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Romsteri can't recreate that issue john_cephalopoda01:51
rmullmupdf-gl broken for anyone else? I get "gl error 65542: GLX: GLX extension not found"01:51
Romsterdoes glxgears work for you rmull01:52
saptechhello all01:53
saptechI just upgraded my 3.2 install to 3.3...after compiling the newer kernel, everything seems to work except when I get to the login screen, my usb keyboard & mouse doesn't work01:54
saptechany idea what may went wrong?01:54
rmullRomster: Nope!01:55
rmullI'll try restarting X, some stuff got updated01:55
Romsteryou using nvidia or something?01:55
Romstergl-select use xorg01:56
rmullYes, nouveau01:56
Romstergl-select use nvidia01:56
Romsterah ok make sure it's on xorg then01:56
Romstermight not hurt to depmod -a01:56
Romsterthen startx again01:56
rmullABI mismatch reported on starting X01:57
Romsterprt-get readme xorg-server01:57
Romstersays how to fix that01:58
rmullthanks, will proceed01:59
Romsterincidentally i added that README for this very reason01:59
rmullAll good now, thanks again02:08
saptechlet me check to see if the old kernel will work02:09
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Worksterno problem rmull02:11
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saptechhmmm, something is wrong with the new kernel02:16
Worksterlike what exactly and what kernel version from and to?02:29
Worksterdid you use the same .config file02:29
Workstermake silentoldconfig02:29
saptechkernel 4.1.13 to the one comes with 3.3 iso, 4.1.9 I think it is02:31
saptechno I did not use the same .config file02:32
saptechbut I didn't make any major changes to the 4.1.9 kernel02:32
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saptechWorkster, the problem with the new kernel isusb mouse/keyboard not working02:41
Worksterlibinput evdev support03:16
j_vsaptech: do you have copies of your configs? both the one you used to build 4.1.13 and the one you used to build the 4.9.* kernel?03:18
brian|lfskernels can be a pain sometimes03:19
brian|lfsI'm sure I've had my issues in past I've always felt kernels are the hardest part of Linux03:23
brian|lfsonce you geet good at them everything else seems easier03:24
saptechj_v, yes I have both and it's 4.9.603:54
saptechbrian|lfs, I haven't compiled a kernel in ages03:54
saptechI just the default kernel03:54
j_vsaptech, if you pastebin those configs, can take a look a see if anything seems amiss03:56
saptechj_v, here it is04:03
saptechboth are listed04:03
SiFuh4.9.6 starts at line 325504:05
saptechhow do I know if i'm using crux 3.2 or 3.3?04:16
saptechthe upgrade seem to went fine04:16
jaegersaptech: run 'crux'04:21
saptechthank you, I'm running 3.304:23
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saptechWorkster, it seems evdev is being used with the 4.1.13 kernel04:25
j_vsaptech, these configs look pretty similar, can't pick out anything specific that should break... are you sure that you installed the modules for 4.9.6?04:28
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saptechyes I ran make modules make & modules_install04:30
saptechmake modules_install*04:31
SiFuh# CONFIG_USB_HIDDEV is not set04:31
j_vhelp shows that those are things like monitor controls and ups's04:33
SiFuhThe only other 3 that are important CONFIG_USB=y CONFIG_INPUT=y CONFIG_USB_HID=y04:34
SiFuhand he has them all set to yes which is good04:34
j_vyeah, so it looks like the next step is to check dmesg and logs04:34
saptechI'll look through those04:35
saptechI appreciate the help04:35
SiFuhWhy 4.9.6 and not 4.12.8   by the way?04:36
saptechat least the 4.1.13 is working  :)04:36
SiFuhsaptech: yeah I did diff of both your configs, not much difference at all.04:36
saptechSiFuh, no reason, I just used the one came with 3.304:36
saptechI only changed a few items I knew I wouldn't need/want04:37
j_vSiFuh, thanks for second set of eyes... i appreciate the help04:37
saptechmaybe tomorrow I'll try compiling 4.12.8. Is it the newest kernel?04:37
SiFuhI wish I could do that. I get all these weird devices randomnly to plug in and test  so my kernel is quite large04:37
SiFuhsaptech: not sure but it is newer ;-)04:38
saptechI normally just use the stock kernel that comes with distros04:38
j_vsaptech, you might consider trying 4.9.58... since 4.9 is lts, at least 4.9.58 is patched for any bugs04:38
saptechthanks again all04:42
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j_vgood luck, saptech... don't forget to check your logs04:58
j_vif the keyboard/mouse work in console but not X11, then also check /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:00
saptechsure thing05:02
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frinnstfucking developers09:57
frinnstuser NOT in sudoers ; TTY=pts/0 ; COMMAND=/bin/rm -rf log209:57
frinnst"sudo rm -rf" is hardcoded in their brains09:57
joacimsudo man sudo10:07
SiFuhnextime I will pkexec or xhost - or reboot to init 110:07
frinnst... aaaand just got an email saying there are permission problems and that the server is down10:56
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SiFuhnever insult the developers ;-)11:07
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frinnstthey can do a lot that I cant. But you dont see me writing code in production applications12:01
Romstersudo make me a sandwich12:03
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pedja (courtesy of #packetpushers)13:23
frinnstI've written a quick exploit for that vulnerability.13:59
frinnstInstead of using it for malicious purposes, I use it to actually increase my systems security.13:59
frinnst$ ./a.out13:59
frinnst[+] Leak size=144 bytes13:59
frinnst[+] Overwriting selinux_enabled...13:59
frinnst[+] SELinux disabled!13:59
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onoderateK__: can you please update efibootmgr from 14 to 15?19:56
onoderaand efivar to 3219:57
