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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: bind: update man page location00:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: celt51: update checksums00:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: dsh: update man page location00:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xpdf: trim dependencies00:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iw: fix man page location closes FS#149100:14
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darfofun: I had the same problem with the samba build on my desktop01:00
darfobut it builds fine a clean VM01:00
darfothe build must be finding something that causes the problem01:01
darfoI was able to get rid of the problem by changing the configure option in the Pkgfile01:01
darfobut that is not the real answer, just a work around.01:03
Romsterdarfo, we had a separated samba port when alan took it over, and when jue took it back over, it got changed back to use the bundled dependencies if the ones on the system are not found.01:03
darfoit builds the library from the bundle but doesn't install it for some reason01:04
darfothen the revdep fails01:04
Romsteri feel like maintianing my own samba port with the dependencies separated again, but i haven't bothered to yet. i just ignore the footprint on samba01:05
darfoyes, I did my own for a while too01:05
Romstertake a look at finddeps samba01:05
Romsterfrom the system and from the clean container build01:06
Romsteralso revep -vvvv samba01:06
Romsteri don't have pam on my machine so i don't hit any pam issues.01:07
darfoI've only ever used -vvv.01:07
darfoI don't have pam either.01:08
Romsterwell -vvv should be enough don't need debug or trace.01:08
darfoit sounds like I need to find out what the dependencies were in 4.6.x and remove some of them for the 4.7.x samba01:08
Romsterthat was my idea to do the -v -vv -vvv -vvvv for verbosity level on revdep.01:09
darfothank you01:09
darfothe verbosity has been a big help in the past01:10
Romsterryuo, did all the programming work though, besides the man page and makefile.01:10
Romsteryeah and this version is far better than the old shell revdep01:10
Romsterfinddeps samba |wgetpaste01:11
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterthat should help you01:11
Romsteror you can just my built package
jaegerwoo, ordered 3x more 8TB drives for the NAS01:12
Romsteri want :D01:12
darfoI've got six deps in my clean container and twice that many on my desktop01:12
darfoI see you've got 25 dependencies Romster01:13
darfoThis is a common problem for me on my desktop, I have 994 packages installed.01:14
darfoSo some bad interactions occur with cross-platform sources like samba01:15
darfosamba fails the build on the footprint on one of my simpler servers with missing usr/lib/samba/libcmocka-samba4.so01:16
Romsteri was gonna ldd that file but i don't have that one01:18
Romsterah because you are missing opt/cmocka01:19
Romsterjust a unit testing framework01:19
Romsterthat shouldn't be in the samba footprint unless it's listed as a dependency01:20
darfoprt-get dependent cmocka returns nothing on that server01:20
Romsterprt-get dependent --all cmocka01:21
Romsterreturns nothing at all. on my desktop01:21
Romsterthat should not be in the samba footprint01:21
Romsterbug in jue's build system01:21
Romsterjue must have cmocka installed when building samba01:22
darfo# prt-get depinst cmocka gives package cmocka is installed01:22
Romsterthis is why i build all my things in a docker container.01:22
darfome too01:23
darfoat least that's where I take my footprints from01:23
Romsteroh i know.01:23
Romstersamba bundles that when it does not find cmocka01:23
darfoso then it ends up in the footprint01:24
Romsterso when you have cmocka installed you wont have that file as it links to then unbundled libcmocka.so01:24
darfohehe, what you said. I need to remove cmocka or ignore the footprint01:24
Romstershoulnd't be in the footprint if its bundled with samba and if you have cmocka installed.01:25
Romsteryeah this is a pain with samba01:25
darfothat's the problem. If it is installed the samba pkg file doesn't have the bundled version built so the footprint doesn't match.01:25
darfoie cmocka isn't in the samba footprint01:26
Romstercould be avoided by explicity telling samba configure to ignore external dependencies01:27
darfoYes, disk storage is cheaper now.01:28
Romsterbut i am always running out of space01:29
ryuoRomster: too much p0rn man.01:29
darfoI avoid using rm until I have to. But I have poor internet so I don't want to download things more than once if it can be avoided.01:30
darfoThat's my excuse and I'm sticking with it (really just lazy).01:30
ryuoRomster: no work today?01:32
Romsterpublic day off for the melbourne cup (horse race)01:34
Romsterthere is my excuse for being lazy keeping distfiles01:35
darfocmocka dependency was removed in the samba 4.2.14 -> 4.6.3 upgrade according to git01:37
Romsterwhen jue took it back over from alan01:38
darforemoving cmocka fixed the simple server01:42
darfonow I see from comparing your finddeps to mine I am missing ldb01:42
darfoI'll try adding that01:43
darfoyeah, I remember when it changed because it was waaayyy faster01:51
darforevdep that is01:51
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darfoldb didn't help. samba uses bundled one now.02:14
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xeirrrWorkster: Hello, could you add meson to libinput as a dependency?04:11
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ryuoRomster: ^04:31
