IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2017-10-30

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brian|lfsare we having DNS root server issues or soemthing03:09
brian|lfsI'm getting a whole bunch of resolution failures03:09
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SiFuh_pedja: Star Trek Discovery S01E03 22:01 minutes in. Michael says that the coding is a mistake. She is right!04:33
SiFuh_pedja: They are using NTDLL.DLL in their source.... :-P04:33
SiFuh_The ntdll.dll is flagged as a critical security risk in the Microsoft security bulletin MS03-07 dated March 17, 2003.04:49
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brian|lfshello anyone around07:36
brian|lfsanyone getting DNS resolution errors on github sites besides me07:37
brian|lfsI'm having resolution erros syncing git hub sites dont' think I messed anything up rather confused07:37
brian|lfsmight pull my laptop out and do a ports -u see if I get the sanme results07:37
SiFuh_no problem here07:39
brian|lfsok even more strange my laptop is fine07:50
brian|lfsand do see any errors in my log file07:51
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brian|lfsI don't get it tried different DNS servers even08:05
SiFuhbrian|lfs: what is the actual command you are running? Let me try it from here.08:14
brian|lfsports -u08:17
brian|lfsand it seems like most of the repos are failing08:17
brian|lfsany ports to do with git specifically08:17
brian|lfswell sudo ports -u to be exact08:17
brian|lfsthats what I'm getting from one machine08:18
brian|lfsother machine is fine08:18
SiFuhtry    git clone
brian|lfsgit clone
brian|lfsCloning into 'crux-kf5'...08:21
brian|lfsfatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host: github.com08:21
brian|lfswow maybe add to this local hsots file?08:22
SiFuhyour ports -u is fine08:22
SiFuhping github.com08:22
brian|lfsthen again I just pingged github.com08:22
brian|lfsand it replied08:22
brian|lfsso now I'm realy confused08:22
brian|lfsand KF5 is fine it worked on another machine08:23
SiFuh in the browser08:23
brian|lfscame right up in a browser08:23
SiFuhfor me it seems to be an ssl problem08:24
brian|lfswhat package is ports part of08:24
brian|lfsrebhild open ssl maybe08:24
SiFuhit's not ports    because git couldn't do it either08:25
SiFuhfor a test08:25
brian|lfsgood point and I rebuilt git08:25
SiFuhgit config --global http.sslVerify false08:25
SiFuhgit clone
brian|lfssame errors08:25
SiFuhgit config --global http.sslVerify true08:26
brian|lfsfailed both ways08:26
SiFuhok now try08:26
SiFuhhang on08:26
brian|lfstried with it false and true08:27
SiFuhdidn't tell you try it with true08:27
SiFuhwhat we did is turned off ssl verification  and tested git08:27
brian|lfsoh ok sorry for assuming08:27
SiFuhthen i just told you turn it back on08:27
brian|lfswell it failed off08:27
SiFuhnow let's try this08:27
SiFuh git clone
SiFuhhttp  not https  now..08:27
brian|lfsit faild with http08:28
SiFuhok so we have established it is not an ssl problem08:28
brian|lfsand I rebuilt git a while ago before talking to you and it didn't help08:29
brian|lfsmy poor laptop so out of date updating it08:29
brian|lfsits been months08:29
brian|lfsgit seems fine on it however08:30
brian|lfsare you getting the same errors as me SiFuh08:31
brian|lfsI thought it was my windows domain messing it up08:31
brian|lfsso change dns servers08:31
brian|lfsdidn't help08:31
SiFuhwhat dns servers are you using btw?08:32
brian|lfswas using earlier08:33
SiFuhI am using myself..08:33
SiFuhbut when I tested with google it also was able to come up with the address08:33
brian|lfswell my windows server forwards to for requests it cant' resovle locally08:33
SiFuhdig @ github.com08:33
SiFuhis the commandline for testing dns servers and domains08:34
brian|lfsI would hope that would work opens in my browsers08:34
SiFuhreplace dns server ip after the @08:34
brian|lfsbut testing08:34
brian|lfswell my dns resovles08:35
SiFuhstupid question you running a firewall on your laptop ?08:35
brian|lfsnot on the desktop either08:38
brian|lfsbut laptop is on wifi08:38
brian|lfsdesktop the problem child wired08:38
brian|lfsat least I'm getting a new computer in a week or so lol08:40
brian|lfsits weird SiFuh08:42