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onoderahi, I'm trying to do efistub, but efibootmgr is not saving my boot order20:28
onoderaanyone knows what might cause this?20:28
j_vfound this:
j_vnot exactly same, but seems to cover a lot of ground20:35
saptechhello all20:40
saptechwell, I wrecked my 3.3 upgrade20:40
jaegeronodera: I haven't looked at the link yet but I'd suspect a bug in the UEFI implementation20:40
jaegeronodera: recommend checking for a BIOS/UEFI update if you haven't already20:41
jaegersaptech: how so?20:41
saptechI ran that one command to see which files got rejected and I guess I did somethhing wrong20:41
saptechnow when I boot, it goes to a console login prompt and stops, nothing happens20:42
jaegerno error messages or strange boot messages?20:43
saptechdon't remember at this time20:47
saptechI can boot and see.20:48
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frinnstim betting on rejmerging fstab :)20:55
jaegercould be20:59
j_vcould also be inittab21:01
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saptechjaeger, the boot message I get is, "/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory21:05
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saptechthen it go to the cmd prompt, "Crux ((none)) (tty1).  (none) login. At this point the cursor is blinking but I can't type anything. I have to cold boot21:06
jaegerouch. yeah, that's a bit hosed. You can fix it with the install ISO, though, without having to do a full reinstall21:07
saptechI have no idea how to fix it21:07
jaegerboot the ISO, mount your / partition, then pkgadd -u the bash and readline packages from the ISO for a start21:08
saptechdo I chroot into it then do the pkgadd -u files?21:09
jaegerIf /dev/sda2 (for example) is your / partition, mount /dev/sda2 to /mnt, then do pkgadd -r /mnt /media/crux/core/readline#whatever.pkg.tar.xz21:09
jaegerno, chrooting likely won't work21:09
jaegersince your libreadline in the chroot would be hosed21:10
jaegerbut the '-r /mnt' part of pkgadd addresses that21:10
saptechI'm copying this info and going to print it. thanks.21:11
jaegerer, I messed up that commandline slightly21:12
jaegerpkgadd -r /mnt -u /media/crux/core/readline#<whatever>.pkg.tar.xz21:13
jaegeradded -u for upgrade21:13
saptechtype the same command for bash also?21:14
jaegerbash may be fine but I suggest both just in case21:16
saptechi'll give it a shot21:19
saptechthanks again21:19
jaegergood luck :)21:19
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saptechjaeger, it worked with ease...I'm back in crux21:37
jaegerGood deal :)21:38
saptechbut, "crux" cmd is showing as 3.2...yesterday it was showing as 3.3, what gives???21:39
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saptechif I do the iso upgrade again, what commands and in which order would I do once the upgrade is done?21:51
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saptechlike, sysup, rejmerge & revdep. Or do I need to do any of those?21:52
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jaegersetup would do the upgrade part for you. after that rejmerge and revdep. You could do a sysup before rejmerge and revdep but if some package has bad linking due to the upgrade that may fail22:03
jaegerso safer to do upgrade -> rejmerge -> revdep -> sysup in my opinion22:03
jaegerVery strange that you'd get 3.2 from the crux command now, sounds like an upgrade gone wrong (incomplete) or something else, not sure22:04
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saptechat the end of the upgrade the file list showed (0) errors22:07
jaegerAny chance you ran the upgrade from a 3.2 ISO?22:09
jaegercrux 3.2 also used readline 6.x22:10
saptechI have the 3.3 iso22:12
jaegerAnother possibility - did you run a sysup before a rejmerge?22:16
jaegerbecause /etc/ports/*.rsync would have pointed to 3.2 still22:16
jaegerthat's the biggest reason not to sysup before rejmerge, I should have mentioned that with my previous comments about order22:16
saptechI think I did run sysup first22:17
jaegerOK, I suspect that's the cause then22:17
jaegerPerhaps we should make that explicit in the handbook22:18
saptechit may help those like me22:20
saptechbut I'm not as techie as I think I am...lol22:20
jaegerWe all have times like that, no doubt22:23
jaegerAFK for a bit, need to mail a package22:24
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joacimpedja: there are patches23:22
brian|lfsWonder how X299 support is on Linux guess I'll find out in another week or so23:24
joacimhavent heard anything bad about the platform yet23:26
joacimother than the typical pci-e whine23:26
joacimseems better supported  than amds platforms. fewer teething issues23:27
joacimnever had any experience with them myself tho23:27
brian|lfswell just googleed it serious issues on low end gigabyte boards23:29
brian|lfsbut repalced with ASUS rock solid23:29
joacimthe pcie stuff to me seems confusing, but i guess it is more or less the same as x9923:30
joacimexcept you get newer cpus23:30
brian|lfsmore PCIE lanes23:31
brian|lfswell depends which chip you get23:31
brian|lfsI'm getting the 18 core I923:32
joacimstill need a fairly expensive one to get 40+ tho23:32
brian|lfswonder h ow AMD was able to get 66 lanes23:32
joacimim fine with 28 lanes, if no slots get completely disabled. if you get 4x instead of 8x or 16x on some slots23:33
brian|lfsI'll be doing SLI with 1080TIs and getting the addon m.2 card from ASUS23:33
brian|lfsnot buying the key from intel to unlcok since I would only do stripe with my m.2 drives23:34
joacimalready got a ryzen system, but thinking about selling the motherboard and get threadripper instead. it's mostly the motherboards im interested in23:36
joacimsince i intend to use passthrough, i want the enough room for another nic and maybe a sound card23:37
joacimoften my gpus would end up blocking too many slots on most boards23:38
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