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j_vjaeger: a while back, you gave a list of the ports you had installed on your iso build system. it included cronie. do you have a private port for cronie?00:30
jaegerI probably do, I can share it if you like. That's certainly not required for ISO builds, though, you can use any cron daemon00:31
j_vyeah, that would be cool. i was curious about it, since cronie seems to bundle anacron.00:31
j_vthanks a bunch00:36
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j_vbtw, i think is dead, but current development seems to be active at
jaegerok, I'll check it, thanks00:42
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pedjajaeger, does nvidia-uvm kernel module create dev/nvidia-uvm when it loads on your machine?01:06
pedjaas it should, using 90-nvidia-uvm.rules01:07
pedjait's interesting that it does if i modprobe remove/add it, but not on initial boot01:09
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pedja2Gb RX-560 is around 120 €, but needs PCI-X 2.0+. argh01:21
jaegerpci-x? haha, that seems unlikely :D01:39
jaegerguessing you meant pci-e, sorry01:46
jaegerI'm dumb01:46
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saptechj_v are you around?03:57
saptechI get this message when I run dreamchess, as user and root, "dreamchess.c:559: error: failed to find a user interface driver"03:59
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pedjajaeger, yeah, I meant pci-e, and wrote pci-x, sorry about that :)09:16
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pedjaactually, I had to Wikipedia what pci-x actually is09:18
Romsteran extension to pci09:19
Romsterto make it 64bit iirc09:20
pedjahence the eXtended, I guess :)09:20
Romsteri never used it nor seen any cards for it09:25
pedjame neither09:28
Romstervesa bus was another one i never seen used. an extension to ISA.09:30
Romsterbefore AGP tool over.09:30
frinnstthe server has one of those09:37
frinnstmy amiga 4000's zorro3 ports put all those to shame!09:39
frinnst nsfw :-)09:41
joacimpedja: i forgive you09:42
joacimthey need to censor that09:43
RomsterOMG that is one long slot09:59
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j_vsaptech, read the README file that was in port tarball. if that doesn't help, i'll try to help more when i get back from work. leaving for work now.10:09
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frinnstone of the amigas I bought came with some gvp video capture card10:13
frinnstits glorious10:14
Romsterbut can it run windows? Kappa10:16
Romsterthink amiga or was it amstrad had a CP/M mode10:17
frinnstnot amiga10:17
Romstermust of been amstrad then10:17
Romstersuch a long time ago10:18
frinnstyou could run mac os on amigas with a powerpc zorro card10:20
frinnst 100mbit nic :-)10:26
joacimi think there are 386 boards that you can add10:34
joacimat least  for macs10:34
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frinnstWe are happy to announce the release of Emms 4.4.10:35
frinnstEmms, the Emacs Multimedia System, is a robust media viewer, player, and10:35
frinnstorganizer for GNU/Emacs.10:35
frinnsthow can you NOT love emacs?10:35
Romsterthe helll10:35
Romsterdoes emacs also replace systemd and pulseaudio :D10:36
joacimdo you ever need to leave emacs for anything?10:36
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frinnstnot really10:36
joacimorgmode, email, irc, porn10:37
joacimgot everything10:37
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SiFuhanyone got a good link to configure mtp mounting automatically?11:02
frinnsti prefer to mount my stuff manually, sorry11:03
ryu0ACTION links SiFuh to a Ubuntu install tutorial.11:03
SiFuhfsck that sh!t11:04
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: First install systemd and the systemd-mtpautomaticmountingd. Then edit a few unit files and it should work, as long as pulseaudio is running.11:04
SiFuhi just upload the photos to some random contact on whatsapp then download to computer from Whatsapp Web and then apologize to that random contact why I sent the photo.11:04
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: You want to transfer pictures?11:05
john_cephalopodaThere is, which allows you to send stuff from computer to computer via a single-use link.11:05
frinnstI just use simple-mtpfs11:06
SiFuhjohn_cephalopoda: same like my whatsapp upload11:06
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: But you don't have to apologize to people for sending them images :þ11:06
john_cephalopodaRight, I think I used simple-mtpfs before.11:07
SiFuhBut I trust those people11:07
frinnstyou could create a udev rule to run it I guess11:07
john_cephalopodaSiFuh: You trust Facebook more than some random other site on the internet?11:07
SiFuhIf I send them a nake photo of myself, I know 100% they will see and delete it ;-)11:07
john_cephalopodaHeh :D11:07
SiFuhI don't put much on facebook11:07
SiFuhinfact my entire facebook is fake shit11:08
frinnstfacebook is evil11:08
frinnstright prologic?11:08
SiFuhand besides, I don't run much on my phone at all.  The only apps that are added are Whatsapp (facebook) and Line11:08
frinnstoh, hes not here :(11:08
SiFuhfrinnst: super evil11:09
SiFuhI also refuse to allow my phone number to be part of anything. because I change it so often11:09
SiFuhbut oneday Facebook will figure it out and start accepting IMEI numbers only.11:10
frinnstprologic works there :)11:10
SiFuhI don't like him anymore11:10
SiFuhi hate nothing more than phone addicts... and I grew up when getting SSH on your phone and logging into to your server and loading IRC was considered cool.11:11
SiFuhThese days what we considered cool, is just childs play now.. The people don't know how good they got it, and now they are all addicts11:12
SiFuhman mtpfs11:17
