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brian|lfsI ran passthrough for a while can't recall what issues I had but seems like there was always weird issues00:13
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frinnst I love this defcon talk. its so simple, beautiful and evil at the same time07:59
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joacimbrian|lfs: yeah seems like it. i'll still dream about it tho. but I think having a dedicated machine for the Windows games console OS is more convenient08:27
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Romster need one of those joacim08:48
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pedjajoacim, that's good news :). have you tried it yet?10:05
joacimnot yet. ill wait for it to show up in the kernel10:06
pedjait would show up faster in the kernel with more testers :)10:06
pedjaand you could see if it actually resolves the issue you have. it should, apparently, but10:10
pedja (potentially NSFW)10:18
frinnst"kate moss tit compendium"10:37
frinnsti'd fund it10:37
john_cephalopodaThe potato jacket looks kinda cool.10:38
pedjaI think hipsters would be all over 'Cloud Fallen Water'10:39
john_cephalopodaNah, the cloud is too mainstream.10:39
pedjadrinking French-pressed coffee made with glacier water while listening 1920's jazz in the million $ shoebox of apartment is how Silicon Valley folks live, right?10:46
joacimthey'd have to drink it from a starbucks cup, so they dont get coffee in their moustache10:58
john_cephalopodaOooh, and I always wondered why one would drink coffee through a straw-sized hole and burn your tongue, when you could just drink it normally and sense with the lips if it is too hot _before_ it touches your tongue.10:59
pedjam/b reviews should start including who made the CPU socket as part of the specs
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pedjafrinnst, have you used this ?13:11
pedjapretty cool13:12
pedjaAndroid security issues notwithstanding :)13:13
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DaViruzpretty much everyone in sweden uses swish now14:40
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frinnstpedja: yeah its pretty standard in sweden15:19
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pedjait's a micro-payment platform, if I understood it correctly? what's the upper limit for fund transfer?15:55
pedjaI saw that Mullvad is using it for paying t-shirts15:58
pedja150SEK, that's about 15€?15:58
pedjaI think Serbia will become the part the EU a few days after Sweden embraces euro as a currency :)16:00
pedjasometime in the early 22nd century16:01
john_cephalopodaI heard people in Sweden pay for taxi with credit cards16:02
john_cephalopodaIn Germany, many shops don't let you pay with card when your bill is less than 5€. And people love cash and use it as often as possible :D16:03
pedjaPayPass limit here is 10€, I think. never actually used it :)16:12
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pedjanot many shops I go to have PayPass-enabled readers16:13
pedjabut I live in a smallish town, I am sure the capitol is full of them16:17
saptechhello all16:29
saptechI ran the 3.2 to 3.3 upgrade iso again and all seems well16:30
saptechjaeger, 4.9.6 kernel loaded good, i'm using it now16:31
pedjathe latest is 4.9.58, so you are a bit behind :)16:33
saptechwhen I ran make install, I saw this message at the end; " Fatal: open /dev/: is a directory Make[1] [arch/x86/boot/Makefile:191 install error 116:33
saptechI'm not sure if it matters because I'm using the kernel16:34
saptechpedja, yes I know it's an old kernel. I forgot to download a newer one16:35
john_cephalopodasaptech: It is normal16:36
john_cephalopodaIt always gives me that message. Maybe can be configured away in some way, but it doesn't break anything for me.16:36
john_cephalopodaYou could also just cp the needed files to /boot by hand16:37
saptechthat's the old way, cp the needed boot files16:38
saptechbzImage :)16:38
saptechthe first time I compiled the kernel, I forgot to install the modules, it booted and once it got to the DM screen, the usb mouse/keyboard wouldn't work16:39
john_cephalopodaI usually compile everything into the kernel, so I only have a minimum of modules.16:45
