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pitillojaeger: which manufacturer for your 1060? and which version? (3GB/6GB)?00:40
jaegerIt's an EVGA 1060 SC 6GB00:54
jaegerNot my first choice but it fits very easily into the M100:54
jaegerIt's a little noisy under load, I wouldn't recommend it except for an itx build00:55
jaegerjoacim, frinnst: either of you doing GPU passthrough on ryzen? I've read that there was an NPT patch recently that made performance MUCH better00:57
jaegerwell, specifically for KVM00:58
pitillogood to know... my current 1050TI is a EVGA FTW and I'm upgrading to a 1060 6GB currently, Palit one (very good price IMHO)00:58
jaegerthe 1060 is a great card for the money00:59
jaegerare you getting the "dual" or "super jetstream"?00:59
pitillo229€ is the price I've payed... never seen it went down 300€00:59
jaegereither way it should be quieter than my EVGA one since it has 2 fans01:00
pitilloI never had a palit graphics card (I know about the bran) but looking the price it had... I didn't thought too much in upgrade to it01:01
pitillomy 1050 has 3 fans and it's pretty silent01:02
jaegerI've never had a palit but I've also not heard bad press about them01:02
pitilloI've read about the brand after buying, and it seems a good brand like evga...01:03
jaegerwhy the upgrade from the 1050ti? The 1060 is good but they're not very far apart, I think01:03
pitillovery good price, and a big jump of memory... VR ready (may be I won't use it like 2k res, but with the upgrade I cover both for the future)01:04
pitillo2k res on the 1050TI is going over its possibilities from far01:04
jaegerspeaking of 2k, I just heard of this recently, looks pretty nice:
pitilloI try always buy with low prices... and in both cases I've saved some money (more with the 1060 than 1050)01:05
pitillopretty nice toy... 2k on 13"...01:07
jaegerIf you don't need the 1050ti anymore you could probably resell it to get some cost of the 1060 back, too01:08
pitilloI'll do but I have in mind another option... may be I'll build another computer as secondary (beach home)01:09
pitilloI should study both options... if I get a good offer I probably can resell it...01:10
jaegerI'm planning to build another ryzen box with an interesting setup but I need to buy more parts01:10
pitilloI was thinking on ryzen to give a try... but speaking with a friend... an RX could be a better option than nvidia for that setup01:11
jaegerthey're still hard to find at reasonable prices01:12
pitillomaking some maths... the graphics cards are powerfull for their prices... nvidia are still expensive. Mobo and cpu differs from intel on top level parts (at low they seems to be similar)01:15
jaegerpart of the ryzen choice is that I have 2 ryzen motherboards :)01:15
pitilloummmm then give a try to an RX instead of nvidia... a good monitor with freesync gives a good feeling01:16
pitillobig differences between freesync and g-sync01:17
pitilloat price level on monitors I mean.... royalties I belive if I'm right01:17
jaegerwell, it'll likely be an HTPC and doesn't need much power... I have a 750ti already that could go into it01:17
jaegerwe'll see, though01:18
jaegerIt's more about the layout of the PC than what's in it :)01:18
pitilloif it's not for gaming... more than enought with that setup from my pov01:19
jaegeryeah, it'll be able to do gaming with steam in-home streaming if needed01:19
jaegerand really, a 750ti can handle 1080p at medium settings01:19
pitillothat's true... and amazing invention the steam link xD01:19
jaegeryeah, I have one of those, too01:20
pitilloI've bought two weeks ago one of them on a flash sale... amazing price too01:20
pitillodo you have kbd+mouse or steam pad? (currently using kbd+mouse setup but I'll test a xbox controller next week probably)01:22
jaegerI have a steam controller, ps4, and ps3 controllers... I don't really like the steam one01:22
jaegerps4 is my favorite01:23
pitillointeresting... I didn't plan to by one steam controller (pretty expensive actually and I'm more confortable with kbd+mouse)01:24
pitilloI'm in love with the xbox' triggers :D01:24
jaegerxbox controllers are pretty good, yeah01:24
jaegerI don't have one anymore but liked them01:24
pitilloI've bought one some years ago for casual gaming after playing racing games at a friend's house, racing and triggers... amazing feeling01:26
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pyljaeger: wanted to let you know that the updated crux 3.3 iso lacks the 8021q module01:27
pyland request that it be added :) thank you for the updated isos!01:28
jaegerq... that's vlan tagging?01:28
jaegerok, I'll give it a look, thanks for the feedback01:28
pylno problem at all! i'm not sure, but i *think* the regular iso has it01:29
pylor used to01:29
jaegerIt's possible, I've tweaked the configs a few times and may have inadvertently removed01:29
pylgoing to build it elsewhere now, if my battery holds :)01:30
pyljaeger: do i need module.symvers for this? where can i get it for the kernel in the updated iso?01:39
jaegerI wouldn't think you'd need it because it gets created during a kernel build01:40
pyli used the .config, but i get errors about unknown symbol01:41
pylwhen loading the built module01:41
jaegerAh, then something's probably missing from the kernel but not marked there as a real dependency01:41
