|lfs4am here08:06
saptechin fact, last time I used slack was 32 bit08:06
brian|lfsI did do revdep rebuilding a few packages nothign I see that would affect glibc08:06
saptechI cut my teeth on slack & debian08:07
saptechbut mandrake made me give up windows because it wiped the windows partition without me being aware it was going to do it...lol08:08
SiFuhhahaha i remember Mandrake, I ws my the second distro I ever tried. Caldera was my first.08:09
saptechwow, caldera was my first. I bought the cds08:09
saptechand had to manually install kde08:10
saptechon dialup modem08:10
SiFuhOh those days were aweful.  gcc and glib took forever on dialup08:10
saptechlol, yep08:10
SiFuhNew update availble glib... oh no....08:11
SiFuhYou actually cursed new updates because downloading took forever08:11
saptechok, i'm going to bed. g'nite08:11
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ryu0comment of the day08:24
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j_vthere's a new device manager, kind of a mdev clone, but with both cold plug and uevent/netlink handling:
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dbrookefrinnst: thanks for the openldap tip on the ml, rebuilding it fixed curl/git for me too09:12
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frinnstno worries. lucky I caught it09:59
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pedjathis glibc update was smooth(ish), congrats to the devs for a job well done11:05
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SiFuhand the replacement of dialup networking11:27
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john_cephalopodaI get a signature mismatch for llvm11:39
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rmullFunny/sad. Not looking forward to nuclear winter :(14:29
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pedjahm. loading nvidia-uvm kernel module the first time doesn't trigger the udev rule to create device, but it does on second time.14:39
pedjawhich makes a difference between 'OpenCL not available' and 'OpenCL available'14:41
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brian|lfsmysql mirror sucks right now lol16:39
frinnstbrian|lfs: what was wrong with your glibc update? did you resolve it?17:04
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de11i just finished sysup and -- Packages where update failed17:10
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joacimdid any of you mess with virtualisation with your ryzen systems?18:04
joacimwondering if there are any more issues besides the performance issue related to npt with kvm and amd systems18:05
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frinnstnot really, just a few kvm vms every once in a while18:24
jaegerI haven't yet18:24
pedjanpt issue seems to be specific to KVM, and there are patches floating around for it. when will they land upstream is hard to tell, though18:30
pedjamaybe they already did, they were against 4.13-rc tree, so18:34
joacima quick ^f against the 4.13 changelog has nothing on npt and nested18:34
joacimbut they might call it something else18:35
pedjammu_notifier, iirc18:36
pedjaor that maybe something completely unrelated, idk18:38
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pedja'AMD is researching the issue'19:03
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joacimafter lunch19:11
pedjalooks like qemu HDA audio will finally work right in Windows VM19:12
joacimi get my audio from the graphics card. pass through audio device attached to it, and i get sound through displayport19:15
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onoderahi, my llvm is having a footprint mismatch19:26
pedjaonodera, run 'ports -u', frinnst pushed the fix for it19:32
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john_cephalopodaMISMATCH        .footprint20:49
frinnstjaeger: are you guys running any esxi 6.5?20:51
frinnstit's like a bad joke20:56
jaegerI'm running 6.5 at home, 5.1 and 6.0u3 at work20:56
frinnsthyper-v is unusable, vmware is buggy20:57
jaegerSo far no problems with 6.5 in my home lab except I had to redeployVCSA once20:57
jaegers/yVCSA/y VCSA/20:57
frinnstI just had the pleasure of updating vcenter to 6.5 at work on our internal env. last week20:57
jaegerWe just upgraded the 6.0 to u3 last week, we're pretty careful with those20:58
frinnstthe upgrade was broken beyond belief so I did a fresh install. had to migrate our dvswitches from 5.5 to 6.520:58
jaegerHrmm, I don't have 10GbE NICs currently so I guess I won't hit this bug20:59
jaegerbut it's good to know, we've got a lot of 10GbE at work20:59
frinnstdidnt work. workaround was to deploy 6.0 -> import those and export -> import in 6.520:59
frinnsti tried to install 6.5 on one of our blades today with 10g. luckily it didnt find any nics at all20:59
frinnsteven hp's own custom iso updated 2 weeks ago failed to load any drivers21:00
jaegerDidn't you guys switch from vmware to hyper-v because of licensing costs?21:00
frinnstbut that might just be hp suckyness21:00
jaegerAre you back to vmware now?21:01
frinnstwe never deployed it. and a critical bug prevents us from doing that21:01
jaegerAh, ok21:01
jaegerWhat a pain21:01
frinnstno kidding21:01
frinnstso looking at 6.5 now but it looks like a shitshow too21:01
jaegerIt's been solid in my home lab so far but that obviously doesn't span a large range of hardware and whatnot21:03
jaegerI do use vSAN, though21:03
frinnstvsan is free for lab work?21:03
frinnst(as in cost)21:03
jaegerNot quite, but cheap. via VMUG Advantage21:04
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sh4rm4^bnci'm interested in getting a minimal GLIBC-based rootfs containing just the bare minimum to compile sw: i.e. busybox, glibc-dev, gcc, make. do you guys have something like that, or would it be easy/possible to build that from source ?21:18
jaegercrux isn't quite minimal in that it does come with other stuff than the things you've listed, but it would certainly accomplish the task21:21
jaegerif you want to roll your own from scratch or make something more minimal, might be worth looking at buildroot21:21
pedja2/3 of Crux Docker image is the toolchain, so busybox instead of bash wouldn't make much of a difference :)21:23
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pedjait's still rather small, ~450Mb21:24
pedjaso frinnst, hyperV is a non-starter, vmware is kind of shitty. what now? join the hype and deploy OpenStack?21:25
frinnstI'd imagine that to be the worst of the lot tbh :)21:33
pedjait's a complex beast :)21:34
john_cephalopodaRun everything in qemu!21:37
pedjathe trend seems to be deploying it on top of Kubernetes, which is...interesting21:37
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pedjaOpenStack can use qemu/kvm/vmware/hyperv/Xen/LXC as a virtualization backend21:39
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pedjano wonder there are quite a few projects trying to make deploying it a little less painful :)21:45
joacimclose your eyes and pretend bhyve is better than all22:11
joacimi know students that insists that vmware workstation is better than hyperv because the switches comes preconfigure out of the box22:13
joacimi dont imagine how they want to roll out a bunch of servers for people with vmware workstation22:13
joacimhow they would*22:13
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