brian|lfswhatever the issue is08:42
SiFuhit is I am wondering if it is deeper like curl or python08:47
brian|lfsworth rebuildign curl or python08:47
brian|lfsor both08:47
SiFuhworth looking into the dependencies08:48
SiFuhtry this08:49
SiFuhcurl https://github.com08:49
SiFuhif it pastes the html code, it is fine08:49
brian|lfscurl https://github.com08:50
brian|lfscurl: (6) Could not resolve host: github.com08:50
brian|lfsthat was even after rebuilding curl08:50
brian|lfsonly deps for curl openssl and zlib08:51
brian|lfsI think if zlib was an issue I would have alot more problems08:52
brian|lfsrebuilding openssl08:52
brian|lfsdidn't help08:54
SiFuhhmm I don't think that is it, I am guessing maybe a proxy or ipv608:54
brian|lfswell zlib won't rebuild08:54
brian|lfsrm: cannot remove '/home/pkgmk/work/zlib/pkg/lib/': No such file or directory08:55
SiFuhtry this09:02
SiFuhcurl -4 https://github.com09:02
brian|lfshey that worked09:03
SiFuhso curl is using ipv6 and not ipv409:03
brian|lfsok so how do I change that09:03
brian|lfslooking in the config ok I see09:05
brian|lfsor Pkgfile rather09:05
brian|lfsok curl is fixed09:08
brian|lfsso do I need to rebuild git also09:08
brian|lfsports -u still fails on those repos09:08
brian|lfsnevermind curl did the trick so when was curl broke is the question09:10
brian|lfsby the way thanks for the help09:11
SiFuhcurl wasn't broken09:14
SiFuhi am just curious as to what settings you have the causes certain programs to go for ipv6 over ipv409:14
SiFuhand since I have never used ipv6, I am the wrong person to ask ;-)09:15
brian|lfsI'm curious also09:15
SiFuhbut I do remember a few years back I had the same problem09:15
brian|lfsbut the Pkgfile for curle had --enable-ipv609:15
SiFuhnothing wrong with that.09:16
brian|lfswill from my quick tesitn ipv6 on is the default09:16
SiFuhI am thinking that something else under /etc is configured for ipv6 priority that curl maybe looking into and getting it's configuration from.09:16
brian|lfsand its not smart enough to try ipv409:16
brian|lfsyou might be right about something else in /etc09:17
brian|lfseither way not using ipv6 on anything I'm aware of so rebuilding with it disabled resovled me09:17
brian|lfskeep me running until I get my new computer09:18
brian|lfsif it wasn't for the casemods and them getting all the parts I would ahve it already09:18
brian|lfsthat was good troubleshooting thanks for the help I'm not one to ask help until I mess with something a while09:20
brian|lfswhat part of the world are you in SiFuh09:21
SiFuhAustralia for now...09:21
SiFuhNext year back to Asia09:21
brian|lfsah ok09:21
brian|lfsis that safe with North Korea09:22
SiFuhNorth Korea is one of the safest countries in the world09:22
brian|lfsI live in the USA we didn't do anything to them09:22
brian|lfstheir panties are wet from the 1950s09:22
SiFuhDon't believe the media and governments, they want to overthrow the North so they stick in a Central World Bank.09:22
brian|lfsdifferent  angle09:23
SiFuhEven the UN said that they know the DPRK has no intentions of using Nukes except in selfdefense. They only want nukes to deter the US. They know that Gaddafi stopped building nukes for foreign aid and now he is dead. Sudam stopped and now he is dead too. So they see that the only thing to protect themselves is having Nuclear weapon.09:26
SiFuhbrian|lfs: the Korean war was horrible. US even used Entymological Weapons against the people. All because they were sided with Russia and Commies were bad...09:27
brian|lfsagreee it was bad09:28
brian|lfsI was alive during that time09:29
brian|lfsso you from North Korea specifically09:29
SiFuhNo I was born in Australia09:32
SiFuhI just lived in South East/North and Central Asia for 17 years.09:32
brian|lfsah ok09:34
SiFuhbrian|lfs: which part of the US?09:35
brian|lfsWashington DC09:38
brian|lfsshit is going to hit the fan today09:38
brian|lfscharges filed about election rigging09:38
SiFuhMy father is from RI, I use to live there for a few years.09:38
brian|lfsRI cool09:38
brian|lfsgrew up in CT09:38
SiFuhbeen there many times09:39
brian|lfsever go to Coventry09:39
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SiFuhI don't know09:40
