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jaegerOr whatever that's called00:00
jaegerAnyway, away for now. :)00:00
nullspoonI'm about to try here. Got a little feedback from the nouveau guys as well.00:00
nullspoonI'll post back after I've rebooted a few more times from the freeze.  :)00:00
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nullspoonjaeger: I worked with the good folks of the nouveau project. Turns out it was a power management issue.06:32
nullspoonWhen executing modprobe nouveau, I needed to add the runpm=0 argument and all worked well.06:33
nullspoonI do the DRI_PRIME=1 method to launch software with offloading. Works great. Not amazing performance, but it does work.06:34
nullspoonAnd with that update, I'm going to bed.06:42
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joacimfrinnst: Version 100114:31
joacimabsolutely nothing about the changes14:32
joacimthey didnt even bother to copypaste "Improve System Stability" this time14:32
frinnst lol14:33
frinnstnot even  PRIME X370-PRO BIOS XXXX14:33
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jaegerstrong work there :D14:42
pedjatheir git commit messages are probably something like 'Fix stuff #12453'14:53
pedjaapparently, GPU pass-through works just fine on Ryzen now. a few more issues remain with Threadripper14:55
pedjanext AGESA, I guess14:56
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jaegerDecent progress, at least15:38
joacimi havent seen any crashes on my system since i last upgraded my uefi15:50
joacimbesides the usual segfaults when compiling15:50
jaegerAre you not planning to RMA yours?15:53
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joacimi am15:53
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joacimvideo games have priority15:54
joacimso ive just been playing games during my time off15:54
jaegerI know the feeling15:54
jaegerplaying some destiny 2 right now15:54
joacimgot a 1950x on the way, so i think ill look into the RMA process later this week15:55
jaegerAh, nice15:55
frinnst*rebooting to titanfall 2*16:10
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abenzfinally we'll have TR in the house?16:46
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joacimdont know what to do with it, besides compiling llvm over and over again18:01
pedjaif you have no use for it, why waste money on it?18:18
joacimi wanted to i guess18:19
joacimand i hope itll last for a long time18:20
joacimlike older high end workstations. those are still good computers. and with the cores, i can mess about with virtual machines18:21
joacimand get more comfortable with AD and MS BS like that18:21
pedjanot with GPU-pass-through, though. not yet, anyway18:21
joacimthat too i hope becomes realistic soon enough18:23
pedjathere is some weird interaction between UEFI on the graphics card and the system18:23
pedjamost cards work fine once. then you have to power-off the whole machine to get it to unstuck itself18:24
joacimvirtualisation as it is now is probably good enough for windows (server) vms for work and school18:24
joacimdont know how nested vms with hyperv is like tho18:25
pedjatl;dr is 'it almost works' :)18:29
joacimlooks like the things that dont work, arent really that important18:30
brian|lfsnot sure what the deal was took like 3 hours to compile the new chromium lol18:31
brian|lfschecked my compile settings afterwards all looked correct18:31
frinnstsounds about right18:41
brian|lfsI suppose only 8 cores18:42
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joacim"You are not authorized to access bug #1452546. To see this bug, you must first log in to an account with the appropriate permissions"18:57
joacimthanks redhat18:57
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brian|lfsdon't get it audio seems pretty ulseless on skype 8x19:50
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onoderapedja: I remember you used some custom nvidia port with EGL, do you still use that?21:00
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pedjaonodera, when I experimented with libglvnd, yes21:02
onoderaDo you still maintain these ports?21:02
onoderacause I'm experimenting with libglvnd myself now :p21:03
pedjalet me check the repo21:05
pedjaonodera, I pushed some updates to 3.3 branch here
pedjaWARNING: repo might eat your cat/ summon Cthulhu21:10
onoderathanks a lot21:11
onoderadid glvnd work for you?21:11
pedjanvidia part did, mesa/xorg were somewhat broken, iirc21:11
pedjaclient part should work, with some patches to xorg not yet merged upstream21:13
pedjaserver part should land in a next xorg release or two21:14
pedja(mesa/nvidia interaction)21:15
pedjaif you are using open source drivers, it should just work21:15
onoderacool, thanks21:16
pedjawhen server-part lands in Xorg eventually, I could play with 3d acceleration in qemu using mesa Virgl driver21:21
pedjathat reminds me21:22
pedjafrinnst, you have/had issues with sound in Windows VM, iirc? HDA Intel related?21:23
pedjacrackling sound or something21:24
pedjathe good news: they are finally fixing it. the bad news: I am not sure will it only apply to PA audio backend :)21:26
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brian|lfshuh ryu021:54
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onoderamy hwclock and systemtime is wrong, hwo do I fix this22:03
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joacimi do that with cron22:04
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joacimi run rdate and hwclock to fix the drift that happens on my system22:06
joacim+ whenever i boot windows, the clock shifts around22:06
joacimunless you're talking about something else and i misunderstood22:07
onoderardate is what I was looking for22:08
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frinnstpedja: yeah amongst other things (like gfx performance)22:20
frinnstheadless kvm might work great. gui? not so much22:22
jaegerIf you set the hardware clock to use local time instead of utc they will stay in sync22:22
joacimcan also do that on windows i think, through the registry22:22
joacimchanging a variable in rc.conf is easier tho22:23
pedjafrinnst, even with spice/qxl Win driver?22:25
pedjathat sucks22:29
frinnstare there any useful 2d benchmarks for windows? would be interesting to get some numbers to back it up22:30
frinnstcanvasmark maybe22:36
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frinnstjust moving a window around is slow22:42
joacimmost of the ones that i can think of run on msdos22:44
pedjaapparently, no one cares about 2D performance anymore :)22:46
joacimpassmark has some 2d benchmarks22:47
joacimlooking at passmark performancetest22:47
john_cephalopodaThere's also bunnymark or something22:49
joacimsomeone should make jump'n'bump into a benchmark22:50
john_cephalopodaBunnymark is a few million bunny sprites hopping around.22:51
pedjasome major sites appear to be down atm., HBO Go. did the Got finale break the Internet or something?22:59
frinnstjust running a crux vm and have text scrolling past consumes a single core23:06
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