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ryuopedja: it's called ZFS.00:23
ryuothough i was reading about a new FS being developed for linux00:24
pedjaryuo, heh. unfortunately, openZFS will never be up-streamed, for bunch of reasons00:24
ryuopedja: i know, but that doesn't stop people from using it.00:25
ryuo(like me)00:25
pedjaI get that, jaeger's been using it for a while now, without issues, iirc00:26
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brian|lfsIf anyone cares skypeforlinux preview finally figured out the audio kinks00:28
brian|lfshad to create a pulseaudio-alsa package that has an asound.conf in it00:28
pedjaryuo, it would be *very* cool to have it more integrated, that's all I am saying00:31
pedjamore...native, than kind of bolted on00:31
pedjanot really an issue for folks here, but00:35
pedja Oh, Intel.00:37
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frinnstglorious ryuo07:43
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rmullProbably not a big deal, but some crux ports like opt/prt-utils use http in the source=() array, but the destination HTTP 302's it into https. Should the source be modified to request https directly?14:14
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frinnsteasy to overlook when updating a port :-)15:43
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john_cephalopodaNice, the ntp package works again :D18:04
john_cephalopodaFinally I can get the right time again \o/18:05
SiFuhits 04:0618:06
john_cephalopoda9 Nov 19:07:11 ntpd[13980]: ntpd: time set +3.383096 s18:07
john_cephalopodaAh, expected 30 seconds.18:07
john_cephalopodaI once got ~45 on a computer where I haven't run ntpd for a time.18:07
SiFuhtime ddaf1800.32ecd078  Fri, Nov 10 2017  4:08:00.198, (.198926636),18:08
SiFuh  maximum error 1516490 us, estimated error 4208 us, TAI offset 018:08
SiFuhyou are so young18:08
SiFuhit's like time-travel18:09
john_cephalopodaI just traveled 0.01 seconds or so into the past.18:09
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john_cephalopodaMarty! We have to go... Back to the future!18:10
SiFuhyou got secret for reversing age18:10
SiFuhMarty, hell no, I don't want parkinsons disease again.18:10
SiFuhBack to the past18:11
SiFuhIf I had a time machine, I would go back to Mohammad, Jesus, Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and study where it all went stupid.18:12
SiFuha lot of history  but someone fscked up.. It may have not been a name I mentioned, but they are the main figures and starting point18:13
abenzSiFuh: Those are all abrahamic figures18:20
pedjafrinnst, did you update your pfSense box to 2.4.1?18:24
pedjaI have a weird issue with the web interface in Firefox, the logo is covering upper third of the screen18:27
pedjaworks fine in Chrome, so hm18:27
pedjapicking it using uBlock Origin's 'block element' without actually applying the block fixed it. yay18:48
pedjaapologies for the noise18:48
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frinnstanyone running 4.13.12? I noticed that audio drops out whenever I open a new url in firefox when running it22:51
frinnstjust for a moment and not with every new link22:51
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brian|lfsthats strange23:09
pedjaworks fine here (with FF-57 and Pulseaudio, though). useless data point, I know :)23:15
brian|lfswe have ff 57  now?23:18
brian|lfsI thought our firefox was ESR?23:19
pedjait is23:19
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pedjaand it uses Alsa, not PA, hence the 'useless data point' :)23:19
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brian|lfsI use pulseaudio23:20
brian|lfsI have audio issues all the time without pulse23:21
brian|lfsso how many of those servers are you ordering23:21
pedjaall of them23:22
pedja(none of them)23:22
brian|lfs64GB USB-Stick23:22
brian|lfs€ 3.50 monthly lol23:22
brian|lfsmonthly for a USB flash drive lol23:22
brian|lfsI'm getting my computer tomorrow 128GB of ram 2 1080TI GPUS23:31
brian|lfsIntel I0-7980XE23:31
brian|lfsIntel I9-7980XE23:31
brian|lfsI figure what the hell I'll be dead in a few years after North Korea nukes us23:32

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