SiFuhI most went to Building 19's and played street hockey in the shop with my brother, until we could afford to buy the equipment.09:41
brian|lfsoh ok wouldn't expect yout o remember09:41
brian|lfswhats the building09:41
SiFuhBuilding 19 and 1/2, Building 19 and a 1/4, Building 19 and 2/3rds09:42
brian|lfsok no clue where that is at09:42
SiFuhWe don't have them in Australia. They purchase mass stock and sell it at cheap prices. Free coffee as well.09:42
brian|lfshow old are you now I'm 3709:43
SiFuhWhenever mum and dad would go there to shop. My brother and I would race over to the sporting isle. Whip on some roller blades, grab a hockey stick each and play street hockey in the shop.09:43
SiFuhMum says there is a Building 19 in Massachusettes and one in Rhode Island  but they can't remember if their is one Conneticut09:47
brian|lfsok dont' know what a building 19 is lol09:47
brian|lfsand I live in the USA lol09:47
brian|lfsnot sure it will last but weird new goal in life for me grow my hair out and dreads09:50
brian|lfsseeing I'm signle got to try something09:50
SiFuhI am single too.09:52
SiFuhNever worried me either.09:53
brian|lfshmm so appliance store?09:53
SiFuhsold everything, clothes, electrical, sports, toys...09:56
brian|lfsstrange that I never heard of them09:56
brian|lfsI'll ask my dad about them09:56
brian|lfswell I didn't grow up in Boston lol09:58
brian|lfsI grew up in CT09:58
SiFuhad now you are a stateless person :-P09:59
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SiFuhWashington DC is not a state :-P10:00
brian|lfsyes I am10:00
brian|lfsvery good10:00
brian|lfsaren't you stateless also10:01
SiFuhHomeless haha10:01
SiFuhfor me home is Thai/Malay10:01
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brian|lfscool SiFuh10:43
dbrookebrian|lfs: re your issue with git/curl
frinnst wow that's creepy10:51
brian|lfsok I'm not alone10:58
brian|lfsweird issue because it just came up today and the update was the 2310:59
SiFuhGood thing I don't have facebook on my phone11:02
dbrookeI didn't notice the problem immediately but rebuilding openldap did fix it for me11:02
dbrookedespite not even using ldap for anything11:03
dbrooke(it's installed as a dependency)11:03
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brian|lfsthe ipv6 rebuilding ldap fixed?11:12
dbrookethere's no problem with ipv6, rebuilding openldap fixed the failure to resolve hosts in curl11:17
SiFuhbrian|lfs: you should try that11:25
SiFuhdbrooke: curl wasn't trying ipv4. You had to manually tell curl it was an ipv4 address11:25
dbrookeI have dual stack connectivity and didn't see any problem other than the failure to resolve but I don't know if it only affected one or other adress family11:30
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frinnstbrian|lfs: still problems?13:48
frinnstalso, are you resolving against a ipv6 nameserver or are you just having trouble fetching AAAA records?13:48
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brian|lfsomg my laptop is still updating seriously lol18:10
brian|lfsI knew it was out of date but wow18:10
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SiFuhbrian|lfs: 2 years difference from me and you are speaking like a 14 year old... :-(18:41
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.2.420:09
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john_cephalopodaMy system is slowly starting to swing in again.20:38
jaegerswing in?20:39
john_cephalopodaI switched from legacy BIOS, MBR and ext4 to UEFI, GPT and btrfs yesterday.20:39
john_cephalopodaThe configs are always messed up after a new install, but slowly it gets closer to what I want them to be.20:39
frinnstbtrfs ftw20:40
frinnstjust keep a backup :-)20:40
john_cephalopodaI backed up most things.20:40
john_cephalopodaBut installing UEFI and setting up GRUB took a significant slice of time. Also I didn't remember to back up the alsa configuration, which I just fixed.20:41
john_cephalopodaGRUB is a bit weird. It names partitions hd0 or hd1 or hd2 randomly and then complains when it doesn't find them any more :þ20:42
joacimfrinnst: did you use btrfs with parity on your file server?20:42
jaegerspeaking of file servers, woot, new 8TB drive for my NAS is here20:43
