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frinnstif you going to boot windows - remember to disable or restrict swap and hibernation00:17
frinnsti was wondering why i had so little space remaining on my 240gb wintendo drive00:18
frinnstswap was 64gb, hibernation.sys (or whatever) was also 64gb00:18
joacimmy thunder didnt last long =)00:25
frinnsthave you posted any pictures yet?00:26
joacimno not yet =)00:27
joacimtook some pictures while i was assembling on my antistatic wool blanket00:27
jaegerwoot, got my new NAS drives, time to start swapping00:29
joacimsame nas as earlier?00:29
joacimmore 8TB drives :D00:29
jaegerYes, my little HP microserver box... replacing all the drives00:30
jaegerwent from 4/4/4/2 to 4/4/4/8, when I'm done will be all 8s00:30
joacimjust got 6TB drives in my server00:30
jaegerI could have gone with 6s and been fine but I figured 8s will last a bit longer00:31
jaegerHell, I went for years with 2s and 4s00:31
joacimim sitting at 5TB right now00:32
frinnsti moved from 4x2tb to 4x4tb just last year00:32
joacimi noticed a huge noice difference when i migrated to seagate nas drives00:34
joacimtheir 6TB drives runs at 7200 RPM00:34
frinnstbetter get to bed so I can afford bigger drives :-)00:34
joacimgood idea =)00:34
jaegerhehe, night00:34
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jaeger$816 USD for 2x 8TB is not too bad01:06
jaegerer... 3x, not 2x01:06
jaegerthanks for nothing, fingers!01:07
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brian|lfsAnyone ever try one of these corsair RGB keyboards05:23
brian|lfsNot sure if its DOA or what bu t its throwing random letters in words and before I start typing05:24
abenzits a new feature to anticipate what you plan to write05:27
abenzdon't look at the letters before you type05:28
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brian|lfs maybe lol06:44
brian|lfsor really sensitive keys06:44
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firasHey guys, I'm really interested in trying Crux. Coming from Gentoo, I'd like to ask about the customizability of the ports (how much can I strip of a port) and if there's a sane way to manage their features. Thanks in advance!08:35
abenzeverything is customizable08:42
abenzas for details, chill for a while :)08:43
abenzsomeone will answer if you wait long enough08:43
firassure thing :P08:44
firasCan I (for example) remove X support from certain packages? How hard is the process?08:45
frinnstto explicitly disable a feature for a port you would probably need to fork the port08:46
frinnstthat sounds scary - but it's really not08:46
firasthanks for your answer08:46
frinnstthat's our "recepie" for building bash for example08:47
firasthat's really easier to read than some books I've read lol08:47
firassuper clean... I like that08:47
frinnstso do we :-)08:47
frinnstwe could add all sorts of features like useflags, but then it would look like gentoo :)08:48
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firasthat's cool08:48
frinnstlots of stuff will autodetect what libraries you have installed and adapt features for that so you rarely need to fork08:48
firasI don't have much packages to begin with on Gentoo, so I think that'll make the transition easier08:49
firaswhat's the init system for crux btw?08:49
frinnstsysvinit with bsd/slackware like scripts08:49
firasthat's really sweet08:49
frinnst thats our main init script08:50
firashmmm I really like to strip my systems down to a bare minimum and USE flags on Gentoo make that easier, how long will it take me to reconfigure my crux ports to a bare minimum?08:50
firasfrinnst: wow that's really nice08:51
frinnsthard to say have you looked at the core repos content?08:51
firasI'm afraid I haven't08:51
firasand I believe rc is used for service management?08:52
frinnstwe use debians start-stop-daemon for some daemon startups08:53
frinnstit's all readable bash scripts08:53
firasI highly appreciate taking some of your time to provide me with links08:53
firasthat's cool08:53
firasand once I'm done with configuring my system08:54
firascan I build everything to an iso? perhaps a binary iso so I won't have to recompile?08:54
frinnsttake a look at the "rc" port in the git repo08:54
firasor is it recommended against that (outdated ports)?08:54
firasfrinnst: so you're Fredrik Rinnestam... cool08:55
frinnsthahah that's the first time someone ever said that to me08:55
frinnstyou can build your own install iso, yes08:56
firasfrinnst: well it's not that you can speak to a port maintainer on a relatively small distribution every now and then08:57
firasthat's awesome08:57
frinnstyeah just poke the maintainer on irc, send an email or open a bug08:57
frinnstwhen you build a port you get a simple tar package that you can move from system to system08:58
firasOne last question (that's for putting up with me), how's optimus support? is bumblebee/bbswitch/primus or virgl fully working here?08:58
frinnstno idea about that. i think some people here are using it08:58
firasok that's it, thanks for your time08:58
frinnstno problems08:58