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xeirrrWorkster: Not only meson, but also ninja05:06
jaegerthey are already added05:07
xeirrrYes, but for libinput dependency, they are not. I just faced the issue for updating system05:09
jaeger $ prt-get depends libinput | egrep 'ninja|meson'05:10
jaeger[i] ninja05:10
jaeger[i] meson05:10
xeirrrOh thanks. I don't know why it bothers me that meson not found, then after installing meson. then ninja is needed, then I have to install ninja manually.05:13
xeirrrAlso from here,  I see ninja is a dependency for meson, so just adding meson to libinput dependency should be enough.05:14
jaegerThey're already there, though. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying05:16
xeirrrNever mind. I see prt-get sysup doesn't install those two new dependencies for me, and just updating libinput itself from 1.8.3 to 1.9.1. I have to install those 2 dependencies manually.05:24
jaegerdo you have a libinput override somewhere?05:24
jaegerOh, yeah, sysup won't add deps05:24
brian|lfswow fuck microsofrt they just ereased my grub from UEFI05:26
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jaegerbrian|lfs: not too hard to fix, fortunately05:34
jaegeryou can boot back into the install media and run 'grub-install /boot/efi' again05:34
brian|lfsya I know05:38
brian|lfsjust the principal05:38
jaegerfair enough05:38
brian|lfsdon't recall the last build of 1709 doing that05:39
brian|lfsguess the last build had issues if they insisted on installing it on all my systems again05:39
brian|lfsI think eventually MS will f ind a way to make processors only work on Windows05:40
jaegerThat would be sad, considering my job for the last 2 decades has been linux-focused05:56
jaegerExtremely unlikely, though. :)05:56
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brian|lfswow so I'm reading comcast is down or was down across the whole USA06:44
brian|lfsthats crazy06:44
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jaegerIt wasn't just a comcast issue, they caused level3 some big problems earlier today06:53
frinnstgo to bed jaeger06:53
jaegerI'm 39, I do what I want!06:54
jaegeralso, I plan to in a few minutes :D06:54
brian|lfswhat do you mean by level 306:56
brian|lfsDNS root servers06:56
frinnstthe carrier i'd imagine06:56
brian|lfswhat a carrier ID?06:56
jaegerlevel 3 communications, a carrier06:56
jaegerIt happened right around the same time as my team's weekly call, nobody on the west coast could connect to the webex session at all06:57
jaegeranyway, I'm off to bed, take care07:00
brian|lfsI know what webex is07:18
brian|lfswe use it at my work also07:18
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brian|lfshey p4cman08:03
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Romsterxeirrr ports -u xorg09:25
frinnsthe already left09:30
Romsteri was pre-occupied09:37
Romsterdid level 3 get BGA routing issues?09:37
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frinnstjohn pejlman. vill du ha en snigel p� �gat?!11:01
joacimis that a swedish thing?11:15
frinnstyeah - nevermind :-)11:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 62.0.3202.75 -> 62.0.3202.8912:51
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frinnstIntel will ship processors with integrated AMD graphics and memory15:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: samba: disable python modules15:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] lcms2: update to 2.915:27
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SitriNvidia's apparently pissing Intel off enough that they're using AMD stuff.15:34
jaegerwow, that's bizarre15:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] security fixes for CVE-2017-{14685,14686,14687,15587}17:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: monit: update to 5.25.018:00
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SiFuhanyway to stop an application being open larger than the actual screen in Xorg? (fluxbox)18:45
SiFuh^anyway^any/ way^18:46
notklaatuSiFuh: check out `man fluxbox-apps`18:49
notklaatuit's a config file, you should be able to constrain window size on a per-app basis.18:49
notklaatuI don't know if there's a way to globally do it across all apps. Never tried.18:49
SiFuhnotklaatu: *18:55
SiFuhbut the culprit was vlc. I have HDPI screen and standard screen so VLC depending on where I opened would remember settings. So Most of time VLC would open in HDPI on an non HDPI screen and go way past boundaries.18:56
SiFuhYou solved my problem, Thank you very much18:56
notklaatucool, no problem. I have yet to have any real experience with HDPI, so I'll remember this whenever I finally get one.18:57
SiFuhVLC adjusts everything based on screen18:58
SiFuhSo you open it in HDPI and it looks nice. THen you move it to a non-HDPI screen and auto font and size adjustment. Kind of cool.18:58
SiFuhif you close and re-open it remember las position so many times VLC has ben 17 times the size of my screen18:59
notklaatuI wonder if that's a Qt feature, or something specific VLC does.18:59
SiFuh17 = exaggeration but you should understand what I mean18:59
SiFuhit is a QT feature18:59
notklaatuhaha 17 times18:59
notklaatuah ok18:59
SiFuh4 times my screen size19:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mpup: updated to 2.0.120:28
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-bdftopcf: updated to 1.120:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: llvm: also build utils, closes FS#146622:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gdb: python is optional, adjust footprint accordingly, closes FS#146123:08
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