SiFuhNo manual entry for mtpfs11:17
SiFuh2017 and we still have programmers who can't write a manual page11:18
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Romsterman simple-mtpfs11:29
Romsteryou were saying SiFuh :D11:30
SiFuhI am not in Crux sir11:30
RomsterACTION facepalms11:30
SiFuhYeah I can't figure thi window-linux out11:33
SiFuhI open Apple and Windows crashes my Linux11:33
SiFuhactually I read this mtpfs thing somewhere and tried it, and it was just a pain in the butt...11:34
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: remove redundant deps11:41
SiFuhSo glad I am not a dep ;-)11:45
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Romsterdeps come and go like the wind11:51
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frinnstyeah its hard to keep track11:51
Romstertell me about it11:52
ryu0Romster: :P11:52
Romstercheeky bugger11:54
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Romsterthose hair styles are dust in the wind...11:56
SiFuhThose hair styles are still popular even out of the 70's11:58
SiFuhwhat is interested is the style of clothing11:58
ryu0a user named "github[from]hell" just visited another channel i'm in.11:59
ryu0i was like wth?11:59
SiFuhsatanic dating site?12:12
ryu0it turns out it was a github IRC bot from one of the devs.12:32
SiFuhI saw  "get husband from hell"12:35
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joacimthe threadripper packaging is a little excessive =)14:49
joacimnot just a small cardboard box my other cpus have come in14:50
joacimi think my athlon xp just came in some bulk packaging. tiny little foam box14:50
jaegeryeah, it's ridiculous14:54
jaegernow you need to get one of those 64-core intel xeon phi CPUs, though14:54
joacimmy plan was to get one of these first14:55
joacimlooks kinda sweet tho. light shines through it14:58
jaegerMy favorite thing about threadripper is that it comes with a torque screwdriver15:07
joacimmy motherboard and cooler hasnt arrived yet15:09
joacimits being held back by the extra fan i added to the order to save on shipping15:10
joacimturns out the fan wasnt in stock anyways =)15:10
joacimestimated delivery next week15:10
jaegerthat's annoying15:10
pedjajoacim, water cooling or one of those massive Noctua coolers for TR4?15:11
pedjacongrats, btw :)15:12
joacimtempted to get the u9s. since it is so small, and the cpu is so powerful15:13
joacimu14 would be better suited maybe, but i dont think that would fit properly with my motherboard15:13
jaegerI'd recommend the 12 just because the fan is larger and quieter15:13
jaegerthough the u9s isn't loud15:13
joacimi already have the d9l on my i515:14
joacimits a nice cooler for less powerful cpus15:14
jaegerI switched from an L12 to a U9S on my ryzen build, worked better in the mITX case15:14
joacimill try the tr4 closed loop coolers if i think these are too loud15:15
jaegerI would have liked to keep using the larger fans but the orientation works better15:15
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joacimi think the nh-u9 would work better n eatx motherboards15:19
joacimsince those tend to have more space between the socket and ram slots15:19
joacimthe heatsink is a little thicker15:19
pedjau12s is 36db on full load, iirc, which is pretty quiet15:20
joacimi tend to be bothered by 18 dB fans =)15:20
joacimdepends on the note too i think15:20
pedjahumming vs high pitched15:21
pedjacity background noise tends to drown the sound of fans even with my cheap case15:24
pedjaor i just got used to it, after all this years15:27
joacimthe noise from my computer is pretty constant15:32
joacimeven tho the fans are running at below 1000 RPM15:32
joacimvery audible i think. compared to my mac mini that i consider totally silent15:33
joacimeven tho the fan runs at 3000 RPM15:33
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parlosI have an i7700 used to have an CM HyperTX3i, switched to an Fractal S36.. huge difference.15:47
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jaegerThis is a nifty little thing:
jaegerbought one due to having an extra m.2 sata ssd but no free m.2 slots16:27
parloshow many m.2 do you have?16:38
jaeger3 drives, 2 slots16:38
jaeger3 because one got upgraded from sata to nvme recently16:39
jaegerthe other was already nvme16:39
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parlosok, got two SSDs and two m.2 slots (empty)... Cant motivate getting m2 drives at this point.16:41
jaegerNo real reason for most use cases, I feel16:41
jaegerI didn't need nvme but I like toys16:41
jaegerI do slightly prefer m.2 to 2.5" form factor because there are no cables involved16:42
jaegerBut performance-wise, no difference in m.2 sata vs. 2.5" sata16:42
parlosmy last toy was a 1080ti. :) Agree on the missing cables.16:42
jaegerA great toy. :)16:42
jaegerI have a lowly 1080 instead :)16:47
parlosI just realized, my current system runs at 5Ghz, and 17years ago my system was 0.5Ghz, and the one starting it all up was 0.001 Gz.16:47
jaegernice spread16:48
jaegerI think I have 50MHz to 4.4GHz hardware around16:48
parlosThat was a 286 or 386?16:48
jaegersparcstation LX16:49
parlosNow I'm jealous. My first Sparc was ... sparc station 10 (or similar).16:51
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jaegerIt was a fun box but SO slow now16:52
jaegerMaybe I should gut the case and put a mini-ITX build into it or something16:53
parlosthat be cool.16:53
parlosSeen a lot of put a Pi in it..16:54
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john_cephalopodajaeger: I fixed the ports where prtverify returned "FATAL"17:14
jaegergood deal, thanks17:15
john_cephalopodaThere are still some junk files, which I will fix in later comitts.17:15
john_cephalopodaThey are only WARN level though.17:15
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