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nwehmm ....
tsaop hmm11:54
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: harfbuzz-32: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.312:54
ryu0eww. but even so, it's probably a troll.13:16
Romsterthe heck that looks worse than brainfuck13:21
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nullspoonJust curious, does anyone here have an nvidia optimus setup?23:43
jaegerI used to have one, no longer own it23:51
nullspoonDid you ever get it working?23:51
nullspoonEvery time I try to get mine to switch over, my entire system freezes. I've made progress somewhat, but still haven't been able to get a single thing to boot on the offload card.23:52
jaegeryeah, I had to use bbswitch/optirun23:52
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nullspoonDang. That's what I'm using.23:52
nullspoonoptirun glxgears freezes my system solid.23:52
jaegerAh, that sucks :(23:52
nullspoonI can't find any documentation that matches my system. In all the docs I've found, I should execute 'xrandr --listproviders' and I'll see 2: intel and nouveau.23:53
nullspoonWhen I do it though, I see intel and modesetting23:53
nullspoonACTION is very confused23:54
jaegerthat method never worked for my laptop23:54
jaegerwhat does lspci say about your GPUs?23:54
jaegerOn mine, the nvidia GPU was not a discrete device, it showed up as something like '3d controller'23:55
nullspoonfunny you should ask. Mine shows up as 3d controller as well. Intel is the VGA device.23:55
jaegerOk, then the xrandr method will not work for you, either23:55
nullspoonHere's the not funny part. I can run lspci without nouveau loaded23:55
nullspoonwhen nouveau is loaded, lspci freezes my system23:55
jaegerWeird. I encountered that on my macbook pro (2009 model), didn't know that nouveau was the cause23:56
nullspoonI figured it must have something to do with dual graphics cards fighting for output when I loaded both drivers at the same time.23:57
jaegerAnyway, don't bother trying more with xrandr, that's a dead end. Has to be bbswitch/optirun for those modules23:57
nullspoonHowever given that my nvidia has no outputs showing from xrandr, I figure it's just for offloading.23:57
nullspoonThanks for the input. I'll stop researching that then.23:58
jaegerI wasted many hours on that :)23:58
jaegerI don't know what to tell you about the freeze, though, sorry23:58
jaegerI need to go for a bit, errands to run23:58
nullspoonThanks very much for hte input though. It's a tremendous help.23:59
jaegerDoes 'optirun glxspheres' work?23:59

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