jaegerwhat symbols are missing?01:41
pylexcellent question, how do i find out? :] i get "Unknown symbol in module" on insmoding01:43
pylused to do this with xts and gf128mul for luks01:43
pylbut it's been a while01:43
jaegercheck dmesg01:43
jaegerusually it'll list them there01:43
pylvlan_vid_add, vlan_vid_del, vlan_uses_dev, vlan_dev_vlan_id01:44
jaegerlooks like that comes from vlan_core in the kernel tree, might be worth searching for that in the config01:45
pylawesome, thank you for the pointers01:45
jaegerno problem01:45
jaegerusually if there's a symbol missing like that I search for the symbol in the kernel source tree to get an idea where it might be in the config01:45
jaegerusually works01:45
pylafter the iso got luks support built in i haven't needed to do this, so i'm a little rusty01:47
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brian|lfslooks like I'm installing CRUX from my arch install03:07
brian|lfsCRUX iso don't have my nic driver03:07
brian|lfsI mean hard drive driver ugh03:07
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jaegerwhich one is it?03:07
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brian|lfsI'm compiling chromium on 36 cores05:06
brian|lfsits half done been going 5 minutes05:06
jaegerbrian|lfs: which drive controller driver was missing?05:14
brian|lfsI'll have to check hold05:14
brian|lfshaven't gotten around to compileing a kernel yet lol05:14
brian|lfs00:17.0 RAID bus controller: Intel Corporation SATA Controller [RAID mode]05:15
brian|lfsforget how do I getg more info on it?05:15
jaegerlspci -k05:19
brian|lfsthats what I thought05:19
brian|lfs00:17.0 RAID bus controller: Intel Corporation SATA Controller [RAID mode]05:19
brian|lfs        Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. SATA Controller [RAID mode]05:19
jaegerhrmm, that's still not listing a driver05:19
brian|lfsya I know05:19
brian|lfs00:17.0 RAID bus controller: Intel Corporation SATA Controller [RAID mode]05:21
brian|lfs        Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. SATA Controller [RAID mode]05:21
brian|lfs        Kernel driver in use: ahci05:21
brian|lfs        Kernel modules: ahci05:21
brian|lfsthats a generic driver lol05:21
brian|lfsso I'm guessing the kernel on the iso has a older version of the driver05:21
jaegerwhat kernel version are you running now?05:22
jaegerahci is in all the configs, it's super common05:22
brian|lfs4.13.12-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 8 11:54:06 CET 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:22
brian|lfsok took 30 minutes to compile chromium on 36 cores05:30
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brian|lfslot of weird opens in the source code for kernel 4.1405:39
brian|lfsI'm mentaly tired think I will worry about my kernel tomorroww going to chill for a whjile and crash05:41
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joacimjaeger: been meaning to, but i havent tried with the patch yet08:09
frinnstjaeger: nah, gpu passthrough doesnt interest me08:10
rauzhi guys08:10
joacimi think there are other issues with my system when combined with my card08:10
joacimbut should work just fine with plain old ryzen. i think it would work with my system with nvidia graphics too08:18
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.9.208:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: fuse3: update to 3.2.108:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] samba: update to 4.7.210:11
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frinnsthuh, seems to be down - lots of people trying to find replacement extensions right now :)14:37
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pedjareplacement for DownloadThemAll is the only one I miss, but, tbh it is more 'nice to have' than 'omg, I must have it' :)14:44
pedjaimho, the performance of 57.0 is worth the breakage14:44
joacimi havent use that in ages14:54
joacimbeen mostly content with wget and curl recently14:54
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tilmanACTION is excited to see a firefox update for his debian system16:48
tilmanACTION then sees it's version 52.5.0esr-116:48
frinnstdebian are as bleeding edge as crux16:50
frinnstsilly cargo/rust buildtime deps16:51
frinnsti refuse to put those ugly ports on the iso and in opt16:52
frinnstevery other version won't build16:53
tilmanfrinnst hytter med näven16:53
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ryu0tilman: switch to ubuntu then. they always ship latest firefox.17:09
ryu0frinnst: ha. i was going through my extensions to remove legacy a few days ago. i guess i'm one of the few that thought ahead.17:19
frinnsti run 57 on my systems and have ports for it if someone else is interested17:20
ryu0with this i believe firefox has removed the last of its legacy compatibility features.17:22
ryu0first was addons and now extensions.17:22
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deep42thoughtHi, my keyboard on x switched to us (from de-latin1) and I seem unable to fix it with 'loadkeys de-latin1' - on a 'real' console (alt + ctrl + f1) it's as it should be18:58
deep42thoughtany ideas what's going on?18:58
tsaopdeep42thought: setxkbmap18:58
tsaoploadkeys works only for the tty18:58
deep42thoughtI knew it must have been some stupid mistake18:58
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