saptechI now noticed yesterday & today, after upgrading, when I run mousepad editor doesn't run, it show this msg, "Trace/breakpoint trap". then I reinstall it, it runs16:51
jaegersaptech: that message is probably caused by17:33
jaeger"make install" running lilo17:33
jaegerwith lilo.conf not yet configured17:33
saptechI'm not using lilo17:36
saptechI'm using Mageia's grub menu17:37
SiFuhcurse the android17:38
jaegersaptech: "make install" assumes you are, though, and runs lilo17:38
saptechhmmm, ok17:38
jaegerIt won't cause problems if you leave lilo unconfigured17:39
SiFuhJust don't off your computer ;-)17:39
saptechso far so good, the newer kernel loaded and running now17:40
saptechSiFuh, why not?17:40
SiFuhi was making a joking17:40
SiFuhyour new kernel is the same name as your old kernel ?17:41
saptechyes, vmlinz17:41
SiFuhyeah so you don't need to configure like as jaeger mentioned17:41
saptechright, vmlinuz17:41
SiFuhbut your old kernel you backd up right?17:41
SiFuhYou are fine then17:42
saptechCRUX version 3.317:43
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saptechwhen I type prt-get update vlc, it fails and at the end of building it only show, "ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/vlc/vlc#2.2.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed." I do not see any other error messages? My current ver is 2.2.1 and seems to run okay18:30
j_vif you haven't changed /etc/prt-get.conf wrt logging, then the log should be at /var/log/pkgbuild/vlc.log. should be worth looking at.18:34
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saptechI looked through the log and it show the same msg, at the end. Could there be error messages someplace else in the log?18:36
j_vthat's what i would expect18:36
j_vi would start at end, search back for ERROR or Error, probably both18:38
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j_vmake can spew a large amount of messages in between actual error and it exiting because if it18:40
saptechI see some Warnings about pkgs not found18:40
j_vi was half expecting you to mention a footprint mismatch because vlc can build differently based on what you have installed, i'm pretty sure18:41
j_vi haven't built it in quite some time; i use mpv now days, and use a heavily modified Pkgfile for it to get all the features i want in it18:43
saptechthose are some of the warnings I see18:43
saptechnever mind, I ran the pkgmk -uf and it updated successfully...heh18:44
saptechit used to tell you if it was a footprint mismatch18:44
SiFuhlibsidplay2 :-P18:44
saptechnow to work on updating libreoffice18:45
SiFuhdo you have lisidplay2 installed?18:45
saptechi'm not sure18:46
SiFuhi suggest you go back to libsidplay218:46
SiFuhand the recompile your vlc18:46
SiFuhbefore moving onto libreoffice18:46
j_vpkginfo -i | grep libsidplay218:46
saptechNo it's not installed18:47
saptechdo I need it?18:47
SiFuhconfigure: WARNING: No package 'libsidplay2' found (required for sid).18:47
saptechwhy I need it?18:48
SiFuhYou need to review all you logs and warnings to find out why what every you are compiling is whinging like a bitch.18:48
saptechbut this not sid18:48
SiFuh-f solves nothing18:48
SiFuhit just bypasses your problem18:48
saptechI didn't -f force it18:48
SiFuh pkgmk -uf and it updated18:49
saptechwhat about those other Warnings? should I add those?18:50
saptechsome was missing18:50
SiFuhwell it depends on what you need18:51
saptechit show they are needed18:51
SiFuhmost of those are actually needed18:51
SiFuhvnc, sbclient, gnomevfs  they are not for example18:52
saptechno, I don't need those18:52
SiFuhsome of that dvd stuff isn't needed but is useful18:52
saptechI understand what you're saying now18:53
SiFuhstick with libraries18:53
SiFuhthese two18:54
SiFuhchecking for scsireq in sys/scsiio.h... no18:54
SiFuhchecking for ioc_toc_header in sys/cdio.h... no18:54
SiFuhare part of the kernel18:54
SiFuhWARNING: Library  XXXX  = this is a libXXX file18:55
saptechwhat is Sid, I thought it meant debian sid18:55
SiFuhchecking gme/gme.h presence... no    (these are headers) can get from sources or kernel sources18:56
SiFuhSid? Debian ? haha18:56
SiFuhIt's not debian18:56
saptech100% Games Ring18:58
SiFuhwrong one18:58
SiFuhthat one18:58
saptechhmmm, why would I need it?18:59
SiFuhthere are many audio formats18:59
SiFuhand many video formats18:59
