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brian|lfsthis is nuts chromium has been compiling for  hours06:03
brian|lfsninja -j ${JOBS-1} -C out/Release chrome chrome_sandbox06:05
brian|lfs one job lol06:05
brian|lfsI might of finally found out the iusse with audio on skype but my system is still update so can't test right now but it appears skype may need /etc/asound.conf so it don't try to use alsa06:33
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Romsterbrian|lfs, i tolsd you before but you never read.... set JOBS= in pkgmk.conf07:19
Romsterstop complaining and read the change.07:20
Romsterninja doesn't have a env varable for jobs, it's fucking lame. so i set it in the Pkgfile to use 1 job or more if JOBS= is uncommented.07:21
Romsterin my case i use JOBS=$(distcc -j)07:22
RomsterThere are a couple of problems with the way the parallel builds are "supported" by the current port guidelines, suggesting the use of the MAKEFLAGS variable to add "-jN" to all make invocations.07:25
RomsterWhile some of the problems don't have simpler and better solutions, at least one may have.07:25
RomsterWe "encode" the number of jobs with the MAKEFLAGS variable and we're parsing the variable later in Pkgfiles in order to extract that number. Not only that the parsing can be avoided, but it can became complicated when we try to make it work in the presence of other options, like MAKEFLAGS="-jN -s".07:25
RomsterThis patch adds:07:25
Romster# JOBS=$(nproc)07:25
Romsterto /etc/pkgmk.conf, and changes MAKEFLAGS to use JOBS (when uncommented).07:25
RomsterAs the number of the build systems increases rather than decreases, the existence of the JOBS variable will only help, except for cases like #FS1367 :). It will be much nicer to have:07:25
Romstercmake/ninja/waf -j ${JOBS:-1}07:25
Romsterthan all the unnecessary parsing.07:25
Romsternow i don't have to see brian|lfs complain again for a 3rd time about that ^07:25
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joacimseems messy. would be nicer to parse makeflags08:08
joacimcant expect everyone to read every single message posted to the mailinglist, and read every line of backlog on the irc channel either08:09
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funI'm thinking that almost anyone building heavy ports whould like ${JOBS:-$(nproc)}08:45
fununless RAM and swap are not enough :)08:45
joacimyeh. could also have a separate $THREADS to make parsing of MAKEFLAGS easier. don't have to specify both JOBS and MAKEFLAGS08:54
joacimJOBS suddenly becoming a thing in the middle of a release isn't exactly elegant either08:54
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dbrookeI'm fairly sure that rejmerge added 'export JOBS=$(nproc)' to pkgmk.conf. I may have then edited it to get 'export MAKEFLAGS="-j $JOBS"' as I had previously changed that definition.10:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: grub2: changed unifont source URL15:05
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joacimgot the board with the one socket that nobody wants =)17:09
joacimhad to struggle a bit to get the first screw to catch17:09
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pedjajoacim, :)17:55
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joacimthe second and third screw wasnt much of a problem tho19:57
joacimjust the first one19:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: prt-utils: new tarball, cleanup20:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: prt-utils: bump release20:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: prt-utils: use another filename for source to avoid confusion20:05
joacimjaeger: did you have the llvm script?20:25
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onoderais there somwhere I can see the prt-utils changelog?20:36
frinnstthe new tarball is synced with the git repo. the old tarball omitted some commits20:59
jaegerjoacim: what llvm script is that?21:02
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joacimthe one you used in your benchmarks21:06
joacimor if you had a command at least21:06
pedjajoacim, paste the lscpu output, if ypu be so kind :)21:12
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joacimgotta install tumbleweed first21:19
pedjaah, my second favorite rolling distribution21:26
joacimits either that or fedora i think. dont know what i'll settle on21:35
jaegerjoacim: oh, sure, still have that stuff. I'll tar it up in a bit21:37
jaegerIt's not polished at all, just some quick stuff21:43
joacimill see if i can try it out21:44
joacimthe number of packages is a bit different21:48
joacim4000+. compared to the 486 my crux setup had21:48
joacimmust be a lot of work splitting up each package like this. several tiny texlive packages, compared to our single pkgfile21:51
jaegerbasically you'd do something like: './run llvm > llvm.log; ./ llvm.log > llvm.csv; ./plot llvm'21:51
pedjajoacim, yeah :) when I install TW or Leap, I spend most of the time disabling patterns and 'recommended packages'22:05
pedjaor start with the minimal install, and then add to it22:05
pedjathat part of openSUSE is messy22:06
frinnstopensuse is just odd22:06
frinnstimho. It just does everything different enough to confuse me22:07
frinnstaltough thats not a hard thing to do :)22:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: redis: 4.0.0 -> 4.0.222:09
joacimseems to me the majority of packages are texlive pieces22:11
pedjatexlive is huge, iirc22:12
pedjatexlive, latex, I always confuse that. never used any of that22:15
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pedjafrinnst, snapper is pretty nice, saved my sorry ass a few times :)22:20
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pedjabtrfs is weird sometimes, though22:21
pedjawith the 'no free space' on barely populated fs22:22
pedjait really doesn't like when the root partition is smaller than 16Gb, apparently22:23
pedjaor small files. or virtual machine/docker images. or... :)22:26
pedjait's weird. Linux is a multi-billion coconuts business, and yet it doesn't have a modern, robust, boring file system22:28
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pedjaafaict, anyway22:30
brian|lfssorry Romster missed your rant the first 2 times23:58
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