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pedjayay, now python triggers libc segfault too00:03
pedjahunting which dependency of the dependency of the dependency is broken is fun00:05
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ryu0pedja: funny. i've had one ASRock that's still running 7 years later, but the ASRock Rack was dead after 2. HMM.03:56
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frinnstpedja: no clue what the upper limit is.. maybe 10,000SEK or something similar08:37
frinnsteveryone uses cards for everything - cash is very rare08:37
frinnstthats why swish is popular. Its hard to give a friend ~100SEK with a credit card. Its mostly used for transactions between people - not businesses08:39
john_cephalopodaWhen I have to give money to somebody, I can just use the SEPA transaction thingies :þ08:50
john_cephalopodaOr just give them the money in cash ;)08:51
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frinnstI have 4SEK cash. total09:45
joacimsweden is that poor? where do i give my support?10:26
joacimi have 500 NOK in cash for some reason. forgot about them10:27
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frinnstjoacim: do you have swish? :)12:21
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joacimofc not13:08
joacimi have paypal =)13:08
joacimi forget what's popular here13:08
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SiFuhStranger THings Season 2 released16:24
pedjano spoilers, please :)16:25
SiFuhTHey all died because a giant dragonfly crash landed into a window and it was plate glass, it shattered and impaled the 4 kids..16:27
SiFuhI haven't watched it.. I am busy with Gotham and The Orville thingy.16:27
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vlnxLooks like the opt/sshfs-fuse update to 3.3.1 broke the build. The JOBS definition is removed but still used.16:45
john_cephalopodaI recently had so many build failures with various things.16:56
john_cephalopodagdb is broken for me, for example.16:56
vlnxI've been mostly fine except for some weird socket problem on this old laptop. The last llvm update required a mesa3d rebuild before webkitgtk could render pages16:59
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vlnxand that socket bug just killed my emacs, trying out Circe17:10
john_cephalopodaYeah, mesa build also did some weird thing for me.17:12
john_cephalopodaNot sure though, if it was actually mesa-related or nouveau-relatd.17:12
frinnstvlnx: you need fuse317:12
frinnstnew dep17:12
frinnstif you subscribe to the mailinglist you get notified when stuff require manual intervention17:13
frinnstjohn_cephalopoda: you often say things doesnt work but never show buildlogs etc17:14
frinnstare we supposed to guess what the problem is?17:14
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I usually assume that the problem is on my side. Furthermore posting logs here makes not much sense, since they are not read anyway. I'd have to report the bugs in flyspray.17:16
vlnxfrinnst: I do have fuse3 and have had it for 3.3.0. Today's 3.3.1 removed a JOBS variable in the Pkgfile that made the ninja build unsuccessful17:17
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Here's a log of the gdb build:
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juevlnx: what's your pkgutils version, have you merged the additions to pkgmk.conf?17:28
vlnxjue: that must be it, wasn't expecting breaking changes there. I've made a personal fork of it, and havent merged the latest update17:29
rmulljohn_cephalopoda: Possibly something related to guile?17:30
j_vi wonder what happens in Pkgfiles using JOBS when the JOBS and MAKEFLAGS in new pkgmk.conf haven't been uncommented17:31
john_cephalopodarmull: Looks like it. Hmm, I'll try to rebuild that, maybe that will help.17:31
rmullAre you using 6c37's guile?17:31
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juevlnx: I've committed something that should fix your problem17:43
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pedjayay, Qgis lives.17:46
pedjaside note: c++ build errors are confusing af17:47
vlnxjue: Thanks, I did the same locally17:47
john_cephalopodapedja: Yay, nice. Tried to make a package once but all those dependencies made it so hard to package, that I just set up a Lubuntu VM in qemu and installed it there :þ17:55