joacimalways feels like i have room for loads more stuff when i get new drives20:43
joacimbut i always fill them up in less than a year20:43
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john_cephalopodaHeh, I am tryinig to keep my HDD usage as flat as possible.20:44
john_cephalopodaI stay far under the 500 GB.20:44
john_cephalopodaAnd most of the files that take space are port tarballs and git repos.20:45
joacimi keep most things that i find20:45
frinnstjoacim: no im not norwegian (stupid)20:46
joacimactually, swedes are stupid20:46
joacimgot two mirrored arrays with btrfs here20:46
frinnstmy "fileserver" runs xfs in raid1 (md). my backupserver runs btrfs jbod and my workstation runs btrfs raid120:47
frinnstnot mirroring on my backupserver is dumb, I know. but I need the space20:48
frinnstbesides, its nothing really important on there. just a bunch of "really nice to have"'s20:48
frinnst9TB to back up20:48
joacimbackups dont need 100% availability at home anyways20:49
joacimi think20:49
frinnstyeah hoping lightning wont strike twice20:49
joacimit already did once? =)20:49
frinnstas in both my  workstation/nas and backup server dies at the same time20:50
frinnstI have had dataloss once - but that was my fault20:50
jaegerare they both are the same location?20:50
jaegera fire or similar could do it, if so20:50
frinnst3 meters apart :)20:51
joacimfriend of mine had his computers and networking equipment the year after lightning struk near his house20:51
joacimbut it was a slow death20:51
joacimnot everything at once20:52
frinnstit's just a temporary solution though. (its been temporary for a few years now :))20:52
joacimmy temporary solution is two arrays in the same server20:52
john_cephalopodaI got a laptop and my desktop, that share quite some data. I usually put the very important things (like my bachelor thesis) onto a USB stick, so it should be safe enough.20:52
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joacimpermant solution would be RAID10ish, and my brothers old microserver with my old 4TB drives in RAID520:53
frinnstpermanent solution for me would be offsite20:54
frinnstI should probably bring it to work20:54
joacimi dont have the bandwidth for that20:54
john_cephalopodaHeh, best solution is to pay other people to take care of the problem :þ20:54
jaegerI do onsite and offsite just in case20:54
joacimmoving 5.5TB would take a long time20:54
joacimrsync to a big archive drive once a week would be enough tho, probably20:54
joacimcould have two. bring one home from work every weekend for backups20:55
frinnstour current network setup at work is not really ideal for physical machines but I could probably use the switchport i ran the crux server on when we migrated it20:57
joacimtempted by this21:00
frinnstoh nice21:02
frinnstI like the case solution thingy21:03
jaegerinteresting idea21:04
jaegeravoids the performance hit of usb21:04
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frinnst how elegant :D21:04
jaeger91% full on the NAS, definitely time to expand21:17
brian|lfsI'm getting 4 10TB drives on my new ring21:20
john_cephalopodajaeger: So much data :D21:20
brian|lfsWD gold21:21
jaegerI have 4/2/4/4 TB drives currently, it's about 6.6TB21:21
jaegerwill be 4/8/4/4 after21:21
brian|lfswhy would you go with one 8TB you would be losing 4TB21:22
jaegerwith traditional raid, sure. Not with ZFS21:22
brian|lfsah ok21:22
brian|lfsnever played with ZFS21:22
jaegerI'll eventually replace all the drives but didn't feel like doing it all at once21:23
john_cephalopodaI considered ZFS but went with btrfs because crux doesn't come with ZFS support and tools and I just wanted to get things installed.21:23
jaegerI made zfs and spl ports, wasn't tough21:23
john_cephalopodaBut they are not in the 3.3 release iso yet.21:24
brian|lfshe just said their his ports21:28
john_cephalopodaOh, there is prt-get on the iso?21:29
brian|lfswell I would hope so21:31
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john_cephalopodaIt is not in the rootfs.21:35
john_cephalopodaThat complicates things.21:35
john_cephalopodaIf I understood it right, I need some special tool, which is not mkfs, to format a ZFS drive. To create the partition, I would thus have to pkgadd the prt-get package, set up the repo somehow, get the packages required, install them and THEN I could finally format the zfs partitions. And hope that the kernel used in the iso supports it.21:37