saptecheven though I do have a mini mac18:59
SiFuhvlc supports many formats to make your life easier19:00
saptechyes but I'm not into a lot of it19:00
SiFuhwell it depends. SID/2/419:00
SiFuhdoesn't matter it is an audio format19:00
saptechI'm not saying I won't need some just it doesn't matter to me19:00
SiFuhit matters to VLC19:01
SiFuhthat means it must have something that is important. Maybe it has a libary or plugin that borrows some code from it.19:02
SiFuhbetter to ask VLC developers as to why some things are essential19:02
SiFuhI have the ability to disable Config Updater on an android phone. But I can't disable the Camera....19:03
j_vSiFuh, i would think he can probably hold off on that sidplay2 until/unless he runs into issues...19:03
SiFuhConfig Updater disabled will render my phone usless...19:03
SiFuhj_v: he probably could, but with his limited log post, it appears to be an issue19:04
j_vthe only ports for it are in Romster's and in asie's collection...19:04
SiFuhsaptech: can you give us a full log?19:05
saptechthe log is gone now, i guess when I ran pkgmk -uf19:07
j_vnot sure what the c64 audio/video file format is that libsidplay2 is supposed to support, but first thing to mind is Commodore64 stuff ;)19:10
SiFuhI have a 64SX :-) have no idea what to do with it..  manuals and disks (5 1/4 all dead now) but the 64SX still works fine.19:12
j_vC64 was all the rage when i was in high school19:13
saptechnever used it, never seen anyone with one19:14
SiFuhI was in Primary school :-(19:14
jaegerI had access to a c128 (with c64 compat) when I was younger, was quite fun19:14
saptechis that the one you played Pong on it19:14
SiFuhSidplay 2 is capable of playing all C64 mono and stereo file formats19:14
SiFuhWe Played pong on Apple Lisa19:15
j_vi watched other people play pong, cause we were too poor to have any of that19:16
SiFuhSpent more time rotating floppies and waiting for the 2bit game to load than actually playing it..19:16
j_vbut the arcade was cool, for as long as the quarters didn't run out19:17
saptechthe first computer I ever used was a buddy of mine sold life insurance for Prudential and the company gave agents an ibm laptop and we used to play pacman on it19:17
SiFuharcades were the best!19:17
saptechthis was late 1980s, I guess19:17
SiFuhlaptop late 80s haha19:18
SiFuhmore like a desktop ;-)19:18
SiFuhmy first laptop was an amiga19:18
SiFuhthat's my commodor 64 SX19:19
SiFuhfunny was searching amiga portable computers   and that showed up19:19
saptecharound 91-92 I bought an Radio Shack Tandy laptop with only 2 floppy drives, but it did come with a 1200 baud modem19:20
saptechbuilt-in modem19:20
saptechI ended up buying a 20mb ext. hdd for like $100 or so19:21
frinnstthats not too bad19:24
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frinnsti think I payed ~4000SEK for a 80mb 2.5" ide disk to my a1200 in 9419:24
frinnstsilly language19:25
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saptechwow, $47819:26
saptechI paid like $900+ for the laptop at the time. Turned out a $100 more I could have gotten one with an internal hdd19:28
saptechbut I didn't know anything about computers, later on I went to a vocational school for computer training19:28
frinnsti think it would have translated more to about ~250$ back then19:28
frinnsti bought a 1.08gb disk for like ~1000sek the year after19:29
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joacimi dont need this now20:22
joacimthe tr 1950x is almost 20% off20:22
ryu0"i dont need this".21:06
ryu0ACTION watches as the whole economy collapses as people come to this realization.21:06
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jaeger"I don't need this" is something that PC enthusiasts never say :D21:24
jaegeror very rarely say21:24
pedjahm. QGIS triggers segfault in
pedjathis should be fun to debug21:41
pedjaapparently, this is one of the best x399 m/b currently
joacimthats the one i want to g et21:44
pedjago for it, if you can afford it21:44
jaegerMy experience with asrock has been great so far, I'd recommend it21:44
joacimi just have experience with asrock rack21:44
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pedjaI am using Linux for years, and this is the first time I have to deal with core dump file22:05
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