john_cephalopodaRebuilding guile didn't help.17:56
pedjaI packaged it a while back. the biggest issue is confusion in the docs :)17:57
pedjaremove guile, than try to build gdb. if it works, at least you know where the problem is17:57
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: see this about guile-2.2 and gdb:
rmullgdb builds without guile for me, but I haven't trying building it with guile17:59
frinnstsame here18:00
j_vbuilding gdb with guile 2.2.2 here fails also, seems 2.0 might be supported, looking for reliable way to disable guile support in gdb at build time18:03
frinnstholy shit
frinnstim soooo buying one18:06
crash_hmm do i need to make a 20-modesetting xorg config? to use xorg-modesetting, i have uninstalled video-intel driver but when i run startx the computer hangs so power off is the only way and power on the computer. but startx with intel driver is working18:13
frinnstnot really, no18:13
frinnstdo you have anything in the logs when you power back on?18:13
frinnstmodesetting should "just work"18:13
crash_nope i thinks it freezes before it can log something,i wonder if i forgott something in the kernel but i don't think so. i have frambuffers EFI, only the intel HD graphics module18:15
pedjaspice-0.14.0, new spice-protocol isn't far behind, so you bastards that use open source graphics drivers are one step closer to 3d openGL acceleration with qemu :)18:16
frinnstyou should see something like "[drm] initializing kernel modesetting" in your kernel log (dmesg)18:16
crash_let me check that when i'm coming home :)18:17
j_vadding --without-guile to gdb Pkgfile will completely disable builing gdb against guile, even if it's present at build time18:18
crash_frinnst: but as you said modesetting should just work, it should take over when the intel driver is not there anymore18:18
frinnstyeah indeed18:18
john_cephalopodaj_v: The flag could be added or removed depending on the version of guile.18:19
john_cephalopodaThe mpv port adds special flags when some other ports are installed, so doing that for gdb would probably also work.18:19
pedjaso fork the gdb port :)18:20
frinnstor poke tek about it18:20
frinnstACTION pokes teK__ 18:20
pedjaor attach the patch to flyspray thingie18:22
SiFuhpedja: that last epsidoe fo the orville thingy reminds me of the original ROman Empire Democracy.18:24
SiFuhand it is interesting to thing, that are a playing on the phones, social media, likes, and other shit....18:25
pedjaSiFuh, did you watch Star Trek:Discovery yet?18:25
SiFuhI don't like star trek18:26
SiFuhI like Q18:26
SiFuhthat's all18:26
crash_TNG :)18:26
SiFuhwhen was it releases18:26
SiFuhcrash_: what does this acronym mean?18:26
crash_The next generation18:26
pedjaThe Next Generation18:26
SiFuhi liked Hortar as well18:27
SiFuhhe wasn't TNG18:27
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SiFuhpedja: this Star Trek Discovery is a series18:28
pedjaI was sceptical when ST:D began, but it gets better with every episode18:29
SiFuhYou thinks STDs get better over time?18:29
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: i'm testing a simple sed patch to the gdb/configure script that removes checks for guile-2.2, based on the bugzilla link i posted18:29
pedjaSiFuh, yeah, that particular acronym is...unfortunate :)18:30
SiFuhI had to say it man18:30
SiFuhI laughed and laughed and laughed18:30
pedjait's a common theme in every discussion on it18:31
SiFuhthansk for ruing my joke18:31
john_cephalopodaj_v: Nice18:32
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pedjait didn't land in 4.13.10, afaict18:44
pedjapeople saw 5x the performance with it, according to phoronix article, which is nice18:45
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: here's the patch for the gdb port:
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: i don't have time right now to do the flyspray, so it'll have to wait until sunday when i have time (unless it gets taken care of before then)18:46
john_cephalopodaj_v: Thanks.18:48
joacimlooking forward to seeing the fix implemented in the kernel18:51
j_vjohn_cephalopoda: no problem, sorry can't do it right now but i've got to get ready to leave for 2 day trip18:51
john_cephalopodaDoesn't matter, I don't need guile anyway, so uninstalling that also solves it.18:52
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