brian|lfsmaybe he feels it isn't test enough to add to the iso yet not sure21:41
john_cephalopodaMakes sense.21:42
brian|lfsits like me telling tsaop it make KF5 public21:43
brian|lfshe won't21:43
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brian|lfseven though its stable it won't put it on the ports page21:43
joacimbeen thinking about zfs myself, but i intend on going the OI or omnios route21:43
joacimhavent done anything about those plans due to work, and i want to keep at least one system with crux around21:44
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brian|lfsI'm glancing at the chromium package it clearly is only compiling with 1 thread21:45
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: I'm not complaining, I am just saying that it's not on theh iso yet, and it would be too difficult to get it from external when all I want is to install it.21:45
brian|lfsthe question is why21:45
brian|lfsyour fine john_cephalopoda just crabby over non computer stuff right now lol21:46
brian|lfsmy real life job21:46
brian|lfswhy would my boss call me when I'm off tot ell me to sign my mid year lol21:46
john_cephalopodaHmm, how do I get a wiki account?21:57
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john_cephalopodaGosh, thunderbird takes ages to compile.22:11
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jaegerI doubt zfs will ever be on the ISO itself, I'm not sure there's enough demand for that22:16
jaegerI've set up ZFS as root before in crux, works fine... just need some extra work and an initramfs/initrd to load the modules and import the pool22:17
jaegerI don't use it as the root on my NAS, just the file storage part22:17
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john_cephalopodaAh, well.22:23
jaegerIt's not too hard to create an initramfs if you want to go that route22:24
jaegerThough keep in mind the zfs and spl modules as well as the initramfs need to be rebuilt for new kernel versions22:24
john_cephalopodaYeah. ZFS isn't important enough for me to go through all that hassle :)22:25
joacimbtrfs is pretty exciting tho, especially without proper backups22:26
john_cephalopodaHm, how do you mean?22:27
joacimits a joke. a lot of people dont consider it to be stable22:28
john_cephalopodaWell, now I'm using it.22:28
joacimnever actually met anyone that have lost data to it tho22:28
john_cephalopodaI had some inodes fail on my when I used ext4.22:28
jaegerNo FS is immune to problems, sadly22:31
jaegerJust different issues and characteristics22:31
john_cephalopodaHmm, I'd really like to have crux wiki access, and my mail backlog tells me that I wrote a message once but got no replay.22:33
jaegerwhere'd you send it?22:37
john_cephalopodaTo tek22:37
jaegerhe's been pretty busy, for what that's worth22:39
john_cephalopodaIn my opinion, it would make sense to give more devs/trusted users access to that kind of things, so there is always somebody there to react and set it up.22:41
john_cephalopoda3.5 months is a bit long of a reaction time and discourages contributions to the wiki.22:42
jaegerdon't know what to tell you, I don't mess with the admin side of the wiki22:44
john_cephalopodaThe admin side of everything on is slow.22:44
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pedjait just looks that way, private Gitter channel is where all the activity is23:07
john_cephalopodaIt's intransparent.23:11
john_cephalopodaI can't tell if my wiki account request from 3.5 months ago was even recognized, or if my one week old request to get my repo added to the portdbb is being processed or if nobody actually cared to look at it.23:12
jaegerwhere'd you send the repo request?23:13
jaegerforward me a copy of the mail, I'll take a look23:14
john_cephalopodaI'll do that. The address was actually stated here:
john_cephalopodaWhere can I find your address?23:17
jaegersent in a message23:18
john_cephalopodaThanks, sent.23:19
jaegerOK. I'm going to get some food but will check it when I'm back if it's arrived by then23:21
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