firasI'll be trying crux in qemu first and probably read the docs before attempting an installation08:59
frinnstgood idea08:59
firasand I'll definitely recommend it on my website
frinnstnice :-)08:59
firasI think I'd easily put it above Gentoo after what I've seen08:59
firasthanks a lot Fredrik, it was a pleasure08:59
firasguess I'll poke you when something goes wrong, bye now :P09:00
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joacimi thought you were rehabdoll09:59
joacimno idea you had a real name09:59
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firasHey guys, how can I rebuild the core packages that were installed as binaries from the installation ISO with the features I want?12:36
frinnstcopy the port, make the change, pkgmk -d && pkgmk -u12:39
frinnstpkgmk -is might be useful since you cant update the signature without the key - or just remove the .signature file12:40
firasalright and were are ports installed? what tools are used for pkg/port management? (folder style or something similar?)12:41
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pedja"01:25:09:joacim:. my thunder didnt last long =)". nah :) TR is cooler then Intels overpriced crap, and you built the rig yourself.12:53
pedjathat'll get you started12:55
firaspedja: I'm reading through it, thanks for the link though12:56
firaspedja: I just wanted to know if I could rebuild the system since their is no way to install the modified ports at first without installing the ready binaries (which is logical)12:57
frinnstI would recommend getting used to it before you start to modify core ports12:57
firasfrinnst: well it's all in a qemu vm so I'm tinkering it to my heart's content12:57
firasthanks for the advice though :P12:57
pedjafiras, you could rebuild the iso with your modified ports12:58
firasanother question is, say I disabled acl on all the ports I'm using, and did a rebuild, would I be able to remove acl afterwise?12:58
firaspedja: that's the best part :P12:59
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frinnstfiras: are you in syria?13:26
firasfrinnst: yes13:28
frinnstholy shit. dont die13:28
firastrying to...13:28
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firasfrinnst: say I wanted to disable acl from libarchive, I cd to /usr/ports/core/libarchive and edit its Pkgfile, and add --without-acl or --disable-acl?14:43
firasfrinnst: can I set this globally?14:43
firasone last question14:43
firashow do I find what features are available for each port?14:43
frinnstunless you start to do ugly stuff with system wide variables and other ugly hacks14:43
firasthe acl and libarchive example above was taken from Gentoo14:44
frinnstwell, see how it's built. we dont hide anything or do any magic.14:44
frinnstport X depends on libraryX and libraryY - libraryX might be a build requirement and libraryY might be a feature library14:44
frinnstso to speak14:44
firasI see and what's the difference between --without and --disable?14:45
frinnstwe rarely add "features" as a dependency tho, if you have the library installed, the buildscript will pick it up and use it in most cases14:45
frinnstask the upstream maintainer :-)14:45
jaegeroften they are probably the same result14:46
firasI see14:46
frinnstsometime you need to use --disable to disable something and othertimes --without14:46
firasthanks for all your help and I apologize for asking a lot of questions14:46
frinnstno worries14:46
jaegerfiras: regarding optimus there are ports in the 6c37 repo for bbswitch, etc.14:49
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firasjaeger: thanks14:54
firasfor the ports that I'm editing, how do I go through building them,updating them etc... do I need my own repo?14:55
jaegerThe simplest way is to fork them into your own local folder on the system, like a gentoo overlay15:00
jaegerIf you want to share them, you can host them somewhere external as well like your own site, or github15:00
firas@jaeger, alright and I'll have to maintain all of them xD (say if I edited a lot of ports)?15:03
pekka20how do I mount xfs formatted partitions? Is there a package I need to install?15:05
firasok thanks15:05
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jaegerfiras: if you really want to change that many, sure :)15:05
jaegerpekka20: xfsprogs is what you need15:05
pekka20I just installed xfsprogs, but i still cant mount xfs partiton15:06
joacimdoes your kernel support xfs?15:07
joacimwhat's the error?15:07
pekka20I get a "unknown filesystem 'xfs'"15:07
pekka20I bet it is the kernel15:08
jaegeryeah, add kernel support for it15:11
joacimnot what i was looking for15:34
ryu0joacim: what if the container was a person and they were full of hot air (steam)!? lol15:45
joacimmight be a fun video game15:46
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ryu0pekka20: ah. you need kernel support to mount $FS, but you need the tools for $FS to do everything else.16:45
teK__currently supported filesystems (mounting certain modules may extend that list) can be found in /proc/filesystems16:46
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ryu0Comment of the day:
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